Elmira Shukurova (Chboksari, Russia) from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elmira Shukurova (Chboksari, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elmira Shukurova (Chboksari, Russia)
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Elmira Shukurova (Chboksari, Russia)Here is a new face for your scammer list, I noticed a lot of ladies repeated on your pages they must be really desperate, or it is easy for them to get money so it continues...after 3 or 4 emails I got this one requesting almost $2,000. I wrote her back that there are just to many women looking for money from men from US...that good things take time. Thanks for your informative pages. 1st response4th response
Hi my dear Ernie, I am very glad to your letter. I liked your photo! You very interesting person! I very much liked your beautiful letter. I liked your story about your character and I see that we are similar each other! It is very good! I very much like your employment(occupation)! It very much interesting to plant cactuses! I shall like to help you in it! Yes certainly I speak on English and even it is very good but to write to you the letter I use the program of the translator because so to write to you the letter much faster! My birthday May, 10. It is very fast also I liked to be together with you on mine birthday! You sound similarly to very romantic and careful person and I would like that at us all turned out also we would be together! It is very difficult for me to arrive to USA because my salary makes only 40 $ in 1 month but I would like to meet you and closer to learn(find out) you for a marriage(spoilage)! The visa of USA is difficult for receiving but I have girlfriend which works in USA embassy and she(it) speaks me that she(it) will help to receive to me the visa of USA but it should be made during 9 days because May, 5 she(it) will take away documents from work and she(it) will not work any more there after May, 5. I asked it(her) the prices to receive the visa and she(it) have told me about that that the visa costs(stands) 400 $ and the passport costs(stands) 100 $. For reception of my documents it is required to me 500 $ and that I had time to receive my documents to me it is required 500 $ May, 5. My girlfriend has told me about that that if I shall give it(her) 500 $ that the visa and the passport I can receive for very short terms! You to me seem the good and correct person and I shall be happy to come to you and to learn(find out) you closer! Only if we shall together we can learn(find out) each other for a marriage(spoilage) and if we shall decide to marry that I I shall remain together with you in USA and if there is no that I I shall be compelled to leave(abandon) limits of USA. My girlfriend has told me that I can arrive to USA during 90 days and we should have time to marry during 90 days. You very good person and I am sure that if we shall be together that we shall marry and we shall be happy! If you would like my arrival to you that to me it is required 500 $ for reception of my documents, 1100 $ for purchase of the ticket, and approximately 350 $ for on trip to Moscow because in Moscow is the most nearest airport. That I flied to you to me it is required 1950 $. If you would like that I would come to you that I can be already in USA during 8 days! Tell that you think of my letter. I shall wait for your letter. Yours Elmira p.s. For reception of your money I need your surname and your full address. My full name: Elmira Shukurova. My home address: Russia, city Chboksari, street-Chavaina, house-18, apartment-13. I want that you have translated money through the Western Union in Bank. I give you the address of bank which works with the Western Union: " Menatep bank " Prospekt Lenina 6A Chboksari (428003.) The phone of bank: (8352) 662190. "elmira999"

Hi my dear Ernie, I am very pleased that you have answered my letter. I want to tell to you little bit more about me directly. My growth of 173 centimeters, my weight of 55 kg. I never married also I have no children. I very much love children and I want to have own. I want will marry the correct person which to love and care of me. I shall hope that it there will be you. As I already spoke about that I work as the teacher of biology. I like my work. As to mine preference that I love classical music but never I listen rap. My favouritefoodstuffs - sea products and also various salads of a fruit because I like to watch (keep up) the figure. I the good cook also am able to prepare for a tasty meal. I like to leave on walk and to breathe fresh air. But within long winter evening I books or knitting prefer to sit on a sofa reading romantic. As to my site that I live in city Chboksari. It is small city in comparison with Moscow. Chboksari it is located approximately 1000 kilometers to the east from Moscow. Chboksari Is in a Volga region part of Russia. I have no sisters and brothers. I live with the mother. My father has died 5 years back and I frequently recollect about him. What you still want to know about me? I want that you told about you and about a place where do you live more. I am interested in you and our future relations. I send you my loved by a photo and I hope that my photo will like you. Now I shall go home. I shall wait for your fast letter. Yours Elmira
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