Svetlana Tkachenko (Lugansk , Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Svetlana Tkachenko (Lugansk , Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Svetlana Tkachenko (Lugansk , Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Svetlana Tkachenko (Lugansk , Ukraine) Hello I am single male 36 yrs old. I contacted Svetlana Tkachencho by buying her email address through Soul mate web site. The very first day that i got a reply for her I also got a email from her agency "Redspark".Letters:Well i suspect that they were up to not good. but I wanted to see how this was going to progress. i got another email, the frightening thing is that she answered my questions: On the third letter i got a request for money to "help" her to pay for the expenses of corresponding through "RedSpark". Of course i did not send any money since I have learnt of scammers through this wonderful web site. Also I traced the ISP that Svetlana used in lugansk. Next step I will be emailing this ISP in Lugansk about this case. I will be giving the details of the internet address that I obtained during the tracing. If I dont get an answer from the ISP I will go complain to the people who provided with internet address to the ISPs all through the world. We must start taking a stand against this kind of people. If anybody want to trace a suspected or potential scammer please let me know. Just sent a recent email from the scammer and I will trace her Internet provider. I was successful of obtaining not only the Internet Provider of this scammer but also the email address of the administrator and the physical address of the Internet provider. Just email me at: ScammersBuster@hotmail.comthis is was the email where she asked for moneyWhat do you think? After 3 emails she thinks that we are made for each other!!! Let bust all this scammers!!!

Dear Sir, Thank you for your interest to our client Svetlana Tkachenko. We would like to inform you she uses services of translation agency "Redspark". We send you an information which includes our services: 1. TRANSLATION - translation correspondence - scan pictures 2. ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES - basic course: 1 month - basic course: 2 months - basic course: 3 months 3. HOME DELIVERY - flowers - greeting cards - chocolate - cosmetics - etc 4. DOCUMENTS - international passport - visa - invitation Hope for our future cooperation. Our e-mail address: With best regards Diana Fletchenko "Redspark"agency

It was the great pleasure to receive the letter and photos from you. Thank you very much for your responding to my souls call. You know, I have never communicated through the Internet, it is my first experience in this way. There was a dilemma in front of myself, like in Shakespeares tragedy: " Be or not to be. That is the question." I decided to try and I didnt make a mistake. I also know that it is only the first step in a long term (I hope so) relationship. In a word, the attitudes are very important for me, I dont play peoples feelings and lifes. As far as I am concerned, the strong friendship and real love is a pledge of all my life. We know each other not much time, but I think that two hearts which are looking for the real affairs can find each other in this lost world... The sun is shining and a bright ray is touching my heart. After a long solitude, it begins again to furnish wonderful and deep feelings and emotions. I think that the serious attitudes are the main things in this life. I want to find very much a strong mans shoulder, which I had not. My soul and my heart are too tired to be in loneliness and emptiness. I hope you will help me to disperse the clouds over my head. As for the qualities of human being, I appreciate the honesty, sincerity, kindness. All these qualities are glimmering in my heart and I want to give them to that man who would value it, hope it will be you.XXXXX, I want to tell you about myself. I am a teacher of Ukrainian, I work at the school with a first year pupils, I like my job very much! Not to bit about the bush Ill start by saying that I was born in a perfect family. All the members of my family are my dearest and nearest they will help me in different difficult situations. My family is rather small than big. There are four of us: my father, brother, mum and I. My mum is a teacher in the college. My father is a taxi driver. My brother studies in the school. We spend together a lot of our free time, of course, if we have it. My family is very friendly. But my family is not so ideal as you think. You see every family has its own problems and my family as well. I am not a little girl already thats why I want to build my own family. I wish you were a person whom I need. I think that the most important thing in relationship is mutual understanding and friendship. Thats why I hope that you share my opinion. Lugansk is my native town. I was born and have been living here all my life. It is situated on the banks of river Lugan thats why the city has such name. I can tell that it is not very big but rather attractive with charming streets and parks, museums and theatre, monuments and memorials. When I walk along these parks and streets I cant help imagining how we would walk along with a holding hands, you would hear pulsation of my heart. You see its only my dream but everything in your hands. And who knows may be soon my dream come true. I think we will have a goodtime as we have each other and we will have no time for boring. As every person I have my own interests. One of the most favorite is sport. I am fond of running and doing special exercises in the morning. I like it because it doesnt take much time and also it helps me to be in a good form. Thank to this kind of sport I am in high spirits all day long. Its not my only interest. I enjoy reading interesting books. I can spend hours reading poetry. Sometime I go to the disco-clubs. I prefer the House, Rock, Pop music. If you are still reading, then I hope that you are interesting in me as a woman and friend. In the next letters you can ask me whatever you wish, I will tell you everything you want. XXXXX, I want to ask you to tell me about yourself, about your habits, interests, life. We need to know each other better for the building of a strong attitudes. Please, send me your another photo, I want to see your wonderful eyes, to enjoy your smile. I give you my photo to have an opportunity to feel my presence near you. I want to continue our lettering very much and burn a light in our hearts. I am waiting for your letter impatiently. Sincerely yours, Svetlana.

Thank you very much for your letter and your tender words. I am very glad to have a news from you and find a person who want the strong relationship. I hope our friendship ( and not only it ), will grow day by day! I really want it!!! Hope you feel the same. To tell the truth marriage is one of the most responsible steps in my life. I belive that people can be together during all their life and not stopping to love each other. I dream to find such a person whom I can trust and who can be become not only my lover but a real friend as well. But I dont mean that we should become a prisoner of love. We should be a one team but it doesnt mean that we cant have different interests and friends. So this is a way how I understand a word marriage. I hope that you will share my opinion.So, I want to tell you that there is a light in my heart and its burning flame embraced my heart and my soul! But there is a little cloud in it... My dear xxxxx, I went to the agency today with a best mood, with highest emotions in my soul, I wanted to write you a letter which was full of my dreams and my thoughts and I brought my photo (for the opportunity to see me), but it was like a storm under my head, the photo and the letter were too large and I have no opportunity to pay for them. The prices are too high for me. It is a shame on me to tell about this, but I have to do this. I would like to continue our lettering so much. I want to know you better, but I dont have a lot of money and that is why I can not pay for correspondences expenses. xxxx, I want to tell you so many things about me and I want to know all about you, because I feel that you are that man for all my life. It is my sweetest dream to have a letters from you and enjoy your words!! If you want I will send you my home address, but I think the Internet is the fastest way in a communication and we will be able to know each other as soon as it would be possible. Dear xxxx, I am so sorry, because I am a modest girl, but it would be nice if you can help me to pay for correspondence because I think that the special relations are growing between us. I will be waiting for your letter impatiently. Yours Svetlana.
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