Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Russia) from Syktyvkar a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Russia)`s photo
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Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Russia)
Tatyana ([email protected])
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[email protected] [email protected]
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Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Russia)Hello, My name is Dan from Fort Worth,Texas,USA. I ran across your web-site and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the name of the woman that I have been e-mailing for sometime now! ( 7 months now! ) We talked about getting married! She goes by the name of Tanya/Tatyana Lebedeva.She made contact with me on a web-site called LoveByNet.com and had a screen name of floweret,she gave her e-mail address as [email protected] requested that I send her $325.00 US Dollars by Western Union for her visa and then additional $870.00 US Dollars for the airline ticket,which I did send to Tatyana Lebedeva in Syktyvkar,Russia! Then she requested an additional $510.00 US Dollars for flight insurance which I did not send to her!Letters Thank you for any help and your time in this matter! Sincerely, Dan Harper [email protected]

loweret sent you this message on Mar 28 2002Hello! Your profile is incredible.I think you are very good person. My name is Tatyana.Im from Syktyvkar.This is a small city in Russia:about 1600 km to the North-east from Moscow founded on Sysola river.It is warm here in summer but very cold in winter.But I like my city very much.So it is hard to start... Im 27.My birthday is on April 20.I have recently graduated from the university with diploma in marketing.So Im a specialist in marketing.I will never forget the students life.I still remember that great time.Ive got a lot of friends there.Im very cheerful person and like to talk to my friends.Im also very sensitive.I try to help people not to give up.But Im still dreaming to find that one with whom I could share all my love and caress.Practically all my life I spent here in Komi Republic.I like to travel very much though never been very far from my city.I have been only several times in Moscow participating in some student conferences and in other couple of Russian cities.And I have never been abroad.I also like romances.You have already maybe noticed that Im romantic.Up to this moment I found romances only in books.But I hope that this moment will change my life and Ill get acquainted with a decent,loving and sensitive man.In exchange I will give him everything I have in my soul and will be a friend and lover of his life.I believe that one day in future Ill be able to take him far away somewhere on an island with green hills,yellow sand,blue blue sky and warm warm water.I love music.It charges me for a working day and lets me survive.I usually listen pop music but I like ballads and light rock also. Mostly I listen western music in English.Even do not know why.But it seems for me deeper and brighter. I liked to listen Michael Jackson,Lenny Kravitz,Van Hallen.Now I like Roxette,Madonna,Enigma and some others.Well,this is in general about myself.I hope that you will find me interesting for you and will correspond with me.Please write to me from your usual e-mail address.Im afraid that Ill not be able to write to you through Lovebynet and receive your e-mails from it.And please send your photo to me because my Internet Explore is unable to display images and I dont know whether your photo was at your profile.Write me here:[email protected] Have a nice day!!! Tatyana April 15, 2002Hello my love Dan, Dear,today I had serious conversation with mum.She does not have any objections if I would go to USA. She wishes happiness to me. I had long conversations with her about you. She says that if you write such letters you are a good person.But she is still a bit prejudiced about the possibility of deceit.But I love you and completely believe you.There is a firm in our city,which deals with visa registration.They charge 325 USD.It is unbelievably high for me.But it is so! Visa is arranged during 1 month.I know also that there is a governmental visa department.They charge a bit less money,however such visa is prepared from 0.5 to 1 year and it is not yet known how it will work. My girlfriend recently visited Australia and she told me everything how to receive visa and to prepare for the flight.Ill tell you everything about this.You just have to listen me carefully.I am very glad that you want to see me.I also dream about this.I want to be with you!!! I understand that a lot of money is necessary to travel to you. And once again Ill tell you the visa to refer to is B-2. I do not know why I became so crazy about you.I think that it is the man about which I dreamed all my life.Im so inspired with our future meeting that I cannot find a place for myself anywhere.325 dollars are necessary to buy visa. this visa is valid for 90 days.We after all will have to come back to the issue of visa.Believe me now I collected all information.I am very grateful to you that you help so much to our meeting.I want to tell you that money is better to send on system Western Union.This system is very reliable and money transaction is carried out within 15 minutes.Here is information how to send money here: GUTA BANK LENINA,47A SYKTYVKAR 167982 RU Lebedeva Tatyana After you will send money here the bank will tell you ten figures and you should inform me about them. I know that our relationship is under construction for trust. But we should trust each other without trust we simply cannot exist. My mothers sister works in Moscow in an airport.Mum called her today and spoke to her.Write me please what airport you will come to and then Ill tell you about the air tickets. The ticket for me will be with the discount due to my aunt.Many times I asked a question to myself:Why this world everything depends on money? I consider that money is not the basis.The most important is when people understand each other.I can live without money.But I strongly want to arrive to you and money here is necessary.So it is obvious that money were separating us.I have a big desire to meet you,to embrace you and to kiss you.If I would have money Ill immediately arrive to you.Money is just a temporary paper.But human relationships are built forever.Now I understand that love is a strong feeling. I am glad that I have found this feeling.When I open the mailbox and see there your letter it is becoming easily on my soul. When I read it my heart blossoms.I want to sing with happiness.I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! Your Tanya April 27,2002Dear Dan, Every time when I receive a letter from you the environment around me blossoms.Thank you for everything! Ive received money from you and was so happy with the thought that we will be together very soon.However I was disappointed when I came to visa department.They said that visa would be ready without tickets in three weeks.If I have tickets it will be ready in 5-7 days.I told them that Ill try to present them airplane tickets in three days.I dont know how to tell you that those tickets require $870.My heart is simply torn up when I think that it could be that we might not meet soon.Never the less Ive given money for the passport for foreign travels today. It will be ready on the next week.Through tears and smiles,laughter and heartache,youve been a part of my life.I cant imagine getting through the day without hearing your voice or seeing your smile.I look forward to the time we share,and I never want to live a single day without you.I miss you so much that my heart is crying.Every day I think of your gentle touch and all the warmth you give me.When youre near,Ill feel happy,but when youre away,I feel as if a part of my soul is missing.Remembering all the letters you wrote and all the nice words you told me returns to leave me feeling inspired.Im simply unable to explain this feeling.Please tell me that you love me too.Theres not a shred of doubt inside me,I know I want to be with you.I cant wait until we can be together.Do you know what I want to do to you? Heres my wish list: I want to touch your shoulders and I want to feel your lips.I want to reach the skies with you feeling a great romance.I want to have sex with you in all positions that you know.I want to make you feel so good that you will never forget it. Your TanyaMay 21, 2002Hello,My LOVE Dan! I already told you about flight insurance.Please tell me, did you receive that letter? I was so happy to receive money from you,I went right away to the airport booking office.To my great surprise they required additional amount of money about which I wasnt told nothing before.They said that without insurance I wouldnt be permitted to enter the aircraft.I cannot understand why they had not told me earlier.In an airport I should pay for the insurance for the safety of my life and belongings.I was thinking a lot how to tell you about this.But I had nothing to do because Im totally depending on you.For insurance it is necessary $510.Fortunately this amount is repayable back and they take only $10 for the service.I hope that they will return this money in the airport where you live as soon as I arrive to you.At first time I asked my mother to ask somebody from her friends to borrow these money but she replied that nobody from her friends possesses such amount of money.I tried to tell her that Ill return this money as soon as I earn them but she could not really help me. I have reserved the air tickets. However Im totally bound because of insurance.In Moscow they will stop me.What shall I do with $510.I have few money,which will suffice only on the ticket on a train up to Moscow.The cheapest ticket to Moscow costs $40. Im so sorry again that there are unpredictable problems because of my visit to you.Its a misfortune. Ill be waiting for your reply,my dear. Your Tanya
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