Yana Solovtsova (Tomsk, Russia) from Kemerovo a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Yana Solovtsova (Tomsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Yana Solovtsova (Tomsk, Russia)
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Yana Solovtsova (Tomsk, Russia)Im a white male, 36 years old, living in France. I have been recently scammed by a woman named Yana Solovtsova from Tomsk ( Postal address: Russia, 634050, Tomsk, Sovetskaya St., 114 - 9. Mobile phone number # 00 7 9029515302) I read her ad on two different websites: free personnals and EECL. I sent my first letter end of January. Then we had a correspondence for 6 months. I was really interested in her, so I stopped writting to other women I also contacted. She seemed real, and her letter seemed written personnally for me with lots of details about her family, daily life, her occupation, etc ... No apparent sign of scam. She was registered in a dating club in Tomsk (Linda Marriage: lindamarriage@bk.ru, Russia, 634021, Tomsk, Frunze, 118 - 14) and was using their services (email and translation). This dating club is a departement of the SIBERIAN LADIES AGENCY (ladies.tomsk.ru, Russia, 634021, Tomsk, Frunze Ave, 7 - 25) (note: As you can notice, both club/agency are in the same street.) After 4 months of correspondence, she told me that she had some financial problem and that she needed to stop to correspond with me for some time in order to save some money to rent her flat. At that time I contacted the dating club and decided to paid for the correspondance cost. They were raisonnable (50 USD per month for unlimited correspondance and translation). So we continued to write letter to each other. I even sent to her 2 CDs for his birthday, CDs that she received few weeks later, so the address seemed real. All payment have been done to VADIM TSKHAI, the general manager of the two agencies, via Western Union. I finally decided to invite her to visit me. This is my first mistake. I was knowing that she couldnt afford a trip abroad, so I proposed to pay for thepassport and for the ticket. For the passport, I used the dating club service that prepared all the admisitrative paper and paid the OVIR. At the same time, she was searching a tour including plane + hotel. She found a very reasonnable price for a one week tour. I sent her via Western Union 700 USD that she received without any problem. Last point that should have raised a (big) red flag in my mind: When I sent the money for the plane ticket to come to visit me, the destination address was Russia, Tomsk, Frunze Ave, 7 - 25, Yana Solovtsova. Curiously, the address is the same than the main agency: Siberian Ladies. Anyway, after getting the money she continued to write me for 3 weeks and asked me lot of questions about her first trip abroad. She even phoned me two times. The last call was one week before our meeting. Then, she let me take the train and wait for her at the airport ... but she never came. That was particularly cruel to let me believe that she would come. Of course, since that date, I havent any news from her.Few days after, I requested (but too late ...) a background check about her. And I started to realize that I falled into a trap: I cant find the person named "Yana Solovtsova", DOB 05/18/1976, in Tomsk, Russia !! She is Unregistered person. Her address "Sovetskaya St., 114 - 9" is registered at other person. Its may be that she is a scam artist.. Ive checked her mother also. Unfortunately, I cant find the person named "Lilia Solovtsova", 53 y.o. in Kemerovo. Her street address "Tuhchevfk 17-4" is unreal. The postal (ZIP) code 638257 is UNREAL too. Kemerovo has the code # 650000. PPS. The phone # 00 7 9029515302 is a mobile phone. Unfortunately, I cant find its owner. This is impossible there. So, I contacted immediately the dating club, but they refused to help. Here is their answer: " We cant send you any official information about Yana Solovtsova because we have a written agreement with her (as well as with all our clients) that we cant tell or write any information about her from the first application form that she filled and any other documents)."

By their silence, they protect and encourage scammers to operate from their dating club. And yet, they could do something since they were in charge of the OVIR administrative papers to establish her Passport, a service I ordered and paid to them ! They also refused to give me a complete or partial refund on thecorrespondence cost arguing that they had provided the service (email + translation). In retrospect, I suspect them to be part of the scam, their attitude is unequivocal ! Please, in any case, avoid the 2 agencies I mentionned. If they are not part of the scam itself, they are not serious and reliable at all. Here are some letters I received from her:xxx ! Im really very glad to receive a letter from you. I saw your photo and liked it much. Much they could not open your second photo in Iternet. Could you please send it to me by e-mail? Im going to continue tellingyou about me. So I was born in Russia, in the city of Kemerovo, but now I live in the city of Tomsk, because I study here. Im a student of The Siberian Medical Univesity. Ill graduate from it next year and will have Masters degree in therapeutics. But also I work as a nurse part-time in a local clinic. I love my profession and I cant imagine my life without helping people. I usually get up at 7 oclock in the morning. My lessons at the Univesity are from 8.45 a.m. till 4.20 p.m., but sometimes before the exams I stay in the library till very late evening. 3 nights a week I work as a nurse in a local clinic from 8 p.m. till 8 a.m. I like my job, but surely I would prefer to work not as a norse, but as a doctor with any degree. Sometimes its very difficult to combine studing with job, but I have to work hard to earn money. In the Russian Federation there is a crisis, the life is difficult enough, so its necessary to work much. On weekends I go to the fitness hall. You asked me about my hobbies.I hope you understand that in so strong graph of work there is no many time for a leisure, and maybe its even good.Because when I have some free minutes I feel the loneliness. Ive got a lot of friends, but among them there is no my only, which could help me in bad moments or share the happiness in good moments of life, whom I could trust totally. People consider that Im a strong woman, but its only an outward cover. Inside a have a tender and warm heart. Im looking for a man, which is ready to be drowned in the sea of love and tenderness; which can care of me and value my care of him. You asked me what are my likes and dislikes? I like reading, listenfing to classic and modern music, cooking tasty dishes by myself, going to the movie and theatre or just to spend time with my friends. My favorite literature is where there are deep psychological problems. To tell the truth, the womens amorous novels are not interesting for me. But now my desk book is "Learning English". My music preferences are: Julio Iglesias, Vanessa May, The Beatles, Sting, Whitney Houston. I would be glad to hear your music. I can play the piano too. I went to the musical school and they say Im good at playing the piano. My favorite food: vegetables, fruits, fish. Yes, I really enjoy travelling much. But i have never been anywhere abroad. Ive been to Kazakstan last summer, and we went to Kirgiztan with my mom when I was a little girl. Ive been to the Black sea, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk. What else about me is interesting for you? May I ask you some questions too? What attracts you in women? What is the best feature of your character? And also, tell me please more about your city. Im really very interested to know you better. Also I need to add that I cant answer your letters too often, because I have not got a computer at home. I have to usethe e-mail service of the local dating club "Linda". Hope that its not a problem for you. So please use this e-mail to contact me: lindamarriage@bk.ru and write my full name in the field "Subject": FOR YANA SOLOVTSOVA. All the best for you, I hope youll answer me soon. Sincerely, Yana Hello xxxxx! Thank you very much for writng me an interesting letter and sending two nice pictures of you.I liked them much. I really much your answers to my questions, it really helped to create a more full picture of yourself in my imagination. I was really very glad to know more about you family and now Ill tell you more about mine. My family is not big at all. As you know my mom lives in Kemerovo, she is 53 y.o., her name is Lilia. She has her own little business, she sells clothes from Germany. There in Kemerovo live my uncle Vladimir and aunt Larisa. Their children are my cousine Olga and cusin Anton. We are great friends. I try to visit my family there as often as I can, but sometimes its not possible, because of my studing. It takes just 4 hours to get to Kemerovo by bus, because there is a direct route. I will bring to the club a photo to send you. Im together with my mom on it. Hope youll like it. Today we watched the infectious patients at the clinic of the University. Tomorrow well have a conference where well discuss these patients and then well read the reports prepared before. Its again very cold outside. The weather is so unstalble. The frosts are really severe now till - 20 - 25 C again. The wind is strong and its not pleasant at all. I told to my best friends Luba and Katya about my correspondence with you. I showed them your photo. Katya even said that maybe well go to the dating club with me soon. They liked you and approved my decision. I cant write you a longer letter now, Hope to hear from you soon. Yana Dear xxxxx ! Im very glad to receive your letter. I liked much a thoughtful and intelligent way you write, your thoughts are close to my thoughts, I feel very good about you. On March 8 we celebrated here a womens day. I dont know if you have this holiday or not. But in Russia this holiday is popular and loved. Boys at school congratulate girls, give them gifts, cards. On this day men congratulate women, mothers, grandmothers, daughters. There are a lot of smiles, flowers around It smells spring in the air. It seems that everybody is happy. I sent my mom a really beautiful silver ring and some CD of Romantic music of her youngth (Collection of romantic french songs). had a wonderful time with my friends on the 8-th of March, we went to the sauna, played billiard, swimed, drank some beer, talked, laughed, a day was really full of joy and fun. Hope you had a nice trip to Toulouse. Thanks for your postal address. My postal address is: Russia, 634050, Tomsk, Sovetskaya St., 114 - 9. Yana Solovtsova.You know I rent an appartment here in Tomsk, so I have not a telephone. Of course Id like to talk to you over the phone, so we could find the right time and I could talk with you from my friends place. Please think again about the fact that I dont speak English good, just a little. You should decide if its a big problem for you or not. I m looking forward to your answer, Warmly, Yana Hello dear xxxxx ! Thank you so much for your letter and such a great picture of you! I liked it much! Please, keep on sending me photos. I always enjoy getting them. Ill also bring New Years pictures to send you. Hope youll like them. You asked me what I like to do in my free time, so itll take me a lot of pages to write down. The reason is there is so much to do and to see, so many things to try and to imagine. Thats a wonderful point about life- it can get as colourful and bright as you make it. Im not afraid to experience even if the result isnt good, Im afraid to live through life and then to look back and to understand that Ive wasted it, made it boring.Im also afraid to be trapped into daily routine. I know a lot of people who are great personalities but they are so into daily life that they never reveal how special and passionate they are. They slowly become narrow interested, always do things in one way and the most thrilling experience of their weekend is TV. Its paiful for me to see that some of those people become not only ordinary, but they dont even notice the changes in their mentality and expectations. Of course, I know lots of my friends are people who are willing to do lots of things but lack of money doesnt give them opportunities. But there are tons of things which cost almost nothing but give you priceless experience.I adore spend time with people I care about. Im not a loner, I tend to share everything with those who I love. Sometimes we go in the country with my friends and make picnics (our favorite dish is shashlik- kebab, marinated meat on sticks), I love to be out in nature and sometimes its just great to go simply for a walk and have a good long talk about things that just come out of nowhere. In winter we often go cross- country skiing and skating. As you can imagine Siberia gets lots of snow- so its no problem to ski from November till March. Plus not only it keeps me fit; it is just so much fun even we are falling a lot. In spring, fall and summer I like to do jogging, sometimes we visit banks of river Tom (if you can call it a beach) with my friends, we get tan and play volleyball (and never swim! The ecology is way too bad for that!). Actually I would love to do some work in my free time in any serious ecological project I would come across (sowould many people I know). The reason is that the environment wasntprotected a long period of time in Russia, so now we have a very bad situation.As a future doctor Ive made some research and got a clear idea how much that affects our health. I support not only healthy way of eating (it doesnt mean I starve myself with diets because I love to cook) and keeping yourself fit, but also fresh air, clean water and all other factors of environment to be safe. Well, I was trying to write about things I like to do in my free time, Ive told you its a long story. I like to visit my Mom and make her life more fun. I try to help her a lot and this feels like Im getting rest when I feel useful for people I love. Since Ive studied 8 years in music school (when I was little from 6 to 14years old) and play piano I love all kinds of music and listen to it a lot. I like to go to concerts. We have a very nice performing academic symphony ochestra in Tomsk and lots of famous russian artists visit our city. So as far as the tickets are not too expensive I listen to Shopin, Rahmaninov, Chaikovsky, Rimsky- Korsakov, Bize, Mozart, Beethoven (and other favorite composers), love to listen to italian operas. Just recently had been on a great jazz- concert (was lucky to get a ticket as a present), and it was as special as good jazz music can be. Of course, I have some singers and groups I like- those are Sting, Madonna, Jamirocquai, Sade, Dido, etc. Sometimes we go to dance-clubs with girlfriends to have a good nignt of dancing, which I like a lot. Thanks to my Mom who decided it would be nice if sudied ballet. Ive spend a year in it and then switched to ball-room dancing which very popular among yang people in Russia. There I practiced for about 6 years and now still watch tournirs and as I lready said really like to dance. By the way I could teach you waltz or tango. Do you mind? I like to keep fit, so I do sports and try to keep them various. With my girlfriend we do jogging in summer (our apartments arent in the center so we have 5 minute walk from the open air stadium, public skiing facility, a forest and a river!), skies and skating in winter. I also do aerobics once or twice a week and go to the pool. I noticed how strongly sport affects not only my health but also my mood, givesenergy and strength. The only problem I have with my health so far is my sight. I wear contact lenses. My Mom wore glasses all her life so probably that is genetics. I had a tendency to myopia plus we have to read lots in University so here is the result. I do worry as it gets worse, ecause the eyes are getting tired quickly of stronger lenses. But I hope Ill get used. I also really like to read. It gives me a lot of new ideas about life and people in general. I read variousauthors.At the moment I m reading Nabokovs "Dar"("Gift"). There are so many of those who I consider to be my favourite, some books i like for the style, some for the ideas, some for the culture they describe, some for just be swept away by the imagination. I like to discuss books with people, that way I see the ideas I didnt pay attention to or I start to understand this person better by his or her reaction on the book. I like to cook a lot. I wish you could try the cakes I make. I like all different kinds of food, and try all different recepies. Sometimes my friends say that being a student taught me to cook everything out of nothing. What I like to do is to cook something delicious and to invite some good friends of mine to have a nice dinner and a long captivating talk afterwards, feels cozy and safe from all troubles around the candle- lighted table. Sometimes I like to spend my free time at home and sometimes I like to go out and see new places and people. It all depends on the mood, but Im always open for new experience and like to spend time with my friends even if our interests are different, we share them and that brings fresh ideas. I think this an important issue and of course I want you to know what I think of our age difference and why Im even looking for an older man then I am. Ive had relationships with "boys" and believe me I wasnt satisfactured and I dont mean only making love. I just think now- after the time has passed that those relationships didnt have much insight. I know that every personality is deep and you never can know everything whats inside. but one ofhe most exciting part of the relationship is with every day open up each other and bring new in each others life not only with events but also with the depths of souls and mindsdiscovering each other. What i felt in those relationships is that with time- short time- there was nothing like that left- my partner seemed no longer interested in our communication as two personalities, as friends even- we seemed to have taken everything from each other and when I feel in a relationship i understand thats only a habit to be together or maybe only physical desire. I always tryied to save relationship, knowing the reasons I still tryed hoping its only a period, but then i understood that the desire of one partner is not enough and if the other isnt intersted in the same- nothing good will be in the end. With time I understood that i will be happy this way only with smart, intelligent person, who knows life and also knows what he wants( ! ) - as usual it is older people then I- that is why older is even more attractive to me - because the relationship is deeper and more goal-directed. I know that is true for me because i have a lot of very good friends who are older then I am. And also if I fall in love the age,race, culture isnt a matter to me, because I know love is what matters. Actually I know that it would probably even more interesting in a relationship if there is a difference- your experiance would match with my younger age as my temperament of a yonger person would match with your age- we would have even more to give each other this way. Of course, I know that everybody is different and probably there are people my age whom I respect as a smart, intelligent and experienced, goal-directed personalities, but I already liked your letters and you much that now no age matters- we can be friends and can totally fall in love- what else matters? Its a really long letter and I have to finish here. Hope you have nice weekends. Im sending you a million of tender spring smiles, Warm regards, Yana ear xxxxx ! Many thanks for your congratulations and remembering about my birthday. Many thanks for sending me a surprise. Its very kind of you. Im sorry I keep silence. I really want to write and receive letters from you, but my mom has some finantial difficulties and I have to pay monthly rent myself so I need to save some money now. I promise you that as soon as Ill get enough Ill write to you again. Thats life. I just hope you wouldnt find somebody new to write to because you are nice and interesting person to know and I seem to like what youve written so far. Hope youre well. Miss your letters, Yana My dear xxxxx ! I was so surprised to get an urget telegram from the agency that was saying that youve paid for our correspondence and that now I should pay nothing. Thank you very much, my dear. I did not even know that its possible. I was so sad all these time because I could not afford corresponding with you, Im so happy that we can continue our correspondence. How are you??? How do you spend weekends? Whats new in your life? Yesterday I got a paper from the post office that there is a parcel forme. I guess its yours, because my mom told me nothing that she wants to send me something. So tomorrow I will go to the post office to get a parcel. Things are going normal here, just busy enough. Im studying hard. Tomorrow I will have the first exam, so today I will be studying all the day long. The rain and the sun are here today. They both are at the same time on the street. I was at home when it started raining , the window was open and the clouds were small and grey on the bright blue sky. I immediately thought of you: you came into my life like a sun through the rain. Youve changed my whole grey world with warm bright shining rays of your mind and soul through drops of cold water. Then I went to the agency to send you this letter and again this strange rain started when I thought of you. It is unusual and suddently I understood that all that happens with me and you is inusual and special too. It was like a sign that all that happens to me with you is miraculous. Its like a breeth of fresh air, like a sun through the rain. Somedays I feel like I was in a mist or a fog before I started to get to know you. Now all the time before I started to have a hope for us to be happy together seems senseless and useless to live in. Im looking forward to your next letter, Thank you so much for your help, Yours, Yana Hello dear xxxxx ! Ive finally got your parcel! Thank you verymuch, I was so much surprised. Your greetings are exellent, thank you verymuch for both CD, most of all I liked Sting. Its really a new album and here it would be impossible to buy it. Thank you very much. My hopes for us as future together rise with every letter you write. I havent even partly imagine how much i would like you from first letters. Then this feeling was growing day by day, the time i was thinking of you, dreaming and finally realising thats not only a letterromance of yours but you are serious as i am and you are worse waiting all this time to meet with you, I would even wait for you longer because you will be still worse it. Now i believe that all is possible and our relationship is a dream that is becoming true. Im afraid sometimes that circumstances may rise between us, the dream is so gentle and so great that Im afraid it will be ruined and nothing left. Of course im afraid for this first time seeing each other. Although we will meet as friends, I still want us to experiance this special feeling looking into each other eyes as i experianced reading each of your letters. Those things cant be done intentionally so it will be a point when we can realise how much we were meant to be together. We also can understand it only with time so Im ready to spend it with you and I think we wont be bored- Im sure about that! I have not still a forein passport. As soon as I have enough time and money I will go to arrange it. Pleasem dont worry, it will not take too much time, I guess. Im looking forward to your answer, Kiss you,Yana Hello dear xxxx ! Thank you very much for your letter and more information about the kinds of visa. I talked to a lady from "Linda" club and she said that they could help only with getting a passport. A visa maybe done only by a toursit agency when a person buy a tour. Its great that you could send an invitation by a special fast post-service, Ive heard of Fed-Ex abd DHL in the local advertisments.Maybe it really works fast. I went to the torusit agency again abd they said that the cheapest trip to Paris costs about 500 us dollars (tickets Moscow-Paris-Moscow, transfer, visa, airport taxes, insurance, and cheapest hotel of 2 stars with a beakfest). A ticket Tomsk-Moscow-Tomsk costs 300 usd, but now there is a cheaper flight 2 days a week that costs 250 us dollars. I dont strike off an opportunity to meet here in Russia. It would be great also. The city of St.Peterburg is very beautiful and I would dream to visit it one day with you. Maybe its really an easier way. Im sure that well able to spend a great time together anywhere, and it doesnt important too much where, in Russia or in France. i just want to meet with you, to see you, to get to know you. I walked home today. The weather is gorgeous, trees are so bright green after yesterdays rain.The air is fresh still- feels great just to breath it in. Everybody is walking down the street, many lovers hand in hand. I notice them as I think of you and think how happy I would be just walking with you this day, standing proudly near you. Looking on people, streets, sky, i felt a strange feeling that moment. I felt like I dont have home, no place I would consider the sweetest, cozy, no place i would call mine and take care as I would feel the most comfortable in. I understood I lack something stable, like a bird would lack a nest. The englishmen say- my house is my fortress, i understand it as my family is a most protected space. Love not only gives passion, but it also gives comfort and makes you think thatt day will be better then today. I lack it and Im afraid to believe we are on the age of finding this teasure I would cherish and value most. I know I was going home , but that isnt quite yet home. Its not a feeling of loneliness, its a feeling of coming home.. my home, Im still on the way of finding. Could this be you? Am I that happy to finally get to know you? Would i feel myself in your arms protected from all hardships of the world? I do really hope that yes, my dear. Im looking forward to your answer, Kiss you, Yana Hello dear xxxx ! Thank you very much for your help in getting a foreign passport. The agency said that youve paid for their services and a state customs to OVIR. On Monday well go to OVIR together, I will sign the papers and the procedure will begin. Ive finally passed all the exams, dear. You may congratulate me with good results. In the end of June well have a graduation party in the University where Ill get a diploma. When I had tons of work to study and I was tired every day I was thinking how wonderful that was - it keeps the time running till I get your letter, till I see you. Time I had to see my friends was so short, I couldnt read all books I wanted , couldnt write to you as much as I wished to. Finally my exams are finished, almost everybody passed exams successfully, I have almost all done in the University! Finally I can talk with my friends for ages, read, go in for sports: jogging, swimming. But after so much work, busy hours and stresses I feel Im free now, and my mimd and my soul have so much space for the dreams of you that sometimes I think it was better rather to study a lot then to think of you and understand how far we are from each other. I feel bothered by all the rest I get now, just because I think of you so much. Sometimes I assure myself that you are only a dream yet , a person I never met, but then I have this strange feeling of missing you and wanting you to be near me, hold my hands and be my lover. Why did you get me so interested in knowing you only by writing letters to me? I put the pieces of a puzzle I know about you already and feel even knowing you that much I have a world to discover. I kiss you slowly, Yours, Yana Hello my dearest xxxxx ! Thank you so much for your previous letter. Today I have really great news. Ive finally got my foreign passport. So now my thoughts are only about you and our meeting. I cant believe that everything seem to be so soon and that well meet and hope will fall in love. I dream of you every night and think of you all the day long. I went to visit my mom for several days and she mentioned that Ive changed so much. She said that Ive became more happy and cant stop smiling. All my thoughts are about you and I cant stop thinking of you... My mom is also happy that well meet, she says hello to you. Youve asked me a question if I can borrow money for my trip. Of course I would do myt best to pay for my trip myself, but a sum is giant for me and everybody here. IIts so pity, but I cant borrow anubosy such a giant sum of money. Imso red in face to write that, because I feel no good to ask you to send me any money. I know that usually men send money to women when they meet, but I never thought that I will have to ask you about that too. Ive used to be independent and sometimes cant ask even my mom for some money. It was always so from the early childhood. So, please, decide it yourself, my dear. I dont know how to arrange all of that. I have no any bank account or so on. My good friend Oxana has a bank account for forein money (not for rubles), because she works in an internetional firm and use it for her company. So maybe she could help anyway, because i dont know how it all works. I hope things are going for you well and you are always excited of our soon meeting. Did I understand you right that you also think that a tourist tour is the best way? Theyve found a tour that costs 370 us dollars (including tickets Moscow-Paris-Moscow, transfers, visa, without breakfast and a 2 stars hotel in the surburbs of Paris). What do you think about that? Im looking forward to your answer, Ill answer you as soon as possible, because now I will not leave Tomsk till our meeting. Kiss you, Wait for you,looking forward to see you, Yours, Yana Hello my dearest xxxxx ! Thank you very much for your letter and doing so much for making our meeting possible. I went to the bank yesterday and asked everything about Western Union myself. So youll need to know the next information: Country: Russia City: Tomsk Address: Frunze Ave (Novaya), 7 - 25. Name: Yana Solovtsova. Of course 700 us dollars will be enough for all the expenses. We have no any ID-cards in Russia, so Ill show them my passport and will able to pick up money. Youll send me a special code (10-digit) so I could get the money easier. I really hope everything will work great and there will not any problems. The date of August9 is the best sure. So tomorrow Ill go to the tourist agency as soon as I get the money. I really miss you my dear and hope to see you soon. Really very soon our mutual dream will come true and well finally able to be together. Kiss you, Yours, Yana Hello my dearest xxxxxx ! I have bad news, sweety. Please dont worry, nobody died of that yet. My mom asked to visit her before my departure to you, I had really nothing to do here and of course I diecided to visit her for a couple of days. We went to my uncles home for a day. As you know they live in the country, their house is in the village but it is in the forest. Ive decided to go to the river with my niece and got biten by the insect "tick", which crowles up your body , then finds a good spot and bites into. I found it later and had to go home to give it into special laboratory here in Kemerovo to check if the insect was normal or it had an encefalit or Laima desease in it, they also made me first immune injection. Today Ill go to see the results, but to tell you the truth I dont feel good already so Im afraid I got some infection. Thats not a new thing here. Every year a lot of people get biten by this insect, they told me this year it occured to more then thouthand people already. Earlier they used chemicals to prevent that disaster, but a lot of birds died. Now they dont do it anymore. I didt want to tell you, because I didnt want to worry you, but it is serious and I can get sick for a long while. I found a lady with a computer here. I hope this letter will reach you, because I firstly will send it to the agency and then it will be translated and sent to you. Ill stay here for several days else to be sure Im out of any danger. Now about more pleasant things. The date of my departure from Paris is August 23 00:49 Paris time. Ill arrive in Moscow at 06:30 Moscow time. Ill get a visa in Moscow in the office of tourist company "Open Sky. Ill be in Moscow on August 15, so Ill have to stay there one day. I cant believe that well be together so so soon, dear. my honey, Im so happy well meet soon. I cant think about anything else. I miss you so much! My mom and all my relatives say hello to you. Kiss you, Yana Hello my dear! I was so happy to talk to you over the phone, to hear your so pleasant and calm voice. Sorry for my bad English, i worried much if youll able to understand or not. Ive got your both letters, than you for all your kind and warm words. My dearest, Im sorry if it makes you worry, but please dont mind it too much. The insect which I told you about was examined and the infection- "tick-borne encephalitis" was found. To tell you the truth I felt it even earlier then i had the results. Now I have the last hope it wont be a hard case with out any serious consequences. They started my treatment and I hope i wont need to stay at a hospital. I have a head-ache and feel sick- the better place for me now is to stay in bad, hope just for several days. The doctor said itll take me 3-4 weeks to get over it if the treatment will be accurate. That happens to a lot of people here, they get biten even in the city sometimes. Kemerovo region and the south of Tomsk region are considered the most dangerous places IN THE WORLD! (I mean these ticks.) If I wont be a good patient my condition can be worse, I just need much rest now. I blame myself for not macing an incurance contract on that case - now I have to pay lots of money for treatment! I thank God Ive got my beloved mom who takes care of my treatment now. I dont know what would i do without her. I dont even know why my head is burning- may be because of that problem too! Ill try to solve the problem as soon as possible, dear. Well be together soon, butourmeeting will not be so pleasant as I dreamed of because of my illness. Youll not find me as merry as Im usual and Ill be very calm because of medecines. Hope youll not take it too serious. Im sorry for that beforehand. I kiss you my dear, soon well be together, Yours, Yana
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