Maryana Pismennaya from Zaporozhye, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Maryana Pismennaya the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Maryana Pismennaya
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Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Maryana Pismennaya (Zaporozyhe, Ukraine) Scarlett Agency (Tatiana Lavrichenko, director) I am a white male from the USA and I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Maryana Pismennaya and also a scammer agency called Scarlett Agency and the director Tatiana Lavrichenko. The e-mail of the agency is and Maryana has an e-mail address of . Her mailing address is Maryana Pismennaya, Kiyashko st. 42-57, Ukraine, Zaporozhye, 69065. Her DOB is March 27th. From the very onset, she is claiming to be out of a job, poor and is already asking money for correspondence for her letters and wants $50. Not a great way to start off a relationship in my humble opinion. She dont seem to answer any questions that I have asked of her and again her main theme in all of her letters to me is how poor she is and needs "MONEY" for her letters to me. Her agency is Scarlett Agency and the manager of this agency is Tatiana Lavrichenko. I have read in other reports about Scarlett Agency and how it is not a company to be trusted. This agency of course wants me to send them $50 to them by Western Union as Maryana is "very interested in our correspondence" according to this director of the agency Tatiana. I do believe it is illegal for business to use Western Union to get money for their services in the Ukraine. If smells like a scam, tastes like a scam then most likely it is a scam and I have sent no money to them. Please post this scammer along with her agency and add them to your scammer list. Sincerely, S.H. (SCAM HUNTER)Letters:

Thank you very much for your message. Id like to continue our correspondence as Im interested in you after reading your email. But Im very sorry, I couldnt reply your letters as I had lost my job some time ago and I cant pay for this correspondence now. If you pay for it well continue.Im a very honest person thats why Id like to say that my intentions are very serious because Im a family oriented woman and want to dedicate my life to a decent kind and tender man whom I could call my husband. Its a pity but I had a very sad experience in correspondence through the Internet, so I dont want it to repeat again. Ive understood that some men do it for fun.These men dont care that they play with somebodys feelings and they dont even imagine that this correspondence cost a lot for the woman from the former USSR. And its very painful to discover one day that a man simly played with you or his intentions were not serious. I hope you arent one of those men. Im very sorry to begin with these words but Id like to have honest relations. If your intentions are serious and you are still interested in our correspondence and if you are ready to pay for it, Ill be glad to get your detailed letter about you with photos and Ill answer any questions you are interested in with great pleasure. My best regards. Sincerely Mariana Thank you very much for your letters and picture. I really like the way you look and you attracted me very much. It just a quick note to let you know that I got your letters and I am very interested in you. You have a lot of questions in your letter, so Ill take home your letters and try to reply on all your questions. So, tomorrow Ill bring my letter to the agency and send it to you. For now I am sending you my pictures and I hope youll like them. Have a nice day, sincerely MarianaThank you very much for your letter and greetings with Womens Day. It was very kind of you.I was so happy to readingin your E-mail a lot of interesting information about you and your way of living and noticed that we have much in common.I think that you are a lucky man to have a good job and satisfied with it. As for me now its my dream to have such a job. I love my profession too, but now its very difficult in my country to find a good job. its a great pity. I an a professoinal tailor. Soma years ago I finished High Womens School in my city and got a profession of a tailor and a hairdresser. The last one wasnt used by me as a job, I have only cut my mothers hair and she has been always satisfied with my work :-)))). Ny dream was to become a modeller, to create and design a new style of clothes and to study computer design. Then I finished sewing college to heigter my qualification. After that I finished school of models and dot the profession of model.That time I made my own collection of summer womens clothes. I took part in show demonstrating my own collection. But there are a lot of difficulties in this sphere of life in our country........ You must have enoght means or sponsor to be successful( the last one was not for me cos I didnt want to have any relations with a man only because of his money). That is why I tried tofind the way to earn money for living. I worked in a network company"Visoin"( you can read about the company: It was interesting working there, but I couldnt earn money for the more or less decent life. After "perestroyka in our country we lost all our saving as many people did, so now its very difficult to do something with out start-capital. I even stoped to attend the English courses, cos I was not able to afford it, after losting my job. The same about computer design. I took lessons up to the time I lost my job. And now ( I am very sorry to write you about it)If you wouldnt pay for our correspondence I couldnt reply your letters though I am very interested in you.I havent got a computer at home, that is why I use a service of the marriage agency "Scarlett". I use a help of interpreter, so i have to pay for everything, which I cant afford. I see the system in the agency is like this. If a man interested in particular lady-client, he send 50$ per month to the director of the agency Tatiana Lavrichenko and it will mean that the particular lady-client has a free of charge service for the correspondence with a man who pays. The service included receiving and sending letters, translation, any pictures may received or sending for lady-client from the man who payed.In fact you can write to the director like and shell explain you the details. Ill try to answer your questions.I am honest, truthful andfaithful person, as my parents brought me up in a such way. My intentions are very serious too. id like to find my man, who would love me and protect against evel things, who would dive me his affection and care and Ill give the same in return and even double. Its a pity, but my father perished in auto-accident when I was 9 y.o. After his death, my mum worked very hard to give me the best she could.Now she is continue to work as a teacher. Ive got a grandfather(81y.o.), an aunt, 2 cousins, a nephew and neice. We have lived close to each other and have good terms.In our family nobody has smoked and we prefer to drink white or red wine only on special occasions. I have beeb in former Czechoslovakia when I was 9y.o. My mother got a job there and we lived in that country during 3 years. I am fond of travelling very much. Every year I went to the Crimea in summer to have a rest, cos this place is so beautiful and I like sea greatly. I love nature very much and i enjoy to go in for sports when I have free time. I an fond of good music and dancing.Adore theatre and exibitions (art). 8 of March we went with my mother to the theatre where are we saw a nice musical comedy. It was really great!!!! I have been on many cities of Ukraine and Russia. By the way , my native language is Russian, but I also speak a little bi of Ukrainian :-)))))). I think it will be great to meet in person for example in Kiev. Its very beautiful city, I am sure youll like it very much. Or we can meet in Zaporozhye, its a town I live in. Michael, I have a lot to tell you, but its very difficult to do in one e-mail. The only thing, Id like to add now is that I believe in fate and destiny and i believe in nice people. in happy future and of course in true love! I I am a romantic inside and a great optimist:-)))) Please, ask me any questions and Ill always answer Sincerely.Have you ever been married? Why are you looking for your future wife abroad? as you asked I give you my home address; Maryana Pismennaya 69065 Zaporozhye Kiyashko st. 42-57 Ukraine My Birthday is 27 of March. What about yours? Have a nice day and I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely Mariana ( in Ukrainian it sound like Maryana) I hope youll like my pictures.Thank you very much for you interesting letter. I am agree with you that a letters never gives a full imagination about person, so only personal meeting can show that attraction and attachment which may take a place between two people. Ill gladly meet you in person if youll have a possibility to cam to Ukraine. But of course, before it happen we should have to learn things about each other. Ill appreciate your recent pictures, as its not fear that you saw a few of mine , but I am only your one :-)))). Its a really spring here in Ukraine, so i feel that my heart filling with so much pleasant amotions and I have a feelings that something very special must happen in my life soon... I hope very much that it connected with our pleasant acquaintance. Dear, I already sent you a few letters with pictures, so this is the last one I can afford, so please, write to the Director of the agency and ask the address how you can transfer her the money for our correspondence ( I wish you the best and hope to hear from you very soon, Have a nice day, with hope, Mariana . I hope you are fine. I just wondered where are you.Please, let me know if you are still interested in our communication. Warm regards, Marianna. Thank you for your letter and late greetings, it was very kind of you. But I see your interest is not really strong, cos during all those days you couldt find a time to write me. What a pity, cos I thought that something great will happen between us seeing the way our communication was started. I was so excited and you gave me a hope... but now I am again feel an amptiness and I dont know if I ever will trust to anyone... Or may be I am just a dreamer and the micacle I am waiting for never happen in my life. I believe that I deserve a better treatment... As my phone#. Why should I give it to that man, who write me simply pass by... I am really upset. Have a nice day, very honestly Mariana.My name is Tatiana Lavrichenko, I am director of the marriage agency "Scarlett". I understood that you are interested in my client # 55 Mariana Pismennaya. I can consider that you have a good taste, but you may undarstand that the girl cant afford to write you any more. I allow her to write a few letters to you free of charge, cos the girl is really very serious and good-hearted, so I just wanted to give her the chance to contact a good man (hopelly). I see how she was upset when you stoped to write her, cos you really sounded nice for the beginning and it given hope for future successful result. Anyway, if you still want to have a correspondence with Mariana, you should pay to our agency 50$ per month and it will give her the right to write you very often. The payment including all letters and pictures she may receive or send to you and translations in case there is something not clear for her.By doing this youll avoid all cost from Marianas side. Most of men, who writes to my clients do this and by this they show to their ladies concern, care and support. Why dont you do the same? I am sure Mariana will apreciate it very much. If you stiil interested, write me and Ill explaine how you can tranfer the money to our agency. -- Best regards, Tatiana Lavrichenko Thank you for your message, I finally got your reply:-))). Mariana called me a few times to find out if there is some letters from you. Well, today Ill tell her a good news. Anyway, you can send the money for 1 month of the correspondence(50$) like: Ukraine Zaporozhye Bank "Aval"-Western Union section For Lavrichenko Tatiana Vasilievna. Please, indicate the control 10-numbers cod of the money transfer and write your full name and home address, cos with out this information Ill be not able to receive the money. Have a nice day, with respect Lavrichenko Tatiana- The director of the marriage agency "Scarlett"
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