Marina Ivanova (Volgograd, Russia) from Volgograd a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Ivanova (Volgograd, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Ivanova (Volgograd, Russia)
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Marina Ivanova (Volgograd, Russia)Hey guys, It looks like Ekaterina Strelkova or Katya is back using a different name.Hi, Im a 51 Y.O. American also wanting to find a Russian lady. Im self employed and live near St. Louis, Mo. I first met Marina on Aug. 30th when she emailed me from Friend Finder. I wish I had found this site earlier because she got me for $1,810.00. I have found her on pages 67, 70, 77, 80, 82, 85, and 87 on the black list. But, I didnt find this site untill today. I have emailed her today telling her I was going to take this matter to the highest authority in both countries if I have to, which I will. She emailed me back saying she would return the money, but we shall see. I noticed also that she is no longer on Friend Finder, her user name there was decent1973. Letters:First Letter I sent her an email back telling her that I would buy a round trip ticket for her that she could pick up at the airport and here was her response.I was very ignorant about visas and didnt know at the time that it was almost impossible for a single Russian women to get a visa and enter our country. I started reading up on visas and thats when I started to worry. Plus after I sent her the money I noticed that her letters got down to only 3 or 4 sentences. Here is the last email I got from her today, after I told her I would get my money back, one way or anotherHere are some more photos of her that I havent seen on this site. I just hope it helps someone. Bill

I ASK, THAT YOU WROTE to ME ON MY PERSONAL ELECTRONIC ADDRESS DECENT1973@MAIL.RU Hi. Me name Marina. I, not when to not write in the Internet and I very much to worry. I live in Volgograd city . I was born in this city and lived all these years. To me 28 years. My growth 168 sm. my favourite colour dark blue. In me a good body. I not when any love and close man. I have no any children. If I to find present male I to prove that I is very honour. I very much to want it. I to want to write concerning me directly. I to work in hospital. I to work the dentist. I have finished university and at once to begin to work at this work. It - interesting work. Me to similar. But in Russia is combined to find good work. Here small salaries. But I to try to work and to receive the salaries. I have reflected rather much what to write the letter. I live with mine the mum in an apartment, that to us has from my father. It has died three years back. It was very complex, when it has died. Now we live with mine the mum together. My mum has told, that I should find love. I spoke it that mine familiar to find love in your country. She me to understand. She has told me that in Russia very bad by him existing love and existing the Man. I understand, that I owe to find love. I very much to worry when to write to you this letter. I to see, that my girlfriends to find love in your country. I think that to me also to help the god to find it. In free time I enter in cinema and theatre. I to visit church it is a lot of. I do not smoke and to not drink vodka. In the Man of Russia it is enough to use vodka and preparation . IT IS AWFUL !!!!!!!!! I not ????? such love. I hope that you to understand my letter. I am valid very much to want to find existing and strong love. I to not have the brothers and sisters. I one in family. My daddy spoke, that I the very beautiful Woman and that I shall be happy. Now when to recollect it I to roar. I very much loved the father. I to apologize, if you it is bad to understand my letter. I am valid very much to worry when to write to you it. I will be included into church and to ask the god that I to find love. I to write to you the letter and I hope you to understand my feelings. I to want only existing love. I to not want in love in game. I to write only for the serious attitudes. I ask, that you have understood me, and I ask, that you wrote to me the answer. I very much to require in existing to the Man. I to find you and I think in us, there there can be good attitudes and probably more. I shall wait for your letter. I shall do photo, and I shall try to you to send it if you to me to answer. I shall finish my letter. I shall speak with the mum that I to do first step, that, which will find existing the Man. I think, that she will be very pleased for me.Sincerely yours Marina. P.S. I ask, that you have entrusted to me. I to not want in love in game. I already adult Woman to play in love in. It I to speak from my heart.

Hi mine sole Bill. I have received your letter. I to want to tell that it is love. I to understand that my heart belongs only to you. You mine Male, and my love belongs only to you. I have told mine the mum that I am happy with you. She is glad for me. She transfer you hi. I to want you to tell very important. I not when to not speak it earlier. I to understand that my heart belongs to you. I now that this beginning huge love. I ask you to not break my heart. My love all to you. You only mine Male. and in my life will not be whom more except for you. I am glad and I shall ask always god that you to find. But I have tears of an affliction rather our meeting. I know all to come in your country. I to want to see our eyes and to speak much about love. But I to you to want to tell that I to learn rather my arrival in your country. I should it do in mine the country. I can do it in tourist firm. If you I shall permit me all to do for ours meeting. I know it from mine familiar much. I to want to tell you. I know that I can do this all only in Russia. I can not receive the ticket from you. I should it do here. I have rest in October. If I shall begin my registration now I can be at you in a beginning of October. I to apologize but I really to have tears of an affliction. I to not have that to do it. I to not have money and I to not have reliance that you really to want it. I simply very much to roar now. I to want be near to you and I to want you much to speak in eyes. I shall wait your letter and know that now I to roar because of it much. I to want be with you and it is the truth. On always yours Marina. P.S. I to see your photo. It is very beautiful. A thank to you. You mine Male, I to want be with you !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Bill if it is possible you so to name. I have written to you the letter it rather is of an awful mistake. I to want to ask you. As I can you deceive if I have given you my home address in city Volgograd. I do not understand you. I ask you to understand me. Who that to be engaged in it. But they have taken advantage of my photo. Why you do not want to understand me. Me have informed that will borrow time to return your money. If you still to want it I ask you to wait. I shall return you all back. I to not want problems. It is an awful mistake. I shall complain too. I did not know that what that the people to use my photo. I shall understand with it. I shall return you all. I ask you to wait. You receive the money. I to not want your money. If for you this main that you will receive it. I promise. Marina. City Volgograd. I gave you real my address. I shall tell by mine the mum about it. It is awful
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