Tatiana Akinshina and possibly Quest Agency and Manager- Irina Knyaseva from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatiana Akinshina and possibly Quest Agency and Manager- Irina Knyaseva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Tatiana Akinshina and possibly Quest Agency and Manager- Irina Knyaseva `s photo russian dating scammer Tatiana Akinshina and possibly Quest Agency and Manager- Irina Knyaseva `s photo russian dating scammer Tatiana Akinshina and possibly Quest Agency and Manager- Irina Knyaseva `s photo russian dating scammer Tatiana Akinshina and possibly Quest Agency and Manager- Irina Knyaseva `s photo
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Tatiana Akinshina and possibly Quest Agency and Manager- Irina Knyaseva
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Tatianaakinshina@hotpop.com questwaylg@mail.dsip.net
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No info
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Tatiana Akinshina and possibly Quest Agency and Manager- Irina Knyaseva I would like to report to you about a scammer named Tatiana Akinshina and also her agency named Quest Agency. She is in fact real and her information is: Tatiana Akinshina, Zarechny Kvartal 9/50, Lugansk, Ukraine. DOB Jan. 4th, 1982. No phone number except the Quest Agency phone 380-642-344029. E-mail address is Tatianaakinshina@hotpop.com.She has profiles listed at Adultsingles as Tatiana (#ID D696219 and also at Matchdoctor as Tanyusha_a and probable many others that I am not aware of at this time. The manager of this agency is Mrs.Irina Knyazeva.From other stories I have read about this agency, it appears that they are very clever and have scammed several people and will continue to do so. (SEE REPORTS ABOUT QUEST AGENCY): russian-detectivedotcom/black_lists/individ/bugai_k/bugai.htm scamalert.freeserversdotcom/parasiticagencies.html Their girls are real, very beautiful and quite sexy and make very good scammers. They are excellent at what they do best and that is scamming people. They do not do the normal type of scam of getting you to send them money for visas, airline tickets, and passports. I believe instead they slowly milk their victims over time with the cost of their letters, gifts, translations and what ever they may deem necessary. The reason why I say this about Tatiana is that she was so crazy about me until she realized that she would not be getting me to send her any money for her letters ( I offered her a solution to her money woes and to use another translation agency for her letters to me and she wanted nothing to do with this (LOL). Once she realized the gig was up, it was time to move on to her next victim where shecould "bear the fruits of her labor" so to speak. Just a word of caution to anyone crazy enough to send money by Western Union or any other way to someone with which you have not even me, "DO NOT DO IT"! Instead, alwaysget the ladies address and full name and use another outside agency that you can trustto send and translate your letter for you and your lady. This will always show you if she is really interested in you or her bank account. If she makes up excuses as to why she wants to use only her agency and does not want to use any other outside agency, move on, as she is not really interested in you at all.This is an excellent way to see her true motives and colors. Any sincere lady who is truly interested in you would not really care how she is able to send and receive her letters if she does in fact have financial hardships. If you are willing to be generousand help to pay for the letters, she should in fact be grateful. Please read the following letters from Tatiana Akinshina which will show her true motives and why I believe that she is indeed a scammer and works hand in hand with her Quest Agency to scam innocent victims. Sincerely, XXXXXX Letters:

Dearest XXXX, Thanks for your perfectly lovely letter. What I especially liked about was that I felt that it was not "serial". I got so many letters from different people, but most of them were "serial" not addressed specifically to me. which was a bit annoying. Anyhow, thanks God I came across a normal letter. OK, I will start this letter with saying that I do not speak English. And sorry that I did not mention it before,in fact I should have mentioned it at the very beginning. The weakest point with me is that I hardly speak any English at the moment, so I am forced to correspond with you through the agency. This is translation and Internet agency, so please do not be worried about that, OK? But I myself feel that I am restricted to one language only whilst the rest of the world communicates freely in English. Hope youll be patient here. Yes, completely in agreement, meeting in person will decide whether there is chemistry between us or not, but can I suggest here that we should start knowing each other through letters, which could also be good way of making friends. At least I heard so many stories about people meeting each other on Internet and later making good couple. And I am willing to give it a try myself. Well, in the long run, you never know... Perhaps this will give us both a chance... And thanks for the compliments about my figure. Yes, I try to stay in shape. I used to be in gymnastics and ballet, I quit it later, but old habits and healthy food ration are still there - with me. Yes, I also adore sea, unfortunately I was there only once - it was Black sea coast. Needless to say that I could not afford travelling that much. Yes, you were right in guessing that I put a lot of thought into moving to another country as my own country is in complete mess at the moment. You can be a hero to stay here, but about my children? I do not want them to repeat this miserable life. I take marriage perhaps too seriously and think about my children. What do I make of Americans? I think people are the same everywhere, you can come across different people. But I think you are more fun, men are more hardworking, and women are more career-focused. I hope I do not offend you here. I think the women from our part of the world are usually traditional and believe in the commitment of marriage. I do not know. perhaps these are all tired pre-conceptions, correct me if I am wrong. OK, my postal address, I have to tell you that this is the first time I give my address to a stranger, please understand, as I have said before, I got so many stupid letters. Hopefully my intuition will not let me down here. My address: Ukraine, Lugansk, Zarechny kvartal, 9 / 50. My birthday is January, 04, 1982. I am Akinshina Tatiana, a student, living in Lugansk, writing all the letters myself. And I am real... and serious... Hope just like you are. Yours, Tatiana2nd LETTER:Dear XXXX, What can I say here? Words are not enough!!! I could not a vague idea about the reason you asked my address! Incredible! Nobody has ever treated me like that! Thanks a lot. You gave me wonderful minutes of utmost happiness. You know I should tell you the truth here. When I read your first letter, I said to myself "another guy who would disappear". I was not at least sure that we will have such a wonderful beginning!!! You seem to know your way with women. But you know before we go any further I feel I need to tell you something. And sorry that I did not mention it before, in fact I should have mentioned it at the very beginning. The weakest point with me is that I hardly speak any English at the moment, so I am forced to correspond with you through the agency. This is translation and Internet agency, so please do not be worried about that, OK? Thats why I can not write as much as I want to. Sorry for that. I need to earn some extra cash and only then can afford to write a letter. So my apologies for the delay. And something more... I need to you if language barrier could be kind of an obstacle for you. I personally do not see it like this, but its important that you would be of the same opinion. OK, I will finish now, And I will be seriously waiting for your reply, Love, Tatiana3rd LETTER:hello dear XXXXX! Here I am again , your Tatiana, I hope I can call myself so ? But I am sure that it is much better to trust a person and be intimate with the one who is not different to you. I do not know why i felt so much attached to you . Maybe your attentiveness, or your gallantry ? I can not explain to myself why i want to write to you so much . I do not know what a magic flower you have thrown to me, I have definitely caught it ! Thanks for all your compliments , I am very glad to get them . XXXX there is a problem I do not have a home phone number , that is why we can only talk at the Internet office here is the number 380 642 344 029 , there is a time difference between our countries so please think what is the best time for you to call and I will be there to talk to you. One more thing is the date and the time, I am open to any suggestions . OK, a few lines about myself. I am 20, still the age that forces you to look at life through pink glasses. I desperately wish everybody is a little bit kinder in treating others, really well meaning. That would make this world friendlier and closer and change it for better. I wish I can find a guy, who would really need and care about me, whom I would pay off all his efforts in return, who would become my real soul mate in everything we would do. I am a student now, but already think about my future. Try to learn hard, read more, get more knowledge so as to perceive life objectively. All my life and family values originate from the way I was raised by my parents. Now I live with my mom, dad and younger sister. I try to keep fit - do a lot of swimming and gymnastics. It helps me to be in good shape apart from fun that I get out of it. I think i have a very special dream - at least my close friends say that - to make good money and to set up an orphanage for little kids. I presume charity, friendliness and understanding - all the things that would always be returned in a twice as much degree to you. What else... I wish one day I would plunge myself into world-wide journey - would see new sceneries, new cultures, new people. I love fun, love to entertain others and be entertained. I think i am always good natured, i like to smile and see smiles in return. I love to meet new people as its always a chance to learn something new. I would be happy if you tell me anything that is new to me. At least you seemed to be an interesting personality and I am really looking forward to talking to you more. I would be happy if we both find out that there are a lot of things that are common between us. But this is a real challenge, isnt it - I mean to investigate, compare and imagine things. Anyhow, I am looking for such a guy, who would have capacities for doing that, would wold be able to offer me an interesting, full and meaningful life. Please, understand, I am not the type of girl who awaits for everything to be handed over to her on a silver platter. I am also committed to contributing so much to my future relationships, i think its just the case of finding the right guy. OK, thats all for now, Fond wishes, Tanyusha P.S. I send you my picture,and as for the theatre , I am not sure that I understand everything till the end ,perhaps TV is closer to me , but I hope you will ask me out to the theatre and we will discuss all the plays together , OK? 4th Letter:Hello,my XXXX! I was very glad to hear from you. You are very special for me. I feel your soul deep inside, understand? At once we found tendency to each other. I am always thinking about you. You didnt tell me nothing about telephone conversation. Do you want to speak with me? The translator could help us to speak in agency. Simply I want to hear your voice. I want to get closer you to my family. I send you my photo with my sister. Do you have photo of your family? Please, write more about your family. Do you have any family traditions? I want to know more about your habits. I want to know every little thing about you. I want to feel your mood, support and love you. I thought a lot about theatre. I never thought about it early. The theatre - its more, than cinema. Theatre - is real life. I saw a wonderful theatre from saint-Petersburg "Yunona and Avos". How I wish to go there with you. I like to know something new in this big world. I think, I can be with you,I want to surprise you every day. I can be only one for you. Ill be everything for you: mysterious and only. Youll never stop to love me. I am waiting for your answer,my Michael. I want to hear word: "yes". I send you my tender kiss with smell of morning dew and exotic fruits, morning cool and light wind. Its the most tender, because especially for you. I miss you. Yours Tatyana5th Letter:Hi,dear XXXXX! Ill waiting impatiently, when you back. I wish you success in casino. I see, that you have no mood to speak with me now. Because your letters are not the same as they were before. But its okay, I understand...Maybe you need some time to be alone? Bye, Tatyana. 6th LETTER:Hi,my dear XXXXXX! Didnt you come anywhere? Are you waiting for me? I also want to win in casino. Do you have empty suitcase for me? I am so glad, that you dont feel lonely now. Step be step well know each other better. Dear XXXX, I am asking you to help me. I want to be sincere with you. If you really want to continue our correspondence, please help me a bit to pay our correspondence? My income is very poor and I hardly pay for our letters. Hope, youll understand my situation. Please, help me, I like you and want to continue our correspondence further. I dont want to lose you because of money. I already have dew 35$. If you really can, please help me. Please write me sooner. You can know all details from my manager in Agency. Because I cannot afford it myself anymore. I am waiting impatiently. Yours, Tatyana.7th LETTER:hello XXXXXX! At last you are back ! I hope that you won all the money there and you are fine!:) As for me I have bought a suitcase , you know why ?When we meet you will take me with you . Do you think it will not be a very heavy luggage for you to carry ?:0 To be serious I missed your letters very much they helped me feel better and now I feel a little bit exhausted ,count days till the end of the studding year , I have a month and a half left . Nothing has changed here , I would love to hear more about your trip , how are you , , what are the news ? I think that the things that happened to you are more interesting than my life. I miss you very much here ,but now I have the opportunity to be with you again and I am very happy. Wont you leave me again? I do not want to miss you , and feel lonely again, Kiss you , Tatiana.8th LETTER:(I sent her a registered letter directly to her home where she had to sign for it. I explained to her that I would help her for the total costs of her letters and that we would now use a letter forwarding agency that I had an account with which had already been paid for and had plenty of money in it to use. I would pay for everything and her only cost would be the cost of a postage stamp ( I think she can afford a postage stamp. I also told her that if she wished, she could still use e e-mail and send her letters in Russian to this agency and they would translate and send them in English directly to me by E-mail. This way, she only had to pay for a short time at the internet cafe which would cost her very little (May be $1 U.S. Dollar for an hour probably if that) Hi dear ! I am glad that you are a very caring person and want the best for us, but how do you see our communication through the agency in XXXX, I will have to send them letters and pay for the Internet access any way , you do not trust me at all, how can we continue our relations, bye Tanusha.9th and FINAL LETTER !(I again explained to her it would not cost her any money to use the letter translation agency and it she was really serious that it did not matter how we sent each other letters as long as we still could send them. See her response below):hello XXXXX ! I am very tired of this and want nothing, just do not want to continue quarreling with you about some unexciting thing, bye dear .LETTER FROM QUEST AGENCY ATTACHED TO ALL OF HER LETTERS:Dear Sir, Please, accept my apologies, I am writing to you on behalf of our client. She uses our agency services for accessing Internet and getting letters translated. My name is Irina Knyazeva, I am the manager of the internet office "Quest Way". We will be glad to offer you the e-mail and English-Russian translation services. Our agency offers the translation services in 7 languages, you can learn more about our services from our web site interoffice.com.ua Currently Ukrainian economy is in decline so our women prefer to look for a family partner abroad as the men there are more reliable and serious in their intentions. We do our best to help people to find a partner through internet and we also help with the translation of the correspondence as letters are very important at the beginning of any relationship. As far as I have understood, you are interested in this particular type of service. In accordance with company standards translation fee for one letter is 5 USD, but we can also offer a monthly fee, which is 100 USD and which means we translate all your letters, sent within this month, ASAP. Besides, if you are not interested in our services you can buy the home address and the home telephone number of the girl you are interested in. Home address-10 USD, home telephone number-10 USD. We sincerely hope that you will be satisfied with our service. Please contact me without any hesitation, if I you will need my help. You can get in touch with us by e-mail:questwaylg@mail.dsip.net Our phone number is: +38 0642 344029 Best regards, Mrs. Irina Knyazeva, manager
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