Nataliya Shustova (Cheboksary,Russia) from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nataliya Shustova (Cheboksary,Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nataliya Shustova (Cheboksary,Russia)
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Nataliya Shustova (Cheboksary,Russia)I am a single man of 46, never married. I received an email from "Natasha," who later referred to herself as "Nataliya." I think she got my email address somehow from linking with Anyway, I responded to her emails, and we established a correspondence. She was very sweet in her letters, and she really had me falling for her. But she asked me for $360 to help with her visa. In my current position, I can do no such thing. I was a little leery when I first saw that, but I guess I wanted to believe she was real. I didnt send her anything - I couldnt! As of this posting she sent me an email about three days ago, and I sent another to her. Tonight, I was checking out your website, and the more stories I read, the more curious I became. Then I read the story from Tony M about Svetlana Glushkova, and I saw her pictures. Such a sad shock to see "my Nataliya" on the blacklist site. The name and address she sent me are as follows: Russia, Chuvashiya republic, Cheboksari City, Street Gagarina, The house 10 Apartment 62 Nataliya ShustovaBe advised of this new scam. The pictures she sent are below.I am thankful, and blessed lucky, to have found and checked your site. Thank you for having this service available. My regards to Tony M. Letter 1 Hi Steve.I to live in city Cheboksari. I to want I speak, which I could not to write to you at once. I to have a problem with my health, but now I to feel well. I to have it is a lot of happiness when to receive yours the letter. I to want to speak, that I to search for the man, which I could love and have with it family. I to want to speak, which I to study I to the English language at school, then at university. I now to continue special norms . I think, that we can to understand each other. I to want to speak, that I to have growth of 173 centimeters, and weight of 52 kg. I to be engaged in childhood in gymnastics. I to have the maximal formation I to finish university, I to have formation of the teacher. I to want to speak, that I to love children, and to dream that, when it in me there will be children. I to not have children, I was not behind of the husband. I very much to love to be engaged on sports competitions. I to love various music. I be capable to play on a piano. I to want to speak, that I to not drink spirits drinks of alcohol . I to not smoke. I to consider, that for the girl to smoke, it is very much not beautiful. I to want to speak that I to live with my mum. Mine the daddy to leave from us with the mum, when to me to be 12 years. I to want, that you to send me to a photo. I shall do photos and to send you. I you shall think what to love my photos. I to want to speak, that I very much to love to prepare tasty dishes. I to wait yours after the letter. I we shall think what to continue to write each other. I, that I shall want to speak that I to write to you soon. Natasha Letter 4 Hi my dear Steve. I am very glad to receive your answer. It is pleasant, that our acquaintance is a success also we have progress. I to think and very much to want what to have our love together. I to search specially for such the man as you. I am very glad, that my heart me to not deceive. Why, from all I to want to choose you. I to think, that it is destiny. Because me so to tell my heart. And I was very glad when to find your letter in the box. Now I go the ambassador my work what to look my box and to find your letter. Each night and day my ideas on you. I to not know, that this such. But I to feel as me 18 years. I to feel the young and young girl. I to lose good dream. Because I long to think of you before that how to lie down to sleep. It to not give me to sleep. I to think, that tomorrow I can receive from you the answer. Now I to finish the letter. Strong I embrace you, yours Natasha. Letter 13 (first one to ask for money) My happiness Steve. I am very glad to receive your letter. Unfortunately I could not write to you soon and me it to do to a mountain. I yesterday could not open mine a box. On this I to write to you only today. Me to afflict, that I can not write to you the letters 2, 3 or even 4 times per day. Because I very much want it. I am very glad, you to want our meeting as. I to think, that she will be speed. I to speak with the man which to work in firm and to learn, that I should pay behind the tourist visa and documents 346 $ US. I to try to find this money, but it is difficult for me because it is the large money for me. I to ask my mum to sell our garden, but she does not want it to do. I to not know, what to me to do? Whether I want learn can you to help me with payment of my documents and visa. Because I can not find such money soon. And my holiday will be speed and if we to not do our meeting soon, then we can not have our meeting. And I to want to you to come and to carry out! with you a lot of time. We can together much go for a walk, talk and have entertainment. I want with you supper at candles, and behind that dance slow in your hands. I to think, that you as to want it my love. I want to tell, that I to feel, that as though I to know you long and for a long time. I do not want to seem you ridiculous, but with each your letter I to feel, that I to know you. I want to see you when to lie down to sleep and to wake up in the morning. But more I want to meet you, my love. I shall be very glad to live near to you and to help you to do harvest in your apartment and to eat.I think that we can to live in one room with you. I to think that your relatives will not prevent us. Now I to go to sleep and to think of you. I to want to send you a photo. I think, you to love this photo. Now I to go to sleep and to think of you, my prince. A kiss and love, yours Natasha. Letter 19 Hi my prince Steve. I today to have it is a lot of happiness. I today to go with my work and to see as two men, the man and woman to go together holding each other behind a hand. I to represent as we with you we shall go till a street and you will hold me behind a waist. I to think that it soon to occur. My love I to think of you each second. I can not quietly sleep at the night. I to dream of that day when I can see you. I today to come home and to prepare tasty supper. I have prepared the fried hen about a potatoes. My mum to speak that I it is very good to prepare. My mum to speak that, I should prepare for you pies with various fillings. My mum speaks that I to prepare very tasty pies. I to think that you liked as I to prepare.I to want speak that I should to pay money behind mine visa on this week, if I to want to have time to receive mine visa to my vacation. I think that you can to find money on this week. If I to not pay money behind mine visa, I can not come to you and we can lose our love. I very much to love you and to not want to lose you. I to want to find with you our love and to create happy family. My birthday of July 25. My love I very much to miss without you!!! To finish the letter. Always yours Natasha.
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