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Is Oksana (Saratov, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oksana (Saratov, Russia)
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Oksana (Saratov, Russia)My name is Wayne, I am 35 years old Canadian. I was surfing the net looking for people to meet when I came upon a woman by the name of Oksana. Her email address was lovingbaby@yandex.ru. The first letter was exceptional in its story, and did not raise any suspicions for me. I however became very suspicious on the following letters, where the format was similar to that warned in the web pages regarding scamming. I searched for the profile where I recieved her information, but could no longer find it nor remember which exact site supplied it to me. It took 8 letters before I was able to catch the scammer using previous boilerplate letters of a Natasha Gelash (Saratov, Russia) listed on your site. I only hope that this set of letters might help someone else bet these criminals.Thanks to Steve for helping me catch this Thief!!!! I have included a composite photo which has all the pictures used to try and scam me with. Cheers Wayne

Letter1:Hello my dear friend watman!!! As you know my name is Oksana. I am writing to you from Russia, Samara city. This city is situated on Volga river. I think you have heard about it. It is the biggest river in Europe. I use the internet to meet somebody special for the first time. I am not good in it. So if something is wrong you can always tell me about it. I want to find the man who will make me feel happy every second of my life, who will care about me and perceive me such as I am. I think that Internet is the best way to do it for me now. I think you want to know me better. You can see how I look like on the photo I am sending to you. My height is 170 cm and weight is 54 kg. I do not know how much is this in your measures. You can find out it yourself. My birthday is on the 25 of November, 1974. I am 27 years old now, but I will be 28 years old in November. You can also be interested in my skills of English language. My native language is Russian, you know. I study English in the school and university. Then I study it myself. I can not estimate my skills myself. So I want to sorry for my mistakes in writing in English. I want to tell a little about my family. My father died when I was 14. He died from cancer. Then my mother brought me and my sister up alone. I think she is very strong woman and I want to say thank her that she gave me everything. I have the younger sister. She is 24 years of age and she lives in other city. I do not see her very often now, because she has her own family. What about me I am single woman and I do not have children. But I love children very much and I want to create the most wonderful family with loving husband and happy children in the future. So I am looking for the person who will be a reliable husband, friend, lover for me, who loves children. I have a lot of different interests. It is very hard to tell about all of them in one letter. First of all I like music and like dancing. I like different kinds of music from modern dance music to slow classical. It is depends on my mood. When I am sad I like to listen to slow musical compositions. And when I have good mood I like cheerful music. I also like rock music such as Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. I also like nature very much. I like camping. I try to go to nature when I have free time for it. The nature here is very wonderful. There are a lot of trees, rivers and lakes here. I like sports and I am engaged in aerobics. It helps me to be in good shape and have a good mood. I also like playing games, for example basketball. But I do not have enough time to play games. So I prefer to watch it. I like read books. I prefer to read classical literature. From Russian literature I read Tolstoy, Lermontov, Nabokov, Chekhov. Maybe you have heard about them. From foreign books I like Hemingways ones. I also read modern literature. But as I have already written sometimes I do not have enough time for my interests. I have friends here, but not very much. I think that any human can have only few real friends, who always are ready to help. I have such friend. It is my girlfriend. We know each other for a long time and she often help me in hard times. I try to meet my friends as often as I can. We like to go for picnics, go to the theatre and cinema together. Sometime we have fun and then remember it during the cup of tea. I am very sincere, romantic and sensitive person. I like honest people and do not like when somebody plays with my feelings. I like romantic dinners with the candles, night walks under the stars. Sometimes I just like to listen to silence. Maybe it is not unusual, but it is me, such as I am. I hope that one day I will share all I have with my beloved person. It is dream now, but I am sure that it will happen. Well, I will close here for today. I am waiting impatiently for your reply and hope to get to know as much as possible about you. I will not ask you any questions, because I do not want to be hard for you with it. I think you tell me everything you want about yourself. Am I right? I have very serious intentions about it. Take care and have a good day! Hope to hear from you very soon. Bye! Oksana.Letter Two:Hello my dear Wayne!!! Thank you for the nice photo. I like it. I was very happy to get some words from you. I thought a lot if you will write me back or not. You have written and I am pleased with it. It is not usual for me to meet somebody in the Internet, but I think now that it is rather amazing. I do not know exactly what I should tell you for knowing each other much better. I think you want to know more about me. Where I work, what I do. I was born in the city where I live now. I finished the school and then studied at university. I graduated from the university with the education of the teacher of elementary grades. Since then I work as a teacher in the school. I like my job in spite of the fact that it is badly paid in our country, because I love children very much. You know that I was brought up only with mother. Now I want to give everything I have to the children, for their future. I think I will be able to find the man who will share all my bad and good moments of life. I want to have happy family. You know maybe it is strange but I do not have any boyfriend here. I do not want to have him here. I am very disappointed in Russian men. I failed in love with one man several years ago. I really loved him, but he used me for his own purposes and then left me. I was in trance for some time and I did not know what to do with my life. But I should stop these talks. I do not want to remember that time. Moreover I forgot about it. Maybe it seems strange for you that I share this theme with you, but I want to be frank with you. I think that you will be able to understand me. Alright, as you know the situation in our country is not very good, but we got used to it. Moreover it is much better now then it was several times ago. Our new president become to look after his people. My city, Samara is situated on the Volga river as I wrote. It is not far from Moscow, the capital of my country. It is approximately 900 km or 500 miles to the west. There is very beautiful nature here and I like to be outdoor and look at the charm of the nature. The weather here is rather different in different seasons of the year. It is warm in summer and I like this period, because I can swim and lay under the sun during the summer. It is snow in winter here and I like this period too. I like skating and skiing. I like my country in spite of all facts. But I do not have experience of traveling to compare. I have never been out of my country and I do not know if I want to go to other country or not. Time will show I think. I want to say one thing. Maybe you do not believe me, but I thought about you. It is first time when I meet with the man in such way. I do not know exactly what make me write you. I think it will be some feeling inside me which told me that you are very good man. I do not know what exactly you think about me, but you always can tell me about it. Tell me also something interesting about you. Alright I think I should send the letter and go home. The Internet cafe is rather far from my home. You see I do not have my own computer and I do not have phone at home. So I have to use Internet cafe services to write to you and read the words you wrote. At this time it is rather difficult to take a bus to get to the home. Sometimes you can wait for a long time on the bus stop. But I think the thoughts about you will help me pass away the time. Alright I will go. I will write you soon and I am looking forward to your letters. Warm hugs, Oksana. P.s. The photos in this and last letters were taken 2 years ago. I will send you more recent photos. Letter Three:Hello my dearest Wayne!!! Thank you again for the nice photos. I like you very much. I am very happy to hear from you again. I really wait for the moment when I can read your words. Maybe it is unusual but it is so. You know that I have usual work day. I go to work at 8:00 and my work day ends at 17:00. The best part of my day now is when I can go to the internet cafe and read your words and write you. I really wait for these moments. Today I want to tell you about my friends. You know I do not have a lot of real friends. I think that any human can have only few good friends, who will help in bad moments. I have one really good friend. She is my girlfriend. I wrote about it. Her name is Irina. I often visit her and she visits me. She is divorced now. Her husband left her with the child. She has very hard time now and I try to do everything to help her. But I am sure that she will be fine. I also have friends from my work and sports hall. But I do not meet them very often. But sometimes we go to the theatre or cinema. Sometimes we just gather together and drink some tea and speak about different things. Also we like to go camping, but it happens not very often, because all are busy on the work and do not have a lot of free time. What about my interests. I like cooking. Sometime I cook something delicious and then invite my friends. They like my cooking. I think you would like it too. Maybe one day you will be able to try my dishes. My favorite dish is Manty. It is traditional Russian food. It is very delicious. I will not describe a recipe of it. Maybe you will eat it one day. What else I can tell about me. I like romantic evenings with candles and flowers. My favorite flowers are white roses, because white color is my favorite color. I wrote that I had never been out of my country, but hope to travel over the world sometimes. I am very sociable person and I like to communicate with different people. I think that one of the best things in the life is communication with nice and interesting people. I dream about having a family and to have close friends, to gather together and to spend vacations, to have picnics, to go out together. No I live with my mother. Sometimes it is boringly to be alone without close person. I want to be with my love man, who will be care about me and love me. Ok, dreams again. I just think that it is very important to have close man, who can be with you in good and bad moments in the life. Well, I need to close here. I am thinking about you all the time. Take care. Bye! Yours Oksana. Letter Four:Hi, sunshine Wayne!!! I am very happy today because I can read the words you wrote. I like your photo very much. You are the best what I have in my life. I am not alone now. I have you. I have written that the best part of my day is in the Internet cafe, because it is date with you. . I even cant find the words to describe what feelings I have when I get a message from you. Yesterday I decided to tell my mom about you. I was a little bit afraid to do it. The reason is that she loves me very much and of course, like every mother she worries about me. But I am sure that with you I will be feel safe and secure and that I have nothing to be afraid of. I told this to my Mom and read some points from your letter. She told me that she trusts me. And if I am happy, she is happy too. She thinks that you are a good, reliable, honest, kind and caring person. And she wishes us only happiness and good luck. But of course, only the meeting will show us if we really were made for each other. I am sure already that you are my second half . We really have much in common and I admire and respect you. Tomorrow we are going to visit my aunt ( my mothers elder sister ). She is the only one left in our family. My grandparents died and I miss them very much. I loved them very much. My aunt, her name is Katya, lives in the country-side not far from our town. She is 56 years old and she is often ill. So we often go to visit her and to help with everything we can. She loves me like her own daughter and always very glad to see me. I will write you after that. Today I cooked the breakfast and I wish to treat you with it. You know I like cooking. I like home food. I do not eat often in different cafes. After the breakfast I had the typical day. I went for work and was there until the evening. After it I went to the internet cafe and it is the best part of my day now, because I can talk to you so. On the weekend I usually have a rest at home. Sometimes I go on the nature with my friends. I like camping and fishing. Sometimes I go to my aunt and help her. I have already written about it. I have 48 day of vacation as a teacher. By the way I understand everything you wrote. So I will close here, dear. I cant write you long letters because the services of the internet-cafe are very expensive. Take care. Kisses and hugs. You are always with me in my heart. Yours, Oksana. P.s. I send you the photo. It is not far from my aunt house. You will see on it that it very beatiful nature there. Letter Five:Hi sunshine Wayne!!! I like your photo very much. I like you look like on it. I think about you. Maybe you can feel my thoughts. I really need to talk to you now. You have become the part of my life. I look forward for every moment when I can write you and can read your words. So at last I can do it. The only thing makes me sad is that you are so far away from me. There is big distance between us but I think it will not prevent us. My feelings to you become stronger with every day. I am afraid to lose you and I hope it will not happen. I want to share every good and bad moment with you and I am sure that you are always will be able to help me. I want to be near you and feel your warmth and care. I dream about it. This dreams make me feel happy. I do not need nobody except you. I hope that my dreams will come true one day. I think you want it too. I want us to be together, to make love, to enjoy the time we spend together, just to watch movies, to cook together, to listen to music, to go out, to do everything which is called - family! Well, I will better stop here, because I dont want you to think that I am weird. But I am really crazy about you. There is no minute when I dont think about you. Alright I promised to tell you about my visit to my aunt. My visit was not good, because I have one bad news. My aunt is very ill. She has ill kidneys. We do everything to help her. You know that I have small salary, but I try to do everything I can and I do not regret that I spend all my money just for her recovering. You know the medicine is very expensive here and sometimes I hate my country for such a hard life some people have here. Products, medicine, clothes, everything costs a lot here but sometimes people in our country do not get their salaries for several month. But I am not complaining, do not think so. I just need to share it with you as I wrote. You know that you are very close person for me now and when I talk to you I feel much better. And it is does not matter how much it costs to use Internet cafe service. The only thing which has matter is that I can talk to you. I love my mom, my sister and my aunt, they are my family and I want you to be the part of my family too, though you are already the part of it. Hope that you are not against of it. I thank the God that he gave me the opportunity to find you in this big-big world. I need to close here and to go to home. Sorry I do not have opportunity to send you the photo right now with this letter. I hope I will be able to send you it with my next letter. Take care, my dear and smile for me!!! Bye! Write you soon. Yours forever. OksanaLetter Six:Hi, honey Wayne! You know that it is very important moment for me when I can write you and read your words. You know it is the best what is going on during my day. I am very sad when I can not do it. I enjoy every letter I get from you and re-read them several times. When I wrote the first letter to you I did not know that I would have such feelings to you. I had hope that you were the good man and I would like you. Now my hopes have come true and even more and I am very happy to know it. I want to share my life with you, I want to be always with you, to feel your warmth and care. The God help us to meet each other in this big world. I am very happy about it. I feel that you are happy about it too. May be it seems strange for you, we havent met with you in the real life, we have only letters which I cherish but I have the feeling that we know each another for ages. Hope you are not scared with all these and you understand me. I think you have such feelings too. The most important in the relations between two people, man and woman, love, of course, mutual understanding, respect and honesty. Two people should trust each other at first, understand, care about each other. His life will be my life and I will give him all my love, care and tenderness. Lets fantasy a little bit. Imagine:....... night, romance, we are alone in the room, we turn on the music and dance slowly. I look into your eyes, they are so deep and you look in mine, they are full of emotions. I see your lips, so soft and I want to kiss them. We love each other and the minute is an eternity... Or so... you are coming back from work. I am waiting for you. I have cooked a very tasty dinner and we are sitting at the table, you tell me the news, about your work and I am just listening to you. I dont need anything else. I just enjoy the moments I spend with you. Then we go to the living room and watch the movie. We are sitting on the sofa, hugging and kissing. Just the calm evening.. Or so ... weekend, we are cooking breakfast. After breakfast we are going to walk, we are having picnic, then we are going to see our friends and we come back home tired but so happy. In the evening we are alone. We are making love and the whole night is not enough for us. Tomorrow one more week will begin and it will be even better..... Well, enough with my dreams... Maybe you will not like such dreams but I hope that you will like it. Write me you thoughts about it. I am waiting impatiently for your reply, sunshine. Hot kisses for you . Your baby Oksana.P.s. I send you the photo which was taken this summer on the bank of the Volga. I am in bikini on it. I think you will like it.Letter Seven:Sunshine Wayne!!! I miss you every second when I am not able to talk to you. Only your letters help me in my life now. I do not know how our relations goes. Maybe I will be able to come to you. Today I am going to visit my aunt Katya again. I worry about her. She is ill as you know. I want to see her and help her. I will go to her alone. My mom will not go with me, because she need to work. The weather is very cold here for this time of the year. It is cloudy and cold wind is blowing. Moreover there is rain here. I am a little bit sad today, because you are far away from me and there are so many problems. I have problem which upsets me very much. I have already written you that the Internet cafe service is rather expensive. Moreover you know that I care about my aunt. So it is rather difficult for me write long letters now. I still havent got my salary and I almost dont have money. It upsets me very much. I hate this situation. Money is nothing. But at the same time we cant live without it. But you should not worry. I do not care how much it costs to use Internet cafe service. The only thing which has matter is that I can write you and read words you wrote me. It is the main thing for me now. And I will do everything I can for it. I do not know if I told you that I have a cat at home. Her name is Murka. I love her very much. She is very kind and clever. I think that sometimes she understands me more then anybody. But now I have the man who understands me most of all on the Earth I think. This man is you. Am I right? I really need to go, dear. I miss you badly. Tomorrow I will go to the church and will pray for you and for us. And I will thank the God that I have you in my life now. Thank you. Kisses and hugs, Your one and only. Oksana. P.s.By the way my address is Russia, Samara, Polevaya street, 125-40. My last name is Moskalchuk. Letter Eight: Please Note the same passages as Natasha Gelash (Saratov, Russia) letterMy darling Wayne!!! As always I am so exited to read your words. I miss you every second when I am not able to read your letters. Everything was as usual in my life and nothing special happened. But I have met you and my life changed. Now I have very close man who always can understand me and make me feel happy. I have seen one American film. It is romantic film "Pretty woman". I think you have seen this movie too. I like this movie very much and I have seen it several times already. I saw this film and think about you and about me. After it I went to sleep and I have a dream about us. I believe that you my second half and the destiny helped us to meet. I think it is our chance to be happy until the end of times and we can not miss it. I understand that we do not know each other for a long time and we have not met yet, but I have the feeling that I know you all my life. I just know what I feel inside and what my heart tells me. I have written that it is the first time when I meet through the internet. I would never believe that I can have such feelings to the man I have never met in the real life. But now I have experienced it and I have believed in it. Now I think that everything could happen in this life. I have met you and I do not care other things in this life. I trust you and as I wrote you the closest person for me now. I need to ask you one thing. It is very important for me. I need to know that you trust me. I think that you trust me because you should not have any concerns about me. I did not give you any reason for it. I do not deserve it. I have only serious intentions about you. Just write me that you trust me and that you do not think that I am weird. It is not so. I am just very sensitive and sensual person. You know about it. And you mean everything for me now. You can feel my thoughts even on such big distance. Now I can not imaging my life without you. I will better die than lose you. I know that my life will be empty without you and I do not want to lose you. I will think about you and about my feelings to you. Please be honest with me and write me just 3 words: "I trust you". Tell me your thoughts about it. Write me that you will never make me feel pain. Take care, honey. You are in my heart. Thousands of kisses. Yours forever. Oksana.
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