Olga Rakutina Yoshkar-Ola Russia/Lena Susanina (Kazan, Russia) from Petersburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Rakutina Yoshkar-Ola Russia/Lena Susanina (Kazan, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Olga Rakutina Yoshkar-Ola Russia/Lena Susanina (Kazan, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Olga Rakutina Yoshkar-Ola Russia/Lena Susanina (Kazan, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Olga Rakutina Yoshkar-Ola Russia/Lena Susanina (Kazan, Russia)`s photo
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Olga Rakutina Yoshkar-Ola Russia/Lena Susanina (Kazan, Russia)
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Olga Rakutina Yoshkar-Ola Russia/Lena Susanina (Kazan, Russia) I am a white male from the U.S. and I would like to report to you about a scammer Olga Rakutina from Yoshkar-Ola. Her e-mail address is Cheboklen@yandex.ru . Her supposed mailing address is Olga Rakutina, Zyezdnaya St., house 12, flat 77, Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia, 424000 . Her DOB is May 23, 1975 . She has no phone and she is probably the same scammer as Lena Susanina from Kazan, Russia. It is her photo that is listed at Matchdoctor as "alonegirl". She originally wanted me to send her money so that she could give it to Lenas poor sick mother with the bad heart. When this failed she turned to a more lucrative proposition of money ($340) for her visa and passport to visit me in the states. I hope that you can add her to your scammer list along with her friend Lena ( I wonder if her mother is still alive! ) Sincerely, S.H. ( Scam Hunter ) Letters:1: Lena said me that you want i write you. I am Olga. Yes it is my photo. You know Lenas mother realy very strong illing now. I am so gald thet you want write me. i am too want write you. If you can help her mother. You can send money on my name. please. Her mother will die. Olga.2: I wrote you already from Lenas account. I am Olga. Do you realy want have with me seriouse relations? If yes write me more about me. I am send to you my pic. Lenas mother realy illing now. Please if you can help her. Lena is my best friend and i want help her mother but i have not money. Lena all time sitting near mumand crying. Please i want help my friend. Olga.3: thank you for your letter. Sorry that did not write you. i went with my mum to Tarhanovo. it is small city. there lives my uncle Oleg. He said you hi. How are you today? i am fine. i missing you. when i been in Tarhanovo i all time thought about you. Let me say more about me. I am 27 years old. my birthday is 23 may. I have blue eyes and blond hair. i like listen classical music. likelisten american rock. my dream is have MP3 player. I dream about it long time. Do you have in your country MP3 player? How much money it cost? My favorite game is tennis. i look it on TV. Several times i tryed play it. I all time help my parents. i love them so strong. I never been in other country. My dream visit USA. It is very interesting country. There are lives very good people. Free time i spend for reading interesting books and magazines. I like read novels, romans, and bestsellers. I am sending to you my pic. i think you like it. My adress is Russia, Mari-El, Yoshkar-Ola, Zvezdnaya st. house 12, flat 77. ZIP is 424000 My full name is Rakutina Olga. Write me soon. Kiss you Olga. 4: Thank you for letter. how are you??? i am fine. sorry that did not write you. Yes of course i want meet you. but we must know each other better. i want say you truth- i am not rich girl and i have not money on such trip. Yes it is very romantic have dinner with you. we can drink shampan? in is good. Why you did not write me??? i very missed of you. i thought of you. i have not telephone at home. sorry. but if you want you can call to my friend and by that time i will be there. write me please soon. Kiss you Olga5: How are you?? i very missing you all time. Yes you are special person for me too. with every moment i need you more and more. thank you that do not forget me. Yes i would like meet you soon. i went to travel agency yesterday. For my trip need visa and tickets. My visa will be make 14 days. It cost 340 dollars. Do you want i come to you at the end of June? If you want help me with money on visa. In touristic agency working my familiar. she will help me at all. I thinking you are that men who i seeking all my life. Write me soon please.... kiss you Olga. 6: Love i am happy that you write me. I so missed you. how are you?? i am fine. i want see you soon. i waiting your letters all time. i need you. i went to my bank and you can send money throught Western Union. it is good. my visa will be make 2 weeks and i must start make my visa now. Please write me urgent. i will be wait your letter. Love you and kiss Olga. 7: i so missing you. sorry that did not write you soon. how are you? i am fine. yes i want see you soon too. i waiting this moment all time. Unfortunatly i have not own bank account. but you can send money on my fathers account. if you would not want i will try make my own. write me soon please. Kiss you and love. Olga.8: Thank you for your letter. Ok i will send to you account my father. i did talk with him and he said me ok. tomorrow i will send account to you. i missing of you so strong. writre me soon please. Love you and kiss. See you soon. Olga.9: how are you??? i am fine. sorry that did not write to you yesterday. i am so missing you. now i am sending to you fathers account. i am very afraid that this information can see other people. 56: Intermediary: SWIFT: BOFCUS33NYK UNION BANK OF CALIFORNIA INTERNATIONAL Two World Trade Center, Suite 1410 New York, 10048 NY, USA ACC/NO. 91-275578-1121 57: Accountwith institution: SWIFT: MENA RU 2P BANK MENATEP, ST.PETERSBURG 59: TO BENEFICIARYS ACCOUNT: ACC/NO.30301840200009990011 59: BENEFICIARY CUSTOMER: YOSHKAR-OLA BRANCHB OF BANK "MENATEP SPB" 70: DETAILS OF PAYMENT: FOR PLATUNOV VASILIY ACC/NO. 42301840500170000609 When you get this letter write me urgent please. Kiss you and love Olga. Best regards, Olga mailto:cheboklen@yandex.ru here are you?? what happend? write me soon please. Love you Olga.
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