Katerina Vladimirovna (Bugai/Donetsk/Lugansk/Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Katerina Vladimirovna (Bugai/Donetsk/Lugansk/Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Katerina Vladimirovna (Bugai/Donetsk/Lugansk/Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Katerina Vladimirovna (Bugai/Donetsk/Lugansk/Ukraine)Further to my scam report submitted earlier this month, i herewith submit further information.1. The letters from the flower company (and an investigators) report show that Katerina Bugai was absent from Donetsk during the time she was purporting to write to me from that city. Please see the attached letters allegedly from her. I checked the ip address of these e-mails. A trace confirmed that they were sent from Donetsk at the time of her absence from that city. This combined with the fact photographs were refused for flower delivery provides, in my view, very strong evidence that it was not Katerina Bugai writing to me. I should point out that Katerina had requested internet and translation fees for this correspondence. Please note that other anti-scam websites have listed her as a scammer. They have included photographs that were not sent to me even though Katerina stated that she had been corresponding only with me for the past eight months. I hope that her details appear soon on your site to protect others. Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information. Thank you. Yours faithfully Michael SommersThis is response from "FLOWERS FOR LOVE" Service. This is response from "FLOWERS FOR LOVE" Service. This is response from "FLOWERS FOR LOVE" Service.
Dear Micahel, I have received from Donetsk very short information on April 22 (Literal translation):We can not deliver this order, the girl refuses to be photographed. On Friday she has asked time till Saturday to think, but on Saturday has refused.Index of the address of the girl - 34071.Thats all...Unfortunately I have nothing to add... Would you like to ask this questions by phone directly to Katerina? Russian -English / English - Russian Translation: $2 per minute. You can call toll-free number 1-888-876-2023 and set up an appointment: Its a live translation. Operator will be on the phone during the translation. You can order this service 5 days a week from 9 am EST. Sometimes Saturday translation service is also available. Please call toll-free number 1-888-876-2023 for additional information or to order this service. Regards, Maria V. Rukosueva agency Administrator "FLOWERS FOR LOVE" FOR THE ATTENTION OF THE AGENCY ADMINISTRATORDear Maria Please could you confirm from which source you received information that Katerina was absent in Donetsk until April 19 approximately. Also, did Katerina give a reason for refusing to be photographed. Again, unfortunately, the matter is of extreme importance to me so your urgent advices would be appreciated. Best regards, Michael SommersHello darling Michael,Yesterday I visited a wonderful concert of a famous Moscov singer Valentina Ponomareva. She sang in our Donetsk drama theater. I really liked it! She sang very sensitively, romances in particular.Im in delight!!! Dont worry about the flowers.The main thing for me is your attitude towards me and your willing to help me in a life. If it is possible, send me please a little sum of money to pay to my translator for services.Grateful in advance. Kiss you. Kiss Claire! Yours Kate. Best regards, ablelove mailto:ablelove@stels.netHello dear Michael, Yesterday I got a big bouquet of flowers, sweets and a post-card. The girl from a service organization brought all this to me. She photographed me. The photograph wont be very nice because I felt myself not very good. Thank you for presents and money much. Im very pleased! The post-code is 83055. Waiting for your answer. You can call as you like, darling. Kate. Best regards, ablelove mailto:ablelove@stels.netHello darling Michael, In spring the central heating is turned out in our city and the weather is not warm enough yet thats why it is cold in the flat. According to the post code I dont know it yet. But soon Ill find it out. Im very glad that you are ready to part my interests, to understand my musical taste that you are not against my musical career. It is very important for me! Yours sincerely, Kate. mailto:ablelove@stels.net

Dear Michael Sommers:My contact attemtped to make this delivery, Katerina refused to accept We have no choice but to cancel this order. Our contact is charging us $20.00 for all the research and time they spent trying to locate her. I have refunded your credit card $96.00. We do appreciate your business and hope to be of service to you in the future. Wendy Worldwide Floral NetworkDear Michael Sommers: Unfortunately, no reason was given. I am sorry that I cannot be more help to you. Wendy Worldwide Floral Network

Dear Micahel, Excuse for delay with delivery: The girl was absent in Donetsk till April 19 approximately. Unfortunately KATERINA not agree to do pictures. We can provide delivery without photo with your permission only: (with partial refund). If you agree to do so - please confirm it to us. Regards, Maria V. Rukosueva agency AdministratorDear Maria The order that you say was delivered already to Katerina Bugais actual address by the flower shop, was that an order placed through yourselves? If so, please could you provide me with the order number. Thank you. Best regards Michael Sommers

Dear Michael, We confirm that we happy to receive your Order 91-9603 and will gladly assist you: Excuse for delay with answer: Unfortunately our DONETSK florist (usual flower shop) cant provide ACTUAL ADDRESS verification: but they are already knows recipient KATERINA VLADIMIROVNA BUGAI (This flower shop already delivered flowers successfully to the address, which you have specified in the order personally to KATERINA, some time ago). If you agree with delivery to ST UNIVERSITESKAIA 36A/520, please confirm it to us. And DONETSK florist will deliver your order so quickly as possible: after arrangement via local phone 062 383 9171. Sincere apologies about inconvenience: Your CCNow Order Number: 31-2829 will be canceled (with full refunding). Regards, Maria V. Rukosueva agency AdministratorDear Maria Please could you confirm the progression of the post code verification order as the matter is of some importance. Thank you. Best regards Michael Sommers
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