Elena Abramova (Cheboksary, Russia) from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Abramova (Cheboksary, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Abramova (Cheboksary, Russia)
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Elena Abramova (Cheboksary, Russia) I am a white male from the USA and would like to report to about a scammer by the name of Elena Abramova. Her full name and address is Elena Alekseevna Abramova, Volkov street 84 ap.31,City: Cheboksary. Her E-mail address is angel_5678us@yahoo.com. She is listed at Friendfinder under the profile name of angel_5678us . She first tried to get me to send her money ($65) for her internet service initially and then she tried to get me to send her money ($830) for her passport, visa and airline tickets to come visit me. This supposed travel company who will get her the visa and airline tickets is Roubin Tour Agency (telephone #- 79023256230. I never did send her any money and I never heard back from her again. Please add this scammer to your list. Sincerely, S. H. (Scam Hunter) Letters:Letter 1:Letter 2:Letter 3:Letter 3:Letter 4:Letter 5:Letter 6:Letter 7:Letter 8:Letter 10:
Hi mine sweet!!!! I am very glad to receive your letter and that that you agree to the serious relations!!!!! Unfortunately we can not with you correspond because i can not pay for my internet center, but I to want be with you on a line, I to have financial Problems with payment for the Internet, it to cost to me $ 47 U.S. per one month, me very much It is not convenient to ask, but please inform me, whether you can help me? Your letters heat to me soul. Today since morning bad weather, blows a strong cold wind, Mood bad and only idea about that that I shallsee your letter warms me in this day. I live in very beautiful city, I like to go for a walk with the girlfriends on park, to go in cinema and theatres. I like your letters, I see that you are adjusted to the serious relations!!! I represented you with you, we with you sit at a table at candles, we drink a delicious cognac, I to prepare supper for this purpose, you to speak me that I am tasty to prepare... Then we pass in a bedroom and... In the morning we rise together you go on job, and I am tidied up in the house!!!! But there can be it of dream?? You to want it??? I to want it!!! Write to me soon, Gentle kiss for you!!!Elena mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com

Greetings my dear!!!! I very much to get tired today, though at us even morning. I to go in the airport to learn about tickets in June, to me to tell that to me will pick up the most successful flight. But in the beginning I need to reserve tickets. Because places may appear by the plane to appear. To reserve tickets to me soon it is necessary to pay half of cost of tickets it approximately 435 $ U.S. If I to not reserve the ticket that my trip to be postponed for longer term. And as I need to give money for the visa, she will be done long approximately 2 - 3 weeks. She will be for the period of 3 months. I to think for this time we am strong to like each other, what you to think, my dear??? Write to me soon!!! Yours Elena

Greetings my dear!!! I am very glad that you to me so quickly to write, I very much to mountain that our meeting to be postponed!!! But I to think that she soon to be held??? I will learn later what flights in June. But to me to tell that tickets aboard the plane should be reserved earlier for one month. Tickets will cost 825 $ U.S. I do not have visa, and she will cost 210 $ U. S. I very much to be afflicted that with our love a problem - money. But I to think that if we to love each other you of ours love there is no barrier as money??? I to think that when we to see each other we to grow fond even more strongly and long to not be together, we shall live with you all life!!! I to think that you to want it??? I to talk to girlfriends and they are very glad for me, they to speak that you very good person, and that I with you to be happy!!! I so am glad!!! But I to think you to not throw me from for that that I to not have money??? I may be arranged on work when I to arrive to you, I shall look after our children, I shall be cleaning of a house. I to plant beautiful flowers before our house, and I behind them shall look after, water them. That our house would have good nature. It only dream, but I to think that it shortly to come true??? mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com Write to me soon!!! I am strong to wait!!!!!! Yours Elena.

Greetings my dear!!!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter!!!! I so strongly to wait for him, I may not fall asleep not having read though one your letter!!! Because I so am strong to you to get used during our correspondence, and now I to not want to lose you, my dear!!! I so to want to see and strongly to embrace, I to think that it will be very fast?? I to think you too me to grow fond and to not want to lose touch with me??? If you to not grow fond of me I to not know what now to do, I should whom another!!! I am very glad that I have you. I to dream about our meeting with you slightly. To dream me dreams as we with you to walk on city, and we are very glad to see each other!!! Yesterday to dream me dream that you to write to me that you to find other girl, I am very strong to cry, at this moment of me to wake mum, she to calm me and to wipe to me tear and will tell that all well!!! I too so to think. I to learn(find out) a direction of flights and to write it(him) to you: I to take off from airport Sheremetevo 2, March, 2, company DELTA AIRLINES, flight DL 030, then I change on flight DL 6293, I to arrive to airport LOGAN INTL APT C, I to arrive to you at 15 20 minutes. As I will learn that the ticket to cost to you and back 825 $ U.S. My lovely I is strong to miss on you and to wait from you for the letter!!! Yours Elena. mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com

Hi my lovely! Already has passed a lot of time from that as I did not receive from you the letter!! I am very much upset, you have deceived me and do not write me more. You havefound other girl??? If it so inform me please that I did not write to you more, I am very strongly upset, I sit in the Internet the centre and I have tear on eyes as the child!!! You spoke that love me and itself even have ceased to me to write!!! You promised me that we shall be together... My lovely I shall wait for your letter, please inform me the letter in any case. Still in hope yours Elena!!! mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com

Mine lovely! I have come in the Internet the centre to check up the letters from you, and again it has not found out, to me is very sad, I shall come here to check up the letters from you already tomorrow, and with hope I shall expect it!!! And now I went in shop behind bread and for one has decided to run to check up mail from you!! :)) I am now directed home to have dream, write to me very soon, about the large love, yours Elena!!! mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com

Mine lovely!!! Already third time I come in the Internet the centre with hope to see your letter and I do not find it, why you do not write me??? You do not want that I have arrived???? Mine lovely inform me please if something happened, I with impatience shall wait, your love Elena!!! mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com

Hi mine lovely!! Excuse that I was not capable to write to you, I had some problems of a house with my parents. My dear my surname Abramova. Mine lovely transport agency in which I all learned refers to as Roubin Tours, the telephone number it agency is +79023256230, I talked to the man, I do not know as him call,he has shown me the prices sheets and all has explained. Mine lovely I so am happy that we soon shall together and we shall have a lot of perfect time together, I so am strong it I want, answer to me very soon please, I with impatience wait, yours Elena!!! P.S. I have overlooked to you to inform that I have no a home telephone number, as it is expensive for our family. Came to me please in the answer more photos, I it want to do a calendar where there will be an image you and me, that I could give it at our meeting to you!!!:) Write to me very soon!!! mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com

Hi mine lovely!! Excuse me for my check you, whether I thought seriously you speak about our attitudes, both has decided to not write to you and expected your letter. Mine lovely now I see that you are serious to me and I am very glad to this, I did not want to be mistaken in search somebody, and is glad that you are very serious. Mine dear I it have made because very much many search for an entertainment in the Internet, but I do not want any entertainment, I to want the serious attitudes, I begin to fall in love with you. Now my lovely our following step will be in our meeting, I very strongly want it, I to want be with you very soon and to have a lot of perfect time together, what you think in this occasion?? Mine as I also promised to learn on the account of trip, I have learned that is the travel company, which can give me services of stay to you for 3 weeks, uses the company of airflights lufthandsa and me have informed in this transport agency that I should pay 830 $ U.S. Into this cost enter: the visa by duration 21 days, tickets in both parties, medical insurance and also tax payment. Me also have informed there that I can arrive to you on June 08, 2002, and I shall depart from you on June 29, 2002. They have told that together me the exact information during 2 weeks after payment of trip, also me have informed that I should pay my stay to you till March 22, 2002, as the documents mine trip to you will prepare not quickly, and ask to pay that has not arisen what problems with it. Mine lovely I with impatience shall wait your answer, write to me directly now, as I at the given moment am in the Internet the centre and I shall wait for your letter, about love and hope, yours Elena P.S. My dear my surname is Abramova. Mine, my patronymic is Alekseevna. You can send me money today if can, and I then tomorrow shall be directed in tourist agency for to pay of my trip to you, write to me what you think in this occasion?? mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com

Hi mine dear!!!! Excuse that I so long to not write to you!!! At me to happen to the large mountain, at me to die the aunt. I her very strongly to love, I all time with her to consult, she me in all always to help. I can believe that her began!!! But I to think that I to go through this loss, because you near to me, strongly to love mine favourite, I you!!! I to think that our meeting soon to be carried out. I so strongly to dream of it!! I to think what you too it strongly to want??? I to learn about the ticket and the visa is all will cost 830 $. When I to receive money I to order the tourist visa, she will be an extent 3 weeks. I to think that this time will suffice us better to get acquainted and to learn each other better. How you to think?? When I to pay for the ticket to me to tell at the airport date of a start and number of flight. Both I to inform you and you should take away me from the airport, I to time to be in the large country and can there be lost. You to ask me my address once again??? I to send you it: Name:Elena Surname:Abramova Patronymic:Alekseevna Address:Volkov street 84 ap.31 City: Cheboksary P.S. I so to want be in it minute near to you, mine favourite, I to cry for pleasure that I have you, and I to cry from burning that at me to not become favourite the aunt!!! I to want to carry out with you passionate night, I to love you, mine favourite!!!!!! Write to me please, it is very bad without your letters!!!! I strongly to wait for the letter from you, am very strong!!!!! Your Elena. mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.comLetter 9:Hi mine!!!! I am very glad to receive the letter from you!! I to not have the computer, and on this I to use the Internet the centre, and it costs at us of money, I to pay for one month 65 $, but unfortunately I sometimes had term and I to not have the finance at the given moment to pay correspondence, and on this I to ask you, it is very not convenient!!! Excuse that so leaves, but I to want be with you in Boston the near future and to communicate with you, I to want to leave such the country, as Russia, because at us in Russia the man to not respect Russian women, they much drink and beat the wives, but I to want happy family and to want that children were happy, I never to have of the serious relations, but my girlfriends to tell to me, about Russian family (my girlfriend had of the husband, but has left him, because he began much to drink and she to remain one with two children, and she speak that all Russian men such!!!! I like you also by it there can be all is have an effect, because I to believe in love on distance, and when we shall be together that she to increase in 100 times, and you will feel it!!!!!!!:)When I to arrive to you, we shall spend together evenings, we shall have romantic suppers at candles, and you will speak me that I very well to prepare, because supper for romantic evening I to make with great pleasure, and then you to take me for a hand and messages me in a bedroom... In the morning I to rise in your embraces, and to go to prepare breakfast, and you to be going to on job, before that how to leave at job you strong to kiss me, and then I will be cleaned on the house!!! But there can be these all my dreams?! I specially have come in the Internet the centre to write to you the letter, and now I to want to wait of your answer, I shall wait, and then I to set off home to sleep, if you to not answer to me now, I to set off tomorrow to look my mail box and to wait for the letter!!! My home address: My address Cheboksary,Volkov Street84 ap. 31, I live on 3 floor (not so highly), I live with the parents. I with impatience to look forward to hearing, and to send set of kisses!!!! With love always yours Elena!!!!! P.S. You can send me money on western union in bank in city Cheboksary.On my full data which I send you:Name:Elena Surname:Abramova Patronymic:Alekseevna Address:Volkov street 84 ap.31 City: Cheboksary mailto:angel_5678us@yahoo.com
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