Ekaterina Bazavluk (Kremenchug, Ukraine) from Kremenchug a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ekaterina Bazavluk (Kremenchug, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Ekaterina Bazavluk (Kremenchug, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Ekaterina Bazavluk (Kremenchug, Ukraine)`s photo
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Ekaterina Bazavluk (Kremenchug, Ukraine)
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Ekaterina Bazavluk (Kremenchug, Ukraine)I am a divorced, 50-year-old, self employed white American. I wrote to Ekaterina Bazavluk at MatchDoctor where her advertisement appeared as Katya117. Her first letter read:Letters:After exchanging a few letters, then came the request for money.And after asking for details, here was the reply: I did not send the money, particularly since a web search showed that the average rent in Kremenchung is less than $40 per month and I discovered that internet services and translation can be had a variety of places for approximately $1 per hour of net time and $1 per letter for translation with an independent translator.

Letter 1:Hello! Thank you very much for your letter. I?m glad that you?re interested in me. I?m a girl who looks for her second half. I guess that happiness of a man is based on mutual love, understanding and respect. I?m just an ordinary girl who want to be happy and enjoy life. I want to fall asleep and wake up beside my beloved man, share all my joy and sorrow with him, discover the world together with him and know that every new day we?ll meet together in each other?s arms. It?s real happiness and sense of life for me. I hope you?ll agree with me and will become my destiny. Please e-mail me on my e-mail address which is: jasmin@sat.poltava.ua In my next e-mail Ill send you another picture of me and tell more about myself. I?ll be impatiently waiting for your message. I wish you all the best and good day. Sincerely, Katya.

Letter 2: Hello Darling! Thank you very much for your letter. When reading it I felt so much positive emotions and warmth. It was like gentle ocean breeze that overcame great distances and miles and touched me. I feel that we have much in common and look for the same things in life. Dear, for us to know each other better I would like to tell you a little bit more about my family. I have Mom, Dad who live out of the city in a small village, and a brother who lives here in Kremenchug. We with brother were born in the village. So I spent my childhood in nature and could see how amazing its beauty is. As I have already told my Family is very friendly so we always help and support each other. When I was in pain after my divorce only love and care of my dear people helped me to realize that life didnt stop and it should go on. I was like a little girl, hurt, offended and disappointed. I came to Mom and out my head on her knees and she was petting my hair and said that I would surely find the love of my life one day and the man will make me very happy. And now I have met you, and I want to hope that its you wholl make me the happiest woman in the world and whom Ill make very happy. I know now that real love is the sense of life and without love life! will be empty and dull. Most of all in my life I want to create a happy family with my beloved man and live for it. Im glad I have met you because I feel that I need your letters more and more day by day and feel that we have a magical bond between us. Darling, Im very sorry that I have to talk to you about it. If only I could I would never disturb you, but unfortunately I cannot do this alone. Honey the matter is that I dont have a computer at home so I go to the Internet Cafe. When I decided to find my destiny I didnt know that Internet Cafes services will be so expensive for me. I should pay for internet usage, mail box I have and translators services. The money I earnare hardly enough to pay for my flat. Darling Ill be very thankful if you help me with our writing. I got used to be strong in my life but unfortunately the situation doesnt depend on strength. Im so upset about it because I need you and your letters very much and Im so afraid of losing you. I dont want it to happen. I hope with all my soul that you really need me and will never leave me. I hope for your understanding and support because I like you very much and feel that feelings to you grow and become stronger. Now I meet every day with a smile! on my face because I know that there is a man on the other side of the big world that thinks about me. Now I notice how beautiful is world around me. I have so much joy in my heart and Im so much afraid of losing it. Darling, Ill be waitingimpatiently for your letter. I hope to hear from your soon and want you to know that Im very glad that we met and youre always in my thoughts. I wish you good day and good mood, With tenderness, Katya.

Letter 3:Hello Honey! I was so happy to receive your letter. I was happy to know that you still need me and interested in me and our relationships. Thank to that I have you Honey I want to be happy and enjoy life, because your letters bring me so much joy and happiness. Honey today in the morning when I was on my way to work I realized that now I began to realize that everything that surrounds me are wonderful. I used to think that my city is industrial and there is nothing just plants and factories. And today I realized that I passed a wonderful park full of flowers, green grass and trees. I was impressed that all that time I was like in the dark and didnt notice anything. You have brought light into my life and now I see the beauty around me and can enjoy it. Honey, I hope you dont mind but I was at my parents and told them about us. I told how we met and about you. Of course at first they were surprised and asked a lot of questions. They just love me and dont want anything bad to happen. I told them about you and in the end they calmed down and told me that I look very happy and my eyes sparkled. Theyre very happy for us and wish us all the best. For my parents like for any other parents my happiness is the most important thing and they see how happy I am with you, so theyre happy too.Honey, Im so grateful to you that you want to assist me with our writing. I appreciate your care and support very much. Our writing costs about 100 $ USA a month. Honey I asked the translator at the Internet Cafe how you can transfer the money. So she explained that you should do it with the help of Western Union system. You should make it on my full name which is Ekaterina Bazavluk. My address: Ukraine Kremenchug city Karla Marksa street24/40, fl.40 Honey in your next e-mail you should write me a 10 digit number of transfer and your full name. Sweetheart thank you very much again for your care and support. My Honey Im very glad I met you on my way. You bring me so much joy and inspiration. I think about you no matter where I go and what I do. Honey Ill be impatiently waiting for your letter. I wish your day to be good and interesting. I kiss and hug you with tenderness, Katya.
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