Denis Demidov (Cheboksary, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Denis Demidov (Cheboksary, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Denis Demidov (Cheboksary, Russia)
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Denis Demidov (Cheboksary, Russia)My name is Daniel, and I am a single gay man in the USA. I received the first email from Denis Demidov on Tuesday, July 16, 2002. He found my profile on "", a gay dating Internet website. He stated that he was gay and wanted to find true love in the USA because he could not reveal his sexuality in Russia. I responded as a person interested in making new friends, but did not show any interest in love (this response email was lost). We started emailing each other in a friendly way, but his emails soon turned to love. He sent me a picture and I found him to be very attractive. His words were sweet and sounded believable, and soon I started falling in love with him as well. After a month, he stated he would like to visit me and was working to save enough money for airfare. Soon he asked me to help and I sent him $200 and told him he would have to wait to visit me. His next email stated that he was in Moscow to get his visa and tickets and needed more money. I told him I couldnt send more money yet and that he should wait until September. Also, I had a roommate who was moving out in September. He agreed, and we continued to correspond for the next month. In September, I sent him another $350 to help with the tickets and told him to wait until October 15 to travel. He agreed.In October, he told me he was in Moscow and had his tickets. He said he needed another $500 to get his visa to prove he had spending money, but would return it to me when he arrived. I sent another $500. The next day he told me he would have to go into the Army unless he could bribe a doctor into falsifying his medical records, and that $1000 was the cheapest doctor he could find. I sent him another $1000, bringing the total to $2050.Thats essentially the last I heard from him. He did not arrive, or email me back. Here are a few of the emails I received from him. Early Emails:Email Asking for Money:Email Asking for Money:Email Asking for Money:Final Email After Receiving Money:Thats my story. I am going to file for prosecution as described. Not only did he/she get $2050 from me, but emotionally tore me apart. I want to see this person prosecuted and in jail! Sincerely, Daniel

I am very glad, that you have responded to the message. A thank to you for it. As is healthy to hear related soul. It is a little about itself. Call me Denis. My growth 175 sm, weight of 73 kg, at me a fair-haired hair. To me 23 years, will be speed at me birthday, To be exact on July 29. I live with the parents in large and beautiful City Cheboksary. I love to listen to good music, but I do not prefer any especially, And I listen to anyone, which is pleasant. With pleasure I am engaged in sports and I love mobile games. About that I gey nobody knows, on this to me is very lonely. I do not have close friend and I To nobody I can tell about the sights on life and about my love. And you could also tell something about yourselves. Probably it will help ours To the further attitudes(relations), if you wish it. I dream of it simply. To me the close and fond man is necessary which could me understand and to be a number(line), is independent From distance. I hope, it will be you. I shall look forward to hearing from you very much. I hope you shortly to me write.It is very pleasant to me again to hear you!!!!! I am sincere Is glad and is very grateful to you for your attention!!!!!!! My soul exults and sing. My lovely friend (you not against if I shall be You so to name), as though I wanted to meet you personally with an eye On an eye and to talk about everything, that both of us interests. But alas about it It is possible while only to dream. For now I shall tell slightly about the family. I live with the parents in a two-room apartment. I have room, Earlier I divided(shared) her(it) with the sister, but now my sister lives with the husband. My mum works at a factory, and father - on construction. In the summer we by all family We leave for city on the summer residence. At us there kitchen garden, where we land The vegetables, fruit and berries. The mum preserves them for winter. My father very well is able to prepare meal, but the mum too is tasty prepares. We live amicably, but I can not by him(it) tell that I - gay. It is them would kill. They think, that their son as well as majority of the young men Soon will result in the house the bride. And actually it never Happen. At us in city it is impossible so is open to speak, that you - gay, Differently you simply can cause a pain, humiliate or at all beat. I do not want here to anybody to speak about my inclination, I am afraid, that all whom I know will not understand and will turn away from me, and with me nobody will be To communicate. I think you me understand. It is time to me to finish. Write to me, that you still interests about me and tell more in detail About itself and feelings. About love Denis

Hi my love, I again should ask application for The long silence. I still want faster to see you and I I do(make) all for this purpose. The large thank to you behind a photo, I very much I love them and they very much like to me. I already am in Moscow And already has bought the tickets on October 18. You are glad to this? I am simple ???? with happiness. There was so not enough time up to ours Meetings, that I simply consider(count) each minute before that time When our hands to adjoin. I only have one Problem. Mine lovely I today went in travel agency and All was good with my visa and tickets. Now I can be quiet Concerning it. But me have told one thing and me it very much has surprised. It appears at entrance to your country to me it is necessary to have at itself money The sum not less $ 500 American dollars. I will need to show Money at passage the aerotailor of a zone and also to show them in tourist Agency, that they had reliance that I have money for this purpose To buy to itself food and to pay for habitation. There is your government Is very much concerned with the large number of the tramps. Therefore me is necessary to have at To itself money. Mine favourite I think, that you can to me help. I not I can borrow(occupy) such sum. If you to me will send money I them only I shall show At entrance to your country and as soon as we with you shall be together I to you at once I shall return them back. Therefore this money will not be spent. I think, That you can help me, you see already term of my arrival is very close and It is impossible to lose minute. I shall write to you later. Love and kisses Denis.

MY LOVE, MY PLEASURE of READING of YOUR LETTERS IS SO GREAT, AS to a MOUNTAIN of OUR RULE(SITUATION). FAVOURITE MINE, THAT to ME TODAY HAVE INFORMED, IS SIMPLY AWFUL. But in the beginning I wanted you to thank for that, That all of you do(make) for our meeting. I have received your translation and my gratitude To you is boundless. To me is very sad and is sad to write to you the following lines. The real rule(situation) of things has appeared much more difficultly, than I could to myself present. MY LOVE, AS THOUGH ALL WAS NOT, I AM GIVEN UP to YOU FOREVER And I AM DEVOTED ONLY to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I today have gone again to transport agency and me Have informed a dreadful thing!!! MY LOVE, I And TO IMAGINE COULD NOT, THAT SO ALL CAN TURN OUT. MINE to a MOUNTAIN IS FILLED by TEARS DESPAIR!!!!!!!!!!! Favourite mine, to me have told, that I can not be sent in USA and In general abroad. ME SIMPLY WANT TO TAKE AWAY In ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SIMPLE In a HYSTERICS. WELL WHY DESTINY SO EVIL With US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ALL TURNS OUT SO IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SEE IT SEEMED ALL PROBLEMS ARE ALREADY DECIDED(ALREADY SOLVED) And ABOVE US the SUN of LOVE ASCENDS And FORETELLS BLISS the FUTURE. WELL WHY THE DESTINY IS ADJUSTED AGAINST OUR LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love, I am simply ready To rise on knees before the Most High and to ask it(him) about mercy. For what us so punish!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS of the WHOLE TWO YEARS FAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS NOT PRESENT, I CAN NOT BEAR(TAKE OUT) IT!!!!!!! My love, though at us in Russia also it is possible all to decide(solve) with money, but I understand, that to us not To find of such sum. It about $ 1000!!!!! We today all the day learned(found out) with mine by a uncle, And this cheapest, for how many we could find. Certainly it is all not legally, it(he) At us many do(make) so. Naturally who can to itself allow such wastes. For this money it is possible to pass an illegally medical commission, where will be specified, That you are not suitable to a military service. But I think, it to us will appear not on a pocket. Favourite mine, I am in complete confusion. I DO NOT KNOW, THAT to US TO DO(MAKE)!!!!!!!!!!!! My tickets are already bought............ And I likely should them hand over. MY LOVE, I do not know, but I likely should go to serve in army. If at us nothing it to turn out With this problem, I shall hand over the tickets and to send to you everything, that you sent me. BUT AS IT AWFULLY TO BE FORGIVEN With THAT DREAM, WHICH ALMOST ALREADY WAS In OURS HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LOVE, WHEN I READ TODAY YOUR LETTER With REPRESENTATIONS of OUR AFFINITY, MY TEARS WERE ROLLED by a HAILSTONES. YES And NOW ME IT IS SIMPLE ?????? FROM THIS AWFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL WHY ALL WORLD IS ADJUSTED AGAINST US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY OUR DREAM TO BECOME BY FAR FROM US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO WILL EXPLAIN to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love, I present Yours to a mountain also, when you will read these lines. Forgive, forgive me for all. I VERY MUCH LOVE YOU VERY MUCH VERY MUCH VERY MUCH VERY MUCH VERY MUCH VERY MUCH VERY MUCH And KNOW, THAT I SHALL BE ALWAYS DEVOTED to YOU. If such test, I is necessary still us Each day I shall write to you of the letter from army and I shall live only by , when we We can meet............ I can not......... I need slightly to calm down. MY LOVE, WELL WHY ALL SO IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MINE LOVELY, I DO NOT KNOW, THAT YOU WILL WRITE to ME. KNOW, MY LOVE To YOU IS HIGHER ONLY. I CAN UNDERSTAND ALL. ONLY PLEASE WRITE to ME. TO ME IS NECESSARY, IS NOT PRESENT, YOUR MORAL SUPPORT IS SIMPLY NECESSARY for ME. WITHOUT YOU I ????. I AM In SUCH CONDITION, THAT to ME EVEN TO LIVE the AMBASSADOR IT WOULD NOT BE DESIRABLE TODAY. BUT I CAN ONLY BE TYPED(COLLECTED) by FORCES, READING AGAIN And AGAIN YOUR LETTERS FILLED by LOVE And TENDERNESS. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE, And one MILLION of TIME I LOVE. And I I SHALL NOT CEASE IT TO SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I IT SHOUT Also MY VOTE IS BROKEN FROM BURNING. WHY, WHY ALL ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ETERNALLY YOURS, FOND UP TO the END of THE DAYS, WORTH ON KNEES And GIVEN VENT by TEARS, DENIS.

My love, I so was upset because of this news About a service in army. But your words have installed in me hope. We can be together. If you will send to me 1000 $, I Can pay off from army and already tomorrow to be a number(line) With you. I do not want to go in army. I want to be with you. Yes, the army at us exists in the compulsory order. If from us took away in army at own will, That our army would be probably in 20 times less, than now. Everyone youth, to which 18 years and which where were executed Does not study, should serve 2 years in army. Mine lovely, I hope only for your help. I love you and I wait for your answer. On always yours Denis.

My love, I have received your number MTCN. I VERY MUCH LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I shall not have time any more to receive money, And tomorrow since the morning I at once ????? in bank, I shall receive money and I shall send you a copy of the tickets. Up to tomorrow my love. Yours Denis.
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