Elena Zakhareeva from Ekaterinburg, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Zakhareeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Zakhareeva
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Ekaterinburg, Russia
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sexygirl_elena@mail.ru manager333@mail.ru
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No info
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Elena Zakhareeva/Svetlana Gennadievna Gavrish/ Alena Fedorovskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia)Elena Zakhareeva is back again she was listed on pages 17 and 19 as Svetlana Gennadievna Gavrish (formerly known as Alena Fedorovskaya) 0f Ekaterinburg, Russia. I am a 49 year old divorced male from NY. I contacted her from her add on Matchdoctor.com, she went by the profile SexyGirl_Elena. With in 5 days she was madly in love with me. I noticed right after we made contact she cancled her profile on Matchdoctor.com. The e-mail address she was using is sexygirl_elena@mail.ru and the e-mail address the agency was using is manager333@mail.ur.ru . First letterLetter from her fatherLetter from ElenaI answered them both back telling that I was not working at this time and that I would like to know more about each other first.Letter from Elena I answered her back and gave her my address.Letter from ElenaHalf hour later letter from agencyI was dumbfounded how fast the agency contacted me so I came on to you web site and went back a few pages and there I found her on pages 17 and 19 using a deferent name. I thought I would have a little fun, so I told her I just won some money in the lottery and that I was going to come to Ekaterinburg to see her.Her reply
My sweet Jim, sorry that I write you late, only now I returned from shop, today my mother and I we have buy food to home. I have very good news for you. Tomorrow morning my parents and I we will go to village to my grandmother, I`ll return to my city only evening, I`ll waiting your call my thursday from 6pm till 10pm (ITS MY TIME!!!!), I`ll very happy talk with you!!! Calculate our time difference by yourself. Jim I`m very happy that win many money, Jim I have only 300USD for my flight to you, you can send to manager travel agency 1000USD for my trip to you??? You must dial: +7 - 3434-893587 Sorry for little email, I`m very tired. Now I go to home and will sleep. I send you many kisses from my heart. Your and only Your Elena

Hi my new friend, I`m very happy write you now!!! Today very nice day and now I came to Internet Cafe and I have write you email!!! My girlfriend 11 months later have meet man in Canda, now she live in Toronto, now she have one girl!!! I want meet too good man in other coutry. Russian mans very bad, they like vodka and they don`t like family. I don`t want live in Russia. My parents told me if I`ll live in other coutry and I`ll have meet good man, they will very happy!!! My parents permit me search man in other coutry. I`m 23 years old!!! I live with my parents and with my Young brother. I have gratuated Univercity, now I have Economist degree!!! Today I`ll talked with my father about you, please write me full information about you, your work,where you live and e.t.c. You can send me your photos and photos your city if you want!!! . Name my father Michail, name my mother is Larisa. Name my brother is Sergey. If you want you can write email to my father or mother. My father work in Police he Catches bandit and bad piples. My mother work teacher in school. My brother study in School. I have dog. I`m very like to cook and I`ll be very happy cook for you and me when we will together. My height 168cm. ( 5.6 ) My Weigh 52kg. ( 115lbs ) My Bust, waist, hips 89 - 60 - 92cm My eyes is blue. My Hair is Blond I hope you will like my photos!!! Please read this lines very attentively: I want to have serious relations with possible meeting with you. My Ideal of man is decent, honest, sincere and having strong family values. What do you want from our relationship???? What weather in your city?? Do you like animals? I can write and speak english. I hope that you like me and you will write me e-mail with information about you. Now I`ll go to home and will prepare supper for my parents and me and tomorrow morning I`ll go to Internet cafe and look e-mail from you!!! Many Kisses for my friend!!!! Elena

Hello, my name is Michail, I`m very happy that my doughter meet you and I hope that you and she will have very good relations. I want tell you that I hope that you good man and that you will respect my doughter. You can fly in my city and you can live in our flat, Elena told me that she ready fly to you, please write me your ideas about your meeing with Elena??? Always your friend , Michail

My Dear Jim , I`m very happy receive your e-mail today. I like your photo, you very handsome man!!! Today 1 June and start summer, but weather very bad +5C Degrees. Today very cloudly. I forgot write you about my birthday, My birthday is 24.02.1979. Yesterday I have talked with my father and I tell him about my email to you and about you, he and mother very happy that I have met you. Now 1pm and my father and I came in Internet Cafe and I have write you email!!! My father send you hello and now he will write you e-maill too. I think that he want ask you about you and about me!!! Now we will go to home and evening I`ll go with my girlfriend to cinema, today I`ll look in cinema Star Wars episode 2, Name my city Ekaterinburg, my city very nice, population 1.5millon people. Now I`ll send you one or two photos of my city and photo my father!!! If you want you can fly in my city, I`ll show very nice place!!! My brother is 16 years old, today he have birthday. Jim I`m very happy that we have correspondence with you and I`ll be very happy meet you soon!!! Now I send you many kisses from my hot heart!!! Your Elena

My Prince Jim, I`m very happy that you wrote me today, I miss you very much and I dream about you every hour and every minute. Yesterday evening I lay in my bed and dreamed about first meeting. Yesterday evening I had serious talking with my parents about you and me. My parents permit me be with you and my parents permit me to fly to you. Jim I`ll be very happy fly to you and live with you, if you ready meet me in your city please write me name international airport near with you and I`ll learn information about my flight to you, or if you want I`ll be very happy meet you in my city??? I`ll meet you in airport and we will go to hotel or you can live with me in my flat. Jim I need be with you and I hope that you want too. Today morning I have buy for you little present: red shirt with sickle and hammer. When we will meet I`ll present to you this little present. I want take you hands in my hands and look in your eyes and be with you. Jim age not problem for me, but if you good and decent man and can live with you and without childrens. Now I`ll go to home and will look TV and think about you, evening I`ll take bath and think about you again!!! I need hear your voice and talk with you, please write me your telephone number ( code country, code city , phone number ) I`ll try call you or maybe you want call me??? , tomorrow I`ll write my home address and phone number,ok? My heart belong only to you!!! Your and Only for you Elena

My little Rabbit Jim, today very nice day and weather, today I all day sit in home and clean my flat and prepare dinner, now I came in Internet Cafe and I`m very happy write you email. I`m very happy be with you and I`m counting every day for our meeting!!! I have very good news for you, tomorrow morning I`ll write you my phone number ( code Russia, code Ekaterinburg , Phone number ), after Internet Cafe I`ll go to Post Office and I`ll learn code Russia and code Ekaterinburg, now I don`t know code Russia and Ekaterinburg. My Home address: Russia, Ekaterinburg, Bardina street 42 - 38 , zip code 620146, Elena Zakhareeva. Please count time difference between Ekaterinburg and you. Time between Ekaterinburg and Moskow 2 hours: in Ekaterinburg 10am in Moskow 8am. You can call me in my Wendsday??? Tomorrow is tuesday and tomorrow morning I`ll write you phone and in Wendsday I`ll waiting call from you,ok??? Please write me my time when you want call me!!! I need hear your voice and talk with you!!! Jim I like your photo with brothers. Now I`ll go to Post Office and tomorrow I`ll write you phone number. My love only for you!!! Your Elena P.S. After Post Office I`ll go to Travel agency and I`ll learn about my fligth to you!!!

Dear Sir, Elena gave me your e-mail and with Elena`s request we calculated the price to arrange a trip for Elena Zakhareeva. The pack which includes 3-month Visa plus flight will cost $1340 total. We will start to prepare the documents on the next bussiness day we receive the payment, the time limit required to prepare necessary documents is around two weeks. You can send the funds by WesternUnion to your contact who will pay to us then, or directly to us, to the name of our account manager. You will need to specify in transfer details : Russia, Ekaterinburg , Andrey Timchenko. We waiting Insteructions from you. Sincerely Yours, Andrey Timchenko
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