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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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MargoHello, My name is Troy and I am a 34 year old single man. I began correspondence with a woman named Margo back in April, 2002. I stopped corresponding with her after she asked for money in the second letter. I have seen the same photo of a woman named Irina on adult singles. Apparently, she has become a pediatrician in 3 months!!! This is quite an accomplishment for a 23 year old woman!

Letter #1Hi, Troy! It was so nice to get your letter!!! (and your photo in it - what a surprise! Believe me or not, but I was imagining you just like in your photo!!! :-) You are very handsome!) Your letter is like a ray of sunlight for me! Wile riding it I could feel that you are interesting, reliable, kind man. I see that we have much in common! :-)) Not, really! You are very much look like my ideal! Ill try to explain you what I search in a man. Its not simple, I want all: a friend, a lover, a husband, I want a partner with whom well make all the things and decisions in TWO. I am looking for the man with whom I can complete my life. My ideal man is intelligent, sincere, emotionally mature, fun, open-minded, sophisticated, cultured, sensual, romantic, sociable, warm-hearted, with sense of humor, easy going and family oriented. Imagine, I have been writing these characteristics and features with you in my mind all long! :-)) That will be person with whom Ill explore the world, create a family, be best friends and become one with. My dream is for us to enjoy every living moment together. Sharing experiences and jokes...secrets and intimacies...dreams and goals.... fantasies... Wherever life takes us, it is always wonderful to have someone special to share these times with along the way. Maybe the destinations arent the same, but the path exciting, nevertheless. Maybe you are a potential match for me...what do you think? As for me, I am confident that I can meet or exceed your expectations (intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically & sexually), as I am sure you will do the same for me. Dare to hope that I am an excellent communicator, spontaneous, fun to be with, a sense of humor that will always put a smile on your face :-)) , strong but sensitive, kind and giving, compassionate and forgiving, reliable and stable, faithful. My dream is for us to enjoy every living moment together. As you probably understood, I am very interested in our correspondence :-) (you see, what a long letter I wrote you :-) Hope I havent bored with any of that. But that is how I view things in life.) Id like you to tell me more about yourself, about your life,country, about your family, leisure. Share with me what do you think about my dreams and if you have one of your own? (if its not a secrete, of cause) Tell me are you romantic? By the way, what do you expecting from our correspondence? You also can be free in asking me different questions. So Ill be eagerly waiting for your warm letters!!! with tender kiss on your cheek, Margo bogatova@mailru.comLetter #2Dear sir, We would like to inform you that Margo uses our translation and computer services Agency "Rings", ringsco@fromru.comPlease, visit our web site: Hi, dear Troy! I was so happy to receive your letter (it is, like always, full of pleasant energy! And you photos either :-))))and to learn more about you! I am so happy to hear from you again! You know, I think you are really the type of the man I have been searching for. It would be great to meet you in person and to know more about you. I know that I will do everything for the sake of my beloved. Ill be with him (you, maybe YOU?) in happy and sad times. I cant love a little. If I am in love my beloved will be the center of the Universe for me. I want to build the family only with a such man that I can rely entirely and be sure that hell never betray me. But dear, I have something unpleasant to say to you. You know, I dont know English well. I have studied It at school but I was not work hard. Now I am sorry about It! Because I have to use translators services to translate your and my letters. And Its very expensive. You know I dont work still, I take my mothers money. But now she has some problems at her work. I dont know what to do! I am really in difficult situation write now and only you can help. You became so important for me and I dont want to loose contact with you. Will you help me? Yes, I didnt confess you in It from the very beginning in the first letter but only from one reason: as soon as I tell man that i dont know English, they all(!) stop sending me letters! I didnt want this to happen with you to. You became so important for me! And now I have problems not only with language, but with money to... Its a big shock for you, I understand. And also I will understand If you stop writing me just like other. Maybe since that I will be disappointed in all men... Well, Its up to you to decide. Please let me know that do you think about all this! I hope for your understanding. Ill be happy to hear from you again because it seems to me that we are the part of the whole and our relationship can grow into something special and serious. Ill be waiting very much for your decision. Kiss you, Margo bogatova@mailru.comLetter #3Dear sir, We would like to inform you that Margo uses our translation and computer services. Agency "Rings" , our web site address: Hi, my dear Troy! I miss your letters so much! They are always like a sunlight for me! But now only darkness surrounds me... Dear , I have something important to say to you. Ive confessed you that I hope to find with the help of Internet a native soul, my second part without which Ill not even to breath. Im ready to develop strong and candid relationships with dignified man. I dont want to built castles in the ear but I really wanna hope that you will be that man who will make me happy. I dont know for sure what happens in my heart (it is felled with feelings and emotions!), but I can tell you, there happens something unusual and beautiful, something that can change my life... Oh, I wish you could share this feelings with me! Well this is all I wanted to say to you for now. (its not little, I think: to open your heart to man through Internet. I can not imagine how could I dare for such a braveaction...) I hope I touched something somewhere inside your heartbecause I gave you a piece of my one. Ill be looking forward for yourletter!!! (And I do hope that I wont have to pay for its translation bymyself, because I am really in difficult situation now. I am searching for ajob now, but till find it I must restrict myself in everything! I am like in deadlock: on one hand I need your letters and your love, on another hand, Ican not afford myself to correspond with you. I bag you, help me! Give us achance to love! I promise to be careful with your heart. I will pray for yourmutual feelings and understanding!) with tender kiss on your cheek,Margo
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