Marina Nizhpapa (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Petersburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Nizhpapa (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Nizhpapa (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Marina Nizhpapa (Lugansk, Ukraine) 91000,post box 50, Lugansk, Ukraine Phone: 380-642-498-354 (her e-mail address)I responded to an ad in American Singles. That took place In July of 2001. I just found your page and decided to contribute. The lady in question is Marina Nizhpapa from Lugansk, Ukraine. I think she was used by the Agency Crosswinds. I sent a brief letter introducing myself. She responded with a long letter written in acceptable English. In the same (first!) letter she went straight to the point about mine paying for her correspondence. I became immediately suspicious and suggested we have a phone conversation in Russian (I do not need a translator). I was given a phone at some strange place where Marina supposedly worked. Several times she repeated her request for money. However, she sounded somewhat uncomfortable and, thus I think she was used and intimidated by the Agency. I refused to pay for correspondence but instead suggested a meeting in Kiev or St. Petersburg. She said that she would have to come with an escort to "protect" her. I guess I was supposed to pay for that as well. I refused, but received several other letters with some "juice". There are some of her pictures. It was surely a very young girl based on our discussion (17-20) but she may not have been the one on pictures or she may have been asked to cheat foreigners of their money. She also mentioned several times that she has a written agreement with the Agency, which prohibits her from writing on her own. She also supplied an address being a P.O. Box in Lugansk. Her pictures have popped up several times on other sites for a year or two. I did not send any money. I was very attracted to this girl though. Overall, Lugansk seems to be a capital of a "marriage-dating" fraud. However, not all girls there are fraudulent. It is difficult to distinguish between bad and rotten apples. The only way to have some assurance is: 1. hire a translator in the USA to help you communicate 2. never rely on letters - insist on a phone conversation from work or home 3. Ask for as many pictures as possible with relatives, at home, some scenarios 4. Come to visit but NEVER use an Agency!! There are American Hotels in Kiev, Moscow or St. Petersburg. Use them! 5. If you are to buy tickets buy non-refundable using a credit card through airline agencies in the US Make no mistake: Russian girls are mainly decent, honest and want a family. They will make you happy and will be great wives. But as with a stock market - do you homework!! Good luck Letter 1My darling _________!!! So glad to read your Russian words by English letters! A little bit about myself. You should know me not only how I look on picture but also know my inner world. As you know already I am 19 years old. Yes, I am too young but I am serious enough, who can achieve everything I want. Now I study at the University and after finishing it I am going to be a doctor, childrens doctor. But at the same time I work like a nursery in the hospital. Not I live in Lugansk with my girlfriend, we rent a flat for two, she studies with me at the University. My parents live in the other town, its not very far from Lugansk,50 km. I have a sister, she is older me, she is a professional in athletics, she is a master of it. We are very friendly but we are tow different characters. She is very shy and silent girl but you can see always smile in her face and I am sure that you will like her very much when you meet her. What can I say about what do I like to do?? Ok,you should get to know it and only after this you can understand my soul and me. I try to be very honest with people, I never betray and I hate it. I am very open person and like this feature in people. I am very trustful girl and I ve burnt because of this very often. In our country very dangerous trust to people. But I always treat people as I want they treat me. I want to build very strong and friendly family where always love and respect present. But in our time very difficult to achieve this goal. I love my parents very much and always proud of my family. My father is a policeman and I think I have his character. he loves me very much and I spoiled with his love. My dad is also very open and easy going person. I proud of him very much. My mother works at the bakers shop. They are perfect couple. My mother is very calm and tender woman. She always tries to avoid all sharp corners in relationship. If they have serious talks or something else they always go somewhere to be alone and back with smiles and very happy. We never know what is going on. Now when I grew up I know that its very right decision that children shouldnt know anything bad and unpleasant side of life. And we never heard bad talks between them. I saw only that they try to smooth all trouble without screams and reproaches. They always found understanding in relationship. The wisdom of my parents helped me to understand how we should build families and how to act in family life. I dont try to find ideal man, and I dont want to rebuild him. Everyone has his good sides and his bad sides. We are not ideal. But we should understand each other or at least try to understand. And if you made some mistake you should try to find a way to change it and manage with it together. I think, and its very sincere, if two people love each other they can be happy and any circumstances wont prevent them to be happy or apart them. ______,my dear, I think now you understand me betterand you know a little about my soul and me. if you have any questions lease ask, I will answer all your questions. Dont be shy. With impatience I wait your next letter. Kiss you. Marina. PS. My dear, as you know I use the service of the local agency because I dont have my own computer and I dont want to lose our communication. Is it possible for your to pay for your letters? Letter 2My darling ____________! I have received your letter. It was incredible huge joy for me. All my life I dreamed to get an acquaintance with well-educated,intelligent,caring man. I was impressed by your pictures!!! Ive found you very attractive! Although for me very important 3 volumes: honesty,regard,love. Difficult to know a person from the letter, but your purposeful,frankness,sharp mind made me huge pleasant surprise. Understanding,care,tenderness,respect are very important between two people. To share views,opinions,to decide problems by civilized way. Im trying to be responsible. Always keep myself away from unmeritorious people,smoking,alcohol,never used drugs. I like life and to laugh. I like all kinds of music, prefer classic. I fond of nature ,especially wild nature. My parents have a little house in suburb where I cultivate plants and flowers. Like very much romantic dinner with beloved man. Dream about several days on the solitude island where universal language of love allow understand each other without words. Dear, I admire your business activity... You are fantastic man! Love, Marina. P.S.My address:91000,post box 50,Marine Nejzhpape,Lugansk,Ukraine. Please,caII me :380-642-498-354 from 16 till 18 on Ukrainian time after the 10th of May. P.P.S. I like to wear different clothes, prefer classic and sport kind; like to kiss very much(of course not with anybody); looking for a faithful man for a family; my values Ill send you in next letter; like beautiful underwear; with pleasure will meet with you any place you want, just you and I; Letter 3 Dear ________,I enjoyed reading your e-mail. I was right about you. You are not only so intelligent, you also have abeautiful personality. So want to know more and more about you. I appreciate the things you adore in life, your goals, your hobbies, and your idea of having a strong and lovely relationship with the woman you want to be forever. So want to create durable family... Now Im studying... I really like my field and pretty interested in doing research. Hope for a great future. I think, all students have an interesting life. My mother said that these years are the best. I love traveling. I enjoy learning about different cultures and make new friends. I love to try different food, Ukrainian is my favorite. I like cooking (when I have time, because of my part-time work I sleep only 6 hours a day). I think a glass of champagne and a candlelight can make any thing tasty!!! I enjoy out door activities like biking, swimming. I also like reading and interested in different kind of music. What are you looking in your life? What do you expect from your future partner? The most important things for me is if he knows who he is and what he wants in his life. I like somebody who knows how to compromise in a relationship. Im looking for a man with lot of class, yet not selfish. I dont see class in luxury cars or expensive costumes, I see it in his personality. Like to be with somebody who can have a place in my heart and would let me be in his heart. Somebody I cant wait till I see him every day. Like you, dont want to play game with the one and love the most. Want to be able to trust him and let him to trust me, Its this a wonderful feeling to have, to have somebody you know you can count on when you need him the most. My darling, hope we can have a chance to meet each other. If things work out between us, it will be perfect to come and visit each other. Please tell me more about you city and if we can meet each other anywhere else. How comfortable are you to come to Ukraine (Sn.Petersburg) in case if we want to meet? There are some of my pictures. Hope you like them. I like to see more of your pictures too. Tender kiss for you till I see you!!! Marina. P.S.My telephone: 380-642-498-354,please, write me on post box, because I rent a flat with my girlfriend and sometimes we change our apartments.
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