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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Mila Merkusheva (Gitomir/Zhytomyr, Ukraine) My name is Mark I am a 26 year old single guy from Holland. I have put an reaction on an advertisement which was called with the name Mila I began to write more seriously when I got a reaction from her I have that there was some fraud practices on the internet but not that it was going to happen with me. I really liked the way she wrote the letters and after 4 or 5 letters she said that she will need 50 dollars for her internet connection without hesitation I paid her 50 dollars by western union and we went further with our mailing. Then she said that there was an travel agency who has got an offer for 700 dollars for flying + visa to Holland, fortunately I did not pay her that money because I did not want to buy a visa. Then she got a new offer 500 dollar for a bus ticket +visa to Holland. In the mean time I proposed her a holiday in the eastern countries of Europe like Poland, Czech or Slovakia to celebrate our holiday because she did not have to pay for visa there for a long time she only was out for a visa and not my proposal to celebrate our holiday here. I got then a little bit suspicious and gave her an ultimatum by email. Than she got angry and wrote me an angry mail back that I did not trust her. At that moment I felt sorry for her and because she felt right about a holiday in Slovakia I was going to pay for her passport which costs 85 dollars she said. Before I went to sleep I fortunately was searching on the internet with her name Mila Merkusheva. I found nothing. Then I searched with the name Merkusheva and I found your blacklist with her name on it. She used then another address and photo but the first two letters were exactly the same. I have given her one time an amount of 50 dollars by western union that was written on Mila Mekusheva Gitomir. I did write to her for almost two months. The letters I have got from her follow: This was the first letter: this was the second letterand this was the sixth letter which I had recognized at your blacklist: Mark R

Thank you for reply, my new dear friend. Your ad doesnt shows you like a serious person. But I feel that you are serious. Im almost sure in that. And you are searching for a partner. Im also looking for my second half. I didnt write you immediatelly after Ive got your reply because the problem is that Im from the Ukraine. And you are from the another part of the world. That is thousands kilometers between us. But Im sure that everything is possible in this life. And you never know before you try. Thats why I decided to get a try. If you think that Im wrong or even not polite, Im sorry. Just do not reply to me. Ill understand. But if you believe in fate, and if you dont affraid of the difficulties and distances, and if you didnt found your special match yet, of course, - lets try. May be?................ Mila

Hi, dear Mark, Thank you very much for reply. I was never abroad. I think our countries, cultures and nationalities are totally difference. Thats why I guess we have double chance for success because plus and minus are attracted to each other. We have too much topics to tall about........... Please tell me more about your country and specially about you as you see yourself. You want to know more about me.......... Well, my name is Mila. Im 22. Im a writer. Im writing a fantastic stories. And this is not only my hobby. Im studying in the Technical University last year and working in the newspaper "Stars". Im a private correspondent there. My society life is full enough but I cant say the same about my private life. I live alone in my own appartments in the centrum of my beautiful city Gitomir. And I have a wonderfull dog. Her name is Lota. Its rotveiler. My parents are farmers and they are living in the village 80 km near my city. I have a brother Alexander. He is 31. He is married with a nice girl Irina and they are living together with parents. I like to visit them as often as I could . Its so nice to be at the real nature, to feel fresh air, to sweem in the lake and to walk in the forest. Ukrainian nature is too wonderful to be described with the words. But to feel it with all body and spirit it is nessersary to be together with some very close person. Two persons could feel together much much more than one even very romantic.... Hope youll understand me. Mila P.S.Please, write me everything about yourself you feel to write about. I was never abroad, thats why everything is interesting Hope to hear from you soon, my new friend.

Hi, dear Prince, Hope you are OK. We must decide now something very important and current. The matter is that Im not able to pay for the Internet at the moment. Could you do that for me?An Internet here in the Ukraine is casts 50 US$ a mounth. Please, send me the money via Western Union Money Transfer. You may get an information about them at Ive call them today and they told me that to send money you have to go to any of their offices. You have to know an exact name and address (as it written in the passport) of the person you are sending money to. You know all that data of me. But Ill remaind you. My address: Mila Merkusheva Lenina str. 45, app.67 10080 Gitomir Ukraine By chance it would be that guarantee I was waited for. I meen that if you are not going to pay for my Internet that is you are not serious to me . In this situation I must be happy that I understood it not too late. But if you are really serious, please send me in your next e-mail a transmission number from the Western Union. If youll do that we will have a fast way (Internet) to discuss our future. Hope to hear from you. MilaP.S. And I really hope that one day Ill have a chance to do something for us.
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