Oksana Krasnitskaya (Kharkov, Ukraine from Kharkov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oksana Krasnitskaya (Kharkov, Ukraine the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oksana Krasnitskaya (Kharkov, Ukraine
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Oksana Krasnitskaya (Kharkov, UkraineI work in the neuropsychological field, with children and young people, in a town in Northern Sweden. I met Oksana at Matrimus ukrainetourdotcom/matrimus in Decembet year 2000. I felt very strong for this lady and I wanted to be a good man for her and a friend and good stepfather for her child. It is difficult for me to report her but I do not want other men to fall through the same chaos as I did. It took time to decide but here is my letter. After reading you decide if she is a scammer or a probably scammer. Be alert if you meet her profile at a marriage agency. People can change, specially when their situation changes. Maybe in a couple of years she will be a lady you can trust. Learn from me: as soon as lady comes with certain types of stories that implies giving money, run away from her even when she had not directly ask for money! I sent her some money from time to time and then we met in April 2002. I could not travel before so I asked her to wait, if she was serious, and to remove her ad from Matrimus. She did so. Shes a very subtile lady when asking. Your dreams will easy make you ignore that you see she is trying to make yourself take the initiative to open your wallet. She could say: "I can not travel before paying my debts" (several thousands dollars). Of course, this is a statement with an implicit message. The statement enclose the underlying meaning that you have to react to it in some way, for instance taking the initiative to say "do not worry, my love, I will pay your debts so we can soon be together". I told her she can earn more money in Sweden and together with me she can pay her debts. She listened to me only when a relative working in the agency said I was right. It takes years for her to pay so much money! We could not wait that long! The only way to do it quick was if I gave her money. Yes??ŽI went blind because I liked her. Think, what a play from december 2000 to June 2002! A period of my life gone! I could be with another lady maybe. I wasted my time with her. It is like if these girls do not understand how themselves would feel if somebody do the same against their hearts. Theyve difficulties putting themselves in the place of the other. Well, maybe we humans would do anything when we need money. She could say too that she could not travel before the dentist finished fixing her teeth. And it would costs I think $200. I answered Sweden has good dental care, hight technology and resources and it cost less. But she trusted only her dentist in Kharkov. He is very good, she said. Of course, I wondered many times about many things over there but what could I do? I was already there and payed $1000 to travel and to have a flat. And then I wanted to be good for her. And we had waited so long time! Well, you sure understand how it can be. I always though that it was strange that she could wait so long time for a man. I told her that and I asked her why she waits so long for me. "I like you", she answered. I wonder now if she had other men at the same time that she had contact with me and got money from them too. Its around 1 year and 6 month of contact! Was I the only one? The must probably, I guess, is that she already had a local man from Kharkov too. When we met we decided we felt good together and would marry. Then it comes that I needed to pay for her passport. The price depends of how quick you want the passport. She got shortly ungry and aggressive when I started asking questions about that and shouted out: "Ok, I will pay myself my passport! Only poor people pay for waiting 3 months!". Her reaction had no proportion to how we were talking and handling the issue. I said I will pay, take it easy. So I did. I sent her later $300 through Western Union. The passport would cost $250 to get in 2 weeks. She never got that passport in 2 weeks. I still do not know at this moment wether she has a passport or not. In my last letter I shouted out that I wanted to see her passport. The reply to my letter came from the agency: she wanted to stop all correspondence with me. She wrote to me that she had found her ex-husband and he did not wanted to sign a document where he allows their child to travel abroad (see her email letter) but if I pay money -a lot of money- then maybe (and only maybe. Hmm??Žit looks like getting ready to say no after getting the money!) then maybe he would allow the child to travel. I answered that in Sweden authorithies do not ask anymore for such a document. She can just travel with the child if she likes cause it is assumed that father and mother agree about that. Then she changes the story. Now the child does not want to travel because he missed his father and he wants to be together with his father. I confront her with the sudden change and now the new story is thatthe child never wanted to travel abroad (my fault she said) but she though she would make him change his mind and thats why she never told me the truth from the beggining. So, she said yes to marry me knowing that the child did not wanted to travel and be with me? And so on??Žand so on??Ž Well, I will make it short: She changed story all the time, she adapted to my arguments, to the scene. She avoided me when we met, never gave me a kiss, not even a little one with a gentle touch of lips. Probably she had a local man all the time and this is maybe one of their ways to make a living. Yes, yes??ŽI know??ŽI was blind, ok? When she realizes that it is time to move and that I had no intention to pay former husbands debts then she puts an ad in another marriage agency. I was lucky to find her ad (while looking for another person that a friend wanted to find). Then I could not close my eyes anymore! I discovered this ad while we still were arguing about the situation otherwise only God knows how far things would have developed. I asked her how could she put an ad now? Does the ex-husband allow her to travel now? Does the child want to travel now? He doesnt want to be near his father anymore? She said she put an ad because I started to talk about other Kharkovs girls??Žbut does it matters when 1)former husband doesnt allow either her or the child to move abroad, does it matters when 2)the child himself wants to stay with the father?, does it matters when 3)the child doesnt want to move abroad with the mother and live with me? I have very big difficulties in understanding how a woman can place a profile in a marriage agency after giving me all this three story versions above, versions that so effective stop the enterprise of building a family with a Western. I informed this agency (Russian Zest) that they had a scammer. I sent her letter, gave insider information and scanned and sent a receipt from Western Union to them. They removed her profile at once from the agency and from the whole Angelika Network: Dear Sir, I never keep scammers on my site and when I have any prevent of it (as I do now) I will remove her immediately from my site and from tomorrow she will be not shown on my site any more. Thanks for your effort and warning." "This lady wad removed from all sites of Angelika Network and will never come back. Thanks for all your information, it was very helpful. Kind regards, Svetlana Mahoney" I got a letter from Oksana telling that herself removed her profile but it was me who removed it! ??? Of course, not all of the ladies in Matrimus are like this one. I have not informed Matrimus but they know because they were translating our correspondence. Julio.

ksanas letter:Hello dear Julio, Today as I promised you I came to the agency in order to get your letter and write you mine. Julio, sorry that yesterday I could not listen to you attentively but when you called I was sleeping. You know its difficult to sleep for 4 hours eachday. So yesterday I wanted to sleep when we were talking. Im sorry. Julio, today I met Yaroslavs father or my former husband. Julio, yesterday I asked you not to be pessimistic but today I understood that you were right and everything was as you told but even worse. He didnt beat me but when he found out that Im going to move he didnt allow me to do it. He didnt hear any reasons. He doesnt want to allow Yaroslav to move from the country. The only thing, which can help to solve it. (I cant write it in the letter). Now he has a lot of debts. And he told that if I paid all his debts might be he would allow us to move. But its a big sum of money. Neither you nor I have such money, thats why he hides from everyone. He thinks that if I want to move to another country it means, I found a rich husband and in order to move I will do everything. He didnt want to hear any reasons that Im going to move to not a rich man. He told that he wouldnt allow his son to move to another country to live there in poverty. I talked to him for 4 hours but couldnt do anything. Julio, I dont know what to do. Please, advise me something. I get a depression now. Im in blind alley. I promise you to try to talk to him again. Hope will die in the last turn. Wait for your letters, Oksana
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