Oksana Rudenko from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oksana Rudenko the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oksana Rudenko
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Orhid1000@rambler.ru springtime@rambler.ru
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No info
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On February of 2001 I was scammed by this women with the same line she used in the attached case for a lot of mine, I reported this to the black list but I noticed that within a couple of weeks her name was removed. Now looking to the list again I found the same person. Please keep this women in the list so people will be able to know who she is and not be scammed by her. All the letters bellow are very similar to the the ones she send me, using the same lines. I reported this person to the FBI. Oksana Rudenko(Sveta_77, Svetlana_r, rudenko2, Svetlana455, "9800"Svetlana), Lugansk I am a white male from the USA and I would like to report to about a scammer by the name of Oksana Rudenko from Lugansk. Her supposed address is: Rudenko Sveta, Vatutina Street 93/69,Lugansk 91040,Ukraine.Telephone number is +38(0642)610017. Her e-mail address is Orhid1000@rambler.ru . She has profiles listed on almost every agency imaginable such as several at Friendfinder(Sveta_77, Svetlana_r, rudenko2, Svetlana455, "9800"Svetlana), several at Match.com (Sun_flower) plus many more, Absolute Agency (A1028781and A724155), American Singles (#4416334,#3986234,#5472104,#4416334). She is a very busy girl; I wonder how she finds time to be a lawyer. She was trying to get me to send her money to take English lessons at some Agency called Wild Orchid Agency with Marina Solovyova as the account manager. I offered to send her to another agency in her town and she was not too thrilled with this idea (see her I was very glad that I did not send her any money as she probably makes quite a good living from taking all these English classes with all of her profiles which are listed and probably doesnt have to practice law at all. Letters:Letter 2:Letter 3:Letter 7:Letter 11:Letter 12:
Letter 16:Hello Thank you for your letter,I am very happy to receive it. I think it would be great if we could visit this beach someday together. As you know I adore sea and beach. I think its very romantic to walk along the beach. My photo was taken from the Black Sea during this summer vocations. I would be very happy,if you visit me in my country. I think 1 meeting is better than 100 letters. Do you agree with me? If you come to my country,I will show you beautiful places of my country. First of all, you should trust me,because I trust you a lot. I think its very important in our relationship. I am very serious and I am not going to play with you. If you come to me,you will see everything yourself. I want to love and to be loved. I would be very glad to show you the Black Sea. If you come we will spend loverly time together. I hope we could sit on the rock, watch how the sun rise. it will be so beau Letter 17:Hello I am very glad to receive your letter. I will tell you about my job with pleasure. I work as a lawyer. I love my job very much, because its a real pleasure for me to communicate with people and help them in all their beginnings. I dont have much spare time but when I have, things I could do deepens from my mood. I could just sit near the window and to read an interesting book, or, just watch TV. I like movies. I have a lot of things I like to do in my free time. Reading, usic, dancing, cinema. I also enjoy to visit theater. I also like to spend my spare time with my friends. We always keep in touch and meet often. We can go to some bar of night club or just come to somebody and make a small party with pie. I enjoy our communication very much and it is an important part of my life. I am loyal friend and appreciate the same. I would be very glad if you visit me in my country we coul Letter 18:Hello It is great pleasure for me to read the letter you wrote. I hope I gave you some reasons to make your wish to continue our correspondence and to meet in future. Thank you very much for your complements. First of all I should tell you that Im lettering with you via agency, but Im real and the agency is not the scam. I pay rather high cost for lettering. The reason is that I dont have computer at home and my English is very poor. I know just some words and common phrases but of cause it is not enough to communicate with a person from another country and to write letters. But I really would like to study English someday. Now its a real luxury for me, because its too expensive to study English in Ukraine. I realize how important it is to communicate with the person whom you like but who is from another country and who doesnt speak your language. I think, you know that not many girls in Hello Thank you for your letter. It was nice to hear from you. I even didnt hope for such result. As far as I understood, you liked my profile and decided to write me. So, you want to get to know me better. I feel the same. Lets not to waste each others time. We can start right now. As you remember ( I hope ), my name is Svetlana. I live in Ukrainian city, Lugansk. It is Eastern part of my country. I am 23 years and graduated the University two years ago. I studied Law and I worked as a teacher of History at school for some time, but now Ive found a job on my speciality. I enjoy my work very much and usually get a lot of pleasure from the communication with people. Actually, I am very busy at work but when I have free time I have many interesting things to do. Among my hobbies there are reading, music, cooking. I also enjoy housekeeping very much. But it is not only a hobby - it is life sty

Letter 1:Hello How are you? I hope you are doing fine! I become happier with every letter I get from you:) I congratulate you! As for the winning!:) We are on the same level of comprehension of our relationship, and are moving straight forward. We are on our way of creating a strong bond between us, gaining an ultimate intimacy within our connection, building relationship of complete understanding. We both want to have no limits in getting know each other. I am working very hard at getting rid of all my fears and doubts concerning any relationships. And you are a great help for me! You know, it is rather strange and difficult(after everything I have had in my life) to let good things into my life. I should never have thought it is possible to have such man as you are, right there for me, to get so close to him by letters. But now I am sure - everything is possible, you only have to let that into your li

Hello Nice to hear form you! Thanks for the congratulations but we will have the Easter in May:) You know, here we celebrate the Orthodox one. I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful time:) I think it is very useful to have a vacation not only in the summer but also during the year:) Tell me, what did you enjoy the most during your trip? I am doing nothing special, working:), spending the time with my friends! I am happy that I have them, that I have people whom I can rely on. I think that friendship is one of the things that made people happy. What do you think? Hope to hear from you very soon Have a great working week! Sincerely yours, Sveta

Hello I am glad to hear from you! Sounds like you had a great Festival there:) I am sure you had a great holiday. We do not celebrate it here for you know we have no offsprings from Ireland:))) Thank you for telling me about it! I was so interested for we do not have such kind of things here! The day has been wet and rainy. The temps are cool but not uncomfortable. There will be rain off and on through Thursday morning and then it will clear off that afternoon. Nikita has been outside all day. He is muddy and really a mess. I told Mum to clean him up before she brings him into the flat. He will need a bath:-))) As for the English classes. I really appreciate that you care about me. It is so nice of you to find the English courses for me. Would you tell me the address of it so I could go there and find out all information I need to know and whether I will like the tutors. Of course, Letter 4:Hello You can talk to Marina Solovyova, shes the account manager. The name of the agency is "Wild Orchid". How are you doing, my dear? I wish you to have nice weekends and hope to hear from you on Monday. Kisses, Sveta. Letter 5:Hello I am excited about our future meeting also! I realize that knowing English would make it so much easier to communicate with each other. Here is an e-mail of the agency springtime@rambler.ru And here is the number of the contact telephone 8 050 564 9767 So you can find out all necessary information by sending e-mail to the agency. I hope to hear from you soon Sincerely yours, Sveta Letter 6:Hello I was glad to get your answer so soon. You know I understand the most important in relationship is to understand each other. I want our relationship to move on, and its very important to talk the same language. I want to say how much I appreciate your intention to help me with the courses. Thanks a lot for your willing to pay for my English courses. You see its really important for me, because I would feel very uncomfortable not to understand what you say or have somebody with us to translate our talk. I have found out some information as for the language courses in Lugansk. There is an intensive course of English in the agency. I think even 1 or 2 months of English will make my English much more better. The cost of 1 month is 300$, but if you pay in advance for 3 months, itll be 800$ for 3 months. Rather expensive, but the majority of courses in Lugansk cost a little cheaper, but the

Hello Thank you for the congratulations so much. It was a real holiday to me. The weather was sunny and warm! It seemed like everyone was in a great mood. The streets were simply smothered in flowers! Women were getting them and men were carrying bunches to give them to their dear women. There was a spirit of the real spring! I enjoyed the day very much! Frankly speaking I have always loved the holiday:) As for my English, I know I have disappointed you saying that my English is rather poor. I can understand quite much, but my knowledge of it is not enough for writing letters, as I have already mentioned. I dont have computer at home, thats why I have to use the translating services and the access to Internet. I understand the necessity of speaking one language. I realize that communication is one of the most important part of any relationships. I still hope one day to improve my knowledge of Letter 8:Hello I was so pleased to hear from you. I am glad to hear that you are doing fine:) I am fine also. I think you are happy to have a warm weather. You know it seems like we have another winter here. It is snowing!:) I am happy to hear that there is a chance that we will meet one day even though I can not go to you. I think you will like my country:) And I will be happy to meet you here. I suppose you would like to know about my town:) It is situated in the East of the country. It is quite far away from the Black sea and the Azov. There are only several rivers in the region. Lugansk has a population of about 400 000 people. It is an industrial center of its region. The main branches are coal-mining, machine-building, engineering... But as our country in in a bad economical situation some of the plants and fabrics do not work. The town is more than 200 years old and there are splendid stree Letter 9:hello I was pleased to hear from you. I am fine. What about you? I answered you previous letter and was waiting for your reply. I must have not got it. It is good you are writing again. Even Internet is not perfect:) Accept my congratulations! as for winning!:) You are lucky to have the real spring, even cool summer there! My week would have been perfect but the weather:) It is raining all the time. I want to thank you for your invitation to your country. I have never been abroad and Id love to. I am sure I will love Boston! But you know it is very, very difficult to get a visa there for a young single woman. I think maybe you can come here first:) What will you say to that? There is one reason why I have been so intensely interested in you and our potential to meet and possibly be together. We have known each there for only a short time, but in that time we have deeply explo Letter 10:Hello Have a happy New Year, dear! I wish you all the best what can be in this world. I am so glad you are back! How was your weekend? I was doing nothing special: having a rest after the working week, working about the house, meeting friends, watching TV... How are you doing? What is the weather out there? You know, we have had winter weather since November here. See, our winters are quite long:) So we HAVE to love winter:))))) As for me I had a great celebration. first I celebrated the holiday with my family, with my parents and my sister. You know I think New Year is a family holiday mostly. So I began the celebration at home. It was very pleasant to spend time with the people whom I love so much. After that I saw the New Year in with my friends. We had a home party. Everything was just amazing! We drank champagne and red wine, made jokes and danced all night, congratulated each others and m

Hello dear Thank you very much for your letter, I am very glad to receive it. Santa is packing up his bags and readying his sleigh Soon, hell be on his way, to bring you a merry Christmas day. And I just wanted to say, that I hope you have a wonderful holiday. May all of the blessings of the season visit you and yours, bringing happiness galore to your door. As you take in the light and snow, in your heart always know, that someone out there is sending some good wishes to you and hoping that your greatest Christmas wish comes true. Merry Christmas!!! I am very glad to know how are you going to celebrate your holidays. You know, I celebrate winter holidays with my family too, because I think its family holiday. We usually have a big party and we enjoy our holidays. We prepare very many different and tasty salads. I like to cook our national dishes. I prefer home-made pies, because they are alw

Hello dear Thank you very much for your wonderful letter,I am very glad to get it. Thank you also for your complements,you are a real man and I am glad that I found you. Thank you also for your nice photo. I liked it very much. I am thinking about our meeting in summer we could spend a lot of time together,but now I am preparing to winter holidays. I still enjoy Winter holidays because it makes me feel like I am child. I remember my joy and happiness when I celebrate them in my childhood. My parents always made me presents. Not very expansive but just some nice things I was dreaming about all the year. They always knew what to give me as a present. I still breathlessly wait for the right time to buy a New Year tree and I enjoy the decorating it. I have my favorite New Year trees toys. They are even older then me. Some of them were buying by my grandparents. Can you imagine how wonderful I feel Letter 13:Hello dear Thank you for your nice letter. I was glad to get it very much. You made my day brighter. I would really like to continue and develop our relationship and help them to grow in a true love one day. I am very glad that you so nice sportsman. As for me I am also like sport and I think its important to keep the body in the good shape. Its a pity,but I didnt save a piece of my apple pie,but I think when you come I will cook it only for you. I would like to spoil you with my cooking and I hope you will like it. I would be also very happy if you make me a nice candlelight dinner,I am sure we will enjoy it most of all. Its a pity that you didnt see "Dogma",I suggest you to see it,I am sure you will like it as much as I liked. Thank you for your advice to see the movie "Shrek" If I have an opportunity,I will see it with great pleasure. As for me I like cartoons even if I am not a c Letter 14:Hello dear Thank you for your letter and your story how do you celebrate Thanksgiving. Actually we dont celebrate such holiday in my country. The first our winter holiday is the New Year and then follows Christmas. Yesterday I tried to cook an apple pie by new recipe. I think if you were here youd love to try a piece. So preparing myself to become a good wife, as good wives need to be a good cookers, isnt it? You know, I saw the film "Dogma" and was thinking about Eve and Adam, what did they felt when they were alone, how is it when you know that except you and this man no more people exist? I think if we will know that we were made for special people, we wont spend our lives for somebody else except those special creatures who were made for us. but we cannot guess, thats why all the time we have to try making mistakes and learning by them. I think women are more open to that feeling Letter 15:Hello Thank you for your wonderful letter and you photos,Iliked them very much. I am completely agree with you that the meeting is very important for us. I would like to meet you as soon as it possible,because i like you very much and I think we have a lot of common. I like that you are interested in every aspect of my life. I am very glad to know more and more about you. Thank you for your story about Boston. To tell the truth i have never been there,but i can imagine how its beautiful. I hope to see it in the real life one day. I think you are very lucky,because you have many nieces and nephews. As for me I adore children as they are so open and cute . They are not afraid to show their real needs and feelings . They are looking at the world with open eyes and really enjoy it , as for them bad things exists only in fairy tales where good always conquer the evil . I wish we could have th
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