Denis from Beloozersk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Denis the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Denis (Deny) from Beloozersk (or Minsk Belarus,) This scammer got my email address off of the internet. We wrote for three weeks ending the last of July. I never relied to the last email mentioning money and have not heard from the scammer since. Kevin Letters:

Letter 1:Hello my name is Denis (Deny). I looked your photo in internet and I like you very much.I think you are a real man...But let me introduce myself. Let me start from the very beginning. Some words about myself. Im from the small town Beloozersk(Belarus). I have very kind, but strict parents.I am 25 y.o.I have not children. I graduated from the institute this eyar. My profession is economist.I am very seldom in Beloozersk, and I spend my time in Minsk mostly.I live in a hostile, so you could not call me, because there is no a telephone in my room. But if you will intresting in my person you can give me your telephone number ,and i will try to call you. Im fond of tennis, I like to go to cinemas,to museums, I go to discos,to concerts.I read a lot. I feel lonely and I wanna meet a rael man who could love me with all his heart and to whom I could give all my love an tenderness. I hope you are the man Im waiting for. I do the sports regularly, I walk, go to gym, in other words I watch my fisical apperiance. I dont smoke, I drink a red wine as an alcohole only and just on big holidays. I love children.I dont have close brothers and sisters, but I have a dog who loves me and whom I love.I did dancing since I was 8 y.o. and I danced in many ansambles.Once we wemt to Austria with our dance group. In men I admire hys mind, bravity and kindness most. I think such a man can do a woman happy. And I hope you are such a man.Im fond of cooking, and cakes are the best what I can cook. I wanna have a child from the man I love. I cant say anything about my bad features,its better to ask my friends, they should know better. I dream to find ajod on my specialization (economist) somewhere abroad. Its difficult to find a job in Belarus. They pay very little, because our country is very little economicly developped. So it is difficult to live in our country. But work is the second thing I think of. The first one is a family. I soon will come to USA (I think in next mounth).I will work there babysitter,and I will stay in USA 3 mounth. Please send me your photo in your answer if you like me .Write me about you at all and about your life.Write me please about your attitude to domestic animals, which ones you prefere more. What kind of books do you read. What is your favorite film and an editer.What do you like in a woman. What your dream.And about all,all you can! Thats it. Im waiting for your answer. Deny.Hello my dear Kavin!!!!!!!!! I was glad to get your reply. How are you doing? How is the weather? I am fine. I was to the job interview. It was nice. I signed the final papers and filled in questionnaires. I learnt the details. I will fly from Moscow. The date is not yet known, something in two and a half weeks. In USA a man will meet me. He will take me to hotel as I will need a place to spend the night and to have some rest. Then the same man will take me to the family I will work at. Hopefully, the family will be nice. As soon as I know the date and time I will let you know. It would be nice if could meet me if you have time. I would be glad. I will feel lonely in the unfamiliar city and I want to see you. Tomorrow we go to the lake. I want to get sin burnt before the trip. Tonight we are going to view movies till late night. In general, I am fine, but there are many things to attend to prior to the trip.How do your people accept Russian? Sorry for the short message, many things to do. I will tell you everything in next letter. We will have much time to learn each other. Looking forward to see you soon. With kisses DENY!!!!!!! P.S.I will chek my e-mail tommorrow.Hello my dear Kevin!!!!!!!!!!! How are you ?How is the weather? I am fine .The weather is here hot,it is 29-31C.Yesterday I was in the cinema .I saw a film named -The lord of the rings-.It is a great film and I liked it so much.When I was 18-19y.o. I read book-The lord of the rings-wrote by R.Tolkien.Have you seen or read it?If not you must try, it is very interesting. Today at the evening I will go to my grandma.She leaves near Minsk in small town named Dzerginsk.She is very old and I love her very much.She is very kind and funny.I am going to print your photo and show her .Every time when I wisit her she asking me when I am going to marry.I can talk with her about all my problems and happy moments ,because I trust to her on 100%.I think she will like you. At the next week I will know where I will work(town and other all things about my trip).I ask- ed on firm to find work for me somewhere near you.They sad that maybe it will be possible. It will be great if they can do it, as so we can see each other often.I will be in US 3 monthes,so we will have many time. My dear I dont like lie ,that is why I decided to close this my e-mail adress and I will open new one,so now write me on my new e-mail adress( ,dont forget it).I decided to do it because 1,5 mounth ago I send my anketa and photos to datind agency.So now I reacive letters from different men.But I dont want to read it and I am tired delete it.I like you and I fell somthing to you , I think that you are good and kind man and I fell that I can trust you.So write me on my new e-mail ( ) It is a pity that we cant talk by phone ,because I have not place where you can ring up to me. And now I cant ring up to you because now I have not left money.I must do many pays-visa+ tikket+pay for servis.Special international telephone card cost 30 USD but I cant buy it now, sorry but we must wait our meeting.I think all will be good. I have quastion to you.US autemn is cold or not?What kind of clothes better to take with me? I will chek my e-mail and send answer to you at saturday morning. Well I must finish. I always thinking about you... With kisses your Deny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new e-mail is Do not forget it!!!!!!!!Hello my dear Kevin!!!!!!!!!! How are you?I am fine .The weather is very hot,but somtimes it is rainy.I dont like hot weather ,it is not comfortable,I think. I came from Dzerginsk at esterday evening. I was very tired,and went sleep immediatly.I was meesing without reading you letters ,so when I got up at morning first what I did is went to inter net-cafe.So now I am siting and writingan answer for you.I showed your pikture (I printed it) to my grandma.She liked you and asked me will give to you her best wishes.All friday I helped my grandma in her house work as she is very old and cant do many things. What you did all this time ?Maybe you have some news?I heard from TV news that polis arrested pressident Bush grand-daughter.Is it truth?USA are very free country.My country is not free . Our TV show only what our president goverment wants.Many people who tried say truth missed I dont like my goverment, most of them dont care about country and they care only about themselfs and their familys.Sorry me for writing it ,it is not interesting. What are you going to do at weekend?As for me I will spend this weekend by siting at home and looking TV.Maybe I will read book.Now I read book named *Master and Margarita*by M.Bulgakov.It is russian writer.Have you read russian writers books?I will have good rest , because future week will be very hard and difficult for me. At two oclock I will go to sweeming pool . And after that I will go home. Maybe I will cook cake.Do you like cakes?I can cook very-very good cakes and many other dishes.What is your favourit dish? Well I must finish my letter, my time is over.I will check my e-mail and send answer at tuesday, because internet cafe will be close at monday.I will meesing you.... Have a good weekend. With kisses your Deny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S.Please write me your full adress, I want to write it in my handbook.Hello my dearest !!!!!!! Sorry for later letter in monday internet cafes are closed. How are you my darling.I am fine, but only missing you.The weather is her good now it is 25C. How you spended your weekend?As about me all weekend I was at home. Maybe you have some news? Today evening I will go to Beloozersk.I want visit my parents.I will be there 2-3 days. My dear I am sorry for short letter ,but I am very bisy and now I must hurry go to firm and after to hospital.I must do some analises because I will work with children I must have good health.Tommoroy I will write you long letter. Kiss kisss kisss kisss!!!!!!!!!! I always thinking about you With kisses your DENY!!Hello my dear Kavin!!!!!! I dont reacive letters from you....... How are you ?I am fine.The weather is good.It is not so hot, it is 24-25C.I like the weather like now . Now I am in Beloozersk.And I will be here 3 days more.I will go to Minsk at sunday evening. Because at monday I must go to my firm , and there they will say me all important things about my trip to USA.So soon I will know place of my work and other things. In Beloozersk I spend all time with my family. I will miss them when I will be in USA.Yesterday I played tennis with my friends.There is tennis corts near my house.After I will finish my letter I will go for a walk with my dog ,I will miss her too. Tommorow will be my father bithday.We will celebrate it with oyr family and close friends.I think it will be nice and funny.It is a pity that my grandma will not come as she is too old for trips. Yesterday I saw film about plane crashed in montains. And people who not died will alive there mor than two mounth,there was no food and they eated corps of dead people.It is very terrible situations.But the most terrible is that it is a true story.I dont know how to write the name of this film in english.Now I am afraid of flying more than before. Well my dear I must finish my letter. I allways thinking about you.... With love and kisses your Deny!!!!!!!! Hello my dear Kevin!!!!! How are you? I am fine,but the weather is hot again. Fathers birthday was very interesting and funny.There was many people and all af them are very interesting . What are you going to do on weekend?As for me I will be home ,and tomm- orow evening I will go to Minsk .Maybe today I will go with my friends to the lake.There is 3 lakes around my town. I choosed and collect clothes wich I will take with me to US.Oh!It is a very big bag. You know my darling ,I bought very interesting present for you.I think you will like it .But sorry! I cant write about it ,because it is secret. My father dont like that I will go to US, he is worry about me .But my mother is very happy for me ,she know me better and dont worry. I will write you back at tuesday.I will write all about my trip in US. So my dear I must finish my letter. Have a good weekend. With love and kiss your Deny!!!!!!!!!! Hello my dear Kavin!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 How are you? As for me I am fine.I have very good news. All is ready and I will go to USA at 7 august. I will fly from Poland (Warshava) at 16.40. I will be with 5 wemen more ,they will work babysitters too.We will fly to New York. There spetial russian women will meet us and will bring us to hotel.The current place of my work I dont know now .Because in New York this women will give us list of cities and states where we can work.And I will choose place of work somewhere near you. They sad that they have job at all states.So I hope all will be good. I know that I will work inrussian family.You know that tere are a lot of russian people live in USA and most of them need babysitter ,and of cours most of them want russian babysiters,It is mor convinient for them.I will earn 1500-1800$ per mounth.For me it is great.10% of money that I will earn I must give to firm. But I have one problem .At monday I fond out that I need 2 tikets.One to USA and the second out from USA.So now I try to find money for second tiket.I am going to ask my friends for money .I must hurry because I have only a week before my trip. So I must finish, as I am very bisy. I am always thinking about you... With love and kisssssss your Deny!!!!!!!
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