Elena Metelkina (Ekaterinburg, Russia) from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Metelkina (Ekaterinburg, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Metelkina (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
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sexygirl_1978@bk.ru Maria-travel@mail.ur.ru
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Elena Metelkina (Ekaterinburg, Russia)I am a 47 year-old white American male living in Northern Virginia outside of Washinton, D.C.I received a message from a woman (alias Elena Metelkina) on matchmaker.com (SEXYGIRL948) and started corresponding with her on at the beginning of September. She gave me her email and expressed her desire to meet a man and get married. She claimed her parents would give her $500 to help pay for the air fare and visa so she could fly to Virginia to stay with me for 6 months. We corresponded for about a week and I even talked with her on the phone one time (so I thought it was her). The number I called her on was supposedly a friends number (7 3434 825748). She gave me the phone number of a man, Andrey Timchenko, who she claimed was a Manager at Maria-Travel Agency, 67 Lenina Street, in Katerinburg, Russia. I contacted this man (7 3434 877882) and he told me he could make reservations for Elena to fly to meet me on the 21st of September. Unfortunately, I sent this man 3 payments of $400, $440, and $420 I sent cash via Western Union to Andrey Timchenko (Im sure he was running this scam with Elena. He probably was pretending to be her in the emails I received from her, while having a female friend pretend to be Elena when I called her.) I sent $400 on September 8th, $440 on September 9th, and $420 on September 10th. I have contacted the International Fraud Complaint Center (division in the FBI) about this incident, and will contact American Embassy in Moscow/Ekaterinburg and the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. Email for Elena Metelkina: sexygirl_1978@bk.ru Email for Andrey Timchenko: maria-travel@mail.ur.ruLetters:

Letter 1 from Elena:Hello my sweet! You cant imagine how happy I am to have a correspondence with you. I read your letters very attentive and my heart began to beat very fast... Today I want to tell you about my greatest and about my little dreams. Do you have any dreams? Please tell me!!! My greatest dream is to live somewhere near ocean, near beautiful nature, palms and so on... I know that this dream will never come true. I think its important to have a dream which will never come true because its bad when you dont have a dream. Another my dream (I hope it will come true soon) is to have a happy family and lovely children. I want to be a good and faithful wife! My little dream is to travel to some beautiful tropical island someday.... as Bali or Thailand. I adore beautiful nature! Please tell me about your greatest and little dreams! OK? Unfortunately i dont have a phone at home. I am writting you from internet ca About my English, i write you myself without any help. I think we need to talk by phone first and then well chat with Messenger or ICQ. oh. I forgot write you my name my full name Elena Metelkina!!! Oh... I wrote you a long letter and I hope I didnt bore you with my thoughts and feelings. Are you interested to know more about my plans and dreams? If you are ask me about that and Ill tell you everything what i feel and what I want to do in the nearest future. So... I need to stop here my writing to you but if I had more possibilities Ill write you without any stopping. Now I`ll send you some photos of me and my mother, I hope you will like them!!! My kiss and hugs, Elena.________ to tell honestely i cant wait to see you in a person. Itll help us to learn each other and take a decision about marriage. You live in in Northern Virginia? I have been to one tourist company here in Ekaterinburg and asked about it. And manager there told me that he could organize everything for me to USA(visitors or tourist visa and flight) without problems. Please contact with him maria-travel@mail.ur.ru this is big travel company and you can ask questions. hope to hear from you soon. bye bye Letter 1 from Maria-Travel:Mr. _______With your request we calculated the price to arrange a trip for Elena . The pack which includes 3-month Visa plus flight will cost $1340 total. We will start to prepare the documents on the next bussiness day we receive the payment, the time limit required to prepare necessary documents is around two weeks. You can send the funds by WesternUnion to your contact who will pay to us then, or directly to us, to the name of our account manager. You will need to specify in transfer details : Russia, Ekaterinburg , Andrey Timchenko. We waiting Insteructions from you. Sincerely Yours, Andrey Timchenko Travel Agency in Ekaterinburg "Maria - Travel" Our Address Russia, Ekaterinburg, 67 Lenina street, manager (e-mail) Maria-travel@mail.ur.ruLetter 2 from Elena: Hello my dear ______,Thanks for the letters, i told you that i want to fly to you. I dont know how much it cost, i hope manager at the agency told you about it. I have about 500 USd this is last saving my parents. Is it possible for you to get the rest of the money? Maybe you corresponded with my girlfriend Elena, i think yes, she is also want to find a man from net and get married. Honey the phone number of my friend 7 3434 8 25748 you can call me from 2 pm - till 8 pm, ill be there at her house friday. I have one brother. Hope to hear from you soon. Your Elena by the way thanks for the pictures, i like them very muchLetter 2 from Maria-Travel:Mr. ______. 1340USD this Visa, passport, Tickets Ekaterinburg - Moscow, tickets Moscow - Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C. , and other papers. Differents between our country 10hours. Elena can make payments and we will start registration documents and rest of payment you can make throught several days. We waiting instructions from you. Sincerely Yours, Andrey TimchenkoLetter 3 from Elena:Yes, youre right its about 2:40 pm here, please call me at 3 pm my time this friday, i received your letter to agency, and i am going there in a hour, i need to talk with my parents about money, hope ill work. I could stay with you 3 month if you want. Tomorrow i think ill pay 500 USD and manager start the process of making documents. I hope you can afford the rest of the funds. I think manager answer you today. See you later. Bye bye and sleep well, Love, ElenaLetter 3 from Maria-Travel:Mr. ______ Now I`m return from Post Office, I have send all checks to your address. Today Elena will fly to Moscow , in Moscow she will receive tickets and visa, in Moscow embassy she will need have interview and put seal on visa. She will fly to you 15 Septemeber. She will departure from Moscow 15 september 9.00, arrive in Dulles 6.59pm , number flight AF26 Air France. Today morning Elena have received tickets to Moscow, she told me what she go to Internet Cafe write email to you. Ok , Sincerely Yours, Andrey TimchenkoLetter 4 from Elena:My Love _______, I have very good news for you and for me! Im in Moscow, its very good weather here. Ive just returned from consulate. I have received tickets and Visa. I`ll fly to you 15 September. I have a little problem, I have talked to man in Consulate and he told me that I need to have 1000 USD with me. He told me that I must show 1000USD on Costums in the Airrpot when I`ll fly to you. this is min amount of money i need to have with me to departure Russia in other countries. If i dont show them it, i cant leave Russia. I understand that not enter in our plans, but i need to show it, just show it. Please send me today 1000USD, I will not spend it of course, when i will arrive to you I`ll return money, You can send me money to Moscow, you need use bank system WesternUnion: Russia, Moscow , Elena Metelkina, I need only to show money in Costums, they want to be shure that I have money for living in USA and that I will not Letter 4 from Maria-Travel:We have make all work, if Elena don`t have money for show, this not our problem. Sincerely Yours, Andrey Timchenko
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