Oksana Verikina (Samara, Russia) from Samara a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oksana Verikina (Samara, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Oksana Verikina (Samara, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Oksana Verikina (Samara, Russia)`s photo
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Oksana Verikina (Samara, Russia)
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Oksana Verikina (Samara, Russia)Im a 30 year old man in Hawaii who was contacted by a women from Friends Finder saying that she was coming to my city. We wrote each other for a few weeks, then she ask for money. Its the same person who contacted Willy, the letters are the same word for word. I did some research on the net and saw this site so I decided to play with her. I keep telling her I have sent the money, but when she wrote back asking for the Western Union code I just told her to call me instead. She never called, instead she just keep writing so I told her to check out womenrussiadotcom/blackpage106.htmk and that she was famous. She never wrote after that. I hope this helps someone from being scam. Her email is ztn@online.ru and she also goes by Ruslana Abbyasov. KenLetters:

The Regard my good. thank You for letter, - is vastly pleased. Hope that near by us with You all will well. I will arrive in America as mercenary worker. It will do on work in dry-cleaners or deprives the supermarkets. This will be known when I will arrive in America. Itself I work at infant hospitals, trained nurse. Also I show the voluntary member of Red cross, I like to help the people and do it good. Work to me like and I much like children, but delivery vastly small earnings, at month I get 25 dollars. This vastly little, and whole hope on be earned in America. Alive I with father, more near by us nobody No sisters no no brother, ma from us remain when I there was 4 year. This vastly sad, but I hope that whole in the future will well. Itself I very faithfull and dedicated person. Like in the whole probity and only probity. Do Not Do to like the fraud and treachery. MUCH LIKE to prepare the food. The A great deal knows the recipes a cue prepare the food. The Play of Pit in piano, like ski. My birth day on july 28. I 24 year. The Children I have no. My growing 1 metre 63 centimetres. In America, which I must inhere 180 afterwards I must prolong its visa for 180 days else, for this I must hire the attorney, but I think that this will easy. The Hope on meeting with You. I vastly this wants. I must expect the answer with hope on majority to the best advantage. Always Your Oksana.Hi my nice Kin. Thank you for letter, much with Your sides prettily. I shall arrive in America in city Honolulu. I is much pleased and hope on best. I shall work in dry-cleaners or in supermarket. This will is known when I shall be in America. I will owe itself find itself home, hope that this will not difficult. I in first once meal in such country as America and much worry that beside me all well be. But I much want to work beside You and look at Your life. Can I will find its happiness and love. I so on this hope and faith. But I much worry that beside me there nobody no and I shall absolutely be one, no friends and familiar. At The Beginning Initially me will difficult but I hope on most best.I go on courses of english, but speak else bad. But hope that when we with You are met, I shall speak well. I to like Your country, I like Your people. To us from with Your country arrive the physicians, this there were remarkable people. They us speak about its country, as there well.I met with young people to surrender in its country, except sex and narcotics to it nothing not is necessary. I well-mannered much by strictly its father, and for me this unacceptable. The Main, this relations. The Confidence to each other, dedicated person and faithfulness. Like each other, enjoy and present happiness, its husband. Can You are shown the strange, but I else virgin girl. Beside me no time not there was men. I all time about this think, but surrender this impossible. I want to meet the man, and conduct with him first night that we like to each other. Forgive me for frank. Can I hurry, having said You about their own feminine secrets. I want to between you and me always probity in all. But the main, this certainly, our meeting with You. I its wait and hope on most best. About arrival, exact time and aeroport and name I shall write later. With hope on fast meeting, Your Oksana.Hi my nice Kin. Thank you for letter. Is it Much pleased. Hope that we can become the greater friends. I much this want and hope that so this and will. I search for its happiness but nor as can not its find. Surrender in Russia much mans plenty of drink the wine and vodka and me this much dislike. Much narcotics and criminals. I want to find its love and will present him all that I have, return all that I have. I much want to like and be loved. I very well-mannered person and on good always answer good. Itself I much modest and calm, much like the children, like to do good and good. Live I only with its father more from relatives beside us nobody no. This much sad. The Father education me and taught me in this lifes very many. It taught me to like the people to pertain to him with love and respect. Never look rich it or no, main its internal world its soul. I really not important rich You or no, this absolutely not important, for me important YOUR internal WORLD, I think that this main for me. I think as for You be the main criterion in our with You relations - my internal world. I think that You agree with me. I think that on this foundation and be built the love a relations. Hope on Your answer, I shall wait Your letter with hope that beside us all will well. Respectfully yours to You Your Oksana. I live in Russia.Hi my nice Kin. Thank you for letter, is much pleased and lucky. I write You letter with internet cafe, regrettably I have no building of computer. But I think that this not so important, main that I write You letter and want be met with You. Itself I very merry and witty person, like the funs and laughter. Much well step cantoes, and can sing on english. Hope that when we with You are met that I can sing for You, me will much pleasantly. In winter I ski, like to go in cinema and in library. I plenty of read and beside me very big outlook. Think that our with You meeting will be gentile and touching.I hope that I You shall like. I think that we find general language. I in this faith and hope that You too so think. Before fast appointment my nice, Always Your Oksana. If you want that I can send You its video tape, I think that this will better than simply photo.Hi my nice Kin. As I am pleased and lucky to get Your letters. On work plenty , do not have time to peacefully to sit and write You letter. Beside me else no time not there was such men as You. I so pleasantly, and so well from Your letters, from Your words. Such feeling that we introduce;make familiar with one hundred years. I like me, more and more. I is simply surprised that such man as You, do not notice the american women (woman)s. You open and mellow person. The Whole Your internal world shows, whole depth of Your kindness. I all time think about You. For me ,with each daytime, become all clear my purpose. This meeting with You, want with You to speak and speak, You very interesting collocutor. Soon this happen, when I will be able, take You for hands and look You in eye. Kiss with Tender Embrace, Always Your Oksana. Thank you You for the address. My address for photo:Russia. city Samara a street Budarina 28 apartments 11.VEREIKINA OKSANA.Hi my nice Kin. Greater thank you You for letter. MUCH And is MUCH PLEASED. My father much disease and lie in hospital. I much worry and worry for my father. All be my thoughts about its health only. Forgive me that can not much write. Hope that You understand me. Please write me although two word, I shall know that You remember me. Always Your Oksana.Hi my nice Kin. thank You for letter. I am a great deal pleasantly gets the letters from You. thank You For troubling you my father. I You very grateful. My father became better and it feels good. Once again thank you You. My father wants You good luck everywhere and in all. It thanks You and sends You their own embrace. I pleasantly understand that sometime far off for by sea, lives the remarkable person, which expects me. I vastly pleasantly, and I want to speak You, its good friend,You I much like. I feel that I pull You. And I expect its meeting, as fate. This meeting will be for me, openning in other world. Happiness You and whole Its Family. Always Your Oksana.Hi my nice Kin. Thank you for letter, much and is much pleased. For me to write You letters, so pleasantly and so with joy that beside me always good mood. Beside I can be such sensation of joy only then when I play on piano. I much like classical music and much ????? play. My father likes when I play him on evenings. It too big admirer musics and with pleasure listens any music although will be fate or jazz, it perceive all positively. It me all time asks that I play him jazz, particularly Amstrong, it its much likes and respects as musician. Yes I want You to say that I for You have prepared the gift, I its has done their own own hands. I think that it You will like. But this surprise and I You until shall speak what it is. I like to do the good surprises. I grow without ma and I understand that signifies not to have the ma. But my father to me to seem the most best pope (pa) on all globe. And I its much powerfully like. I want to like so its husband as Ilike its father and be him before the end of their own days dedicated always and loved. Hope that meeting our with You will be good and light. I wait it with such hope and faith in most best. Before fast meeting to happiness. Always Your dedicated Oksana.Hi my nice Kin. Yesterday in organizations I have reported the flight route. Such feeling that I once again was born. In Samara in Moscow I arrive august 7. four days I shall live in Moscow to prepare the documents. Moscow (SVO) - Paris (CDG) 07:15 - 10 august 2002 09:25 - 10 ??? 2002 Air France 2545 Y Paris (CDG) - Los Angeles CA (LAX) 10:15 - 10 august 2002 13:00 - 10 ??? 2002 Air France 0062 Y In Los Angeles we must take the ticket in Honolulu. Hope that You understood me well, my nice. I so wait first meeting and first kiss. Hope that it will the most debt and hot. Always Your dedicated Oksana. Hi my nice nice Kin. Thank you for letter, I lucky that can You soon You to see. Soon for me to begin the new life and me much interesting as all this will occur. I much lucky in the most begin its inhere in America I meeting the remarkable person as You, this much important for me. I think that good attitude begins in friendship. With confidence, time and attitude, friendship grows in love. Then, when there is love, must then be an obligation. The Man for women (woman) only... and woman for person only... no others. Together, their 2 lifes become 1 life passing single way. And they support of constant each other. They are dared together, they cry together. They spread the joy a children together. They help each other with home problems. They are interested each other when ill. They are prayed together God! They surprise each other with small grants (the gift) to show the love. They each other helps realizes the hopes and dreams of lifes. I so think and hope that You with me agree. This formula of family for my consciousness. Beside us with You all will much and much well. With my sides, I give You promise You never wake to feel sorry that have met me. I will do all the best for its part. I want that You like me. I enclose;attach hereto efforts. I want You to like. Think so it and happen. Before fast appointment my nice, before fast meeting. Always Your dedicated You Oksana.Hi nice Kin. Last night in hospital to die my father. I all time to weeping and bewildered. I can not itself to believe that my father more no on land. My father to base in morgue and burial in three days. I much terribly and I much am afraid to see my father a dead. Forgive me for my audacity.You could help and send 230 dollars. I search for and ask beside all their own colleague on work that I help. I nor when itself this did not allow, but my situation cross out Whole my pride. I came with funereal agency. And has heard what price that bury my father. Casket cost (stand)s 170 dollars. grave Cost (stand)s 95 dollars. The Catafalque cost (stand)s 58 dollars. I You do not write, how much me will cost other expenses. Me burial of my father will cost beside 390 dollars. I had their own money beside 74 dollars. But so much for little. Forgive me, but I more write You can not, beside me much powerfully pain heads and all time to weeping. If You dare me help, that send me on system WESTERN UNION. Russia. city Samara a street Budarina 28 apartments 11. VEREIKINA OKSANA. To regret I can not immediately, when will arrive , return You money. For this me will necessary time. I think that under first salary in America, I You all return. Once again forgive me, and please do not take offence on me. With thanks to You, Your Oksana.Hi my nice Kin. Thank you you for help and support, I shall remember this always. Forgive me, but write me much gravely, I all time a weeping. Hope that You understand me. Shall write after bury. Your and only Your Oksana.Hi my nice Kin. Forgive me for my obtruding, but I can not cash in Bank. You should write me code from ten number. Once again forgive me. The Burial in two days. I in shock simply and can not much write. Respectfully yours to You Your Oksana. Hi nice Kin. I You understand, You insult on me. Forgive me please. Tomorrow burial. Respectfully yours to You Your Oksana. Hi my nice Kin. I has buried its father and me much gravely I all time a weeping. I can not believe that my father more no near by me. I much sad.Yesterday I went on grave of its father and much weeping. I much outlive the death of its father. Before arrival in america remain much little time and me necessary, plenty of do the deals. I want to sell its apartment and begin to collect the documents. Hope that all will well. Before fast meeting my nice, Your and only Your Oksana.
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