Natalia Kharkovskaya, Valeriy Kachalov Agency Nadin (Ukraine) from Kharkov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalia Kharkovskaya, Valeriy Kachalov Agency Nadin (Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalia Kharkovskaya, Valeriy Kachalov Agency Nadin (Ukraine)
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Natalia Kharkovskaya, Valeriy Kachalov Agency Nadin (Ukraine)I just met a Ukrainian woman who I believe is a con. I cooresponded with her from July 17-July 23rd 2002. My name is James, a 26 year old man. I responded to a woman whose profile was listed on as living in Los Angeles. Im pretty sure shes a con because in the 5th letter she asked for money and immediately sent me information about sending it to her. These are her two addresses I know of. Im also sending her picture. Who knows, maybe she does have good intentions, but she never really answered any of the questions I asked her. Svetlana Chepiga"

Hello, dear James! Thank you for writing me. I read your profile and think that you are very interesting person and I would like to get to know you closer. May be well find out that we are meant to be with you? If you are interested write me please Svetlana Letter 2: I am so happy to receive your letter. You know I have never had such an experience to communicate with someone through the Internet. And it is so exiting. I am interested in knowing more about you. You intrigued me with your personality. Id like to tell you more about me and my inner world. I am 22 years old. I live in Ukraine. Svetlana is my first name. I live with my parents. I dont have neither brother nor sister. I study at the Pedagogical University. My future profession is teacher of mathematics. I love children and dream of becoming a good teacher. I attend Orthodox Christian church. I like to communicate with people and to have fun. I also like to travel. Though I have not been to many places but every time I go to another city it is like holiday for me. You know it seems sometimes that when you come to another city where nobody knows you change and some new thoughts came to your mind. I like this feeling of somet Letter 3: Hello dear James! I am so happy to hear from you again. You sound like a nice and intelligent person. I would like to know more about you. Unfortunately I dont know English and I use the translation service. I study English on my own. It is rather difficult to do without the help of professional teacher but I try my best. I have some questions for you. What are your dreams? As for me I like to dream very much and hope my dreams will come true some day. I am optimistic and believe in good things. I believe that Ill find my soul mate that the God created for me. I am sure that when you want something very much youll certainly get it. Sooner or later but youll be success. I have been searching for the special man for all my life. You know it is not easy to find your second half. You can do some mistakes before youll finally get you happiness. One should deserve his happiness and youll appreciate it more if it has been given to you after you passed a long way of mistakes.You know love gives us sense to live and without it we and our life is empty. Love makes us better and opens for us a new world of wonders. Love can make miracles. There are no people who dont dream to find a true love, love that you can sacrifice everything, love that lights a fire inside you and gives you strength. I know that I will do everything for the sake of my beloved. Ill be with him in happy and sad times. I cant love a little. If I am in love my beloved will be the center of the Universe for me. I want to build the family only with a such man that I can rely entirely and be sure that hell never betray me. Ill be happy to hear from you again. I hope that we are the part of the whole and our relationship can grow into something special and serious. With love SvetlanaLetter 4:ello, dear James! I am so happy to hear from you. I really like you more and more after each your letter. You know I would be so happy if you find out I am the woman you are searching for. I really like your letters and feel that you can make the woman of your dreams happy. Thank you for your photos. I like them very much. I live in Lugansk. This is not very big town. The population of it is about 400 thousand people. It was built more then 200 years ago. It used to be an industrial city but after all this changes in our economy when Ukraine become an independent state practically all the factories were closed and now the majority of people work at the market selling things. The life is really difficult here. There are a lot of unemployed people and those who work dont get a salary or get such a small payment is not enough to buy food sometimes. Excuse me that I tell you such sad things but I cant lie. I dont like to complain and I like my country all the same. I hope that soon the situation will change and well have a better life here. I am disappointed with Russian men and thats why I am searching for Western husband. I have some questions for you too. What things do you regret about in your life? What would you like to change in yourself? What is happiness for you? What is the weather like in your country? It was raining all the day yesterday and today morning. I even didnt want to wake up and go to University. I just couldnt concentrate. I felt relaxing and in my head there were no thoughts about studies or things I should do. Do you know what I think about when it is raining? I would like to spend such day near the fair place or near the window with a cap of coffee or tea, reading some good book and waiting for the end of working day when my beloved man come back from job. I would open the door and say: "Hi sweet, I was missing you so much all the day" Then we would have nice and tasty dinner I cooked. He would tell me about his day, about everything. I would listen to him and maybe sometimes ( if hed ask ) I would advice something. Then, after washing the dish we would have a coffee and relax. Before to go sleep I would help him to take a bath:) and then we would see the sweetest dreams all the night. I dont know why do this thoughts visit my head now. Maybe it is because of rain? Or maybe everybody in this life sometimes want to feel themselves needed? It would be interesting for me to know what you think about it and what you think when it is raining. What are you dream about? Maybe our dreams are the same? My dear, I want to ask you about one thing. You know I use the translation service and because of the financial difficulties it is difficult for me to pay for it. Will you be able to help me with it? I would really appreciate it, my dear. So, I close this letter with a kiss, SvetlanaLetter 5:Hello dear James! I am so happy to hear from you. You are such a wonderful person. I really enjoyed your letter and you answers to my questions. I would be so happy to answer all your questions but I have been allowed to write you only a short letter without payment today. I would be really grateful to you if you help me with keeping our correspondence. I am so sorry that I have to ask you about help. But I am not able to do it because of the difficult financial situation now. I really dont know English at all and thats why I cant communicate with you without the help of translator. I use the Internet service at the agency as well. But I am not the part of the agency. I just use their service. Ill ask the director of the agency to send you an information about their services and prises. I want to tell you that you have become so important for me already and I really dont want to lose contact with you. We could write letters to each other by mail but you know that Internet is the fastest way of getting letters and more reliable because letter can be lost. My dear, Ill be waiting for your letter impatiently. With love Your SvetlanaLetter 6 (Western Union Information):Dear Sir, Thank you for using our service. We send you an information which includes our services and prices: Translation service: * to translate one letter - 5$ * to translate 10 letters - 50$ * to translate 20 letters - 90$ * to translate 10 min of phone conversation - 4$ * scan. photo - 1$ If you wish we can to arrange English language courses for your lady: * basic course: 3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 2 month - 420$ * basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 1 month - 225$ Terms of payment *transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars. The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Lugansk Bank Aval. You have: *to send your money, indicating the managers name as a receiver (Kharkovskaya Natalia) *to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number ( send an e-mail with information) Sincerely Yours Valeriy Kachalov agency "Nadin"
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