Ekaterina Bugayova from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ekaterina Bugayova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ekaterina Bugayova
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Ekaterina/Katya Bugayova (Lugansk, Ukraine) MillenniumGirls/Tatyana PatzaulI am a white male from the USA and would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Kataya Bugayova. She has a profile listed at matchdoctor under the name of "Bygayova". Her e-mail is tour2002@leasat.net and her address is Bugayova Ekaterina, Covetskaya Street 4/47, Lugansk, 91000, Ukraine. How surprising and unexpected, another scammer from Lugansk! The agency she is using supposedly is Millennium Girls"- Internet mail delivery agency, and the manager is Tatyana Patzaul. They also have the exact same e-mail address as Katya. They are trying to get me to send money to them for correspondence with their supposed client. What makes me very suspicious of this girl and this agency is that I wrote her and she sent to me the exact same letter as she had sent to me a month earlier. It seems as if her letters were pre-written which would explain why she would send the exact same letter two times when I had written to her different letters with different questions and she seemed to avoid my questions which was common with her. Her letters were always very vague and never seemed to answer any of my question. I would be very cautious in dealing with her if she really exists at all and also the agency Millennium Girls, as it all has the markings of a scammer agency as well as a scammer lady. Sincerely, S.H. (SCAM HUNTER)Letters:

Dear Sir, Welcome to the "Millennium Girls"- Internet mail delivery agency, Your letter has been printed ,translated and delievered to Bugayova Ekaterina. We offer you "two FREE letters trial" ,that means youd be able to write and get two letters free. Our staff will gladly provide you with any information and answer any question you have. Sincerely Tatyana Patzaul post manager MIllennium Girls mail to: tour2002@leasat.netThank you for your letter. I was very glad to receive it. I liked everything you wrote me about yourself! Thank you for beautiful compliments! I think I have to tell you something about myself now. What can I start from? Honestly, Im not form that people who are fond of talking about themselves. I prefer listening more then speaking myself. Well+ I have the beautiful and resonant name - its Ekaterina. In English it sounds like Katherine, but I prefer the Russian version of my name. So was called the great Empress of the Russian Empery of the 18th century. In my everyday life Im mostly called Katya, or Katyusha. Im 24 y.o, I live in the city of Lugansk, that is situated on the east of Ukraine, that is famous for its steppes, coal and beautiful yards. Im working as a sport manager in the sport club, and study marketing in the economical university of our city. Im fond of sport and prefer bodybuilding, not professionally but for myself. I understand that working in the sport club supposes going into sport, because its rather difficult to work there but do not like sport. So, for me there are two very important moments in my job - the possibility of earning money and time for pleasure. As you have probably noticed I took all of my photos at the sea, because I must confess that sea is my weakness. Sea has always been some kind of a mystery for me. It always shows me something new every time when I visit it. It shares with its secrets and I like to know that still sea is something unknown for me. The sun shining, the sky, thewaves, the crying gulls, the wind blowing, the smell of the sea and the feeling of patience - what can be more pleasant? I like traveling very much, though I must say that I have never been abroad. I have explored the territory of my native land far and wide and now Im very curios what is there behind the border of Ukraine. Its like a mystery for me and I like mysteries so much. I like to feel that still there is something new for my inquisitive glance, waiting for discovering and exploring. How can I describe my character? Well, thats rather difficult for me, and I think not only for me but also for every one. Dont you think so? Im very persistent in the achieving my aim, very confident in my abilities and opportunities, truthful and friendly. At the same time I am very communicative and easygoing person, Im fond of creating comfort around my friends and me. You may be wondering what I am looking forward from this correspondence? Id better say that Im looking for to meet my second half and life partner. Im looking for someone who can protect me from everyday troubles, who will accept me, as I am, who will treat me as a real personality. I need someone to take care of, to give my love and admiration. Though my English is not well enough for writing letters myself and because of this I use the service of the agency here. I came to the agency in hope to meet a reliable man, who desires to create a happy loving family. And I will become a loving and faithful wife for this man. And Id like to learn more about you, your preferences, work and friends, about your family. What do you like, what do you do when you are free? I will close now, and am waiting for your letter. I send you my photo and hope to receive your in return! Take care. Sincerely, Katya Dear Sir! Your letter has been printed, translated and delievered to Bugayova Ekaterina. We are at your service. Well be glad to provide you with all the necessary help and information. Best regards, Tatyana Patzaul post manager mailto:tour2002@leasat.netThank you for your replay. You did not send me your photos, unfortunately. I liked everything that you told me about your life, dear. Hope our correspondence will be pleasant for both. Ill tell you more about myself. I appreciate beauty and beautiful things. As any woman, I adore flowers. Of course roses. Rose is a queen of flowers, and each woman is a queen in her soul. Roses are like women. They are lovely and proud. They are tender and full of smell that mesmerizes all around. And the velour surface of petals is like skin of a woman: you cant help the desire to kiss it more and more. Red roses are especially beautiful. Its not a girl; its a woman in the pick of her beauty. With some experience behind her, charming in her motherhood, aware about all the happiness and danger of real life, and, nevertheless, ready to Love, anxious about Love. Whoever is able to stand against it? My favorite color is pink. But I know that no color is beautiful as it is, only the combination of them. And I suppose its like people, that is the best features of people are opened only in combination with somebody; when you find your second half your soul is in blossom. I like to wear comfortable clothes. Being an energetic woman, I need to be always in motion. So, very often you can see me in trousers. But when I may relax, I like to be a real woman - charming, mysterious, feminine and sexual. Then anyone is in love with me. I think I need to tell you some more facts from my biography, because only knowing the past we can create the future. Do you agree with me? . So, I think I will go back to my family. My family consists of four members: my Mum, my Dad, my brother, and me. What I can say about my parents is that they adore me. All their life is obeyed to this, to their desire to protect and make me happy. They live in me, if you understand what I mean. They are happy when I am happy, and every pain of me hurts them even more. I dont know if I am able to love so much+You know, my parents are the example for me of a true and honest love. They are together for about 30 years, and still they love each other no less then when they met. I have always been dreaming about such relations like my parents have. My brother is a little younger then I, he is already 18. He is a nice boy, if I can call him so J. He is much taller and stronger then me, and you will never guess that he is my younger brother. Some times I tease him, saying "little boy"J, but this never offends him, because he understands that these are only jokes. Now Im living along, without my parents, though I visit them every week. I have very cozy apartment and I like to cook and create comfortable atmosphere there. My home is always full of guests and friends. Im fond of making parties and inviting a lot of guests, I like joy and noise. Some of my friends sometimes say that Im too noisy. But such I am, nothing more and nothing less. You have only to accept me, as I am. Im looking forward your next letter. You can ask me everything you want. It would be a real pleasure for me to answer you. Hope to hear form you soon. Take care. Sincerely, Katya. P.S. My address is: Bugayova Ekaterina Covetskaya Street 4/47 Lugansk 91000, UkraineDear Sir, Unfortunately we can not transfer the letter from Bugayova Ekaterina to you, because the correspondence is not paid. Let us inform you about the way of payment for your correspondence. Your first two letters are free, and then they should be paid for. For additional information please, apply to our agency staff. Id like to tell you thet the girls come to the agency and ask us to advertise them in several foreign agencies,we do so. The idea with "two free letters" was a good decision of our psychologist,because it helps people to understand each other and figure out if they are compatible and wish to continue corresonding . As you might know,in a bunch of agencies the corresondence should be paid at once,even though you dont know the person you intend to write . We hope to continue our cooperation. We are at your service 5 days a week without breaks and be glad to provide you with all the necessary help and information. Best regards, Tatyana Patzaul post manager mail to : tour2002@leasat.netDear Sir! Your letter has been printed, translated and delievered to Bugayova Ekaterina. We are at your service. Well be glad to provide you with all the necessary help and information. Best regards, Tatyana Patzaul post manager mail to : tour2002@leasat.net
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