Tanya Karpranova from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine a russian scammer? Scam check dating scammer.

Yes, Tanya Karpranova is the russian scammer!
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $250.00

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Yes, she is the russian scammer! All known names of this scammer, which we have!
Tanya Karpranova
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Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
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[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]?
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Tanya Karpranova aka Tanya Buryak and the Linguistic Public Club and USPEH I am a single white male from the USA and I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Tanya Kaproanova aka Tanya Buryak from Makeevka. Her address is Tanya Kapranova, st. Tupoleva,h 2/f 12, Makeeva, Ukraine, 86106 and her e-mail that she is using is [email protected] . She has the exact same photo as a listing at First Dream under the profile of Tanya Buryak at firstdreamdotcom/scammers2/knscam14.htm and there is also a report about Tanya Buryak at womenrussiadotcom/blackpage79.htm#buryak (using a different photo this time of a well known scammer).She wants me to send her money so that she can get a visa and airline tickets to come to see me in the USA. The name e-mail address of the travel company that can get her the tourist visa and tickets is [email protected] and I need to send to her $1430 for her trip. She does not have a bank account and wants me to send her money to her uncle, Victor Politaev because I told her that I would not send her money by Western Union but wanted to send her money directly so that I knew that she would get it safely. Here is the banking information on her supposed Uncle who has a bank account: BENEFICIARY: POLITAEV VIKTOR BE 511127 ACCOUNT: 39011004037003 BANK OF BENEFICIARY: COMMERCIAL BANK PRIVATBANK 5A, Serova-Naberezhnaya, 49070 Dnepropetrovsk, UKRAINEINTERMEDIARY BANK * : CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, 4 Chase Metrotech Center, 7th floor Brooklyn, NY 11245 USA S.W.I.F.T.CHASUS33 CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT * : 001-1-000080 In your receipt indicate: in favor client Donetsks Branch CB PRIVATBANK, acc. 29247825513521 She is using an agency called the Linguistic Public Club "LINGVO" which many scammers seem to come from from in my past experiences. This Club should also be added to the scammer agency list as well as Uspeh Translation Center as they seem to be one in the same as others have reporting sending money to this Victor Politaev from both USPEH (USPEH" uspeh-tc.chat.ru ) and also Linguistic Public Club. The linguistic Public Club address Linguistic Public Club "LINGVO" Kalininskiymikrorayon, Krasnogvardeyskiy region 13 office 12 Makeevka, Donetsk Region, Ukraine E-MAIL: [email protected] The address of USPEH is: Pushkinskaya street 52 office 37 Gorlovka Donetsk Region 84601 UKRAINE E-mail: [email protected] She is a definite scammer and should be added to your list as well as this Linguistic Public Club. Sincerely, S. H. (Scam Hunter)Letters:Letter 1:
Honey!!!!!!! Where are you????? Please, reply.....Im missing you SO much...... I send you my sweet kisses and tight embraces... Please, dont break my heart! I need your answer...If you have found someone else, just tell me...Your Tanya, with lots of love......Hello Im feeling so lonely....without your letters... I hope you are all not on business and will write me, my love... I love you and Im dreaming about our meeting...Please, drop me a line, I cant do without you, your letters, your attention and love...I send you my sweet kisses and tight embraces...Your Tanya, with lots of love, feeling lonely without you...
Letter 2:
Hello I hope you are still at home and my letter will reach you.I cant wait to see you and Im so worried about everything... My dear, I want you to know that my mind is calm and the merethought of you increases my heartbeat and my adrenaline flows like a wild storm when I see your face. The time for us to meet gets closer and closer with each passing day. We have indeed waited long enough and the time for you and I to finally meet is as the rising sun, increasing in its brightness as it reveals itself beyond the horizon of a new day. Even though you are not right here with me, I feel you. I know you are there and I trust you with all faith and hope gathered up by God and placed within me. Our love flows like a waterfall, crashing to rocks below it, following the seemingly endless stream and out into an infinitely existing ocean. Knowing this keeps me at ease and like the ocean, it is plentiful and free flowing endlessly replenishing with each passing storm. I do have faith in you and trust that our love is evident to each other. I Know that the day of our seeing each other is coming soon... My sweetheart, I have an excellent news for you! The thing is that all this time I was trying to find out the way for us to meet. And when I told everything to my uncle (he is so kind and he knows me from the very childhood), he proposed me to use his bank account. I was really happy at the thought that I could pay to the agency and fly to you as soon as possible! So, my uncles mane is Victor Politaev. He has given me all the thing you may need.Darling, please, reply me as soon as possible. BENEFICIARY: POLITAEV VIKTOR BE 511127 ACCOUNT: 39011004037003 BANK OF BENEFICIARY:COMMERCIAL BANK PRIVATBANK5A, Serova-Naberezhnaya, 49070 Dnepropetrovsk, UKRAINE INTERMEDIARY BANK * : CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, 4 Chase Metrotech Center, 7th floor Brooklyn, NY 11245 USA S.W.I.F.T. CHASUS33 CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT * : 001-1-000080 In your receipt indicate: in favor client Donetsks Branch CB PRIVATBANK, acc. 29247825513521 My dearest, I hope to hear from you soon and to know your thoughts about my proposition.... I love you so much, darling...... I need to press myself to your strong shoulder and feel happy! Im so eager to see you, honey! Your Tanya, thinking of you all the time...
Letter 3:
Hello, At last you answered my letter!!! My love, Im so happy to hear from you at last! Your words are music to my ears, and you seem to have a lot of love in your heart. Believe me, honey, I have so much love in my heart for you. I thank you for you support and kind words when I needed them. I know that when we are together we will always take care of each other and help each other with all the life trials. I had a wonderful dream about you last night, dear. We were sitting in front of a warm fireplace in a log cabin in the middle of a harsh snowy winter. We had a sheep wool rug wrapped around us, cuddling together for warmth. You felt so soft and smelt so sweet, I looked deep into your eyes and saw heavens within them. I experienced perfect happiness in that dream and my goal now is to make that a reality. My sweet heart, I love with all my heart and the only wish Ihave is to meet you! I dream of snuggling with you and falling asleep while holding you. I dream of looking into your pretty eyes & making you smile. I long for the feel of your warm body beside me and the sound of your restful breathing as we relax together after spending the day sightseeing and having fun. I dream of waking up beside you and thinking how luck I am to have met you, my Michael, I think you can see that you inspire me ! Thank you for being you ! Honey, Im very sorry but it seems to me that you didnt want to understand me... The thing is that I simply cant open an account for you to send me the money for the trip there. In our country this procedure will take not less than 20 days and I should pay for such kind of service to the bank the amount of 50$, and after that I should put not less than 100$ into my account. It seems to me that you are aware of the difficulties I have now and you know that my parents cant help me with it... Im very sorry, but I dont know what to do.... And moreover, you are going on business trip and you wont write me for some time... I will die...without your letters...... Ill be waiting impatiently for your letter.... I love you with all my heart... I send you my kisses and tight hugs, my sweet heart! My parents send you their warmest regards and say you hello.... Your Tanya, thinking of you every second......
Letter 4:
Hello, my love! Where are you, dear? Im missing you much.... Whats happened, my dear ? Please, drop me a line....I send you my kisses and tight hugs..... I love you... Your Tanya, missing you much...
Letter 5:
Hello, my sweet heart! No letter from you ! Im so much upset and disappointed... You know, I cant do without your letters... My love to you is blossoming out like a flower in spring, with each your letter, like with every ray of sun light, my love is growing, turning out new and new leaves and flowers... My darling, I thought I would never find the right person to love until I met you and since I have always thought that love is the most important part of my life, I want our love to last and to be as beautiful as it is now. I want our love to be the backbone of our lives forever! Our love came naturally but I know that we must both work at making it last. So, I will try my hardest at all times to be fair and honest with you, I will strive for my own goals and help you achieve yours, I will always try to understand you, I will always let you know what I am thinking, I will always try to support you, I will try to successfully blend our lives together with enough freedom to grow as individuals, I will always consider each day with you special regardless of what events occur in our lives, I will make sure that our relationship flourishes as I will always love and respect you, my dear. My parents send you their warmest regards and say you hello. I send you my kisses and tight embraces.. Your Tanya, thinking of you...... P.S. I just hope that you are too busy to write me... Ill be waiting.... I love you.......
Letter 6:
Hello, my dearest! Im so happy to get a letter from you, although its a short one... I was thinking about you all the weekends, my love! And I was dreaming about us together....What a lovely time we will have! Dear, I dont have words to express myself, so I decided to write you a poem. Its not mine, but I hoed you will like it, as it shows my feelings in the best way... In my arms I see, a beautiful friend, of golden heart, and soul of fire. One sweet kiss, a tear of joy, into my arms, tenderness blows. Bound by blood, and guardian angels, surrounded by dreams, dancing around your table. From the Snow to the Fire, her heart beats quicken, like a eagle on a high peaked Mountain, to the depths of the ocean. From Sunrise to Sunset, the golden glow of a fire, Love and devotion baby, you my Sunshine. I belong to you, You belong to me, You make my life complete You make me feel so sweet A kiss, a smile Everybody needs it for a while!!! My sweet heart, I must tell you that unfortunately I dont have a bank account. The thing is that my parents dont have money to put into account. I must tell you that in our country not a lot of people have accounts. The thing is that a person will need to pay some money for opening it and then you should put the minimum amount, not less than 100$ there to keep it open. But its a lot for my family. Im very sorry for that and I dont know what to do, dear.... But I think that there should be a way out from the problem. Maybe you should contact the travel agency? I dont know, my love... Im eager to be with you and the only thing in the world that makes importance to me... I think you will find the way out, as you are very intelligent and smart. I love you, honey and I cant imagine my life without you! But I dont know what to do...Ill be keeping you in my mind all the time! I send you my sweet kisses and tight hugs... Your forever, Tanya, with lots of love....
Letter 7:
Hello, my sweet heart! Im really missing you as well, my sweet! Its so difficult to wait till we meet..... Im so excited, nervous, happy, amazed and worried in the threshold of meeting... You see, my feelings are very controversial...but the main and the strongest feeling is excitement! Ive never felt this way before, my love! I have so much love to give you, dear.... And Im sure that pretty soon the day of our complete happiness will come! Honey, as soon as I read your letter, I run to the travel agency to get the information about my possible flight. They wont do such things originally, (the first step in trip organization is payment) but I asked them and they found the flight information for me. Dear, I was told that if you find something inconvenient in the flight you can tell them and they will find another one. So, here it is: Kiev - Boston To:Airline: Ukraine International Airlines Flight: PS701 Departure: the 3d of June, 07:34, Borispol Arpt Arrival: the 3d of June, 09:59, Charles De Gaulle Intl Arpt transfer to Paris: Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL8202 Departure: the 3d of June, 13:15, Charles De Gaulle Intl Arpt Arrival:the 3d of June, 15:00, Logan Intl Arpt Back: Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL8259 Departure: the 20th of June, 20:04, Logan Intl Arpt Arrival: the 21st of June, 08:49, Charles De Gaulle Intl Arpt transfer to Paris: Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL8518 departure: the 21st June, 09:59, Charles De Gaulle Intl Arpt Arrival: the 21st of June, 14:00, Borispol Arpt As for the international passport, my sweet, I can understand your wish to see it, so I will send it with my letter today. Honey, I truly believe in miracles like a child and now I see that the miracles really exist :) You are like a magician for me, honey... :) Im so happy that it was you who appeared on my life way and now I feel that you are the man of my destiny! My dear, did you send e-mail the travel agency ? I think you should do that, my love, as you are really intelligent and smart and you will know everything about this travel agency and its service. And, please, dear, tell me your thoughts about the flight information. Im missing you very much and Im thinking about us together all the time.... I kiss you and send you my hugs... Your Tanya, with lots of love in my heart...
Letter 8:
Hello, my sweet heart!!! Im so much happy to get your letter! Honey, you have a skill to inspire me! Nobody cant do it the way you do. My dear, I will send my parents your best regards, of course. I want to make you sure that they like you very much and they are not afraid about me going to you. They are afraid about everything, me traveling for the first time, being in the airplane for the first time, and be without them ion a far away country for some time. But I must tell you that they have no doubts as for your sincerity and for your serious intentions. But they worry just about the great change in my life, dear. I think you can understand them, just try to put yourself to their place... Honey, Im very happy to find your optimism and it arouses the same in me. I think you have noticed in my previous letter some pessimistic notes... My sweet, I told you that I contacted travel agency as I promised you before. They gave me the information about the possibility to come to Boston for me. The trip package consists of tourist visa, the return ticket reservation, the documents notary attested, medical insurance and all the references required at the Embassy and Police. The whole trip package to USA costs 1430$. But I think, my love, you should contact them by yourself. You know, Ive never traveled in my life and I think you. As for your request to give me all the flight information, dear, they told me that when a client decides to use their service they find the convenient flights for a client. You may indicate the airport, the date and some other details are important to you. Here is the address for you again, honey: [email protected] My dear, pleaser, dont worry, I already have an international passport. My sweet, Im so pleased to hear that you like my photos very much and I will gladly send you more. I also like yours, although there are not a lot of them. But Im sure that very very soon we will be together and Im dreaming about our photos where we are together in a very tight and romantic embrace... My sweet, Ill be dreaming about the day of our meeting all the days and nights long... And Ill be praying for the wonderful fairy-tale to be a real truth. For me its like a magic! And everything that is happening to me is like a fairy-tale! Im a Cinderella and you are the Prince. :) My parents say you hello and send their warmest regards.. I kiss you and send you my sweet embraces... Your Tanya, a little Cinderella..... :) thinking of you.... P.S. Ill be waiting impatiently for your reply, honey...
Letter 9:
Hello, my dearestl!!!! Im so happy to get your lovely letter!!! I was over the clouds when I read it, dear! Thank you for your greetings, my dear! You are so so sweet! Im so happy that we are feeling the same! Dear, its so difficult to find the person in the wild world who is so precious to you and who is very much alike you! So, I want to tell you that we even dont realize how lucky we are! Sometimes it seems to me that we are the same person in two different bodies... I would love to meet you, my dear! Im dreaming about it all the days and nights long! You cant imagine how Im feeling now, dear.... Im the person, who has never travelled in my life. My parents are happy as well and they wish us good luck and happiness, dear! But Im still nervous and embarrassed, my love... Please, dont think that I dont want to come to you - Im burning to see you, my sweet heart! And, please, dont think Im not thankful, honey. Im very much thankful to you for your desire to bring me to your country and to help me with the payment! My father told me that you are a real man, Michael! And I value his opinion very much! Dear, I want to open a secret to you... I have already bought a small present for you! But it will be a surprise! I wont tell you now :) Honey, Im so excited! Im about to jump when I try to think about us being together... Dear, when we are together, I imagine us spending much time with each other. Even if it is impossible to spend the most time of my visit with you, a visit to a museum or art gallery will bring my pleasure to me! I imagine us cuddling together, drinking sweet wine and talking about each other, sharing live experience, looking into each other`s eyes and thinking how wonderful it is to feel a special person near myself, to feel his strong body, to hear his voice, to look into his eyes and realize that this is the real happiness! I would love to come to you as soon as possible! And to be more precise, maybe in June. My darling, I consulted the travel agency, as I promised you. First of all, my darling, they said that its not an easy thing for a young Ukrainian unmarried girl to obtain the visa to USA. Its caused by the increasing number of illegal immigrants. So, they proposed me to obtain a tourist visa. The travel agency is supposed to do all the paper work for me during the period of time from 10 till 14 days. The trip package consists of tourist visa, the return ticket reservation, the documents notary attested, medical insurance and all the references required at the Embassy and Police. The whole trip package to USA costs 1430$. Here is the e-mail address of the travel company for you. You may contact it if you want to know something. [email protected]
Letter 10:
My sweet, I was really upset and disappointed after visiting the travel agency. I realized that its incredible amount of money, honey. I remember that you proposed me your help, but.... how can I find such a sum in Ukraine. My parents were so much shocked that they advised me not to have illusions and give up dreaming. They are sure that its not reality. You cant imagine, my dear Michael, how MUCH its for our country. So, my sweet heart, I dont no what to do. Im short of words and Im crying. I only know that Im eager to see you, but can it be real for me to come to you? Ill be waiting for your letter and reply... Im afraid, but... You have become really much precious to me, dear... I send you my kisses and tight embraces... Ill be keeping you in my mind all the time! Your Tanya, in despair....but also in love....
Letter 11:
Hello, my dearest!!! Im so happy to get your lovely letter today! Your letters always fill me with joy and made a hope to appear in my heart, but this one was like the ray of light for me! My dear, I cant wait to meet you. The anticipation grows each day. Can you believe that we have been writing to each other for only three weeks, and already our feelings for each other have gotten this strong? I share your feelings, I want to feel your warmth against me. I want to feel your face caress my face. I want to hear your voice whisper in my ear. Honey, the moment that we meet eyes to eyes and flesh to flesh will be a very magical moment for both of us. I hope that we are both prepared for it. I am very ready! And I feel that you are ready as well! My sweet heart, Im missing you so much..... Im thinking about you and me together all the time... Each time I miss you, a star falls down from the sky. So, if you looked up at the sky and found it dark with no stars, it is all your fault. You made me miss you too much!
Letter 12:
My dear, I think its natural for you to be surprised at the fact that Im still alone and Im searching for my soul mate in the Internet. The thing is that I was communicating with the Ukrainian men all my life and I must tell you that they are too rude, selfish and hard in treatment of the women. I cant stand it, Im very tender creature... To tell the truth, my mother was against my searching a partner in the Internet, but Im sick and tired of the rudeness of people here... And now I feel that I have found my second half... Do you know his name? I think you know, dear....... :) Im very happy and excited! Your words sound very optimistic and now I truly believe that we will meet soon.
Letter 13:
My sweet, I must tell you that I would love to come to your country, of course! But Im very embarrassed about it....Maybe you are busy or ...I dont know. I dont want to be a burden for you, honey. And there is one more thing... I dont know how much it will cost me... Im not from the well-off family, dear.. I hope you will understand me. As for your coming to me, Id be happy, but I live in a two-room flat with my family and I dont know what you will think about me when you see my flat and the way of life here, in Ukraine. So, my sweet heart, I want you to know that Im ready to meet you and its my great wish! But I dont know what should I do for that... I think you should advise me, dear... As for the telephone, my sweet, I must tell you that I dont have it at home. The thing is that my parents simply cant afford having it. But, as I told you before, I use the help of the Linguistic Public club where I write you letters and receive yours. So, I was told that we can use the telephone in the club. All we need is to appoint the time of the call beforehand for me to come to the club and to wait for your call, my dear. But you shouldnt forget about the time difference between our countries and inform me about your call beforehand. I think youd better call me form 1 to 5 pm of our time, maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday. But, please, tell me the exact time of your call, dear. Here is the number: 38 - 062 - 330 - 65 - 95 I would love to hear your sweet voice and to talk to you for the first time. Im a little bit afraid of it, to tell the truth, but my desire to hear your voice is so big! My sweet heart, Im dreaming about the opportunity to swim in the ocean with you!!! I cant picture it to myself. For me its like a paradise! You know, Ive never travelled in my life and I have seen the sea only once in my life, when I was 6 year old girl. My darling, my parents are sending you their warmest regards and saying hello. As for me, I send you my the most sweet kisses and tight embraces... Dear, I liked the picture you sent me. Its the picture of a paradise. Ill be waiting for your sweet letter and photo, maybe your call? Ill be thinking about you all the time! Your Tanya, with lots of love.....
Letter 14:
Hello, my dearest, Im so happy to get your lovely letter! You have become so precious to me. You cant imagine how much I was missing you during this time! Perhaps I must thank for this short separation between us, because of this separation, I feel you are so important to me, this separation let me know the value that you mean to me, let me know the really missing to you. Now I am so so happy because I know you are still good, I really miss you, I think you became a part of my soul, even we never meet each other, but I feel your place in my heart, especially during these days, you know each day I think about you, my dear. You are in my heart, I feel it. Honey, Im very thankful to you for your sweet compliments! I appreciate them very much, but, of course, I would gladly listen to them looking into your eyes and being with you.... Im dreaming about the dinner in the charming restaurant with a candle light and picturesque scene and romantic music in the back ground.... Im dreaming about the dance with you, dear...... It would be the most unforgettable time for both of us, I think. As for your question about the best time for me to come, I think its somewhere in spring, honey. I like spring most of all, because there a lot of activities you can do and I would love to swim with you somewhere in the river, lake or even in the sea... But I must tell you that I have never travelled in my life and Im very unexperienced in it. Honey, my parents are sending you their warmest regards and saying you hello. As for me, Im sending you my sweet kisses and tight embraces... Ill be keeping you in my mind! Only your, Tanya, with the warmest thoughts about you, waiting for your soon reply. P.S. I would love to see more of your photo, sweet, as I want to imagine that you are near to me....
Letter 15:
Hello, my sweet!!! Im so happy to get your lovely letter and to find out that you didnt forget me during these days! I feel so happy about it, dear! Your letters always fill me with joy, dear, but todays letter was like a breath of fresh air. Reading it gave me a very welcome moment of peace in a day that otherwise was very busy. Thank you very much. I hope that we can meet soon because I am anxious for us to see each other face to face... I must tell you that Im thinking about you all the time and I cant do anything with me. You are becoming precious to me. I will enlighten you about my dreams and thoughts. Your are a special person for me. Im glad that we are becoming acquainted.You are always in my thoughts, my "Prince". When I look out my window to see the sunrise each morning I will be hoping that on the other side of the world you will see that same sun as it sets, and when you see that beautiful sunset and its wonderful colors you will then know at that same moment in time that we are together in our dreams. I will reach out to you each morning this way so that you may know Im thinking of you. Reading your letter I felt that we are very much alike with you, my dear .. Its so exciting for me! My intuition tells me that we have much in common and that its very possible for us to meet... Honey, of course, your suggestion fro me to come to you is very tempting, exciting and a little bit unexpected. But I must confess that I thought about it some time ago and I was dreaming about it a lot... My dear, I think we should know each other better before to meet. Please, dont think that Im not eager to see you. Vice versa! It would be great to see you, my sweet heart! It would be the most unforgettable moment for me and the most happiest day in my life! But I think we shouldnt hurry up, my dear ...I told my parents about you and they are happy that we have much in common and they wish us to maintain strong relationship. Honey, I must tell you now that they wont be against my coming to you, but we should communicate for some time and when our feelings will come to the point when its impossible to be without each other, I think we should meet... And there is one more point I want to discuss with you... Honey, Im very embarrassed to read the lines where you are offering me your help with the payment. Dear, Im very thankful to you, but Im so much embarrassed about it... I dont know how much it would cost me and my parents dont know as well as we have never traveled abroad. So, I dont refuse as I cant imagine how much it would cost... I feel ill at ease about this point, dear... But I think we should be honest and frank with each other if we want to maintain serious relationship. Dear, my parents are sending you their best regards and say you hello. As for me, Im thinking about you all the time. And every moment of the day Im trying to imagine what are you doing now and then, what are you eating, drinking, when are you going to bed... I think you feel the same, my dear... Its so romantic to think about you very moment... My parents are saying that my eyes are shining now... Ill be waiting impatiently for your next letter... I feel so happy while reading them and feeling that somewhere far away there is a person who is thinking about me... I hope to see your photos, dear... I send you my sweet spring kiss and tight embrace... Ill be keeping you in my mind all the time! With the warmer thoughts, your Tanya....
Letter 16:
Hello, my dearest! First of all, I must apologize for my long silence. Honey, the terrible thing has happened to me. I was shocked by all that. The thing is that the club the help of which I used to communicate with you has burned. It was a terrible fire storm, dear. Everything has burned down and I was unable to inform you about the accident and to make you sure that Im still interested and even more.. During all this time I felt so lonely and desperate, honey. But my mother helped me to stand waiting. She is very wise woman and I value her opinion very much. She told me that this time will help us to understand whether we have true feelings and this separation will help us to check it. You know, dear, for the real love there mustnt be any obstacle like time, destination and separation. If we have true feelings towards each other, this separation only will strengthen our love. Its something like when the wind blows on the small sparkle, it will flame up at once. I strongly believe that you didnt forget me during this time, honey. I believe as well that your feelings have got stronger and now we will have more time for each other and we will be able to maintain strong relationship. Honey, I dont know all the circumstances of the fire storm, but I was told that the reason was in the wiring. It has flamed and everything has burned. You know, its impossible to find the access to the computer in my small town and I couldnt inform you, honey. Now the club have only three computers( they are new and the building is new as well). But Im very glad that now I can write you again, dear... Its a great pleasure for me to get your letters and to know your thoughts, dear... I hope you didnt change your feelings towards me, honey... Here is my mailing address: My darling, you asked me for my address. Here it is.TANYA KAPRANOVA 1st. Tupoleva h.2/f.1286106 Makeevka Ukraine But, my sweet heart, I have one thing to ask you for. The thing is that I think youd better send me anything by some special post service like Federal express because the original post office service unfortunately doesnt work properly in Ukraine and Im sure if you send me something just original letter and post card, I wont get it. Im very sorry for these inconveniences, my dear, but I want to see your letter in handwriting very much. Im missing you and yoru letters very much, my darling... I hope you didnt chage your feelings... Ill be waiting for your soon reply and your photos... Sincerely yours, Tanya... A kiss for you....
Letter 17:
Hi, dear! I was so glad to receive your warm letters and greetings. Thank you very much. It gives me pleasure to get news from you. Its so great to have a person who is so far from you and wt the same time is so close. I appreciate in people not the appearance but the inner world. And my intuition tells me that youre honest and with me. I believe everything you tell about yourself, so Ill be frank with you as well. I think that really strong relations are based on mutual trust and respect. If there is trust, there will be love, care, attraction, passion. Id love to know more about your interests and hobbies, your way of life, family, work and friends..I have never been married too. The thing is that almost all men in Ukraine are selfish and even rude with women. And as for me I cant stand it, as you see, Im a tender and loveable creature, as you can guess. And now some information about my family. I have a younger sister. She is a student of the University. We live with our parents in a small apartment. They are both pensioners and dont work. They are 60 and 55. My interests and hobbies are very many-sided. One of them is reading. Im well read . In literature I prefer only classics. Ive read the most popular things of every century. My favorite writers are Gugo, W. Scott, Dostoevsky, Shakespeare and many others. I wonder what you prefer in literature and what russian writers you have read. I must confess that I have a dream. I want to travel all over the world. Unfortunately I havent been abroad, I visited only the countries of the former USSR. Id love to see the most wonderful, famous places of the world, but I have no opportunity to do it, so its only my dream. If I find my soul mate and we fall in love, Ill go with him to the worlds end. And, by the way Ukraine is not very good country to live in. As for the language barer, dont be afraid, dear Michael. I cant speak easily yet, but I can learn it rapidly. And Ill teach you Russian, if you like. I think now we have a lot of time now to know each other better. Have a nice day. Im looking forward to hearing from you soon and to seeing your photos too. Always yours, Tanya.
Letter 18:
Dear Thank you very much for your letter. I rendered to the Public Linguistic Club for help. Unfortunately my English is not so good as I would like but I hope it will not be a problem for us. Now I`d like to tell you more information about myself. I am 23 now. I live in Makeevka, a small town in the eastern part of Ukraine. I work as a model, so you can guess that I like when everybody admire my beauty and say Im pretty. Besides, I am very optimistic and positive. As to my inner world I have tender, romantic nature, so my heart is full of sentimental love and care. My friends even say that sometimes Im too timid and calm and dream too much. In spite of all this Im rather sociable person and have a lot of friends and we often have fun together in different ways. Certainly I enjoy nature very much. I prefer to sit at home in rainy weather, looking through the window and dreaming. Also I like to walk in the forest listening to the birds singing, breathing fresh air and admiring the landscape. Maybe Im really too sentimental but I hope youll accept me the way I am. Now you see I am a person full of contradictions. Frankly speaking Im tired of being lonely and eager to have a strong and reliable man nearby to me who will share all those contradiction. . Besides I adore animals and I have got a lovely cat Pushok. One of my hobbies is cooking. My friends and parents say that everything I cook is very tasty. Im dreaming about the day when I could treat my dearest man with the most delicious food in the world. I believe that sometimes Ill have an opportunity to press myself to the strong shoulder & feel his protection. I hope to meet a man who will value all my qualities. He must be tenderhearted, loving and reliable. My life does not have any sense without the man of my destiny and I believe Ill find him in you. I hope we will find much in common and will tell each other many tender words and even dreams. Please send me your photos and tell more about yourself. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely yours ! Tanya.
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