Marina Varaksina (Perm, Russia) from Perm a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Varaksina (Perm, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Varaksina (Perm, Russia)
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Marina Varaksina (Perm, Russia)Hello, My name is Ron, 41 in USA. I have been this route before, This one seemed a little bit more clever, but generic. This is strike 2 for me. I initiated the first contact, after several letters, she made reference to visa and a 300.00 value for visa. At first she seems sincere, but will avoid specific questions, Attached you will find letters and photos. Her last letter was asking for money, when I explained in detail the truth of why I could not send money, she just stopped writing. You can see that she might be new to this, there are several redundancies in the letters. Even though she says she has no computer and she uses different locations, school and girlfriends computers. All come from the same IP. I hope this is enough to help others from being suckered in by this one. As taxing as this is to ones emotions. I am thankful that your sight helps me before going any farther with communicating with these people. This is a new one though, I have searched several sights thinking I would find her on a list and did not. Her letter format is new and unlike others I was reading. If anyone needs more specific information, feel free to contact me. Have A Great Day, Ron Hansen

Letter #1 Hi!!! To me very much to like yours strukture and I to become very much interested in you. Yes I to want to acquaint with the man, I to want that it (he) then to become my satellite on all life. For me principal that the man is good to concern to me, to be careful, to understand me, you see principal I to think mutual understanding. I very much to want that it (he) can the help to me in difficult minute, I in the turn shall promise that I shall love it (him), to care of a nem, also to try to understand it (him). If I you to interest, you can write to me on mine the computer mail: I responsible(crucial), understanding, cautious, business and sensitive woman. I to hope, that you to interest in me and to write to me. I to think, that we could more learn(find out) about each other during correspondence. There can be we sometime could meet you. I very much to want to get acquainted with you. I to hope that you to interest in me and to write to me. I to you to promise that you to not regret (pity) about it. Letter #2 Hello , Hello name !!! I to receive your letter and very much to be pleased to this, because I to not hope, that you will answer mine the letter. Thank to you for your photo. My girlfriend to say to me, that I am possible to find of the friend on internet, at first to not check, but then to decide to try. My fears to not be affirmed and I very much of rad. Excuse me please but I to not know English language and thee I shall write to thee in Russian, and then to transfer(translate) through a translator. But I what is it will not think by an encumbrance in our dialogue. (I to hope what is it not last your letter to me.) I shall learn(teach) your language and to think that you to help to me in it, and if you to want to learn(teach) Russian, I too to help to you in a measure of the forces and capabilities. I maiden time to write the letters in internet, and I very much to be tirred, because my girlfriend to say, that there are such people which one to receive other. I to not want, that me to deceive, because it very much to offend me and I more never to be decided to trust other people. But I to hope what is it with me to not happen. Therefore I to write to you the letter. I to say a little about myself. My name is Marina. To me of 30 years. I to think, that it is the most suitable age for acquaintance. Many to speak, that I to look of the more young @ years. But in my opinion it to best.:-) When to me will be 40, I shall look on 35. I live in Russia. This is a very big and beautiful country. I to like my country and my ground. But our government is very bad to operate(control) our country. The people can not realize the potential completely. It is not enough in our country to remain of the good people for this reason. On my view. It became very difficult to live with such people. Everywhere to operate(control) gangsters, and simple people - beggar. But I to think, that for our country to reach the best time. I the romantic and optimist. To me to like to go in a campaign to the nature, in cine, in theatre. In our country there are a lot of beautiful places of the wild nature. I to want to know how to live the people in other countries, to see their nature, architecture, culture of other people. I to like to travel. I to live in major and beautiful city Perm, the capital of the Perm field(area), costs(stands) on beautiful and great Russian river Kama. To be about cities of Ekaterinburg, former Sverdlovsk. I to live and to be born here, here I to go at school and to end university. Now I the teacher of original classes. I to become the teacher because I very much to like children. Me very much to like my activity and children. For me very good and clever children in the class. I them to like and they to respond me by reciprocity. Not all of the teacher of our school can brag of it. I to reach it by the transactions and knowledge. The person can very much achieve, if very much wants. I am right? I to start activity at 8.00 in morning and I end at 17.00. sometimes to be delayed(held up) on activity. It when we with children to be prepared to conduct holidays, dancing parties. You likely to get tired from reading my letter. I too to have a fancy the story about myself. I to end to write my letter and to hope, that you to answer to me as soon as possible. I to want to learn(find out) about you on more. Write to me about you. I shall be of rad to your letter. I hope that we can begin the friends with you and we shall learn(find out) a lot of new about the friend the friend. How you to look at it?Before a new occurring! Yours Marina. Best regards, Marina Letter #3 Hello ,Greetings Name !Many thanks for your answer to me. Thank to you for your perfect photo. I very much to look forward to hearing from you to my message to you. If you to answer me, our friendship means to proceed and we shall continue our dialogue with you. I so am glad to this. I to read your letter and to be pleased as the child. Because I still to not trust this. It is very pleasant for me, that such the man as you to decide to write to me. What to me to tell about itself? I to have growth about 173 sm, my weight of 55 kg. I watch(keep up) myself and to try to be always in the form. I to not drink and to not smoke and love all natural products which contain vitamins: vegetables, fruit. To me to like to go in for sports, sports to help me to remove a pressure(voltage) and stress. My loved(liked) kind of sports is run and navigation. I as to like to have a rest and sunbathe on a beach at the river of Kama. Though I to not bathe in it(her), because she(it) dirty. At us very bad ecology and it t! o have an effect on health of our population. But we shall not be about sad. I was better to tell to you a little more information on. I to live together with mine mum. My mum very good person. But we sometimes to quarrel with it(her), but I to be sorry about it(her) and we to be reconciled. My mum my best friend. I very much to like my mum. I shall tell to it(her) today about yours the letter. My daddy recently to die of illness. In him(it) have found out a crawfish and could not cure. Though it has taken place 2 years back, it seemed that to me absolutely recently. It is such terrible illness. I to not wish to anybody such illness. From it(her) the people to die very long and strongly to suffer. I to not have the brother and the sister. I to have very far brothers and sisters, but I am very rare to see them. We to live far apart. Is very a pity that I to not have the personal computer. Now I to sit at my girlfriend at work in Internet the centre and to write to you the letter. I do not have computer of a house and me to have to go to my girlfriend. If I have the computer we may to communicate more often and more to learn(find out) about each other. But I shall answer all the same all your letters. At leisure I to like to have a rest on a nature to listen to beautiful music or to walk with my class in a wood, still I very much to love animals. But most of all I to love my class. We together to go to cinema on a day off either in theatre, or on an exhibition, in a museum. I have hobby I to love to knit different things from a wool. And than you to be engaged at leisure? How to carry out(spend) the holiday? What your loved(liked) dish? I is loved a dish these are pelmenis and pancakes by which to do(make) mum. I to like to prepare. I to like to eat that what to prepare(be going) mum. Most of all I to lik! e to prepare plov and hot and still for a borshch. Write to me more about you, your life. I to want to learn(find out) it is more about you. You see our friendship to not be finished on this letter. I to want to ask to send you to me your photo. In the answer I to send you the photos. I to not have many successful photos. I to choose the most good and to send you. On my photo you can see tatoo, but you do not think that she(it) present. To me to draw her(it) one familiar girl by an ordinary ball pen. I to hope, that you to send me your answer to me in the near future. Your answer to warm to me mine oppress in my cold country. Good-bye, my friend! Marina. Best regards, Marina Letter #4 Hello , Hi, my friend name !!! I to be very happy to receive your letter. To me to seem, that each letter to do(make) our hearts closly and closly. We to learn(find out) about each other it is more and more and more and it to pull together us. You do not think that I to speak it simply so. I to suspect this theme much. I to not want that you to think of me poorly. I to want to find good person, which may support me a difficult minute. I to meet one man earlier. I to think what to love it(him). But as soon as I to learn(find out) it(him) is better my love to it(him) to pass. It(he) to appear very bad person. It(he) to begin to come home drunk and malicious. To appear that at him(it) not all it is good to turn out at work and it(he)to break the failure on me. It not so to like me. If at someone something to fail what for someone to offend because of it? You with me to agree in it? And therefore I to leave from him(it). I long to suffer(bear), but then I to understand what to not love it(him). Many women at us in Russia to live with alcoholics. I to not want such torture. I to want to find in the life of the kind, lovely, gentle, tender friend. I to be disappointed in our men, I to not want to search here for the partner in life more. May be in Russia still remain the present men, but I to not meet some more such. I to want to create normal, high-grade family that my children it is good to finish school and to act(arrive) in university, instead of to begin the addict. Many children at us in Russia to become addicts because to receive education in the street. They are children of families in which mother or father to drink. We have such families where to drink both mother and father. They to not watch(keep up) at all for the child. At me in a class children of such parents study. They to not be on employment(occupations) to not learn(teach) the domestic task, they to put on in dirty clothes. I to be at them at home as the teacher of their children. Their parents to be drunk and it is bad to talk to me. They to live very bad. I to not want such life for my children. I to lose hope to find the present the man at us in Russia and consequently I begin to get acquainted through service of acquaintances. And consequently I to begin to write to you. I to want to know that you to think that I to write in this letter. I to want to learn(find out) your address (staff(state), city, street and so on). There may be I write to you the letter. Though I to doubt that the letter to reach you. It is very bad to work for us mail. I to think, that it is better to write letters on a E- Mail. So there is very much an every prospect of that the letter to reach you. On it I to finish my letter to you. It is possible to set to you one question: when your Birthday? Yours Marina. Best regards, Marina mailto:marishka_st481@pochtamt.ruLetter #5 Hello , Hi my lovely friend name !!! I to be very glad will receive your new letter. Thank to you for your photo. My birthday will be September 6. I shall be possible to name you "The lovely friend". It is pleasant for me to name you so, because I to want to name the person expensive(dear) to me so. I too to want that you to name me so. I to wait your letters with impatience and very(very much) to be pleased to these small messages. I to count days from last your message and to wait new. I very much to begin to worry when your letter to be late. You to not test the same? I to feel that we to become closely more to each other and I may not present myself already the world without your letters. You to understand me? I to think that you to understand me. I may be not right. It is very important to understand each other. It means for people loving(liking) each other much. Today I to observe a terrible picture. I have gone to parents of one boy because the boy for a long time to not occur at lessons. I to worry for this boy and to go to it(him) home. To appear that parents to beat it(him) and it(he) to escape from a house and to not occur on employment(occupations). I to find it(him) in a cellar and it(he) to tell all to me and to tell that does not want to live! It is very terrible to hear such words from some more small boy. I to be in a shock! Now these parents to deprive with rights to the child. I may not understand such people which may beat children. What to do(make) with people alcohol. I to not want to speak about it any more.May want to speak you with me. Unfortunately it cannot be made. I to not have the phone of a house though for my trade it is very necessary thing. To put the phone of a house it is necessary to have the big money. And money which we to earn, us with mum to suffice only on a meal and to pay for an apartment. I to want to speak with you because on conversation it is possible to learn(find out) much about the person. Though I to not know the English language, I to study it(him) slightly at school and at university. And I can understand you is a little if you will speak slowly. It would be healthy if we can talk with each other, even to tell each other a pair of words.I to hope, that I to not tire you with the letter. Simply I to have while time suffices and I shall continue to write with your permission. I very much to love summer. Summer this my loved(liked) season. In the summer the nature to live and sing in the voices of different birds to give us flowers, different berries and mushrooms. I very much to love flowers, and am especial - field. When I to lay on a years(summer) meadow I to represent near to myself of the loved(liked) person. And we as though to talk toit(him) about all on light. From it to me to become well and joyfully. I to want to see loved(liked) person to look in his(its) eyes and to speak about love. I am valid to want it all soul. There may be we too shortly shall embrace each other, you see the distance may not begin a handicap to those who decide to achieve something. I very much to wait your following letter and to hope that you to not keep me long waiting.Up to a new meeting!!! Yours Marina!!! Best regards, Marina Last letter Hello , Greetings, my tender Ron! I am glad to read your new letter. Today at me to be fine day.At us to be good weather. All day to shine the sun and to be very warm. And from it at me to be very good mood. The lessons were already terminated and now I shall teach to children only the next educational year. At children to begin a vacation and now at me to become little bit more free time, but it does not mean that now absolutely there is no work. Excuse me, but I very quickly to change my opinion because I very much to love you and to want be with you. And I to know, that if us many times to deceive, it does not mean, that it is impossible to anybody more to trust. Forgive me for that hasty written and sent thoughtlessly letter. Thank to you for an interesting monologue. Me to like your ideas Still I am very glad, that you to present me the letter. I am boundlessto thank you for it. I today to learn(find out) in embassy, the visa will cost how many. There is such visa which is valid 90 days. She(it) to cost approximately 310 dollars. I to think and decide, that I can not collect such sum. My familiar have no the big income. And they to not give me such sum even if they at them are. I to think earlier, that the visa to not cost such money. It to anger me. Why people may not meet if they like each other? Everywhere all to solve money. These pieces of paper which nothing to cost in comparison with the most pleasant feeling on the Earth - love. But nevertheless I to become before the fact, that these pieces of paper are necessary for me. And as they may not arise at me, I to address to you for the help. Perfectly if you will not give up to me. Certainly it is very inconvenient for me to ask your money. But if to look on the other hand this fact may become check of our! attitudes(relations). We to learn(find out) to trust we each other whether or not. You may think of me everything. But what I may make? At us in Russia it is good to live only fat officials and stupid(blunt) gangsters. If you to trust and believe me, you may send me money on the Western Union. The address of branch in our city: KAURY BANK BELINSKOGO 47 A PERM , 614039 RU Marina Varaksina I to learn(find out) to receive money to me it is necessary to tell a code. The code consists of ten marks (figures). These figures should give you in bank. It is number money transfert. If I to tell these figures only then me to give money. If you to decide to make it I shall be very grateful to you. I to test now very much strong feeling of shame. I have not got used to ask money somebody. I to earn money itself am usual. But it is other case. I can not earn such money in short terms. I should work and save money 1,5 years. I to not sustain so much. I to promise you that I to pay back you with their love and caress. I to think, that money to not become an obstacle in our vital way. Once again excuse me, but to me any more whom to ask the help. To reach to you I should know where to be the closest international airport from you. I to not want, that we to stop the attitude(relation). I to not want to see near to myself anybody except for you. At me tears to occur on eyes because of my powerlessness before this world. You are necessary for me as never. I to want to embrace and kiss you. I may not write this letter more. It became very hurt me suddenly. I may not collect the thoughts. Up to a meeting in the following letter. I to want, that you to know, that I to love you. Up to a meeting, my love! Yours Marina! Best regards,Marina
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