Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia) from Jaroslavl a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia)`s photo
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Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia)
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Anastasia Sekerina/Nastya (Jaroslavl, Russia)I am a single white male from the USA and I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Anastasia Sekerina (Nastya).Her address is Street Sovetskaya 38-100, Jaroslavl, Russia, 424015. Her e-mail address is and she has a profile listed at Matchdoctor under the profile of "Nastya425" . She of course is in love with me after only a few letters and wants me to send her money ($500) by Western Union for her foreign passport and visa to come visit me in the USA. She is an obvious scammer as I never even sent her my photo during the two months of correspondence and she never even once asked for my photo. Some of her photos that she has sent to me appear to be cut and pasted as they do not look real at all and also look like a different person is some of them.Letters:

Letter 1:Hi Favourite I so am glad that now in the street spring and that we have got acquainted With you In such perfect season To be with you so it is perfect, You are best on light. My dream now is to be with you, To divide with you all ups and downs of life, To cry and to be pleased together with you. To live with you, to prepare to you breakfast, dinner and supper, To be cleaned at home, And evening we with you shall go for a walk on night city, Having undertaken for hands and to be kissed, And the night probably will be for me very perfect, I dream to be with you always, you most perfect, kindest, Most careful all over the world. I wait for your letter with impatience, Your love I shall look forward to hearing from you. Nastya. Best regards, Nastya mailto:Nastya4676@mail.ruLetter 2:Hi my dear friend. The large thank for your letter. It is very interesting to me to read your letters. I to thank you for your answer and for photos. You very much to like to me. I very much would like with you to get acquainted more close. You the very interesting man and with you are interesting to communicate. I to want more to learn about you and about your country. It is very interesting to me. I never to be in other countries and ?????? would like to visit in any country. I yesterday talked to the mum and has told to her about you and to show your photo. You very have liked my mum. I never to be married, but very much I want to find the man which Me will love and to respect. With him I am ready to leave. But at first I to want to learn about him maximal. I to expect for the serious attitudes. To me the age is not important, main that the man would be good. The man which me to love is important that for me ?????? I also understood me therefore to consider, that love It is more reliable than the adult man and more honourly. Still I very strongly to want to have children from the favourite man. On a photo, which I have sent to you there was my daddy and younger brother. I travelled on very much to Russia, but never was behind its limits, though always very much wanted. But for me the travel abroad is expensive. I dream to visit by the sea. My address: Russia Jaroslavl Street Sovetskaya 38-100 424015 I with impatience wait for your answer. Nastya.Letter 3:Hi my dear friend. So it is pleasant, that you send such large and perfect letters. When I read your letters, I become really happy. With each your letter it seems, that I fall in love in you ever more. I think, that you the most perfect and honour man, which I met. I very much want to arrive to you. I already wrote to you, that never was outside Russia. It is my dream to visit in other country and the more so to be there with the liked man. With the man, with which I want to lead all life, to get strong and amicable family and children. My dream is to be with you together. I too to dream be with you together. And that you to rise from warm beams of the sun, From perfect singing of birds, from a rustle of water. To rise by a gentle kiss of my lips to yours. And to feed you in a bed by which meal I to prepare. And to do your mood by it is even more perfect. Then when you shall come with job I you to meet in Doors to remove from you the top clothes. And we to pass in a room where to stand a table with meal Which I to prepare. And to play romantic music. Then we slowly to dance. I to like you. Yesterday I to go to go for a walk in city centre in park. To me very much there to like and I to represent Us in a place as We to go for a walk with you. Yes I too to trust you the life and heart. I to like you. Still I in the evening to listen quiet, slow music and to represent as we with you in a place To dance Under this music. Then I to lie down to sleep with perfect ideas on you. And more that it also to like you.I you will think that it to like. Yes when we to be together that we shall look together how to leave the sun how to rise The sun And it is perfect. And we shall open our new places of a nature where you to not be yet. And when we to be together that these places where you to be before will be even more perfect And beautiful as I shall be with you and for me it too will deliver a lot of happiness. I shall wait for your letter. Yours liked Nastya.Letter 4:Hi my dear friend. Large thanks for your letter and really delivers to me great pleasure to read it. I talked to my parents. They agree, that I went to you. Now I really see, that you are seriously adjusted and for me it very important. I can not believe, that my old dream to visit in other country begins to come true due to you. But without your help I can not arrive to you. You wrote, that will help me and I hope for your help. I learned about registration of the foreign passport and visa. The documents are made out 15 days. Their registration costs 500 $. I have part of this sum, but it is enough her not. If you agree to meet, I shall begin to make out the documents. Your complete address and your complete name is necessary for registration of the documents to me. I have the large hopes concerning you. With impatience I wait for your letter. I embrace also whole. Nastya. Letter 5:Hi my dear friend. Large thanks for your letter. I thought, that have written to me. I already thought, that never you I shall hear. I hope, that you had wonderful time in LasVegas. I very much want to visit you and it does me happy, that you want to see me. I already have made the foreign passport. He at me on hands. I needed to make only visa. But it is expensive, and I yet have no money. But I shall work much and I hope, that shortly I can arrive to you. Unfortunately, I have no the telephone of a house, but I shall search for an opportunity to call to you if you me will give number of the telephone. My complete name Sekerina Anastasia. I with the large impatience wait for your answer. NastyaLetter 6:Hi mine dear Large thanks for your letter. I with the large impatience waited for your letter and when I have received it, very much ????? ????? ?? ???.:)))))) I very much miss without your letters and when you long do not write to me, I to think, that you have forgotten me and very much to worry in this occasion. Well, I shall send you a copy of my passport in the following letter. I now am at job, and my passport lays at me at home. Tomorrow I shall do its copy and I shall send you. Also I shall learn today all features of registration of the documents for trip to you and I shall speak about them in the following letter. I think, that the registration of the documents will borrow some time, therefore I shall learn the schedule of planes a little bit later, when my documents will be ready. I very much want to be with you and your letter gives me huge hope for speed meeting with you. With the large impatience I wait for your fast reply.You always in my dreams. Love. Nastya.Letter 7:Hello ??? my love to gratitude to you for your of the letter. I to want - with you and to be your wife. As I shall know that me with you to feel well and close to you me I shall feel perfect. As I you to similar and you for me are necessary, I to similar you. I can not describe to you this perfect feeling which me to check up to you, And when we to be together, that I to you it to show it I am even more than now through the letters. As through the letters to not declare all and for the people the close attitudes and I is necessary To want - with you You are necessary for me, and you to come nearer (satisfy) for creation ours general family. As you offer, care, gentle, liked unique (unique)((sole)) on all white light The man, with which I to want - with you. And if not you I in life can no more with any to be close, as you for me It is very necessary also I to be absent without you. It is a lot of the people to search for love all life and and to not find but in us - ours Love And I to not want to lose our love I by it to estimate and to estimate Concerning other people to speak lay concerning dialogue through the Internet It, if, whom it to deceive, it does not mean, that all people should do such and always we do. Correct choice Then not to be broken concerning this choice of a road of life. And I to choose a road and I to want - with you. Also that other people speak, it is not necessary to look at them, it is necessary to believe itself, to believe To heart And to listen to opinion concerning your heart and then all this it will be good. But the love without trust can not be, I to you to entrust and me you to similar. NastyaLetter 8:Hello, I was so pleased, when I have received you the letter. It as was always filled large Heat and tenderness. When I have found out, that there is a letter from you I Felt That I - happiest man in the World. I read your letter and mine firm Start fragile often. I am so pleased, that I have found YOU. You are in other part of the world. But when I read your letters, which I feel as If we - together and I feel desire to be with You, The study of your eye to be in your intense embrace, concerns your hair..., I feel You become a plenty close For me. Each day, when I ??????????? ?????, I think: " What you do now? Do you To go To sleep. Can Be, is direct now you think of me ". Each night I go to Dream with dreams of our meeting and long life together. I feel, what is it - our destiny to meet each other. We should take a Step, which can change our life. We can spend long and happy life together. I Want to like you, I want to care and to support you. I think, that you - man, which I can be devoted, and like for other part My life. You so are kind and You have brought light and prosperity To my heart. I only want to study your eyes and to remain with you For ever. I can not find word to Inform you, as happy I only know you. I so am filled with the offer Feeling To you, mine liked and expecting so is impatient, to meet you and to be with You for ever. I has said my family concerning you, because you become great person in My life. They wish you and me together all happiness in the world. I Are so Expectation you. You with the one whom I know my passion, becomes more than I Have ever Know it to be. You will force my heart to beat and my race of opinion with thoguhts and Feelings you and I being together. I can not wait for us to lead some time, one together. I so am exited it I almost do not know what to speak. Every time, when we - separately, every time, when I feel need to be with you for ever. I a picture you in my opinion and do it me so happy, that you are in my life. I It is long to wrap up mine around of you and to spend you never close desire allowed you go. And Only Then I shall be definitely happy, because you mean so much to me. I grieve without you So it is a lot of. It is a pity, that I can not be with you each minute. You are in my heart and ideas. All my love and tenderness for you. With the large impatience I wait for your answer. Nastya.Letter 9:Hello, Hi my dear friend. I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I very much worried concerning our correspondence. You so long did not write. As soon as I saw your letter, at me at once have passed all excitement and ??????????. I to think, that I the happiest man on light. You can send money through western union? I think, what is it most convenient variant. What to send money to you it would will be necessary to specify a name of the addressee (mine): Sekerina Anastasiya. And me what to receive this money it would be necessary: - Your complete address; - Your complete name; - What sum you have sent; You there will give a code from 10 figures he to me too is necessary for reception of money. I very much miss without your letters. Please do not vanish more on such large time and do not force me to worry concerning you. With impatience I wait for your answer. Nastya.Letter 10:Hi my dear friend. Large thanks for your letter. It is very pleasant to me to receive it. Why you so long did not write to me? I very much to worry concerning it. I already to think, that you have forgotten about me or do not want with me more to communicate. I am very glad, that all these my ideas have appeared a lie and it does me really happy. I am grateful to you, that you will pay my trip. I try too to save money for our meeting. I have small gift for you, when we shall meet, ???? up to this moment I while shall hold it in a secret. I hope, what you are intrigued? Unfortunately I have no any bank experience and I do not know how to open the personal bill and as by it to use. And in western union I went together with my girlfriend and even received from her money there and consequently to me much more conveniently to accept money through western union. In him I am much more sure, than in any other banks. Simply I to be afraid, that me can deceive in real bank and I can not receive your money. Please send me money through western union. It is the variant, most convenient for me. C by impatience I wait for your answer. I to you have large request. Please do not vanish on such large time and do not force me to worry. Nastya.Letter 11:Hi mine liked. At me the free minute has appeared and I at once have decided to write to you the letter. I now have a lot of job and I have of poorly free time. I very much miss without your letters. How are you doing? I hope, that thats all right. At me very well. My parents pass you hi. To the mum I tell about each your letter and she worries for me even more than I. We with her spoke, concerning much, if I shall leave to you. I think, that my relatives will miss very much without me. The mum speaks, that with you it will be much better, because she sees what I happy, when from you there comes the letter. For her main, that to me would be good. My daddy too worries, but he tries to not show it. But I all the same notice it. For me and my family this trip is very important, you see I hope to create family. For me it never was by game and never will be. I very much want to be with you, to embrace and to kiss your person and lips. You seem, that to me the perfect man with good character and large soul. It also is pleasant to me in you. I am grateful to the god and destiny, that he has presented me meeting with such perfect man as you. Without you my life will lose sense. It is nothing will live. And I consider days before our meeting, 1,2,3,4,5, week. And me believe from it not more easy, in empty short twilight of June. I believe, that you to wait for me as well as I you. In the ideas I present all time your image, he constantly is in my dreams. All seems to me. That the world once will change and suddenly will turn in the house, where there come dreams, where all occurs as it is necessary and it is possible to hope, that there will be with you I and there will be with me you. I without you to vanish, I without you live not loving, I without you do not fly and I do not love. Certainly love my history not new, all this was hundreds time and even without us. For thousand miles from each other, us does not suffice with you each other. I know, you remember me. For me you exist only one, you my slave and mister. I so want to embrace you as anybody on light. What occurs to me? I feel in soul the love. I present as I to sink in your gentle and warm hands. I dream only of you. Just now I began to understand as me you does not suffice. I can not differently. I givell to you all my love and always shall be with you, if only you it want. My heart and love belongs only to you and anybody more. Though between us I am a lot of miles very much I miss on you. For me this distance as does not exist. At me only one dream, that you would be with me. With the large impatience I wait for your answer. Please write to me as soon as possible. Kiss!!! Nastya.Letter 12:Hi my love. It is pleasant to me certainly to receive from you the letters, but it is not necessary to send me one and too letter two times. I have not answered to you at once that letter, because I learned from mine familiar, whether they have the personal bank bills. To my large regret anybody from mine familiar never had businesses with the bank bills and anybody them has no. Anybody at all does not know as them to make out. Excuse, but it seems, that you trust western union, and personally to me. If you do not want to send to me money to trip to you that so directly and say to me about it. Excuse, me ??????????????? to think so of you, but so there are circumstances. With impatience I wait for your answer. Nastya. Letter 13:Hi mine by a road. Large thanks for your letter. I at all have no representation how to open the personal bill in bank. And besides I would have not enough time what to make it. Almost all day I spend at my job. You know, if you do not want to send me money, I shall work much and I think, that in 6 months I can arrive to you at own expense. I do not want to deliver to you all these inconveniences connected with ??????????? ?????? of money to me. Well, I shall take all charges on myself. It probably strongly will please you. I wish to you successful day. Kiss. Nastya.Letter 14:Hi my dear friend. Large thanks to you for your fast answer. Please excuse me, that has not written to you the answer at once. I was a little engaged with my job. I already have asked all mine familiar, but anybody does not have personal bank bill. I not much work and I do not have time to go in bank and to open the personal bill. To me have said, what is it will borrow a lot of time. I do not know, that to me to do. If you will not send me money, I can much work and we with you shall necessarily be seen, only much later. I expected, that I can arrive to you this week. You see my documents already for a long time are ready also I even has paid a part of their cost. There can be all of you ??? ???? reconsider the decision rather western union? I very much hope and I want it. I already so am tired to wait for our meeting. I some times received translations from my girlfriend in Canada and never was of any problems about western union. All money reached in an integrity and safeties. I always quickly received her translation. Why you have decided, what your money will not reach me? What troubles you had with this bank in the past? I think, that you should not worry concerning it. I think, that all will be in the order and we can meet you shortly. I shall wait for this meeting how much it is required. I wish to you successful day. Nastya.Letter 15:Hello, What problems you had about western union? I shall come to you only if you send me money through western union. Otherwise I shall earn money to trip if you do not want to me to help. I shall not open the personal bill in bank. I on it do not have time. I already some times wrote to you, that I familiar do not have personal bill. You read my letters? You send me whole week the letter with the same contents. You seriously concern to the our attitudes, or only play with me? I am already tired to receive from you the same letter. You can write something new in the messages to me? With impatience I wait for your answer. Nastya
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