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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tatyana, Ukraine
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Tatyana, UkraineIt all started out by Tatyana emailing me from a service that I signed up for over 2 years ago and completely forgot about. Here is the first message that she sent me, which matches up quite well to those on page #110 dated July 2002: Tatyana121 wrote:Letters:" hello :) my name Tatyana. i like you profile and you photo nice. are you still look for partner? i live ukraine. i would love come US meet nice man. i prefer mature man so hope you not mind age difference. i more like man with more life experience. i 25 but very mature my age. i not like past experience from more young man. too many play game. i seek serious relation and want meet partner in real, not only pen pal. so if interest me, please reply and i send you photo and reply. Tatyana, "I wrote back to here in the following message:Hello Tatyana, Thank you for the pictures, you are a very beautiful woman. Where you live does not bother me. I was just curious about where in the Ukraine you reside. It always interests me about where people live and the culture of different places. For me, I live in Colorado, just a couple of miles from the mountains. The season here is turning to fall and it makes the mountains very beautiful this time of year. It is still warm enough yet that I can enjoy a good outing to the mountains. Thus it is important to me that no matter where you are that you make the most of your surroundings and to enjoy them for what they have to offer. It is a wonderful dream that you have to meet the person of your dreams via the Internet. I have to admire your sense of adventure in moving to another country possibly for the right person. That is something that would scare me to death because of the new environment and my family so far away and not knowing very many people there, although I did it when I moved to Colorado. I have to agree with you about looking into someones eyes and knowing what is in their heart. The eyes are truly the windows to someones soul and plus you can tell a lot about a person from just looking into their eyes. Have a wonderful day. Guy Then she replies:Hello Guy! :) thank you for you reply :) i live Ukraine. i hope this ok. i very happy you reply me. :)) yes i prefer mature man because they wise and more serious about life and family. this important to me. I speak and write English pretty good, but not perfect. I learning very fast. I do not have a computer at home and can not click to hyperlink either. :( I register with agency to send and receive e-mail when need . When I not able to reply quickly, this is problem. It cost some to send for email in ukraine. Please not worry about I forget to you ok. :) I am look for a sincere relationship. Men my country are most time drunken or do not want make commitment and to have family. I only 25 year, but I very mature and I learn most about home and family value from parents. i have for one brother. I would like to start a new life and have family of own. I speak to my parents and they wish best for me, but my dad dont believe possible sometime. He think I silly to find happiness on internet. He think no man in other country will send for me and that man only to play internet. This not stopped me. I register with agency that can make for my documents, visa, tickets, etc. This my dream! :) I told my father of what I planning, and costs, and he cannot afford for costs. Agency can make for me visa and plane fair under special program for students. It called foreign student exchange. I would be allowed into foreign country for 3 months. If I become married or obtaine work visa, I could stay longer or stay for always. I dont want to scare you away with marriage of course. :) But I want to be sincere and honest with you of what I want in life, and hopefully, we match. I think i need only look in you eyes once, and I think then I know for sure about heart :~). If I to arrive and it not work for us, I atleast make chance meet you and try make a life with you once. I would really like to meet partner in other country. I have friend who put ad like my ad and meet for her soulmate. She then fly to other country to meet her partner. They become married and plan for family together. They live California. I would love for this to happen me too. :) I am very dedicate, honest and treat partner with great sincerity. I hope that you sincere to meet because I would love to meet person who has sincere heart also. If you are sincere with meeting and want woman with good value and respect to you, and to know place as woman, maybe you reply to me again, and that we meet possibly. I dont have any doubts or hesitation about my choice to make this step in life. I know this what I want. And if could, I would leave today to meet my partner and i not be scared this chance take. :~) I ask if you interest me, that you not to write for other girl. I not jealous, but I give all my heart and effort to decision and want same from partner who interest me. I am client at agency that can help me with leave Ukraine to meet partner. my cousin also work this agency and am wait for hope to meet my soulmate and leave very soon. Once my account pay, I can leave less 2 weeks. So you see how to serious I am I hope. :~) Where exact you live and exact work you to do? send to me you telephone and i can to call you. I do not have phone, but I may have chance to use friends phone or call box if you sincere want to meet. I have chance call you in my next day i think. Love Tatyana, not forget send you telephone... i look forward speak you :) But I did not give her my telephone number and she abruptly cut it off from there. I have your web-site to thank and all the previous respondents to thank to being taken. Thank you very much for your web-site. Guy
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