Kate77 / kate777 (Kazan, Russia) from Kazan a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Kate77 / kate777 (Kazan, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Kate77 / kate777 (Kazan, Russia)
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Ekatrina Anreevna Zharkova/Kate77 / kate777 (Kazan, Russia)Hello, My name is Paul. I have encountered another scam. I had read other similar letters of the same making. The woman goes by the name of Kate/Katrina/Katerinka. Her areas are Kate77 and Katrinka777 of which both are identical profiles. I was corresponding with Elena_m29 for 3 days. Elena stopped writting all at once. Kate emailed me out of the clear blue the same day of Elenas last letter. We corresponded for about a week and then she hit me for money ($640.00 worth). Of course I did not send her any. I requsted the background check with her not knowing. As time went on she slowed down on her letters but when she did write and asked for money in lesser amounts ($350.00).

Letter 1 Hello my dear, Do you hear my heart beating together with yours, my Dear? Its because ofyour letters. They help me to feel your breath, your hearts beating, every movement of your body. Can you send me more pictures? Do you know what I do with them? I have them printed and now they are hanging on the wall in my bedroom. I go to bed every day with a happy smile - because I see you. I get up every day like a flower - because I see you. I can do nothing with myself: I want to see you every minute, I want to hear you every moment, I want to feel you by my side. You know, my mum like to read your letters with me. She worries very much. Im the only daughter of hers and besides Im her family. She wants me to be happy and to marry an honor man. Of course I want the same. Ive been waiting for the right man for so long!!! You may not believe but ( Im feeling very nervous talking about it ) Ive never had serious relations with anybody, I dont know what a real woman feels because Im a virgin. I dont want to have any misunderstanding with my future husband to make our family life (spiritual and physical) just perfect. I wont let any problems (spiritual or financial) break our family. By the way, do you want to laugh a bit? Ive got my wages today - forty dollars:) Nobody all over the world (except Russian people of course:)) will work for forty dollars a month! Well, I dont want to talk about problems with you. You brought warmth and happiness into my life and all the problems seam to be so small that they are not worth noting. Well, bye for now. Ill come to the internet cafe once more today. I know Ill be lucky today and receive one more letter from you:) Have a nice day. Close your eyes, keep your breath and you will feel my kiss on your lips. Yours forever. Katerina. Letter 2 Hello, lets get acquainted. I am a pretty lonely girl from Russia. My name is Katerina or Katya for short. I adore children, nature and everything alive that surrounds me. I work as a tutor in a childrens day nursery. I like my work very much because it gives me a chance to communicate with those little innocent creatures. I have everything in my life, but I cant be really happy without you - my true love and support. Though I am only 24 years old I will not mind if you are much older - age is not the main thing. If there is true love and mutual understanding age cannot be an obstacle. Be free to ask any questions that interest you. Ill answer all of them with great pleasure. I am looking forward to hearing from you. My best regards and good luck! Cant wait to hear from you. Katerina. Letter 3Hi my Dear! I was very pleased to get your letter. I am terribly sorry for having no opportunity to write yesterday,I was very busy at work. I would like to tell you more about myself! My work consists of treating and preventing of childrens diseases. Its a very necessary job,isnt it? My schedule is very complicated: one day I work in the afternoon, the next day at night and so on. But in spite of it I like my job very much. I have a cat at home. Its name is Rizhik, it means "Red". He is very kind and has many girl-friends [:)] He is fond of music. When I play the piano he sits on my knees listening to the music. I can play different music. My favourite composers are Bah, Shopen, Mozart and others. What concerns food I like sea products, and, also various fruit Salads. By the way I can cook myself, they say Im not a bad cooker [:)] I try to spend my spare time out-of-doors. I can go for a walk to the wood(there is a small one nearby)or to some lake. In winter evenings I prefer to lie in bed reading romantic books, and also Knitting something ( I do it rather well). I also like different kinds of sports. I was doing gymnastics for several years. I also like to watch football, hockey, basketball on TV. You know now I realize how happy I am: I have found you and now I dont feel lonely, thank you. Im waiting for your new pictures, if you dont mind of course. My grandmother asked me to tell you "Hi". Today I am going to the park. I hope, you are not against it. And what will you do today? Every second of your life is interesting for me. Okay, I will write to you tomorrow. I am waiting to hear from you with impatience. Many kisses and hugs to you. Yours Katerina. P.S. Im missing you very much.Letter 10 Hi my beloved! How are you getting along? I miss you. And what about you. You are in my heart forever. I feel set because you are not with me now. I always thing only about you. You are my firts and the only the only love. My love drows and begins stronger with every day I hope that these words are not the hollow sound for you and you love me as much as I do. You are the best for me and I promise to love you forever. Kissing you.Katerina.
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