Svetlana Dubrovina (Makeevka) Lida/Lidiya Kurtutkina & Donbass Travel Agency from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Svetlana Dubrovina (Makeevka) Lida/Lidiya Kurtutkina & Donbass Travel Agency the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Svetlana Dubrovina (Makeevka) Lida/Lidiya Kurtutkina & Donbass Travel Agency`s photo russian dating scammer Svetlana Dubrovina (Makeevka) Lida/Lidiya Kurtutkina & Donbass Travel Agency`s photo
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Svetlana Dubrovina (Makeevka) Lida/Lidiya Kurtutkina & Donbass Travel Agency
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Svetlana Dubrovina (Makeevka) Lida/Lidiya Kurtutkina & Donbass Travel AgencyI am a white male from the USA and I would like to report to you about Svetlana Dubrovina who is an obvious scammer and seems to working hand in hand with a scammer reported to you earlier by the name of Lida (Lidiya) Kurtutkina. Svetlana has a profile at Matchdoctor as " Sveta5" and her e-mail address is . Her address is Zheleznodorozhnaya str., 24/27, Makeyevka,Ukraine 83050. Svetlana wants me to send her $1390 by Western Union to her or to the manager of this travel agency, Lidiya Kurtutkina, so that she can get a visa, airline tickets and also passport to visit me in the United States. The travel agency that she is supposedly using is Donbass Travel Agency ( ) and guess who the director of this agency is, non-other than the scammer Lida Kurtutkina (See Report about her at russian-detectivedotcom/black_lists/individ/new/kurtutkina/kurtutkina_lida.htm and also report on Ella/ Elvira from Ekaterinburg, Russia at womenrussiadotcom/blackpage111.htm#bagriy ).It appears that Svetlana and also Lidiya have the exact same home mailing addresses where they live. They are also using many different photos of women to carry out their scams. Please make sure that their photos are well placed on your scammer wall of shame so that these people can not scam others. Sincerely, S.H. ( Scam Hunter )Letters:

I am so happy to receive your letter. Your letter has come the very first and I am glad, that I has awoke namely your interest. I think it will be interesting for you to become familiar with me more closely and thats why let me tell you a few words about myself. I live in Makeyevka. It is very small town, which is situated in Ukraine. I live together with my parentsApart from the Russian I speak English a little. I dont know it perfectly, but I hope, that it will not stand for a problem when two persons are eager to understand each other. I have a lot of different hobbies. For example, now Im studying how to work with the computer. You understand yourself, that in the modern world it is impossible to live without knowledge of computer and at least one foreign language. Besides I like to have a good time most of all. I am very sociable, easy to talk to and affable person. Thats why I have a lot of friends, which consider that I have a good sense of humour. I adore to meet with my friends and to visit discos and night clubs. I like to dance. I have been taking lessons of dances since six years old. In general I like everything extraordinary. For example, I prefer active rest to passive. I like to climb on mountains, to attend picturesque historical places, where it is possible to find out something interesting. Most of all I like travelling, of course. I have a dream to travel all over the world. I hope, that my hobbies are interesting for you. I want to know you better. And you? Tell to me about your dreams, wishes and desires. May be you are my second half, because Im very gentle, sensitive, romantic and vulnerable nature. Im very easy to be offended, and surrounding world is so severe! I need a man, who will love, preserve and protect me. I feel that I was born to make my darling happy. I am ready to realize any desire of the man, who will love me. I havnt met such man till now I passionately want to continue our acquaintance, and I hope, that our desires are agree. Ill be waiting for your answer with impatience. Truly yours. From Sveta with love. P.S. Please, ask me everything you want to know about me. Ill answer you questions with a great pleasure. My personall email: mailto:sveta5@pisem.netNice to hear from you again. Can I ask you to send me your photo ? Im really interested in your appearance! Im so glad that youve sent me a letter. Im really interested in you. And with each your letter I understand that you are a very interesting person. So, I want our correspondence will continue and may be in future we will meet with you. Are you a communicative person or more introverted? What do you like in a partner? Do you like watching yourself in the mirror? What do you think about politicks?Dear , thanks for your reply and I hope to hear soon from you. My kisses and hugs to you,Sveta.o news from you for two weeks, I began to worry that Ive already lost you as a friend & a future lover & husband. But now Im happy to realise that you want to know me & didnt forget me. You wonder how do i stay in such good shape...I think its because of my active style of life. I enjoy the sea & beach especially in moonlit night.... About leaving my family I must say that my parents will not be against,because the life standarts in Ukrain are very low,people still live in need and the wages here is hardly enough to make both ends meet. All good relationships start as good friends,dear, and seem to stand the test of time when love develops later. I feel as if I have a lot to offer someone and my life would be most complete to share it with someone special. The more I learn about you the more I like you. I see that you have the same passion for life as I do. I always want you to know that I am sincere with you and I hope that you never question that. I know other people can make a lot of promises that they never keep to you. I on the other hand have every intention of knowing you. I love to travel and I want very much to your country. I hope you feel the same as I. I think it is very possible to know someone so far away and have a very wonderful, loving, and caring relationship. Commitment is the key and not giving up. I have never felt so good about my decision to meet someone like you over the Internet. I have no doubt that I am doing the right thing in my life. If I felt this were the wrong thing to do, I would not do it. I always try to follow my heart in doing the right thing and I know that what I am doing is the right thing for me. I hope you know what I mean and you have had similar feelings. Anyway, I will end my letter for now and I will look for your next letter. If you have something to ask me, just remember you can ask me anything you want. I will look forward to it. Sincerely and Affectionately Yours,SvetlanaHi my sunshine! Im so impressed by your letter & especially by your proposal to meet soon! I do want to meet you in person & express my thoughts & feelings to you,dear Im falling in love with you ,you became so special to me,darling. It makes me happy to have you,such a wonderful prince in my life... Do you want me to be your princess?(smile) I am very happy that I have you, I thank God for leting me knowing you, you can not imagine how much I think about you and how much in my mind and heart you occupied, I want you to know that I am very serious about you, and no matter what happen, you will stay in my heart and mind. Its a very important step in my life,but Im ready to do it,as I know that Im going in the right direction.... Dear, Im so exciting for your invitation to your country. My dear it is so sudden proposition, but at the same time it is so pleasant. I dont know what the reaction will be of my family, but I feel that I can trust you. As to your social status I understand that you can invite any woman, but youve invited me and I appreciate this very much. I have never thought that I could ever visit such resorts, to travel around the world, to see the Beauty Europe. And it is beautiful twice that I will be by your side. I dont know where I want to go, but I know exactly that I will be happy anywhere if you are with me. So dear,first of all I want to repeat you:YEEEEESSSSSS I want to come to you! Secondly I have to go to the Travel agency,havnt I? I think Ill have also to make international pasport,which I havnt yet. My full name:Svetlana Dubrovina,my address is Ukraine,Makeyevka,83050,Zheleznodorozhnaya str.24/76 My birthday is on 26.08.79.(Well be together on my birthday,darling!!!!) Thank you in advance darling,that youll help me with the travel expences!I am sending to you love, warm, bear-like hugs, soft, tender, passionate kisses, gentle cuddles, and provacative and sense-exciting caresses, letting my lips, arms, and hands show you how much I care for you. You cannot even imagine how happy I am! You know everything is in our hands,darling! I think youll appreciate my eficacy! I found the most reliable & best Agency here, I found out that they can arrange me the tour to Germany for 10 days.All papers arrantgements cost 720$.The passport costs 100$,visa - 50$ the flyticket -570$. As soon as I pay money they will start arranging documents. I was asked if I have my bank account for you to transfer money order,but I have not,so they also told me that the best way of transferring money is by Western Union,I saw a TV-advertisment recently. It must be the safest,queckiest & convinient way. There is an office of Western Union not far from my house. Darling you can send either to my name (Svetlana Dubrovina,Makeevka,Ukraine) or to the name of the Manarger of the Travell Agency directly . I wrote her name on the piece of paper:Lidiya Kurutkina,Makeevka,Ukraine. As for the phone, I have to pain you I do not have it at home. I am very sorry, but in our country even in Kiev not every second family has the phone. If we decide to talk the phone in future I ask the favour of my friend and if she allows me, I will come there to talk to you. If you agree. My days go by with you in my heart and mind every minute of the day! With lots of love and a big long kiss to you Your sveta P.S. Reply me soon my angel,pleasssssseeeeeIm not capable to open my bank account,I repeat you once more that the safest,quickest & most convinient way of transferring money is by Western Union to Ukraine,Makeevka for Svetlana Dubrovina or directly to the name of Manarger of the agency(Lidiya Kurutkina). When you inform me about the control number Ill run to the Western Union office which is near my house & receive it.I cannot understand why you dont trust Western Union,as far as I know it is very reliable. There is also something as MoneyGram,but I dont know about it properly. Also my dear here is the information about this agency: "Donbass Travel Agency" You can ask it all the questions,because Im not confedent about this. Hope to hear from you soon, Your SvetaDear thanks a lot for your $$$,BUT I cannot receive it at the moment!!!!! They told me that I must have the control number,your full name,the city you sent from.So write me soon please! Generally Im a very serious woman,and I cannot stay any kind of jokes towards me!!! I hope you are not going to betray me,darling So Im waiting here for your secret number! Your Svetlana
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