Masha Poprygina (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Masha Poprygina (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Masha Poprygina (Lugansk, Ukraine) `s photo russian dating scammer Masha Poprygina (Lugansk, Ukraine) `s photo
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Masha Poprygina (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Masha Poprygina (Lugansk, Ukraine) I am a 30+ male living and working in Canada. I decided to write to Masha through her email: The first letter she sent me blew me away with her use of the English language. Here it is:Letters: I thought to myself that there had to be something going on. I sent her an email from a different email address. Yes, its true! She replied to my other email address with EXACTLY the same letter. Although I was suspicious, I decided to play along. I sent her another letter asking her if she was writing to anyone else. She said no. That was interesting too, as by now I was writing to her from three different email addresses. The letters were all exactly the same with the only difference being the opening statement. By the fourth letter the request for money came along. This email was followed one minute later by an email from the Agency: I remembered seeing something about the Diana Agency, and when I saw the email address: I pretty much knew the scam was on! All the other email addresses got a similar letter from the agency, each after the fourth correspondence. Here are two pictures of her for your file <<01.jpg>> <<02.jpg>> Just so you know, I never sent any money, but I did request for her to send me a picture of herself by regular (snail) mail. That is where this all stands right now! Cheers, Jim

I am 19 years old, I was born April 27th, 1982. At a present time Im a student. I have one more year to go and then I will receive a diploma of a commersant of exterior trade. Not actually very creative occupation, but this is the best I can get for now, and I do think that education is very important. I really dont know yet what I would like to do in life. I know I should by now, but there are so many things Im interested in, and there are so few chances to find a job which is paid, not even speaking of well-paid, but paid at all. So it would be basically a waste of money: to pay for education and then sell something in a street market like almost half of the adult population does. Its not that Im overpragmatic or obsessed with money. Im just old enough to understand that whether we want it or not, we become realists.. People are too pragmatic nowdays. I cant really blame them but sometimes I even get disappointed. No one appreciates each other, no one is interested in personality. People look at you, they judge you by your appearance, by your income, by how many VIPs you know. Thats disgusting, moreover, its really sad. In my country public opinion is still a very strong power. Of course its not what it used to be a few decades ago, but still people are brought up and taught to constantly look back in whatever they do and consider what others might say or think. As for me, I cant say that Im that independant not to care. There is just a narrow circle of people whose opinion matters to me, whose advices I take from time to time, and the rest - no way! Its my life and my decisions. If you want to win my heart, be decisive, inventive and humorous. My poor heart would have no chances if you are also intelligent. I love dancing and reading, socializing and writing, such a complex creature! But that wouldnt scare a real man away, right? :) As for my family I have an older sister. She is the most lovely and beautiful girl alive. This is it for now, hope to learn a lot about you from your next letter. Waiting with impatience, Masha

I feel very uncomfortable going to write you this, and if you decide to never write to me again, I will understand, I promise. You see, when I came to the Agency of translating and sending letters attracted by the number of happy meetings and even marriages that it has arranged, I didnt realize that it would be so expensive. The thing is that I cant afford it, and if you dont help to pay for our correspondence, we wont be able to stay in touch. I am really sorry that it should have come to this, but its the problem of the kind, that I cant take care of it myself. Please, dont be mad, and reply no matter what your decision is. I will understand. Yours truly, Masha.

You are corresponding with our client, Masha Poprygina.She tried to pay for your correspondence herself, but so far she has debts.She promised to pay till the end of the week, hoping for your support. We are sending you a price list for 26.09.2002: To translate, to type and send a letter to you - $7. To translate, to type and to print out your reply - $7 To scan a picture - $3. 20 letters - $140. If you pay $200 at once, each letter will cost only $5 and a free photo. Please, effect the payment in the name of Oksana Vyazmina, Western Union, Lugansk, Ukraine and notify us of the control code of the payment. With the best regards, Miss Oksana Vyazmina, Accountant Manager.

There was even a medical emergency that popped up, with a hint that the medical bills would be too much to pay: I was busy with my studies and also every day I have a headache. At first I thought that it was usual headache but in some days I understood that it may be very serious so I decided to go to the hospital and I was right it was inner cranium pression. So I have to be cured. Tomorrow I will be in the hospital but I will sleep at home, so I can write to you from time to time. You know Im afraid to go there but I understand that I shold do this in order to be healthy. But the medicaments are so expensive and I dont know if my family have money for my health and for food and for other social services. Well tomorrow Ill learn about that. Thank you for listening to me. This is the important reason for people to understand and to support each other. I will tell you everything about it when I recover because I cant stop thinking about my illness, it may be very serious as doctors says. But I hope Ill recover very soon.
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