Olena Yanovichkiev, Ukraine from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olena Yanovichkiev, Ukraine the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olena Yanovichkiev, Ukraine
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Kiev, Ukraine
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tuchka@talkmatch.com sikvoya@ukr.net
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No info
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Olena Yanovichkiev, UkraineI am 37 yrs. old, single male, resides in Detroit, Michigan, u.s.a. I received a response to my ad that I have posted on match.com from tuchka@talkmatch.com In the first letter, I was advised by the sender (Olena) to send my replies to a different email address. here is the initial letter she wrote: Letters:in my closing, i have attached few photos of her, i hope this information will help keep new victims from being scammed.. if it is too good to be true, trust me it is... mike itani

Hi! I liked your photo and your describtion. Id like to get know you better. I hope you wont mind and it will be a good beginning for good relations. I hope we both will be pleased with our communication. Anyway, i think we can try:) I will be looking forward to your reply. Now i would like to tell a few words about myself. My name is Olena. I am 25. I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I am going to graduate from the Insitute of foreign languages soon. I am future interpreter. I live with my mother and younger sister. I am joiful and optimistic person. I lead an active and complete life. I have different hobbies. I hope you will be interested in our relations and i will tell you more about it in our further communication. I am waiting for your reply on my email-adress: sikvoya@ukr.net When you reply to me, i will send you my photos and tell you more about myself. I hope to see some more photos of yours. With hope, your new friend, Olena.our communication went on for approximately 3 weeks, she writes that she is graduating from a university & majoring in foreign languages, & future translator, she has one 12 yrs. old sister, & a mother that work as a teacher from morning until late night.. she also have a very sick aunt. she claims her aunt needs her help to do work around her house. her father left when she was young of age, & she had to raise her sister. she is looking for romance & she finally found it? (me). she cant wait until her coming to be with me, she is willing to come to visit, but has no money for the tickets & she can get a students discount from the deans office at the university for 40% off the regular price, special price for students.. i sent $750 to (Olena Yanovich, Kiev, Ukraine, 89 Kotelnikova str., apart. 72 )thru western union, for tickets, U.S. visa & a bit above of what she needed out of my good heart. she provides me with a number & asks to call her at a certain time that she gives me. i sent the money one time, but she has asked me for more few days later for the customs clearance. i was alerted by that & decided to check few web sites for scammers & guess what.... i found her pictures on the black list.. here is the last letter i received from her & that was on Sept. 16, 2002 Hi my dear and sweet Mike! Thanks for your letter, i was so worried when you didn;t reply to me. I am glad that you had a good weekend. I spent my weekend at my aunts with my family. I am just back at home. Today in the morning i went to the Dean;s office at the Uni and bought the tickets for the 22th of Sept. I had the interview today at the Embassy. Now i will tell you how is everything was at the Embassy. At first i filled in an application form. It is a special form for people, who are leaving for USA by tour visa. It was not difficult, as the questions were easy. Soon after i finished it, i was interviewed. They asked me different questions. Everything was fine, but there is a problem. I hope we will solve it. While the interview i was told, that for me to pass the Customs registration and leave the territory of Ukraine, I should have some money in cash. I was given some info on this part. But i decided to know more details about it. So, soon after the Embassy I took the bus and went to the airport just to find out this info in details directly in the Customs of the airport. Here is the info I have got. For me to leave Ukraine, I need to have a sum in cash for customs declaration, it is at least 1000$. If I dont have such money, i wont be able to pass customs registration and to leave the Ukraine territory. As I was told it is connected with that problem of illegal immigrants shift from the ex-USSR, it is mostly young girls who move abroad, to the America and European countries. It is a kind of guarantee, that Ill have financial safety when Im at another country. Each citizen should follow the law. I also was told that it is much more serious now, because of the tragic events in USA. I feel scared and I do not know what to do. I have already bought the tickets, the process of getting visa is going on. I will have one more interview on Wensday, the 18th of September and i will have to show the necessary sum of the money at the Embassy, at the Visa Department, before the interview. As far as i was told, my visa will be ready on the 20th of September, Friday. Honey Mike, I feel so awkwardly to involve you to my problems and for bothering you. I understand that you now should work a lot for us to be together and have a good rest then, I am grateful to you for everything for you have already done for me. I am really afraid that all these things wont let us be together, but I hope and believe that wont happen. We cant let it be so now, i even dont want to imagine to myself, that i wont come to you, moreover now, when everything is decided and we are on halfway to our meeting. Dear Mike, please transfer me 1000$ for this customs declaration, I promise that I wont spend a cent from this sum andIll give you back this money as soon as you meet me at the airport, I need it to pass customs registration only and leave Ukraine. I will have to get this money by Wensday before going to the Embassy for the interview again. I should be completely ready. Now it is the only problem that should be solved and then nothing will disturb us. I understand that you have done so much for me. But, please, i ask you so much, give a chance to our love! I am really so worried because of all these problems, now even my mom is very worried. I believe that you wont leave me and in spite of all these problems we will be together. I want you to know that now it is the main thing i have in my life. There is nothing i can think about more. Our meeting is the greatest dream of mine. Please excuse me, but is not my fault, law is law. Honey, I beg you, help me, I am sure there will be no problem any more. I am scared that our meeting wont happen. If it happens, I will go mad. I have never had such problems, as i have never travelled before. But i am ready to overcome all the difficulties. I want us to be together very much. Honey, please, forgive me. I could know, there would be a lot of problems. I want to cry, but I try not to do it. I will try. Reply me as soon as you get this message, I should know what to do further. Kiss you tenderly, with love. Your Olena. Darling, i wish you knew how much our relations and our meeting mean to me. I have never wanted anything so much in my life. I dont know why, but it seems to me that my future depends upon it. Please, try to understand me. I have already told you that I am not looking for a way how to spend my vacation and have a good time. I really try to connect my future with it. it is very important for me. And what will be if i lose you now? I even dont want to think about it! Honey, please, reply to me as soon as possible. I cant wait to getting your letter. Dear, please, do not be upset. I dont want you to suffer because of me. I want to give you the best!!!
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