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Fiancee visa scam - Valentina Drozdova (Odessa,Ukraine). Earlier this year I was the victim of a fiancee visa scam which was perpetrated by two women in Odessa, Ukraine, Valentina Drozdova and Natasha Blazhko. In the months since I uncovered the scheme, I have discovered that it was on-going since 2000 and there were many other men involved. Criminal fraud charges are in the process of being filed and at least two of the other victims will be sending in their stories as well Because we are still building our case, I have left out the details about my contacts with these other men in my description of my relationship with these women so as not to let them know exactly how much we do know about the scam at this time. We are hoping that by posting this maybe some other men who had been involved with them will come forward and provide more damaging evidence against them. After we have made our case, we will provide you will all of the additional details. The following documents are attached which I hope you will post on your blacklist page. A letter describing my relationship. How we met etc.. along with copies of her requests for money Pictures of Natasha and Valentina Coincidently, about a week ago I received a letter from a woman in Russia. I just found a brief mention of her on your recent updates. She is Olga in Ulanovsk. Having gone through all of this and having read your web page about common scams I was immediately suspicious. I wrote back and sure enough it followed the scheme almost to the letter and by the 6th email she was requesting $350.00 for a tourist visa. So things dont get confused I will send the details - her name, pics and letters to you separately. Also, just a small suggestion about the site. When I first received her email I checked your blacklist page and didnt see her but I didnt know there were update pages. Maybe you could put a link on bottom of the blacklist page to the page that has the updates listed because its kind of buried in the site. Thanks for your help. You have a great site and are providing a great service! Sincerely, David G.My name is David and I am a single white American male, aged 49, self-employed and living in Houston, Texas. Two women in Odessa, Ukraine - Valentine Drozdova and Natasha Blazhko have since 2000 been working an elaborate visa scam apparently on dozens of men. Briefly this is how it worked. They posted their pictures on Corresponded with men and encouraged them to come visit them. Then they would tell them to stay at an apartment owned by Natashas mother charging whatever rent they thought the market would bear. This varied from 60$/day to $120/ day and they would split the proceeds. As I was only involved with Valentine I can only speak about how she operated. She would correspond with a guy and encourage him to visit her in Odessa. When he visited, she would stay with him in the apartment and have sex with him. Towards the end of the visit she and Natasha would talk about making a fiancee visa and if he agreed then Valentine would bring him to meet her mother and ask permission to marry. Then after he returned to the states the requests for money would begin. Here is the complete story -I began corresponding with Valentina back around September of 2001. It was really accidental. I just randomly selected the Ukraine on one evening when I didnt see anyone new on the local profiles. I thought it would be fun to see what women in other countries write in their profiles. I had never even heard about "Russian Brides" syndrome. When I came to her profile, I thought she was really pretty so I sent her a note saying she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I never expected her to even answer. I just figured it would make her day, and she would smile and delete it since I was in Houston and she was in Odessa. About 2 weeks later I got a long email from her. I didnt even remember who she was and had to look up her profile. After a few months of emails I decided that it would be fun to go to Odessa and meet her in person. I hadnt taken a vacation in several years and I figured it would be a great adventure. I scheduled my trip for the week of Valentines Day and her birthday figuring that would be at least two really romantic evenings together. She was very excited about it and made arrangements for an apartment for me to rent while I was there. It turns out that this apartment belonged to her friend Natashas mother and the three of them were splitting the proceeds from the rent. When I arrived in Odessa, Valentina and Natasha met me at the airport. Natasha was pretty fluent in English and did most of the translating for us while I was there. Valentina spoke no English - ( I have since found out that Valentina is very fluent in English but pretended to not speak any.) and I spoke about 100 words of Russian. Anyway it was a magical two weeks, like a fairy tale. .Her daughter Julia joined us at the apartment on weekends and during the week she stayed at Valentinas flat with Valentinas mother. A few days before I was going to leave, Natasha and Valentina and I had dinner together and Natasha asked me if I wanted to do a fiance visa. This came as a big surprise to me. After all I had only known this woman for 10 days but it had been such a great 2 weeks that I figured sure, at least I can lock her into and exclusive relationship, and then visit a few more times and be sure it was all real. I was even taken back to her mother to ask her permission to marry Valentina. Up to this time she never asked me for money and even when I was there she never asked me to buy her anything. I just paid for all of our cabs and meals and the concerts we went to. So I went back to the states "engaged." Now I was aware of the visa scams and was skeptical about all this from the start but having her daughter stay with us and having me meet her mother sort of threw me and I was fairly certain that things were legitimate. We kept writing and I made plans to go out either mid-May or at the beginning of June. She nixed mid-May saying that Julia was having exams and she needed to help with that, so I set it for June 1 till June 20th. Now about 2 months before the trip she emailed me and asked me for help to pay for her passport which was $100.00 and money for English lessons which were $120 per month. Since I was the one who encouraged her to do this (take English lessons) I didnt feel it was unreasonable so I sent her around $600 to cover a few months of lessons and the passport. Then a few weeks before my departure date she emailed me again and asked me if I would buy her a hot water heater, saying that the government had cut off the hot water. I had read about that on-line so I figured since I was going to be staying in her flat and it was still cold there hot water would be nice. So I sent her $400.00 for that. The money was sent via Western Union. Copies of her emails requesting the money are shown and the end of this message. OK - so I fly to Odessa and stay with her for 3 weeks in June. About a week of this was in Fyadorovkov, the village where her mom lives and where she grew up. I thought it would be great seeing where she came from. I kept working on my Russian during the 4 months between the two visits and had about 500 words by the time I made the second trip, so I was able to talk with her a lot more and get a better read on what type of person she was. After I got to Odessa, almost from day one she talked a lot about money. Everything was "these are Italian shoes $300.00," "this is a French suit - $700.00." And kept making comments about how she was a "doroga" woman (expensive woman) and that perhaps I should find one who was "ni doroga" not expensive. This raised a flag for me because she was supposedly earning about $200/month and it seemed unlikely that she was able to afford all this stuff on her own. Even on the first day I was there, she asked me to buy her a new bed and a new washing machine. I told her I didnt see the point since she was going to be moving to the states with me in a few months. Finally I got fed up with it and I called Natasha and we all sat down and talked about it. . I told her I hadnt come to Odessa to buy a wife. That since I left in February she had emailed me over and over telling me how much she loved me and how she couldnt wait to see me again. Repeatedly encouraging me to come back as quickly as possible. Two nights before I left we got together with Natasha again and once again had the conversation about money. So I flew back to the States with a lot of doubts and second thoughts about her and her apparent fixation with labels (Italian, French) money. I left her documents for the fianc????e visa with her as a few things were still missing and told her to fed-ex them to me when everything was complete. I decided that I would mull things over some more and perhaps make at least one more trip before I brought them to the states. The day after I got back a friend of hers here in the states called me and asked me how I was. I told her about the trip and she told me to be careful. That Valentina lies and that Valentina had told her she was marrying a millionaire. I told her that we had discussed money and that it didnt seem to be a problem. I thought she was just exaggerating about me but later I realized that she had already made arrangements to marry before I got there. I didnt hear anything from her after I got back. I sent her several emails and after about 2 weeks had passed, I finally emailed Natasha to see if there was any problem. She emailed me back and said no that she was in the village. So I figured she just went back out to get the copy of her birth certificate that she had applied for when we were there and was just hanging at her moms. Then Sunday I got an email from the friend of hers here in the States. She asked me how I was and I said busy and that I was looking forward to hearing from Valentina when she got back from the village. She emailed me back an hour later and said David I have to tell you, Valentina got married. So then her comment about the millionaire she had made when I first came back made sense. I realized that she must have had this planned before I made my trip and that my feeling about only being there to spend money on her while I was there was correct. Well, I was furious. Evidently I flew out of Odessa on June 20th and he flew in on June 21st. I wasnt so upset about losing her because as Ive said I had a lot of doubts about her but I didnt like being played like that and I had still made an honest commitment to her and I expected the same. I also felt that most likely the guy she had married was only chosen because he had the deepest pockets and was probably clueless about her "character." I felt that I had a moral obligation to let him know whom he was involved with so he could make a better choice. So I hired a private detective in Odessa to go to the marriage license agency and get his name and address for me. I have since learned from talking with other friends of hers that this had been going on since 2000 and there have been a whole string other men providing a very comfortable income. Valentine and Natashas Details:LATER COMMENT FROM A VISITOR IN DEFENCE OF NATASHA BLAZHKO: Dear Sir/Madam I refer to the allegations made against Natasha Blahzko from Odessa Ukraine which were published on your website. I believe these allegations to be untrue. I too have had dealings with Natasha and can state from experience that she is an honest and reputable individual. Natasha assisted my now wife (from Odessa, Ukraine) and I to correspond and to meet. We are both happily married and living in Australia. During the courtship with my wife and the subsequent preparation of her visa, Natasha helped my wife and I to translate each others letters, obtain invitations and facilitated my visits to Ukraine from Australia. She often did this at some expense and inconvenience to herself. Yes, Natasha offered me accommodation in Ukraine, but I was free to choose whether I accepted this or not. David suggests that there was some element of fraud in this and that Natashas modus operandi was to lure men to Ukraine simply so that they would use her apartment - I can assure you that this is untrue and absurd. From my experience, there was no pressure, nor were any consequences if I chose to book accommodation elsewhere. It is also true that Natasha on behalf of her clients requests money to assist women with their English. In my wifes case, I sent the money thru Western Union directly to my wife. Natasha does not ask for money to be sent to her. It is interesting to note that David in his written comments freely admits that he is uncertain whether Natasha is a scammer. He says (and I quote line 7 para 3 of his letter): " As I was only involved with Valentine I can only speak about how she operated." Accordingly, his comments in relation to Natasha can only be regarded as speculation and must be read in this light. I am unable to comment on the allegations against Valentine Drozdova - it is more than likely that the allegations involving her are true. Natasha helps many women in Odessa but unfortunately, not all her clients are bona fide in their expectations about relationships with foreign men. Davids experience is unfortunate and probably the result of him choosing the wrong woman to correspond with and being a little bit naive.regardsMichael (name and address supplied)Later comment from David (the author of the initial comment), 11 Nov. 2004:1. Natasha Blazhko married a man from Austin Texas who brought her to the U.S. About 3 weeks after arriving in the U.S. she disappeared and was last reported back in Odessa.2. Valentina Drozdova married a man from Oregon who found out about her involvement in the internet scams and was last reported still living in Odessa.

Valentine Drozdova Dnepropetrovsky Road 109, #4 Odessa, Ukraine 65017 Natasha Blahzko Lustdorfskaya Road 119 , #3 Odessa, Ukraine 65088 First request for money - March 15, 2002 My Dear David, I hope you are fine. I miss you. Would like to ask to help me with money now, because it will be difficult for me to pay for my passport, English lessons and Juliya. Nobody helps me now, I hope just you. I am really glad that you met with immigration lawyer. When you send me a list of requirements you should use FedEx they are faster. The rest of the letter was just b.s. about some holiday. I LOVE you, I WANT YOU TO BE ME NEAR NOW!!!!! YOURS FOREVER, VALJ. A Second request for money - May 22, 2002Hello my love!!!!!! How are you?????????? My darling love I hope youre doing fine. I miss your kisss so much. I need your hugs. My love I have a little problem. And I hope youll help me. Its rather cold outside and its rather cold inside my flat. And I havent any person to warm my soul. Our government turned off the hot water and central heating. Thats why I couldnt talk because the hot water goes cold very fast. I need a hot bath so much. Im afraid Ill be so dirty and fat next time when we meet. Could you help me with buying and box for heating and saving hot water. And I will always remember you while Ill having a bath. I know that you made a lot for me but I need such king of man like you. I need someones care and attention. My darling I need 300$ US for it. You have to help me. Its very difficult without a hot water. I hope you will help me my love. I love you! I miss you!!! I want you!!
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