Katya Manakova (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Katya Manakova (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Katya Manakova (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Katya Manakova (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Katya Manakova (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo
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Katya Manakova (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Katya Manakova (Lugansk, Ukraine) I am a white male in the U.S. and would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Katya Manakova from Lugansk ( DOB 8/22/82). She has a profile listed at Matchdoctor under Katusha721. Her e-mail is Katusha_lu@ukr.net and her mailing address is Katya Manakova, 395 Shahterskoy divisii street 12/47, Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000. How unusual for a scammer to be coming from Lugansk!Letters:Letter 1:Letter 2:Letter 3:Letter 4:Letter 5:Letter 6:I believe that she should be placed on your scammer list, as I think she will fit rather nicely along with all of her other scammer friends. Hopefully someday the Ukraine authorities will also be interested in her strange and peculiar business activities of scamming men around the world to support her lavish lifestyle. Sincerely, S. H. ( Scam Hunter )

Dear my friend whom i trust have a bank account and you can transfer money to her and she will tell me ,it is my friend form the very childhood. In sputnik said if i will make a passport with them them then they will give you their e-mail address and even can send a letter to you so you can be sure that i make passport. Beneficiary Prominvestbank Lugansk branch,MFO 304308 account of beneficiary account 39015901304308/840 bank of beneficiary Prominvestbank Kiev acc.890-0060-077 SWIFT UPIB UA UX Bank- correspondent Bank of New York ,New York S.W.I.F.T. IRVT US 3N Transfer for 290909031/840 Mozhaeva Olga EK855086 Ukraine Lugansk Dalya 11/10 Waiting for your letter. yours Katya.

Dear to the pity i have no bank account it is very expensive in our country only rich people has it. Please try to use Western Union it is very safe and my friend has a fiancee in England and he always use this system ,please i dont want to loose our connection. I feel so alone now, I feel I need to hug you right now, I want you here now, I want you to live with me, wake up beside you every morning watching you when you wake up beside me, meet your eyes when you open them, meet your smile when you see me in the morning, I will be there only for you my dear. I love you so much so I do not know what to do, I can only tell you that I love you and I can only try to give you proof that I telling you the true, that I am seriously in love with you, that I really want to marry you. I did not want to be your girlfriend only, I want to be your woman, your wife, the father of your children. I know what I feel for you and I know what I have asking you, I know I will be happy with you, we will both support and be beside each other for the rest of our life, I hope that will be true, I want that. I try to write you something every day, something that you can feel that I thinking of you, thinking of you like we already are a family, a family who love each other, I want us to be a real family , I want you to be the king and I will be the queen in our family .Now i am only a princess in my home, and you are a lonely king without your queen. I want to be your queen. Make it true, let us start our family, I love you and I know it is possible, my heart belong to you only. Take care of you Kiss you Your woman... yours Katya.

Thank you very much for your understanding. Thank you very much for your intention to help . I heard about Western Union on the TV they say it is very safe and fast way to transfer the money , it is all over the world. For this you need my full name Manakova Katya ,my address is Ukraine Lugansk 395Shahterskoy divisii 12/47 Manakova Katya and then you will send me the number of transfer and as soon as i get money i will reply to you. I will use firm Sputnik to make a passport. they will make digital photo of me at once and put it in to the passport ,then i can send you the copy of my passport . Katya.I need 150 $for International passport ,for visa 800$ ,and for tickets. so after i will have money i can write you the number of my flight. sorry for short message i have no money to write. yours Katya.

Thank you very much for your letter i was so glad to hear from you and i am glad that you wish to meet me ,i think it is good idea thank you for your invitation . We can meet when you wish i will be happy to meet you in my country any time you can come ,to the pity i cant come to yours because I have no International passport and i have no money for it and here we can meet any time you think we are ready for meeting but if it is not a problem for you my passport and money for my trip then i can meet you where you wish or we can meet in my country. I would like to know more about your life, your likes and dislikes. My address is : Ukraine Lugansk 91000 395 shahterskoy divisii street 12/47 Manakova Katya You are the man for me - the only one. I found you and I found love. You explained it very well that each person has different strength and weakness that together create one undeniable partnership. I have always known this but never met anyone that truly believes as you do. This romantic soul binds us from the inside and I believe you may be the only man on earth for me at all. Some people live with a close match but not their perfect match. We could be the perfect match for the other... we will see. I lay awake at night thinking how you will feel, smell, how you will tease me playful and also many serious things we will live through. As lovers and friends. I have spoken only truth to you, only real thoughts and feelings. I make up no story or talk to make you like me better. If you love me than you do love ME. You said before that it is easy to fall in love but the work is to keep the love. I understand this by example of both types of relations. My parents work to keep the love and young couples now just marry and divorce without even try to understand what is wrong. Usually just to talk to the other at all times to explain the thoughts. Never think your lover will know what is wrong...they may have no idea but when they know now they can adjust to make things better, or maybe not. At least they will know what is going on. This talking also avoids any quarreling to become serious. With people that are calm and kind in nature it has a good chance that everything can be discussed and agreement can be made. If love is there, then sacrifice can be made as well to keep the other happy and loving. But neither should demand too much change from a lover or they should have not joined at all. You and I MUST join!!!! You are so reasonable and kind and so am I. When two people are EXACTLY alike usually they will not get along well. The differences are what makes love fun and unique to each person. Just the fact that we are from different countries will interest us for a long time. And we will always have this uniting through love letters and blind faith in the other to remember!!! I want to grow together, doing little things as one. Travel, relax, chores, exercise, work and especially learn to make love:) Dear i must to tell you one thing because i want to be honest and if you are serious then you must to understand me ,i pay for all my letters and for me it is rare expensive ,and it will be good if you can help us with our correspondence if you are really interesting to know each other better and to give us a chance for a future happiness. I rely on your understanding and support. Love takes time, and I wish to spend all of my time with you. a lot of kisses and hugs.Yours Katya.

Thank you very much for your letter i was so glad to hear from you and i like your photo very much,thank you. I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to spend the day outdoors enjoying skiing or snowmobile and then returning home or to lodge where a nice warm fireplace is. To end the day like this would be great. How nice it would be to share this with you: a quite evening cuddled by the fireplace enjoying the moment. We would not have to say anything; we would just look into each others eyes, hold each other, kiss and make love. Perhaps there would be some romantic music in the background or the crackling of the burning fire. The night would seem like forever knowing this is where each other wants to be; I would know I was happy to enjoy another great moment with my best friend and lover. Even from so far away I can close my eyes and imagine you were here right now. Please know how much I wish I was holding you right now and we could hear each others heart. I look forward to your next letter and await your thoughts! Sincerely yours Katya.

Thank you so much for your letter i am so glad that you wrote to me and now i think it will be interesting for your to know about myself.I am single never married no kids. I am raised by loving parents . They loved, provided and set the perfect example for me. The marriage was without exposed anger or raised voice . I am an average woman but I am considerate of others and easy to reach agreement. I am flexible yet consistent in my reasoning. In a relationship I desire my mate to forget the world while we are together. As will I. He is my world. I stare in amazement at him beauty as he smiles shyly. He knows that I am for real. As we walk through the park we stop to hold each other. Embracing in silence from head to toe for minutes that feel like life is in our arms. Nothing is better until our love brings us further. Now i study at Medical college and i want to be a doctor i like to help to people. As to the place i live it is not very big city named Lugank ,Ukraine , there are a lot historical places and museums , cinemas, theatres,etc. I live with my parents . I am ready to give my heart to a man. Quite possibly you. But only you will know your heart for now, so please absorb my words and reply with your honest reaction. Trust is the foundation of love. Love commands truth and sincerity as well as commitment to open communication. I will be await your response and respect and accept your wishes. Hope to hear from you very soon. Yours Katya . P.S. I want to be honest with you dear . My English isnt well I study it at school and to my shame I didnt do this very well and now I am very regret about this . Thats why I use the interpret , and I have no my own computer and I use it in the Internet cafe .I hope this is not change your mind about me and I hope you still want to know each other better .
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