Vlasova Olga Viktorovna from Murmansk, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Vlasova Olga Viktorovna the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Vlasova Olga Viktorovna
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Murmansk, Russia
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will come form @yandex.ru
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Vlasova Olga ViktorovnaMurmansk, Russia Be warned, I am a 34year old man in Mexico and I received a contact form Soulmates.inc, and something didnt sound quite right to me, she claimed to be writing from an internet cafe because a home computer would be very costly to her, but her mails tracked back to an ISP dial up provider, She says she speaks German and English, but not Spanish, my profile was in Spanish and she claimed it found it very interesting. By the third letter, she was deeply in love with me and desperate to know me, and when I searched for her name on the internet, I was sent to this blacklist. I was growing suspicious by this time because on her letters, she complained about how costly was everything, but she sent me 5 photos, all with studio quality that unfortunately I erased them by mistake, 3 of them she appeared as a blonde and on the other two she appeared as a brunette I suspect shes using photos from some Russian professional model. Her profile was erased by her on the time I received the 3rd letter, so now I cant attach a photo of her, a profile that will be the very image of innocence, a photo of a very thin beautiful brunette or blonde, but be aware that she wont answer most of your questions and any information about herself would be very vague, she lives with her mother and father and have no brothers or sisters. loves animals and children and "want to know you the man" Can be there on a couple of weeks or have a relative on Moscow that will help to get the visa (although a Mexican visa takes 4 weeks to be issued to a Russian Citizen, because the decision on issuing the visa must be made at Mexico City and the passport for the visa must be sent from Russia to Mexico and back to Russia, her uncle was capable of getting it on the very moment. Also, she will ask you questions that you have already answered on previous mails, and also made small mistakes, on one letter, she claimed to be 24 year old, and on the next, to be 28. she is not very careful on keeping track of your info, she writes whit very bad English, maybe on purpose. Other info provided by her, is that she is a fashion designer and that are wiling to start working as soon as she arrives to you. She appears to use these alias: Ekatrina Anreevna Zharkova, Vlasova Olga Viktorovna, Olga Vlasova Viktorovna, Kate777 Olga017, Olga917 or sliva3432,, most of her mail addresses will come form @yandex.ru but may change her screen name or free mail provider. She asked me $500.00 to start arrangements on her trip, Im following her game so I can get more info on her, Im forwarding the letter I received with her information. As a hint, to receive a visa, she needs a round plane ticket, She told me previously that she had made all the steps to receive the visa , but not have the plane tickets yet.Letters:She also may use this address: house 73, apart. 8 Riharda Zorge streetKazan 685000 or 420000With hope, yes, to strip you out of your money, she didnt took a penny from me tanks to this site, and the many mistakes she made on her letters, This woman has a dark soul, praying on lonely man, dont let your pride be bruised and help stop this cybernetic hyena! Even if confronted, she claimed to have been crying and to need to see you so you may know the truth about her, but also wants you to send her money.

Hello dear Xxxxxx!!! Number of flight of the plane on which I shall treat I shall inform you as soon as I shall buy the tickets in Moscow. It will take place approximately on Thursday. So in target I shall be at you. I send you the data. I as have learned bank, in which is present a Branch of Western Unionits name PROMSTROIBANK. It addressRussian Federation, city of Murmansk, street Vorovskogo, 5/23. Once again I repeat to you the data: My completed name Vlasova Olga Viktorovna My name: Olga My surname: Vlasova Number of my passport: 8802 320245. You owe that I have removed your money to send me your complete name, complete home address, both telephone number, and main MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number). Withhopeyours Olga
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