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Is Olga the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga biglave
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Olga (Volzhsk, Mari-El, Russia)My name is Mark and this is the third time that someone has tried to scam me, I dont mind because I think that Im getting better at picking up on it Im attaching all of the letters that "she" wrote to me. Thanks again for your site. MarkLetters:

Hi, my name is Olga. I live in Russia. I want to get acquainted with the man, who will love me all life. I am 27 years old. I have is long blonde hair. I have hazel eyes. My growth is 169 centimeters. Weight is 53 kgs. On the following letter I can send my pic. I agree to get acquainted with a man from 30 and older. For me age is not the main thing. The main thing is that there is love and mutual trust! I do not notice a difference in ages. I hope only for my true love, and I hope very much that all with us will be good! I agree to answer all questions that interest you. I like the men who speak the truth without a deceit. Main, that he had large heart and kind soul. I agree, that he can have children. I do not have children, but I want it. I can speak more about myself in the following letters. I am anxious for your letters! Please write to me on my electronic box. I can receive your letters only on it. My e-mail address is olga_nis@bk.ru Best wishes, Olga Hi Mark! Thanks, that you have paid attention to my letter. At once I want to tell, that my English is not so good. But I hope, that you can understand me. I learned English language at school and in college. After leaving school I studied for 4 years in college by a speciality of the chemistry. I live in the town Volzhsk. It is small town. It is located in Mari El republic. My republic is small, but very cosy. There is a Internet - cafe here, and I write the letter to you from it. It is a unique way for me to write to you. I never was married and I do not have children. My dream is to have the happy family based on love and mutual understanding. Now I live one. I have one-room apartment. My father has died 9 years back. And my mom lives in Kazan. This city is located in 80 kilometers from Volzhsk. I often visit my mom. I hope that in the future well have serious relations.You have very well described yourself. Thanks. In the man I search for honesty, mutual understanding, reliability, sense of humour. But first of all - love! I do not love lie, a rage and nonsense. I shall wait for your answer. Olga. Hi my new friend Mark! I am glad to see your letter again today. I am Ok. Thanks for asking. It means, that I not for nothing have come in Internet-cafe today. I would like to tell you a little more about myself. I did not told yet that I have hazel eyes. I was born in little town Volzhsk. My mom was born in city Kazan, and father in city Cheboksary. When parents have got married, they have arrived to Volzhsk. It is small town. But it is pleasant to me here. It is my native land. Volzhsk is on distance about 800 kilometers from Moscow. Near our town flow a big Russian river Volga. I am work in laboratory Mari pulp-and-paper combine. I do analyses of water and I keep up ecological cleanliness of technological process. But will suffice about work. I also like to have a rest well. It is very pity, that warm weather was now finished when it was possible to sunbathe and swim. But in winter I frequently ski. It is not mountain ski. Here are no high mountains. But it happens interestingly and cheerfully ski on a coast of the river and in a wood. My interests are various. I love dance, cook, walk on city. Also I read books, TV... By the way here I have found pic our city. I send it. You can have small representation about Volzhsk. If our feelings become serious perhaps I shall be ready to leave all and to arrive to you. For me it is difficult to write in English slightly, therefore I want to finish this letter with a wish nice day for you. I am pleasant to be answered your letters. I shall wait your answer. Sincerely, Olga. bye-bye. Hi my dear Mark! I like to reply your letters very much. Every time I read your letters and write to you with my great pleasure. Unfortunately I can not write to you frequently as I am not have opportunity go to Internet cafe every day. But while I try to do it. Do not worry if I do not write you every day. I am already seriously interested in continuation of our acquaintance and I shall write to you as soon as I shall have such opportunity. I think, that it is difficult to plan married life. Probably it something will be similar to life of our parents. As we perceive stereotypes. I hope, that we shall take best of life of our parents and at the same time to bring, something, original. Now it is very difficult to speak about the future. It is necessary to dream only. But at the same time it is necessary to apply all efforts that sometime our dreams became a reality. Though from the beginning of our acquaintance has passed a little time, but I sometimes begin to think that we have real chance to change our life. For certain in the best side. My mom says that Im very romantic person and I mustnt dream. But Im sure that someday my dreams will become reality I shall wait your letter with impatience.Your Olga. Hi my dear Mark! I am - Ok! And how are you? I am very glad to see your letter today! Here some days temperature of air is 2 degrees celsius (its approximately 36 fahrenheit) and rather strong wind. It is normal temperature for our region in this time of the year. But sometimes it happens that the weather becomes colder. Do you prefer warm weather or cold weather? What food you prefer? You usually are cooking yourself or prefer restaurant (cafe)? Your letter filled with optimism, forces to beat more often my heart. I think of you very often and I recollect all letters which you wrote to me. In them I see many warmth and kindness. I want to hope, that I am not indifferent to you too. I send you my pics. I hope that it like to you. Please write to me as much as possible, I like reading your letters and communication with you makes me very happy and I look forward to it. It is also very exiting to believe that perhaps someday we might actually meet. I shall wait for your answer. Kisses. Your Olga. Hi my darling Mark! I am doing well too. Thanks for asking. Today when I have come in Internet - cafe I was very glad to see the new letter from you. My mood became much better when I have read it. I think anything in life is so much better when you can share the moment with someone else. Sometimes just to hold the hand of that person you love can make all the worldly troubles disappear. A perfect evening for me is maybe taking a long walk with that special man in my life, the skies would be clear, the snow is fresh, and all the stars can be seen. The fresh snow crunches under our feet as we walk. The air would be cold and crisp and I can feel the warmth of your hand in my hand. And I feel that you get in my heart more and more. It is especially interesting to dream of it when in the street becomes colder. Your letter warms my heart and that once we can carry out our dreams allows to give up hope. With impatience I shall wait for your answer. Your Olga Hi my love Mark! How are you doing? My days fly by rather quickly. You see all my ideas only about you. To me even at work speak, that I began slightly another. But they do not know, that I has fallen in love! My weekend has passed well. As I already wrote, on Saturday I went to Kazan to my mom. And on Sunday it became rather cold. -8 degrees celsius. It about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. the present snow has already dropped out. Therefore I put the apartment in the order. Closer to evening I went in shop for foods, have had supper and read the book. Now I read Victor Suvorov book "Control". I would like to know everything, that occurs in your life. I am very pleased, that you write to me. I love it very much. Your letters make me very happy, because it seems I feel love in them. I was so pleased when saw that you have written to me! I at once began to write to you this letter! I send you this song as my recognition I love from all my heart. I LOVE YOU I cannot promise you that I will not change I cannot promise you that I will not hurt your feelings sometimes I cannot promise you that I will always be strong But- I do promise you that I will always be supportive of you I do promise you that I will share all my thoughts and feelings with you I do promise you that I will be completely honest with you I do promise you that I will laugh and cry with you But- most of all I do promise you that I will love you deeply. I sent you else 4 my pics. I hope, that you like it too. I wait your letter very much! It is a lot of love and respect. Your Olga.
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Date: 2016-08-30 | Name: YN | Email: hidden
Ciao ! Il mio nome ?? Olga. Ho 25 anni ho la giovane donna romantica, anche io sono molto sola. Mi piace molto viaggiare, conoscere nuove persone. Voglio conoscere intelligente e gentile, l\'uomo di collegare i nostri destini. Spero di trovare il vero e puro amore. Ho trovato il tuo profilo, ?? interessante per me, e vuoi saperne di pi?? su di te! Scrivere per me, se si dispone di interesse. Spero di avere piacevole conoscenza. Posso inviare le mie foto. Io, aspetto la vostra risposta. Olga biglave@gmail-mail.com

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