Olga Toktasheva (Kazan, Russia) from Kazan a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Toktasheva (Kazan, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Olga Toktasheva (Kazan, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Olga Toktasheva (Kazan, Russia)`s photo
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Olga Toktasheva (Kazan, Russia)
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Olga Toktasheva (Kazan, Russia)I am a 35yr man with 1 child, She sent me a letter stating she found me in OneandOnly agency Ive been sending e-mail from her for about over 4 months As i look onto this sight i have seen that she been also saying the same stuff to me about her history with her decease husband and her x boyfriend that took off and sold her company She also been requesting money for sometime now through a bank ALFA on 101 Lenin street Kazan, As i pointed out to her that i will go to Russia and visit the surroundings, She was most eager to say that it would-be cheaper for her to come to me, and she said time to time again that trust is the utmost importance and i must do this to prove our love for each other, I have been thinking about doing this for her for 2 weeks now till i seen this web page that brought me valuable information about these scammers THANK you BLACKLIST !!! and the people who support this. I havent written her back since but next time if she does i let her know what kind of a scam full deed she is pulling it has been a week since she wrote to me. Letters

Greeting my love Joe. I am very glad to receive your letter. Only today I have understood that I love you. Yes I love you though it sounds strange. I did not test similar feelings many years. As it is not a pity that very soon we may will meet, but I shall wait this day. I have already told parents that I can leave them on some time. They have told that will miss me very much. But they will be happy if I shall be happy. I have learned about cost of the visa. It costs 350 $. Unfortunately, it will be necessary for me of 7 months to save up such money. My salary of 70 $. In Russia pay for good work a little. It is very sad. What you think of it? Olga Hello my love Joe.Thank for care, at me everything is all right, thank for care. I had no an opportunity to you to write because at us there were holidays and there was no opportunity to write to you As to your visit to me that will be easier and cheaper if I shall come to you, it will allow to save about(near)800 dollars I long waited for the moment when I again shall be may to Receive from you the letter. This moment has made happy me when I have received Your letter. I have told about us to my to friends. They are very pleased, that I have The found happiness and I have the good friend In USA. Certainly I have told that we only friends, but in To depth oppress I hope for the greater. For me as well as my parents. It seems, that you and I already on so was a lot of Close with each other, we, as though the husband and the wife, only, unfortunately, Shared into huge distance. But not supervision it we should continue to love everyone Another and to trust each other. You agree with me? Each day I feel more and more happy. I think, that it - destiny it It may be dangerous to me, but I want to love you very much. Your letters are filled Such tenderness and care. Sometimes to me it becomes very sad, that we are shared with such big distance. Sometimes I Think - my God, thank for that that have helped to find to me of such good and kind person and to help us to meet. I dream of our meeting and about which as we shall leave on walk with you, to Hold for hands As we shall care one by one and as we shall do Love. I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, YOU FOR EVER In MY HEART, In MY IDEAS. I dream as You will carry me on hands to kiss and embrace my gentle a body. It is a pity, that it only dreams. Whether is doomed to come true? The god Only knows about it. I spoke with the friend and she has advised me to take the visa of the tourist,this visa B-2, it is valid during 90 days. It costs 350 dollars. But I have not such money. If you can then send them to me through Western Union, address of branch: ALFA BANK Lenin street, 121 KAZAN RUSSIA OLGA TOKTASHEVA When you send money you necessarily will write ten numbers of a remittance. It is necessary that I could receive money in bank. I am very glad that you want to see me. Unfortunately, to meet are necessary money, but money is only paper, main is that that we are going to meet. We should trust each other because we love each other and we are going to meet soon. Still I talked to my friend which works in travel agency .She has told me that the visa B-2 was the best variant for us to meet. She speaks when we meet we will able to discuss how we are going to live together further. I love you and I begin to understand that love is such strong feeling, I am glad that I could test it due to you. I kiss you and wait your letter. Always your OLGA.
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