Natasha Shustova / aka Rumia Hayrullin from a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natasha Shustova / aka Rumia Hayrullin the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natasha Shustova / aka Rumia Hayrullin
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Natasha Shustova / aka Rumia HayrullinI found her under another name on your sight she was going as Rumia Hayrullina same letters and everything. Her email address now is I am 33 yrs. old and disabled have a ten year old son this woman is a real smoothie. She contacted me I placed an ad at absolute agency. She responded I went to absolute agency website to get her profile and could find nothing. I contacted them and they said she had been removed because of the scamming in yashkar-ola.Any body wants any info my email is I am forwarding all letters to you I almost got suckered watch out for this one and she dont like answering questions.Letters:Letter 1:Letter 2:Letter 3:Letter 4: Letter 5:Letter 5:Letter 6:
My dearest. I am very glad to read your letter again. How at you of business? At me all is good. I to think, that at you all as is good. All these days I had a lot of time what to think. And I to understand, that I very lonely without you. And I now precisely to know, what exactly you to not suffice to me these days. Today I to receive the letter from my girlfriend. She lives already almost 1 year in Australia. She has left there to favourite to the man. They as well as we to have dialogue under the post program. And behind that they have decided to meet and she has gone to him. And now she has given rise the child and they are very happy together. Its husband is very pleased, that she has such good character. And as it is not strange they to have acquaintance hardly more than 2 weeks, when it to offer to arrive. They felt, that they need to meet what to find the love and they were right. I would want that at us was as. I did not trust, that so can be not find yet you. And you to turn my world!!! I to feel again happiness and love from you. I want to tell, that I want to prepare our meeting. I to know, that it to take a lot of time. On this I to want to find out all for earlier. I to think you not against it? I want to find out your opinion. Love and kiss for you, yours Natasha.

Kind day. My name Natasha, me 27 years. I live in Russia. I want to have with you acquaintance and to create the serious attitudes. I to want shortly to get the family. I very much to want, what I to find the love with you and to create happy family. I am adjusted very seriously to create the family, I to think that you as is adjusted seriously. I tried to find the love at myself in Russia, but at me it to fail. Because I want to find the adult and serious man with serious intentions. But the men adjusted not seriously came across me, they to want only sex. And I to not want to be engaged sex with the not favourite man. On this we did not have serious attitudes. I to want to try to find with you our love and to create happy family. If you to want to have with me the serious attitudes, I to wait for the letter on my new letter box . The best regards, Natasha.

Hi, still my new friend. I am very glad that I to have acquaintance to you. With such good and man of honour. And you are very pleasant, that for me to me to allow to find our love. To me your family is very pleasant to study more pleased. It is pleasant, which you do not love to drink, it is very good. It is interesting to me to study concerning your work. I want to learn rather, that you love is. As I love to prepare pies with various fillings. I how love there - ice-cream and chocolate, and you love? I want to study more concerning you, because it will help us to study each other better and to find our love. I want to find with you our love, but I think, that through the letters we can not find her. And on it we should have at the further personal meeting. I want to speak, that when I was small. My father to leave me and my mum because to find younger woman. I to not see him it is more, but I do not want to recollect this history. I want to speak, that I as the romantic woman. I very much love supper in candles, and behind of it what to dance slowly dance. I very much love to leave on walk late in evening and to look behind of movement of the moon and to look at stars. I love to create opinion concerning me directly on personal meeting. I want further to carry out time together and to learn each other better. Probably I to not answer yours questions, but I if you will set to me them still, then I shall answer them soon. I want to speak, that I now have no photos, which I can send, but soon I shall do them for you. Now I shall finish the letter, and I wait from you of the letter, yours Natasha.

Hello . I is much pleased so soon get the letter from you. I much like your profile, but I should like to get the photographies from you. I much like that you understand my not very good english. I want to say you that I taught its at school, but subsequently university. I have the growing 172 centimetres and weight 51 kilograms, I have forming the doctor, I psychologist. I work in kindergarten and review for behaviour a children. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola . it inhere approximately in 700 kilometers from city Moscow. I want to speak you that I much like the children. I never married and I have no children. I had the experience of contact beside itself in Russia with mans, but they not there were are adjusted seriously and we happen to part, and they much often drink the alcohol and in good supply, but me this not much likes. I think that you has no such habit. I want to say that I no smoking and not stump liquors .but sometimes I like to drink in good company not much vine though this can be much seldom. I want to speak that I wit well to play the piano, I has finished the music school, in which I learned 6 years. I want to say that I live with my ma. I have the grandmother, grandparent regrettably was died, 2 years ago. I want you to speak that I like the varied music, but basically classical. I want to have the serious relations with you, find with you its love and create lucky family. I shall pleased if you this will in the same way want. want to speak that I write you from computer company and sometimes from my good sign woman. beside me regrettably no computer and telephone at home. I think that this will not be problem for us? I want more to learn of you, about your family. I think that you are able me soon to answer, shall soon write Natasha.

Hi my sweetness. I am very glad to receive from you the message. I want to tell, that I had not the large problem with my health. I very strongly to freeze. I had temperature and cold. Now I to feel better, but me the rest is necessary still. I to think, that tomorrow I shall feel better. The day off passed not so cheerfully because I was very weak and the large mobility could not have. But mine to the mums to look after me and to help me. On this I the amendment is fast. I want to tell, that I very much to love to have a hot bath about sea salt. It to make my skin very soft and velvet. I to think, that you as to love it. My dream to have with you supper and to receive from you one beautiful rose. I to want with you to have slow dance I want to learn your dream? Unfortunately it only not the large letter from me. But I shall try to write to you soon. A kiss for you, yours Natasha.

Hi my dear. I am very glad to receive your answer. It is pleasant, that our acquaintance is a success also we have progress. I to think and very much to want what to have our love together. I to search specially for such the man as you. I am very glad, that my heart me to not deceive. Why, from all I to want to choose you. I to think, that it is destiny. Because me so to tell my heart. And I was very glad when to find your letter in the box. Now I go the ambassador my work what to look my box and to find your letter. Each night and day my ideas on you. I to not know, that this such. But I to feel as me 18 years. I to feel the young and young girl. I to lose good dream. Because I long to think of you before that how to lie down to sleep. It to not give me to sleep. I to think, that tomorrow I can receive from you the answer. Now I to finish the letter. Strong I embrace you, yours Natasha.

Hi mine dear William I am glad that I receive your letters I them I wait Each day but I do not have house of the computer therefore I can not answer To you at once. My surname Shustova. I very love home animals Especially of cats. My dream in life to find the good man which loved Me and I it would love. That we have created happy family and lived Together. I very much love children and me does not disturb that you have son It is very good. I wait for your letters whole Natasha
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