Eleonora Sviridova (Dneprodzerjinsk, Ukraine) from Dneprodzerjinsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Eleonora Sviridova (Dneprodzerjinsk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Eleonora Sviridova (Dneprodzerjinsk, Ukraine)
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Eleonora Sviridova (Dneprodzerjinsk, Ukraine)I am a white 39 year old guy. I contacted Eleonora from Dneprodzerzhinsk via a net introduction agency while looking for a friend. After three emails I was hit with the classic scam when my new friend asked for money to pay for an operation for her mother. I have subsequently reported this scammer to the agency, which is removing her profile. The scammers details and text of emails are below. Email Address: elona_so@smtp.ru Name: Eleonora Sviridova Address: Ukraine, Dneprodzerjinsk, Lenina av. 71-a ZIP/Postal code:51929 Good try! But she failed! Drew

Email 1: Hi, thank you very much that you write me, but...I must tell you that I live in Ukraine in city named Dneprodzerzhinsk. Please, forgive me for I write this. I live in small city and I decide to write that I live in more well known place. Forgive me that I have done this. I live in poor country and in very small city, but I only want to find my love in this world. If you want to continue communicate with me then write me back and I tell you about myself and my wishes. Kiss you. Eleonora from Dneprodzerzhinsk.Email 2. Hi, thank you very much that youre not dissapointed in me and still want to write me! Now I want to tell you little about my life. I have include some of my photos for you. I also can send you more photos with my next letter. Now about my life: I was born 18 september 1977 in small town Dneprodzerjinsk on Ukraine where I still live. My childhood was good, because my father works on big industrial company. My family was very good.I write this because then I have 16 years my father dies from insult. This was shock for me. I cries many monts. I remember him. He always was very good with me. I and my mother was most important people in his life. He always carring about us and love very much. Then I was 17 years I have entered in trading university. Here I studies 4 years and receive diploma. Now I work in parfum shop. This is all my life till today. If you want to know about my family then I have no brothers, but have one sister called Lida. She live in city Lugansk now. Also I have never married and have no children. I live with my mother. She work now too. That else I can tell you about myself? Maybe I can describe my body? I have deep-blue eyes and blond hair. I like long hair. My height 173cm (58") and my weight 54kg (120lbs).I have some boyfriends then I was in universuty, but they was not serious. Most of them looks at me only on as girl with beautifull body. They dont carre how I am inside, they dont carre about my feelings. I have finished studies and...Sorry, I have looked at clock and I need to run back to work. I write you rest about my dreams and wishes tomorrow, then have time for this. Kisses, your Eleonora.I want you to write me letter about your life. This is very intresting for me to know much about you and your Email 3. Hi, dear. Im very sorry that I leave you in last day, but I really need to go to work then. I promise to write about my dreams and wishes and that I want to find in my half...I have finished studies and understand then that I need in this life. That I need man who all ways will love me and carry about me. My friends describe me as honest, beautiful, clever, quiet, kind, romantic and faithfulnest, but I never brag by it. Also I very love children, but I havent my child now and dreamt o have later. Sometimes I look movies. I very much like movies about love. But most of all I like to read the novels. Also I like silent slow music. I often dream as under her I shall dance in embraces of my lovest man. I very well cooks and I like to do it. To me does the favour to make new tasty dishes by my hands. I love nature: sea, ocean, sun beach, mountains, trees, lands. All that are romantic and beautifull. I like a nature and animals. My dream is to visit mountains and to breathe by cool clear mountain air and to enjoy silence or to observe sunshine on a coast of ocean. To feel a salty sea wind by all body. But it ismy dreams. And really I want to find the kind and careful man.I want that he always was near to me. I want to spend with himdays and night, all our time! I very gentle also want to presentall my feelings that unique prince, which will find me. I want to love and to be loved! I want to feel warm and gentle embraces, in which it will not be terrible anything. I want to wake up in the morning and feel that my honest men near to me. I want to know that I am necessary to someone in this huge world. I want to live happy life, instead of rich. Because among rich there are a lot of unfortunate people and them it is sincerely a pity. Thats all that I want. Whether to become ready you for me by my prince and to love me? The way to my heart is in sincere and gentle feelings. Im very happy that we found each other and maybe we can meet someday and look eyes in eyes. I want to say you "Hello", smile and kiss you gentle. And when walk hand-in-hand and enjoy each other. Oh, I send you other my pictures. Hope you like me on them. Write me and tell that you are that man that I looking for and that I dont need to search any other, that I need only you and you need only me. If this is true then I will be only with you! Kiss you many times.Your princess Eleonora. Email 4. O, my lovest! I cant write much time.. I have very big grief. My mum passed a road...Behind a rudder there was a drunk driver... There was a failure. When I hear about this awful incident, immediately has gone to hospital. A condition of my mum very hard. The doctors have said, that it is necessary immediately to make operation to her. Its very expensive,and our medicine is in a very pitiable condition therefore I must pay for operation. But it costs $970, and I managed to collect only $680.I try to find the stayed money, but I cant. It is necessary to make operation immediately. If not time, I would find stayed $290 but I havent time. I can ask of the help only you. My mother is very dear for me. When we were left by my father, she was the unique people who always cared about me and understood me. Now I am obliged to make all that in my forces to help her. I can not look as my mum dies on my eyes! Please, if you can then help me. I will pray for you. I was in bank and there is Western Union money transferr system. This is only onefast way that I have found. I have found out about transferr: You need my full name Eleonora Sviridova and my adress Ukraine, Dneprodzerjinsk, Lenina av. 71-a ZIP/Postal code:51929 I need your full name, address and 10-digital money transferr control number (you must take it on your Western Union operator).If you can help, please, help me as soon as possible! I feels very bad now. Im in despair! Im waiting for your answer and pray. Love you.
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