Elena Scheglova (Cheboksary, Russia) from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Scheglova (Cheboksary, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Scheglova (Cheboksary, Russia)
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Elena Scheglova (Cheboksary, Russia) Elena Scheglova Kadykova Street. 36 ap.130 Cheboksary,Russia 428000I am Andrew Harman a retired military person that has 7 year old daughter. I have not been looking for a date although when the scammer started writing out of the blue it was very pleasant. She never ask for money for months. I even accused her of scamming and she was affended and made me feel so wrong. I put my trust in this women. After 6 months me and my baby Amber were being ordered to an other area for work and I ask her to come i gave her with out regret 100 through western union which she said that she had internet bills and it was a blessing to get the money, She also said she was going to get her passport which i guess she did not because then she told me that the airline ticket was only 520. which seem way low after checking and the prices were in the 1000s to make a long story short because to tell you the truth after she started calling me and then give me the flight numbers and all to Denver I was convinced she was real. I was at the airport waiting she never arrived. I never regretted losing the 1300 and would have been more although only that she never said thankyou or get lost or anything at the end. She wrote to me everyday for 6 months it just was wrong after hiring an investigator i found no one at the address with this name and no one home at this address and no one registered to this name in cheboksary. I would have given anything for her to have been for real.

July 26 2002 3:40amHello Andrew, I again have come in Internet-Caffe and likely last time. I hardly hardly have escaped from my friends and girlfriends. All my girlfriends Envy me because I have found such remarkable man As YOU!!!!! I love you very much. I want faster to embrace you. Likely when You will meet me in the airport I to cry with happiness. At me already There are tears of pleasure on eyes. I can not trust in that that already In 3 days I shall be in America in your embraces. I love you very much. I believe in our happy future. I want you very much. I want to engage sex With you I want to caress your body to kiss your lips, neck, breast, stomach I shall be lowered all below and below and mmmmmmm I want it very much. NowI can is open to speak you that each night I dreamed of sex with you. I to wake up at the night all damp and exited. I want suck your cock, I want suck out him up to last drop. I shall deliver to you sooooooo more Pleasure I want that you have departed highly to the sky to a star from pleasure. I want you very much. I want .......................... And all this I shall feel in three days. I love you. When you will meet me search for a light-blue silk scarf. It will be I. Still I in hands will have large black bag with my things and By your gift. I shall give you a gift which you have no in America. Now I shall finish the letter. Likely I can not write to you in a near future any more Because I shall be astir. If I shall have time that I shall write from Moscow. But if I shall not have time to write To you that do not take offence and do not feel anxiety it means that I already sit in the plane And fly to you on wings love. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For ever yours Lena Hello Andrew, Hi my favourite husband. I am glad to receive your letter as always. I love you very much and soon very soon all my dreams will real. I dreamed of our meeting already a lot of time and now it will be Wou !!!!!!!!!! I love you very much. Today I visit my relatives and The friends. We have carried out good time together. I have written down many addresses All friends also I shall write to them of the letter. Today we with the mum have made the application On the telephone and us have told that will lead the telephone only in 5 days. I leave to my mum your address and telephone and when to us in an apartment Will establish the telephone the mum will call to you or already to us. I have learned The mum to some English offers and I think that you can To understand that she wants.Wou!!!!!!! 2 days up to my start. I love you very much. Now I have not enough time I shall write to you today in evening. I love you. For ever yours Lena july 25 2002 Hello Andrew, Today I very long spoke with my mum concerning you and mine trip To you. I shall tell to you honourly that my mum very strongly worries. I sole The child in family and mum very much worries about me. Earlier mum easily concerned to this And now when there were 3 days she very much worries. I love you Also I want as soon as possible to get in your embraces. But my mum very much worries from for me because I For the first time leave from her very much far and can be For ever. I love you and I want to be your wife. If You agree to marry me that I shall stay with you for ever. I very much want that it happened. My mum strongly is anxious. She wants that we could Frequently to talk on the phone, but we have no the telephone In the house. I shall worry for the mum too and too I want to her to call. When I shall be in USA I shall feel quietly If I shall know that with my mum all well. Earlier we with the mum Could not establish the telephone in our apartment because it costs Very dearly for us but now I feel that the telephone is very necessary. The installation the telephone costs 9500 roubles approximately = $ 317. I have still a little money from that that you have sent me but them strongly not enough for the telephone. My mum urgently asks you that you have helped to establish to us The telephone. It is last request for our family. The telephone will be very necessary To us with you and my mum. I very much ask you help to establish the telephone to us In the house and my mum will be quiet. She can speak with you and me at any time. I worry behind the mum too. I want even once in one week to call to her. My mum and I very much we ask you about it. Please. It is last entreaty. I love you and always I think of you. For ever yours Lena. july 25 2002 Hello Andrew my Love !!!!!!!!!! I hour back have arrived back in Cheboksary and at once has gone in Internet-Caffe To write to you joyful news. Today I have received money Also has bought the tickets. I take off from Moscow of July 28. Wou !!!!!!!!!!! In 3 days I can To embrace you and to kiss long long while your person my lip lipstick will not become covered. To me will be reached to fly from 2 changes: Moscow - Los Angeles: Date a start: 1225 - July 28 Date of arrival:1415 - July 28 Aeroflot 0321 Los Angeles - Denver : Date a start: 1737 - July 28 Date of arrival: 2100 - July 28 Alaska Airlines Inc 1895 I love you very much very much. I want to be your wife once and for all. I want to see you Soon is very speed. I can not wait our meeting. I love you very much. I yours for ever!!!!! I very much missed without the mum. She was very glad that I have arrived. My mum very much worried From behind my long absence. But now I have calmed her. I love the mum as well as you. I very much miss without you. Today I have invited all friends on farewell evening. Tomorrow all my friends will be going together In my apartment and we shall mark my departure in USA. Excuse that I could not write to you earlier. As soon as I have bought the ticket I at once has paid Behind the hotel also has gone on road service station. I have arrived home by the bus because it much more Faster than in a train. Wou!!! Now I at home with the mum again. I love you more than my life I is ready to make all for the sake of you. Soon we shall together Also we shall be together always. I very much love you!!! I very much miss without you. I feel myself by the most proud woman in our city. All my girlfriends Envy me. I shall write to them the letters. we sat with the mum twenty minutes together and talked all day about us to you. I am very happy, but My mum is very disturbing for me. I told to the mum that you the most good man In the world also that I shall be very happy with you. I love you!!!!!!! Soon I shall tell to you all about Russia. You will know about Russia all. I shall know all About USA. I am happy!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!! I shall write to you tomorrow. Your wife Elena july 24 2002Hi my love. I am glad to receive your letter. Your letters sole that Consoles me today. I could not receive today passport Back. Me have told that my visa passes final registration And I can receive the passport later. And I could not receive money today. We with Alexander have paid half of cost for my ticket that it could not To buy other people. Today I again have sent the telegram to the mum about that that she did not worry Also that with me all is good. I already long time am in Moscow and my mum likely Very much worries. Today at us is very hot. In the sky there was no cloud. Approximately 30 degrees. Today I went in a wax museum. It was pleasant very much to me. There were submitted It is a lot of the famous Russian people: the leaders, presidents, film actors etc....... All of them were in complete size and looked as present. I very much miss without you. All my ideas only about you and about our happy future. I love you very strongly. For me the life without you became intolerable. I think of you Constantly. You pass to me each night in mine dream. I love you more and more and more. Likely if who be has told that I could not see you I has died. YOU are my life. Now to me very much does not suffice yours presence here Near to me. I want to nestle on you and to not release you never. I love you very much. But soon I am very speed I can to make a reality my dream I love you very much. For ever your wife Elena,july 23 2002Hi my favourite husband Andrew. I love you very much. At the given moment I miss without you very much. But is soon very soon we shall together. Today I am very tired. I all the day have carried out in embassy. I signed various papers and documents. Was very much It is a lot of questions down to mine the biography and biography mine The relatives. I did not think that all so difficultly but glory to the god All behind. At me all is good. I receive the visa of July 27. I could not receive money today because my passport was in embassy Together with my documents. I shall receive them tomorrow and at once after that I shall buy the ticket.We went with Alexander in the airport and reservation mine the tickets. Now it is possible are not afraid of that That the tickets can will be finished. I shall have the tickets 100 %. Dear mine Andy I love you very much. I think of you 25hours per day. Soon I can embrace you and Amber my daughter. Andrew YOU my most favourite man in the world. I can not live without you. YOU and I and Amber we shall be very happy together. I very strongly love you. I dream of day when I to be lowered about a gangway of the plane and I shall see you. Mmmmmmm At this momentI shall feel the happiest woman in the world. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!! I can not live without you. Tomorrow I shall write to you flight of my plane. Your wife Elena Harman. july 22 2002Hello Andrew, I have received your letter very short. I love you very strongly. I want to become ??? ????? the wife and I shall be to her. Why you do not write to me??? I love you very much mine lovely. I never lie to you. All my words sincere. The tickets really cost so dearly up to Denver. Also it is necessary to buy two tickets because under my visa It is impossible to buy a single ticket. The American government Is afraid of that that many people from Russia go in America and remain There. Therefore they have entered such rule. Write to me the letter please. I love you very much. Your future wife Elena Harman.
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