Larisa Kostenko (Odessa, Ukraine) from Odessa a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Larisa Kostenko (Odessa, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Larisa Kostenko (Odessa, Ukraine)
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Larisa Kostenko (Odessa, Ukraine)I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Larisa Kostenko and also her agency Black Sea Singles Company in Odessa. Her DOB is 02/27/79 and she supposedly has not telephone at home. Her e-mail address is The reasons that I am saying that she is a scammer is because of all the misinformation-information and out and out lies that she has told me. She wants me to send her money to help with the costs of her letters and translations at this Black Sea Singles Company located in Odessa . The person in charge is Lyudmila Cherdyntseva . I would be very cautious in dealing with any of the girls from this agency and also this agency in general from what information I have found out. The reason that I became suspicious of her and her agency is that previously I had met another girl from this same agency and we wrote letters back and forth for a while and then out of the blue comes the money request letter. It was like deja-vous-vu, here we go again. In going back over her letters I should have seen it coming after her talk about her poor wages and what little bit she earns which was all the precursor to the money request letter. The red flags should have gone up before but I did not see them at the time. I offered to pay for all of our letters and translations with another company that we both could use, as I told here that I already had an account with them and that there was plenty of money in it. They were also located in her home town of Odessa which was convenient for her. She of course did not want to use any other agency but her agency and would have nothing to do with this. I also had my agency deliver roses to her to see if in fact she was real. She is in fact real. It turns out that the home address that she gave to me was in fact the agency address even though I had specifically requested that she give me her home address and telephone number. It took her 4 letters of requests of her home address before she gave me this what turned out to be the Black Sea Singles Company address. Photos were taken of her at her agency receiving the flowers. this is the first misinformation-information that she told me. She also would not give me her home telephone number after numerous request by me. She simply ignored my requests and never answer my questions about this. She did state in her letter that it would be better to use the agency to talk to each other because of her lack of English skills but she never did give me her home phone number. I never did not send her any money for her agency and she would not use my agency which has plenty of money in my account. This was the other big red flag as someone who is so interested in you, yet has financial hardships would not be so concerned about how you are able to send each other letters as long as you can still send them. It should not matter what agency you are using as long as you can still talk to one another. This seems to be the new scamming method from several scammers, as they must get some sort of commission on the business that they bring in to the agency with gifts, letters, ect. In order for her to refuse my financial assistance that has to be an ulterior motive. This becomes very evident when they want nothing to do with you or your letter translation service as they will not be getting paid for their time and effort to write to you now. I did in fact have my agency track her down and it turns out that she does not live with her mother at all as she claimed to, but has her own separate apartment and also a cell phone. The mother would not give the agents her daughters home address (See report from Agency): Letters:Letter 1:Letter 2:Letter 3.Letter 4.Letter 5.Letter 6.Letter 7.Letter 8.Letter 9.Letter 10.Letter 11.Letter 12.My letter:
Dear AGENT, Here is a copy of a letter from Larisa Kostenko from Odessa ho uses this Black Sea agency. Please keep in mind that this girl is or was a manager for a traveling agency in Odessa (travel agency " Maximov Tours" ) so I do not think that she is totally poor. She may not work at this agency anymore but you still should call her to see if she did in fact work there. If you can not reach her by phone then someone needs to hand deliver a letter to her. This is her letter to me from yesterday: Hello, dear XXXXX! Its me, Larisa. Forgive me for my late answer, but you know the reason of it. The translator from the agency called me and told about your letter, so I asked her to write you a short note. Michael, I have a debt in the agency for our correspondence!!! And I do not understand, by the way, if you agree to pay for our translations to that service, why you do not agree to pay for the same service to the agency, which worked for us before? Is it fairly, just to escape and not to pay for what they did for us? We just left the translator without the salary! What do you think about this? Sincerely, Larisa. Here is her address: (address removed for privacy reasons) (she never gave me her home phone number)Please send her a letter (in Russian) explaining to her to use your agency in Odessa to write her letters to me. Tell her it will not cost her anything at all as I will pay for all of the services so that she does not need to worry and they will translate and send photos as well. Can you also have someone in Odessa personally call her at this "Maximov Tours" to be sure she in fact works there and tell her that I am coming to Kiev and would like to meet with her. Let me know what you find out as she may be a scammer. I know that she is real as flowers were delivered to her before and photos where taken. Find out for me why she owes this agency money (what sort of debt she has there?) and why she does not want to use your agency in Odessa as I already have an account there and have already paid money to them. Tell her that it makes no sense for me to pay money to another agency once again for our letters if I already have a credit with your agency in Odessa. Let me know what you find out and get back to me as soon as you can. Also try and get her home phone number for me in case I need to call her or her new work number. She may not be at this travel agency any more and may have changed jobs so that we may need to hand deliver this note to her at home and to get her home phone number.

"Hello XXXXX, here is a long waited report about Larisa from Odessa 1. Our Odessa agents have established a contact with her ex-work and left there several messages. At the same time they managed to find an address of her mother Nina and visited Larisas mother. Larisa DOES NOT live there and her mother did not tell where she lives (that is strange and usually means that a girl lives with a man - otherwise its impossible to pay for your own apartment for a young girl). Anyway after one month of every second day call to her ex-work and leaving messages for her + several visits to Larisas mother - our agent got a call from Larisa and arranged a meeting with her in the downtown park. Larisa was quite cheerful and nice during that meeting. She told that she remembers you, but dont like the way youve found her this time :-) Our agent explained that XXXXXX just wanted to be sure that she was a real person. She told that her Agency is the best and she is quite happy with its rules and think that they are reasonable. She let you to call her cell phone, but her English is very poor... Also she told our agent that by her Agency rules she has to inform them if you call her directly. Well, she is a loyal soldier of her Agency :-) So Larisa is a real girl that earns enough to pay for her own apartment and a cell phone. The problem is that we dont know how she earns so much money. We can be quite sure that she lives not alone at her apartment (and that is the reason why she did not give us her home number). So I dont think you have to lose your time with her. May be this dating thing just helps her to pay her bills and she is not interested in a marriage. "These are the facts about this lady and her agency. Please keep in mind that another girl from this same agency tried to do the exact same things and refused any other letter translation services and only wanted to use their own agency, the "Black Sea Singles Company" in Odessa. You can be the judge about her and her agency but it seems very "fishy smelling" to me in my humble opinion. I would be very cautious about using them or in dealing with any of girls from this agency. Sincerely, S.H. (Scam Hunter)

I was very glad to receive a letter from you and to read all that you have written about yourself. Now I will tell you about myself with pleasure! At first, I will remind you about myself. So, as you already know, my name is Larisa Kostenko. I was born on the 22 of February, 1979. I am 22 now, my height is 168 cm (56 ), my weight is 56 kg (123 lbs ). I was never married and I have no children. I live in the nice old city Odessa, Ukraine. Its situated on the Black Sea shore. I am a very romantic person. I love children very much. I enjoy going to theaters and various galleries. I love nature, flowers, animals. My parents wanted very much that I become an economist, in other words they wanted that I follow in their footsteps. But I love poetry since my childhood. I like such poets, like Esenin, Block, Fett, Shakespeare. Among the writers, I like Bulgakov and Chekhov. At the age of 18, I was very impressed by Remark. I felt cognation and closeness with Remarks personages. I also like music very much. I like different types of it, including rock and classics ( I like Mozart very much). At the age of 17 I entered Odessa State University. My faculty was philological. I studied there with great pleasure. I liked to study greatly and to get acquainted and communicate with the new friends, who studied in the University too. I have got one female friend, she is a real friend for me. We got acquainted when we studied at school and now we are still the best friends. I live with my mother and my grandmother. I love them and appreciate their care of me very much. Since August, I went to work to the travel agency, which is very nice. I enjoy my work greatly. I want my only man to be intelligent, kind, generous, reliable and with good sense of humour. I dont know yet who this person is but I trust my heart will direct me to recognize him and him me. Maybe its you? Shall we find out together. Now I only know that I was pleased to hear from you. Will you please attach photo to your reply? I want to see a person I am in touch with. Reply to my e-mail address And please feel free to ask questions, I promise to answer to all of them being totally honest, and I hope for the same in return. If I havent answered all your questions, I will continue in my next letter. I will be waiting for you letter, if, of course, the things I wrote you about are interesting for you. I wish you a good day and good spirits! Sincerely, Larisa.

I was very glad to receive your letter! It is very interesting for me to start corresponding with you and to share my thoughts, my impressions, my passions with you.In this my letter to you Id like to tell you what I enjoy to do and whom I love. Most of all I enjoy traveling! I have one dream to visit Japan. Now, I try to study Japan language, using the Japan self-taught, I attend Japanese club and play Go, this game is the Japanese draughts. In September of this year, I went to Moscow to the cup of the game Go. I enjoyed the game and the trip to Moscow greatly. I also want to see such countries as India, Egypt and in the counties of Asia and Africa. As to my food tastes, I like sweets very much, such as ice cream, cakes, chocolate and milk shakes. I also like chicken grill with frying potatoes and red vine. I also like pancakes with white mushrooms, cheese and oranges. And in summer, my favourite dish is vareniki( this is our national dish) with cherries. When I become bored, I go to the Opera House, to digress from the everyday life. I myself like to take part in the performances and plays, I like to dance and I would like to study how to play guitar. I also like to go to the cinema. I was impressed by such film, as " English patient". It was very pleasant for me to see my favorite actress, Joliet Binosh, there. I also watch with pleasure the films with Julia Roberts, Patrick Swese, Vanessa Paradise, Johnny Depp, Keany Rivz and others. I also like greatly to watch our native films. Our country is rich in many talented, interesting and many-sided producers and actors. Unfortunately, not all of them are able to make their way and to expose themselves. But some of them succeed in this, and we feel proud of those who managed to prove that they were really talented were able to do something in the field of art skill. I also love my relatives and friends very much. I am very glad that they exist in my life. Because, a friend in need is a friend indeed! And I know, that if something happens with me, they will understand me and my problems and will help me.Generally speaking, I love sincere, open, kind, general, interesting and creative people. I respect responsible and punctual people. I like surprises, birthday parties, Christmas, New Year, Easter and other holidays. What else, I believe in traditional family values. I also appreciate it when a person keeps his word. And I am ready to return the same. I value trust, devotion. I guess I have somewhat old-fashioned views when it comes to a relationship between a man and a woman. But I believe the true love exists, and I still hope I will meet it on my way of life, even if I have to wait and its not behind the next turn. Please write to me what you think about it, your thoughts, feelings, reflections. ok? You can feel free in expressing it on paper, I will surely try to understand you. By the way, I dont know English well to correspond with you and use the service of a dating agency called Black Sea Singles. The agency is renown by its good reputation and I decided to choose it. It wasnt easy for me to turn there for help but once I have done it I dont regret. Im grateful to the workers of the agency who are so caring and attentive to your needs and are always willing to assist you in any way. If we want to talk one day it will be better to do it through the translator in the agency. We just need to agree about time and day. I would ask you not to worry if I dont answer your letters straightway. I live quite far from this agency and cant come every day. But I definitely want to continue our correspondence and promise to answer your every letter as soon as I can. Yes, I also like to laugh, I like to hold hands and like very much kisses and I wan to send this one :-) I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Larisa. Here is a copy of my profile:WAITING FOR MAN TO WAKE A SLEEPING BEAUTY (MYSELF :-)). May be it is silly to believe in fairy tales, but I do try to find my special Prince. May be it seems like a lot to ask, but I guess that if you dont try, you wont succeed. I asked some of my friends to describe me and here is a partial list of what they came up with: A cutie, smart, funny, sexy, generous, loyal, spiritual, affectionate, serious, romantic, sensitive, tough, courageous, inspiring, great cook. I am LARISA, from ODESSA, UKRAINE. I am 22, never been married and have no kids. I am philologist by my specialty, but I am working as a manager in the tourists agency. I am a woman who was brought up in the Christian traditions. I believe that the main things for the ideal relations are mutual respect, understanding and love. I want to meet a loyal, honest and loving man with the great sense of humor who would share my passions and interests. This man has high family values and is willing to care for me. I look forward to serious replies accompanied by a recent photo and your E-MAIL address for me to write back.

Thank you very much for your e-card! I was glad to receive it. How did you spend those day? Dear, I hope it will be very interesting for you to get to know, how I have spent this holiday!? This holiday is one of my favorite, I like it very much and always try to celebrate it, because I believe in love and the power of this feeling. It can help a person to achieve much. Love cure and makes people kind, bright and opened. One cant be bored, be sad and sit at home. One should go to his friends, to gave presents and hearts to his close people and have fun, sing and dance. So this day I spent with my cousin and our friends. My cousin is very merry, one cant be boring with him. There were 6 of us. At first we were in a bar, we drank Champagne, and everybody had to tell his /her toast, in which a word "Love" had to be. You know, everybody of us had to say several such toasts! Then we danced, and after this in the evening , when karaoke was switched on, we sang songs! The weather this winter is very pleasant for us. Thats why we are using this chance and try to spend much time outdoors, just to walk . Thats why we wanted to go after the bar to the seaside, but it was very late in the evening, so we decided not to go. I and my brother went home to sleep, as we were very tired. Before going to sleep, we sat at the kitchen and drank a tea with milk and talked to each other. It is like a tradition for us. He asked me about yourself and I have told him about you. It was a very nice evening, I felt myself happy, but of course, I would be more happy, if you were here with me! Thats all for today, I kiss you and waiting for your reply, Larisa.

I have just read your letter, and now I am writing to you my answer. How are you today? How did you spend these days? What have you been doing? Who have you been communicating with? Are you in good spirits? You see how many questions I asked you.:-) But its not just a curiosity. Its the desire to understand you, your habits, your mode of life, you. its the feeling coming out from my heart. Thank you very much for your photos, you are a very handsome for me and you have got a charming smile! I think, it would be interesting for you to get to know more about me, my family and my city. So I was born and still live in Odessa. And though, according to my outlook, I am a cosmopolitan, I love my city very much. I live with my granny and my mother, as you know already. My mother is a kind, amiable, intelligent woman. Her name is Nina Tomasovna. She is 45 now. She works as a paymaster general. Also, I have got an aunt, an uncle and the two cousins. We have got a very friendly family, we always help each other and we value, that we have each other as close people. The name of my younger cousin is Anthon, he is 18. Every week we meet with him and go somewhere or simply associate with him at home during the dinned. My elder cousin has got a wife and a son Kirill. My nephew is 4 now, an I love him very much! I like to play with him different games, dance and sing. I love children very much, and I often notice that they reach out for me too. I smile very often, a smile is the way to a persons heart; while smiling, a person opens up him/herself and makes other people feel comfortable with him/her. Most of my friends are musicians. Many of them earn on the side in the clubs, they sing and play guitars. Sometimes, it is very pleasant for me to sit in a club and to listen to their music. In my life I dream to find that person, with whom I would find complete mutual understanding, and the most important love, sincere and true one. Im looking for that person, and I believe, even if he is in the other side of the world, its not an obstacle. I feel that I will find him, and he will find me. A human cant live only his/her mind, I believe in subconscious love, and in love at first sight too. Im sure that even by looking into the eyes of a person its possible to define if that person is close to you or not. One of the main qualities that I value in a man, is intelligence. I wish to find the man, who takes care also of his physical state, and of his health. I love the nature, I enjoy walking I a fresh air, I love toss a sunrise to admire the beauty of nature I love nature in all its features when there is a good weather and when its raining, when its warm and when its frosty. I hope to find the man, who, as I do, can perceive life, enthusiastically, and while learning it, not to stop being surprised with it. Also, I value sense of humor in a man.By the way tomorrow is my birthday, so in my next letter I will tell you about its celebration and maybe send you new photos! I hope to hear back from you as soon as possible. If you found in my perception of the world something that goes together will with yours, its very great. Tell more about yourself please, ask me questions. I will be glad to answer to every of them. I hope you had patience enough to read my letter till the end. I am waiting with impatience, I kiss you, Larisa. PS I send you two photos: One of them is with my mother and my aunt between us and another is with my nephew Kirill.Here is my address, will you send me yours? (address removed for privacy reasons)

Today I came to the agency to write you my letter. Thank you very much for yours! Thank you for your compliments! You know, the winter came back to us! Yesterday, it was raining all day long. Then at night, while I was sleeping, something was tapping in to my window. I thought it was rain, but when I got up early in the morning and looked into the window it was a heavy snowfall! And it is still snowing and it doesnt seem to stop soon. I am thinking about our poor tries and bushes, which prepared for the spring and warmth! I think they will suffer from such temperature drops! You know, I had my birthday on Friday, but I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, because it was a day-off. My birthday was very calm and warm in the surrounding of my family and friends. There were only the closest friends on it. And everything was very well and pleasant while being surrounded with the circle of friends. Its the very rare thing now, because everyone of them has not a lot of the spare time at the moment. So as to the youth, there were only my cousin Anthon and my 2 female friends. Weve organized the home dinner with different tasty dishes and two cakes. My mother presented me a perfume. There have been a lot of flowers at this day: red roses, tulips, small field flowers that I love so much as well. Now my little room is like a small field under the sun. You know, it even became a little bit warmer for me inside as all these love and sincerity, all this care about me that I feel every day from my parents and friends, makes my day warmer and warmer and the winter does not exist as it seems like there is a hot sunny summer in the street. One of my female friend, presented me two-volume book of Japanese poetry (in Russian) as I like Japanese culture very much. It was a very pleasant surprise for me. Maybe you remember, I wrote you that my elder cousin is married and has a son Kirill. I love him very much and we are very good friends with him. So this small child amazed me most of all. He made my day so wonderful, just his presence was so important for me. He presented me a wonderful greeting card that he had made himself. It was really funny. I was surrounded with people who are dear to me, there were my mother, aunt and her family, my friends, but there was no person who is the most dear to me... I must tell you that these time I am thinking of you..., I like sea and our beautiful beaches, maybe it is one of my favorite places to visit. As to Kiev, itis a very beautiful city, I used to go there each year, but last few years I didnt manage to go there. You asked me in what countries I have been, I have been only in High Tatres. As to move into another country, it is a difficult question to me. I move into another country only if my future husband will be from abroad and if I am sure of him and he of me. I will be finishing now. I kiss you, Larisa.

How Im glad to receive your letter! If you could only see my eyes when Lyudmila, the director of the agency, let me know about it! I was really worried if our correspondence would be continued!? I dont wish to hide anything from you. We take each other into our confidence, feelings, share parts of our souls. and thank you so much for this!You are the nice, sweet and kind person and Im very happy that I have such a friend! Thank you very much for your pictures, I liked them very much. As you asked me, I also send you two my pictures.As I am sending you my letter I promise towrite to you soon, and, my honest word, Ill be doing it with pleasure! :-) Itisvery difficult to explain it, even to myself . :-) But I smiled often as I re-read your letter for several times! :-) Now I am sitting in the office and looking at the window. We have got a great spring weather now, the sun is shining and it is very warm. I have got a romantic mood and do not want to think about my work at all. I am thinking about you and about what would be, if you were here, in my city, Maybe you would make an appointment for me?! Where would we go? What kind of rest would you prefer? Maybe wed go to some nice restaurant, or some club to dance a little. ( You know, I enjoy dancing very much. And I can open my little secret to you: Now I go to the ballroom dances, just for myself, as I like this greatly!) Or may be some wild nature? As I wrote to you, I love nature very much. I find much pleasure in having a rest in a forest, when I have such a chance. Though there are no big forests in my area, but even small ones can gladden with their soft rustle of leaves, different voices of birds singing smoke of a camp-fire with it dry branches of bushes and trees. But most of all I enjoy the nature in springtime. Its such a bewitching sight: tender, green leaves on branches, the intoxicating scent of blooming gardens and spring flowers. Even birds sing in some special way, resonantly and merrily. All things come into life and awake. I always compare the four seasons of a year to main stages of every persons life: Summer is like a merry childhood, Spring is like a blossoming and wonderful youth, Autumn is like the season of maturity, fascination, wise method of approach to life problems, Winter is like a result of all things experienced, giving the experience to young ones; the rest deserved after many years of work. And agree that each season is nice in its special way, it is interesting and unique.Im very glad that destiny gave me a chance to get to know you! :-). And Im happy to have one more joy these days: to wait for your letters, then, when I get them, to read them for several times and to write replies. :-). I think about you very often and my thoughts take me far away! :-). I wish I could see how your eyes smile, I want to touch your cheek, to feel tenderness and strength of your hands. I wonder can I see it all in waking hours someday? :-) Am I a dreamer? Im looking for your letters with great anticipation. Let good luck always be with you! :-) With sincerity and tenderness, Larisa.

Excuse me for my delay, I had some problems and couldnt reply to you earlier. Thank you very much for your kind and nice letter, you know I begin to find myself waiting for your messages with great anticipation. Thank you for your warm and sincere words, for your compliments. It seems to me that you are exactly that person, who can understand my inner world, my thoughts and feelings. In this my letter I would like to tell you more about my work, about whom I wanted to be and what I am planning to do further. And also about my childs dreams and answer your questions. As you know already I like to travel very much. Thats why I was very happy, when Iwas proposed to work in the travel agency " Maximov Tours" as a manager. I like to associate with people. My work consists in telling people about our various services, trips, routs and also I send them tickets to our bus trips to Bulgaria, Germany, Greece. Now we open a new bus rout to Italy through the Austria. I wait this with impatience, as I hope to travel there too. As to your question, I was only one time abroad in High Tatres and enjoyed this trip very much! Kiev is one of my favorite places to go in Ukraine, I used to go there often, as my good female friend whom I studied in the University with, lives there. But now I am very busy and cant afford this. As to my thoughts about American men, I do not know what to say to you as I do not know much. But I know for sure, that there are different men everywhere, and America is not an exception! About my moving abroad, I only move if I will find my man from this country and if well be sure about each other. Now I want to get back to my childhood in my mind. Perhaps in a childhood every person dreams of some incredible actions, about some incredible profession, special one. You know who I wanted to be? In my childhood I dreamt of becoming an actress :-). I also liked very much sports in my childhood. I played basketball very well and I played in the team which used to take part in the competitions. I also went to the swimming and liked it a lot. But sports is only a hobby for me. When I studied at school, we usually put on the stage different performances and staging. Once, after some performance, the teachers and the parents of some children began to come to me and told that I had a talent of an actress and that I had to throw in my lot with the profession of an actress. I myself wanted to enter a drama school. But as the fates decree, I entered philological faculty. In future Id liketo study psychology. I like very much the works of Erik Bern, DeepakChopra, Luisa Xei, Alice Miller and others. It is very interesting for me to analyze my wishes, deeds, character and also it is interesting for me to analyze deeds of the other persons. Also, I was a teacher of Russian language and literature for several months. I liked this work greatly, because I spend a lot of time with children. They loved me and took me into their confidence. But unfortunately, the salary of our teachers is very symbolical. Maybe in future, when I will be able not to think about my wages, I can work as a teacher.I also have another hobby, I sometimes write stories.Dear, I really sincerely enjoy communicating with you, and maybe you would like to tell me a little about your childhood. Whom you wanted to be? Has the dream of your childhood, concerning a profession, came true? What were your most joyful day and most sad one? Write me what you want to write it would be interesting for me to know anything :-). I hope that your day will be lucky and your mood will be nice. Sincerely, with warmth, Larisa. PS Thank you very much for your photo, I send you 2 my photos, do not be scared of me!? :-)))

Happy St. Patricks day to you too. But you know, dear we do not have this holiday.Jjust a few days ago, I received you wonderful rose and a postcard! It was a big surprise for me, as you havent written me about them! Thank you very much, it was so pleasant for me! You know, it was like a wonder, when I sat at home, boring and suddenly...I was gifted such a present! Thank you for your care, dear. You sent some photos to me with your last letter? Can you send them one more time in JPG format? They are crossed out and my translator cant open them!, I understand you very much, your feeling about the losing game. AS you know, I play GO, and on Saturday, I also have a tornament! I also do not wish to lose the game, so to hold your fists for me! I have some news! Now, some changes have been occurring in my life! And I am limited in time. The question is that I decided to change my work, thoughI enjoyed it. I decided to work in the advertising campaign. You know, my salary was very poor there and the last 6 months they paid us not in time, but in two months after they have to...And now I go to the trainings and castings concerning these campaign, besides I have my English classes and Go. So by the end of the day I am very tired usually! And what about you, how are you doing, how is your mood? When I read your letters, dear, it is getting very warm and evenly in my soul! They always are so warm and so tender, that after reading them I become calm and start thinking of something very romantic, pleasant, and do not think about my work at all! I have to finish my letter now, I kiss you and waiting for your reply! Larisa.

Its me,Larisa. Excuse me for my silence. I hope you do not think that I forgot you! :-))) I have a flu. I even couldnt talk to my translator on the phone earlier and send you a short note to let you know how do I feel myself. I have problems with my throat and my voice. Now I am better. Do not worry about me. Lately, while I was ill, I have been thinking about you a lot... I hope that you are fine. I am nearly recover. But I cant sit at home any more, as I have to go to my classes. I am tired to be ill all the time. So today, I will go out to bring this letter to the agency. Dear, reading your letters, I made sure one more time how seriously you treat me and our relations. While I was in bed, I thought a lot about you, dont laugh, but I imagined how you took care of me, how you brought me hot tea with lemon. And one thing else, my granny always made me drink one poison, which is her regular treatment for me when I catch a cold. It is boiled warm milk with butter, honey and soda. Have you ever tasted it? It is worth to taste! Really, it is a nice thing but I hate it, there are always many arguments from me, before I drink it. But if you were here with me and if you were prepare it for me, I should drink it at one sitting! OK, I think I have bored you talking about all this and I feel that my letter is not very pleasant and jolly, I will try to reform in the next one. You write about the photos, but you forgot to attach them? I will be finishing now,I kiss you and waiting for your reply, Larisa.

tts me, Larisa at last! Today, I managed to come to the agency. This week I am very busy. In addition to my work, I attend GO trainings every day. I will have a go competition and because of this now I pay much attention to this. Tomorrow I go to Kiev to take part in the competitions and I will be home in Tuesday. And how about you, dear? Have you missed me? I missed you and I am glad now that I can write you again. How is your basketball? I hope you are winning! :-))) Pray for me too! :-))) Our weather has improved. It is sunny outside and very warm. I wish you were here with me to go for a walk to the seaside together. thank you for the pictures, you are a very handsome man. You ask me to give you my telephone number. The agency doesnt allow to do this, because this is their business. If you want to talk with me , we can do this only through the agency. I will be finishing now. I kiss you and waiting for your letter, your Larisa.

I came back from Kiev. At the competition, I won four games out of six. I have received a prize. My trip was very merry and I enjoyed it a lot! Last time I was in Kiev two years ago. There are a lot of new buildings, new cafes and new stores there, which were built recently. It is a very beautiful and wide-ranging city. I enjoyed a lot just walking down the streets there.At the trip I caught a cold again and lost my voice. Now I am waiting with impatience, when it appears and then I will be able to go to my work again. Because I feel myself good, the only problem is my voice :-))) Than you very much for your photos, I like them very much. You know, Im very happy with our letters and I also think that we make our first steps but are not they the most important? Everything is so wonderful between us and my only regret is that we cant be together right now and have to wait patiently till well be able to meet and be content by writing letters to each other for the time being as this is the only means of correspondence for us. Here is a small problem I cant solve myself and need you help. Unfortunately, I dont have computer as its a luxury in our country to have one, and I dont know enough English to correspond with you so as I wrote before I have to use the service of the agency to be in touch with you. I know that your letters have become precious for me and hope that you are also glad to hear from me. I was very happy to receive your long letter but unfortunately I will not be able to reply to you the same way. It is the end of the month and I have to pay for our translations. I dont look for any benefits for myself; I just need your help in writing expenses. Will you help me? Our future depends on you now! Waiting for your letter impatiently, I kiss you, Your Lady form Odessa.

Its me, Larisa. Forgive me for my late answer, but you know the reason of it. The translator from the agency called me and told about your letter, so I asked her to write you a short note. I have a debt in the agency for our correspondence!!! And I do not understand, by the way, if you agree to pay for our translations to that service, why you do not agree to pay for the same service to the agency, which worked for us before? Is it fairly, just to escape and not to pay for what they did for us? We just left the translator without the salary! What do you think about this? Sincerely, Larisa.
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