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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Luba Zaitseva (Ukraine)
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Luba Zaitseva (Ukraine)First email. Note that she says that she is emailing fronm the Internet Cafe . I looked up the site and it is only open from 9am to 9pm this email. I live in Connecticut where the Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of me Letters

#1Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 22:24:31 +0300 Hi Chris, My name from translation denote LOVE. I believe in love from the first sight. Id like to find a man who would be able to divide this beautiful feeling with me. Im sympathetic and deeper person. I like to cook differente dishes. I like noisy and merry parties but sometimes I love to be along and listen to silence. I believe, one day Ill meet a man whom Ill be loving person and divide with him all griefs and gladness, creat a happy family , to bring up charming and healthy children As I have written in my introductory letter I work as hair- dresser. I like my work and consider it very creative.I help people to look more attractive and their smile when they are pleased with my work is the best present and reward for me. My English is good, so you can write me in English. I`m writing to you by miself, from the internet caffe. I don`t use the help of any agency. I am waiting for the next letter from you where you can ask me all questions you want. With my best wishes, Luba!#2 Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 23:20:25 +0300 My dear Chris, Thank you very much for your writing to me. I`m very glad to get your letter. You know I`m very seriouse in my intention, i1`m dreammig to creat a strong and a happy family with my own man. A woman cant live without a man. I know that now many women think that to be independent is better, that men have too much power in the world and women must take it from them and to live the way they want.I feel that they are wrong in something. The life of a single woman is not that much fun as they want to represent it. She lacks something. When she cares about her family it brings her joy and inspiration to life. And as for me, I want asimple happiness - I want to get up in the morning and to smile to my beloved man, to say how much I love him. I want to kiss his eyes and to help him to believe in this morning and in this new day. I want to hear the voices of our childern - full of happiness and laughter. Ive never had it in my life before - i think that I should belong to the only man in the world. And maybe this man is you? Do you also have a special feeling writing to me? kind regards, Luba# 3Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 17:18:22 +0300 My dearest Chris, I`m fine thank you, and very glad to get your letter! And how are you? Your letter is very special for me, reading it I start feeling that you are looking for the same as me. You feel a littel bit lonly, and that`s makes sad. i know it, becouse I feel the same. I have dream, i want to know what does it mean to love and to be loved. i think that it`s the greatest feeling in the world. It`s the only thing which can make a person happy. And i need it. I think that when you are alon, when you don`t have your sweetheart, your life is not so bright and seems to be a little bit empty. Even to enjoy the things you like is much more pleasent when you do it with your loving person, i know that you will agree with me. what can I tell you about myself, I`m an active person, I think that we live just once and we should try to get everything that the life has to give us. I think that it`s better to do something then just to sit, waiting that somebody will bring it to you. I like romance and I want it to be an unseperate part of my married life. I`ll try to make my future husband the happiest man in the world. In me he`ll always find a nessasery support and understanding love and care. I understand that life is not only a holiday but I want to share everything with my dearest man. I`ll be so glad to be with you. your Luba# 4Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:01:03 +0300 My dearest Chris, Thank you very much for your letter, thank you very much for your tender words.I don`rt know what happened but since I read your last letter you took a lot of my thoughts. Something tells me that finally I met the man I was looking for . I can`t explaine it, i just feel it. When i come to the inernet caffe and open my mail box my heart starts beating faster, becouse i`ll see your letter. It`s always such a pleasure to read it! I like sharing my thoughts and views with you, and I`m so happy when I see your understanding and support. I want this our relations to continue and maybe step by step, word by word, we`ll come to the real LOVE?Darling, may I aks you to share your feelings with me, I `d like to know maybe your heart also tels you something? I like your pictures very much. Thinking of you, your Luba# 5 Darling, Darling, DarlingDate: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 21:30:02 +0300 My dearest Chris, Your letters your words are so dear to me. Darling, thank you for sharig your thoughts with me, i`m so happy to know that our feelings are the same. To tell the truth when I put my add at the agency I wasn`t shure that it can happen . But it`s so wonderful that it`s so. I met my soulmate, and I`m so happy. From this time I don`t feel myself lonly anymore, becouse I know that there`s you in this world. It`s not important that we don`t live in the same town, and even not in the same country, we are together. And our personal meeting it`s just the question of time, becouse we both want it and wait for it. You know I trust my intuition, my feelings very much and they tell me that we can be happy together and maybe we were really meant for each other. I know that you are a very good man and i can trust you, I can share with you everything, I`m so happy for that. Darling, I`m thinking of you a lot, and I will be so happy to meet you. Thank you for your wonderful invitation! Do you really want to invite me to you? Darling i`ll check what is nessasery for it tomortrow and let you know immidiatly. I`ll be so happy to be together with you. love, Luba# 6Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 00:10:26 +0300 My dearest Chris, Thank you very much fro your letter, for your words reading them made me fele so good, so worm and comortable. Darling, did I tell you that I still believe in the real love? I don`t know maybe in our world it sounds not good and ald fassioned, but I do believe in it. And I do hope to meet it .Darling, I want to be married just once with my dearest man, I want my husband to be the only man fro me. i`m dreamming about having children ,a boy and a girl. And they`ll be the happies children in the world bnecouse they`ll never know what is devource, and they`ll be always shure that their parents love them and each other very much. i think that only in such a family children can be very happy and glad. do you agree with me? You know when i read your wonderful tender letters I see that you also have the same thoughts and dreams, am i right? Through every your word I feel your care and tenderness. Darling, I`m a little bit affraid of this feeling but I start needing you, I need to be with you, to see you in the reality. And to tell the truth I start thinking maybe we were meant to be together? Once and forever? Love, Luba# 7Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 00:23:07 +0300 My Chris, Darling, thank you very mcuh fro your wonderful letter, You know I also want to be with you so much. I don`t know how it happend but I fall ni love with the man I`ve never seen before. It`s strange but such a great feeling. Dareling we need and we will be together in spiter of anything. Thank you very much for your care and offering your help with my payings for the documents, you are so attantive, Darling, you know i don`t want to worry you with this and i hope that it won`t be difficult for you. I want to be with you so much. I don`t want to delay our meeting even for 1 day. My ful name is Luba Zaitseva My address is 17,Lenina street, Nicolaevka village, Lugansk region, Ukraine, 91000 Dareling thank you for your care again, thank you for doing it for us! with love, your Luba# 8Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 16:07:45 +0300 My dearest Chris, darling you are the most special man I`ve ever met. My feelings to you are so strong, darling you know i`m thinking of you so much . did I tell you that I`ve already tolk about you to my parents?of course we tolkd about you and our relations. I did it becouse I`m veery seriouse about us. And I`m shure when we meet it`ll be the real beginning of us together. Darling I want to be with you. my heart stasrt beating faster when I`m thinking of it. I`m happy with you, I`m happy reding your letters, looking at your photoes.And i want you to be as happy as I am. We`ll never let divorce to come into our life! why? The answer is simlpe becouse we love each other and there`s nothing to hide! Darling, I was told that it won`t be a big problem to get a tourist visa to your country. They can start working on it as soon as I can pay.Darling thqnk yuo fro offering your help again. The nearest Western Union office here is in Lugansk. with all my love, your LubaThen I wrote: My dear Luba, Somtimes things in life that seem too good to be true usually are. I hate to believe this is all a scam. I would love to believe everything we wrote and said to each other is all true. So I have to ask you to show me a little more than just emails. Please send me some more pictures of you. Ill give you my phone number again. (203)***-**** Please call me,(you can call me collect) or if that is not good for you. Please give me your phone number so that I can call you, I would love to hear your voice, and talk about our future plans. Like I said before, I will fly there and meet you. Talk to you soon, Your, ChrisLetter # 9 Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 20:04:57 +0300 My dearest Chris, Thank you for being so opend with me and for giving your thoughts on our problem. I see the situation, and I know that sometimes it`s really not easy to trust a person you even didn`t see in the real life. I know what you feel. To tell the truth some friends of mine also say that I`m a kind of silly girl ,becouse I want to go to meet the man I`ve never seen before. They are trying to warn me, reminding about different situations when a girl go to meet his man and nobody can find her again. But I want to trust you. And you should know that I will go to meet you without any hasitations. Yes, all we have are our letters , but thrugh them I see that you are a very good and kind man and I can trust you. That`s why I ask you just to try to trust me like I trust you. I don`t need your money. I don`t think that they are the main in our life. We should have money for live, but not live for having money. That`s my point of view on this. And if I could I`d pay myself for the trip and documents. I ask you for the help with this becouse I can`t do it myself but I want to come to meet you to spend time with you. And I hope that money won`t bother our dreams to be realized. Thank you for giving mwe your phone nummber but I can`t call you becouse it costs a lot for me. but you are right we need to tolk. That`s why I found the phone for us to tolk. The nummber is +38 0642 343178 Darling can you call me on Wednesday 16 Kiev time. But my dear Chris, please don`t forget that it`s not my phone nummber so please call just the time I gave you OK? with love, your Luba
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