Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine)`s photo
Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine)`s added scammer photo Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine)`s added scammer photo Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine)`s added scammer photo
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Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Natalia Matvievskaya (Lugansk,Ukraine)

Hello my dear! Thank you for answering me. I would like you to told me about yourself and I will be so much happy to know you. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Matvievskaya Natalia, I am 24 years old. I was born in small town Rubeznoe Lugansk region, Ukraine. Although all my life I spend living in Ukraine, it was always different. I am a kind of fatal woman, people say. I am a Scorpio by horoscope and according to Chinese horoscope I was born in Snake year. 2001 - is my year. Astrology say that women-Scorpio are ver sexual, attractive and wise as well. All my life was filled with unexpectedness. am a sort of unpredictable person. As for my childhood, I was happy child in my family, parents loved and patted me very much. I was rather talented child with excellent memory. I wrote verses as I do it now. In my childhood I knew many poems by heart and declared them to enjoy my parents. At school my favorite subjects were physics and mathematics. Most of all I loved astrology and nuclear physics and hated chemistry. I finished special Lyceum in mathematics and physics when I was 16. Soon after that I entered East Ukrainian State University in Lugansk. My specialty is I International Economic Relations. I worked as an economist for two years, but finally I understood that it was not my favorite profession and our company failed and I was fired. Best of all in my life I like journalism. It was my dream to become a journalist since the very childhood. I published several articles in a local papers and some of my verses as well. I am a kind of social person like of social person, like to communicate with different people, like go outside with friends to have cook-out, to swim, to walk in the forest or simply to have a fun. I like to travel very much, but unfortunately I have no possibility to do it very often. I like everything new: new relations, meet new people, new acquaintances, I like spontaneous things very much. For example I like water, I enjoy felicity swimming in the sea. I am fond of sport very much. In my childhood I went in for swimming, later being a student - athletics, tennis and now light bodybuilding in a local sport gym. I have a lot of hobbies in my life. I like to listen music, especially classical music. I read different books, my favorite writers are Russian: Dostoevskiy, Bulgakov, Ilf and Petrov; American : Theodore Draiser; Chase; English: London; German: Remark and many other famous writers. To enjoy lifetime usually I go for a walk with my friends or watch some comic programs on TV with my younger brother. My friends say I am very purposeful person who can reach desired goals in life. I appreciate generosity, respect, friendship, justice, trustfulness and real love. I hope to create real strong loving family in my close future with someone who will understand me and love my children. I am sure It will be the most happy family in the World. I look forward to hear from you soon. May be you will be that person who will make m happy who knows? Please send me your close picture, I send you mine. Hope you will like it. Kind regards and many kisses from Natali. Write me on dating@dol.lugansk.uaello darling Tim! Thank you for your lovely letter, I really appreciate your seriousness and your friendship. I like your answers and I think I can trust you,dear. Thank you for your compliments also. You are very wise person. My birthday is 5th of November, it hag already gone. I really hope our relations will become stronger each day. I consider you my good friend and thats why i do not want to have secrets from you. The truth is my problem in the lack of money to provide myself and family with food, clothes and other very necessary things. I think you know how difficult life in Ukraine. Unfortunately now my life is not so happy to feel cheerful. I want to share with you one problem. I rely on you, I believe you, dear. I think you will understand me right. Now my mother is a housewife, father retired, I am looking for the job, and you can understand how difficult to make both ends meet. As you possibly heard, now in Ukraine very high level of unemployment take place, so more than half of young people are looking for a job now. For young girls, who wants to marry, is very difficult to find a man, who can provide their future family with necessary things, as food, as accommodation, because young people have no enough money to maintain the family. I have no my own computer and Internet at home, so I use services of Internet cafe. For me is very important to find someone, who can understand and support me. You know in our country Internet is not free of charge, it cost $2 an hour, and as far as I do not know English, translation of one letter cost me $5 per one letter. That even can be cheaper if pay $100 per month for both Internet service translations and correspondence, and we could correspond every day, even several times a day to enjoy each other. Meanwhile I have to borrow money from my girlfriend, whose parents richer than my. May be its difficult to understand for you, but unfortunately, I have to ask my parents for money, to pay for Internet services as well. I am ashamed of it,but, my dear, if you can help me to pay for our correspondence, I would be very grateful to you. I would like we could continue our correspondence to know each other better, and may be in future we could meet and understand that we need each other, and can not live without each other, so , perhaps its destiny, who knows? So, darling, if you can help me, please let me know, I do not want to loose you, I need you. You are my kind, understanding , sympathetic man, please, do not leave me to the mercy of fate! Please understand I need your support, I am poor girl living in Ukraine, and I am in despair. Honey, I do not want to loose you because of my situation now. I have to pay for these translations and Internet fees. Hope you will understand me. I believe that someday, may be very soon we can meet and look into each other eyes and may be will understand that we belong to each other forever! My personal information you will find below. I am waiting for your decision impatiently. I look forward to hear from you soon. Kiss you tenderly. Sincerely yours Natali.. Dearest Tim! It was wonderful to get your fast reply. Thank you for interesting pictures. You look good in that uniform!!! I am glad you consider me good person both inside and outside. My friends say the same. I like to help people and always try to be useful to everybody. Thank you million times for sending me that precious book and CD with church music and English disc for the computer, it is so precious gift to me, thank you, my dear for your care very much!!! I could never imagine to meet such a beautiful person like you, Tim!!! Your friendship is my biggest treasure in the whole life!!! Your every word is so precious for me! Dear Tim, I talked to the English school authority and they said 3 month of intensive English curses cost $300 including 5 days a week lessons and all necessary textbooks. For me it is a lot of money, my parents never could afford it. Let me know if you think it is reasonable price or not for you. Of cause I didnt tell the school that you are going to help me to pay for my studying. This school is very serious, they have very experienced teaches and their graduates can work as interpreters. I think Paul is right, they could ask for much more money if they know that you are going to help me. I feel so excited when I think that I will speak English soon! Thank you again, darling for your care about me, nobody in this life treated me as good as you, except my parents. I am happy to be your best friend and even may be more... You are so dear to me, I thank God every day for you. I admire your kind heart, your pure thoughts and your beautiful soul! You bring hope and calmness, you bring joy and happiness, I need your friendship very much. I need you in my life. God bless you for all your doings! Write me, my love, and let me know your thoughts,please. Love and care, Sincerely NataliMy Dearest Tim! Thank you so much for your help!!! I pick up the money already. God bless you!!! I thank God for sending me you, you are so dear person for me now!!! I really do not know how to thank you for everything you have done for me. You gave me hope, you gave me this unique opportunity to learn English, I dreamed about it all my life!!! You became one of my best friends!!! You made my greatest desire come true!!! I promise to do my best, you will be rewarded for your kindness!!! I will work really hard studying English, I swear, when you com to see me, I will be able to talk to you and I will thank you in person, I will kiss you, my dear Tim and you will see tears of gratitude and love on my eyes... For the extra money that you send me I will buy some tasty food for my family, and I will tell them about you, we all will pray for your health and happiness!!! We live very poor and your help is greatly appreciated,dear!!! You deserve all happiness on this Earth, and I can do whatever depends on me to make you happy... I am your friend forever!!! You can count on me. If I can I would gladly help you if you need my help. I will go tomorrow to the English school and I will keep you informed about all the news. I really have had beautiful day today, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to hear from you tomorrow! God bless all your doings,honey!!! I love you, Sincerely NataliHello my dear Tim! Honey, thank you for your gift very much, I received it yesterday in the evening - 15 red roses and box of candies and also greeting card from you!!! I love these flowers and sweets very much!!! I adore you,honey!!! God bless you, my dear Tim!!! You are very good person and it is obvious that you take good care of me, yesterday my father asked me who send me this beautiful flowers and I answered him that it was you and that you are going to visit us in May and my father smiled. He said you must be very good person. I told him about you very good things. It is true we have had nice celebration yesterday. Anton went to his grandmother for weekend. It is about 120km form Lugansk. I agree with you may be it will be very useful for him to start to study computers before he enter the University. It is really good idea to bring that program I think! Thank you million times!!! I consulted in a company who sells computers and printers and they have such models of printers: Canon LBP-810 2400-600 dpi HP Laser Jet1000w 600*600dpi HP Laser Jet1200 1200*1200dpi HP Laser Jet1220 1200*1200dpi HP Laser Jet 2200 HP Laser Jet 2200DN HP Laser Jet 5000 and many others. So, I think they have very good variety to choose from,what do you think, honey? OK, darling, I will apply for my passport soon,honey. But I will have to pay before. They say it will cost one hundred dollars to make all necessary paper-work and will take about three month to get it, so if I will apply on Monday 11 March, it probably will be ready on 11 of June. I am waiting for Monday to talk to you on the telephone impatiently!!! I send you all my love, tell me one thing, I am curious where are you when you type your letter to me? Kiss you,honey, NataliHello dear Tim! Thank you for your letter very much. I couldnt write you yesterday because of computers problems in the Intranet cafe. I am fine, just get a cold and sneezing a little. The weather is excellent today, sun was very warm and bright, I like to walk around in the afternoon. I am doing well, trying to learn my English very intensively and helping my mother in the housekeeping. Thank you for telling me your flights schedule, I am waiting for you here impatiently!!! You asked me to print a copy of your passport and visa, but I couldnt receive this attachment for some reason. If it is important for you, send it again please,OK and I will try to print it for you just in case as you asked me to. I am glad you purchased your train ticket from Kiev to Lugansk, I will try to meet you, I am so much excite about our first meeting!!! Tim, I have already found very good apartment for you not very far from my house, but they ask for deposit for this apartment to reserve it especially for you. They ask for $300 prepaid and the rest you will pay upon your arrival. The apartment is very comfortable one in penthouse, with good furniture, hot water and TV, washing machine and telephone, and all necessary things. If you agree, I will call them tomorrow and let them know. This is best place for reasonable price you can find in Lugansk. I hope you feel fine and wish you were here very soon. I will pray for you, my dear Tim, you are so precious person for me!!! I am so happy that you are coming!!! Thank you for being so special for me, I will take good care of you, I promise. I look forward to see you here, my dear Tim. Kisses, Natali
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