Tatiana Koulikova (Murmansk, Russia) from Petersburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatiana Koulikova (Murmansk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Tatiana Koulikova (Murmansk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Tatiana Koulikova (Murmansk, Russia)`s photo
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Tatiana Koulikova (Murmansk, Russia)
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ett@ett.ru roza_vetrov@smtp.ru greenmar@unet.ru info@enclav.ru enclav@enclav.ru
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Tatiana Koulikova (Murmansk, Russia) Hello, I am 52 frenchman, living in Paris as IT consultant. I wanted to get acquainted with a woman from the east and I had an ad inserted in various eastern newspapers, through a french magazine, Jannonce I got letters from many ladies and I decided to answer one positively who gave her emil adress. These are the mails I got from her and some of my answers..Letters:The she asked for money to pay her ticket and visa from a travel agency : 400$. I answered back that I would pay the agency directly with my credit card and not send money to her. I have already been scammed by a russian girl. She was disappointed but gave me some agnecies adresses to purchase her ticket.So I explained her how I have been scammed a year ago and therefore I would not send money directly to her.Then I started looking for an agency which could take care of ticket and visa in Moscow or St Petersburg. I finally found one and had all the information for her trip. She had to travel in Moscow and deal with the agency which agreed to be paid directly by me. Apparently everything was going right. Then I got the following mail Again asking money. So I decided to ask Pulko travel in Paris If I could purchase a ticket in Paris and have it delivered to her in Murmansk. That was possible. So I told her about it and asked her to make up her mind about the date she wanted to leave. I have not heard of her nor read from her since in spite of several mails I sent her. Obviously, she was expecting to draw money from me and since Idid not give in, whatever argument she put forward, she dropped out. Her name and adress are : Koulikova Tatiana Prospekt Lenina 81 - 24, 183038, Murmansk, Russia. I send you also some photos I got from her

Hello my dear Christian!!! Only today I have received your letter on electronic mail and was very happy!!! I hope that I answer on your letter not too late as I had no any access in the Internet about today and could not know that you have written to me. Now I can regularly use the Internet at my work, so I very much hope to receive news from you. I all this time thought of you and waited your answer and now I am very happy. It was very interesting to read about you, your life and your plans. From your letter I think what you are man what I was looking for. I like you very much! I am very glad what you are interesting in me and want continue our correspondens. I am too very interesting in our relationship. I like your letters very much and I think from your letters what you are very interesting, kind, honest, intelligent and clever man. I very need to have man like you. Long time I was looking for man for create family, but I was unluky in this case. But I still have small hope to find man for make happy family together. I think that you are the man that I am looking for. And I hope I am the woman that you need. I like you from your letter and in your letter I saw your good sole and I think what it is most important for me. I think what love, respect and understanding are more important things between people in family life.I really very want to create happy family. I very happy what you want invite me to come visit you! I very want to meet with you, and I hope you will invite me visit you very soon. I will have my holidays soon, from the end of May. So we can meet in May or June if you can! I will be very happy to meet you and to see France together with you. I think we will have very good time together and will be very happy! I will do my best for you. What do you think about our happy meet with you? very want to meet with you. Now I sometimes imagine our meet with you. Our romantics evenings, walk together, our talking about life, love... our romantics suppers by the candle light. we will look into our eyes and understand each other even without words. Yes, of course to have correspondense long time is good, but i think what some days spend together will show more about each other than long years correspondens. Then more we like one another and our opinions is the same. Now we must to new how we will fill ourself together. I can write about myself a lot and long but I think what better you will know me when we will meet. I think what we must not put off our meet. It is my opinion. What is your? I will be waiting your answer. I am very waiting for your ansver! I send to you my another photo. And waiting for your. Bye-bye! Your Tatiana.Dear Christian!!! I received your letter and was very very happy!!! Thank you very much!!! I so am happy that we have found each other!!! You the man of my dream. I dreamed of such as you all my life and at last I have found you. I think of you constantly and I dream of our meeting. Those days when we shall be together will be happiest in my life. And I shall do all that you were happy with me. I very want come to you during my holidays. I was thinking about it very much. I think that it will not be by a problem if you will work, because all evenings, night and days off will be only ours, my dear Christian! When you will be at work I shall do home work.. To tidy up, to wash, to clean and certainly to prepare for you fantastic supper and to cover on a table, and when you will be back home I joyful shall meet you and we shall have supper together and to enjoy each other. So do not worry that you will work. Write to me that you think of our meeting in June. If it not possible for you at all I will try to change my holidays, but I afraid it will be difficult to do. I did ask in travel agency about visa to France. Thay sayd what to get tourist visa is very easy, so I can come to you with tourist visa. I very much want to meet you so soon as it probably. I want to be near to you. I think of you constantly!!! I shall be the happiest girl in the world when I will meet with you!!! You are the man of my dream!!! Many kisses!!! With love, your Tatiana.

Hello my dear Christian!!! I have received your message and was very happy. I was in travel agency and spoke with them about that that you want to pay my trip directly by him. They have told that they hear it first time. Usually they receive cash and are not engaged in remittances. They have told that usually man sends money to the woman and she makes out itself. I have told that you want silf to pay to agency. Whether then they have told that probably you do not trust me and began to ask me I saw you earlier and why you can not personally send me money. I was much not became pleasant to me. As they have thought that you do not trust me. I came back home and I was speaking with my mother. And she too speak what it seemed that you do not trust me. I do not understand that you are afraid. It I should have large fears. You see I am going in the country, unfamiliar to me, to the man unfamiliar to me. I heard very many bad histories about the foreign men, as it is bad they act with Russian, without the rights in their country by the girl. They take away all documents and force of the beautiful girl to work the prostitutes and very badly address with them. So my opinion, that in the given situation should be afraid and not trusted by(with) I instead of you. I am young girl also have decided to take risk, I have trusted in you!!! I very much have liked to me the truth also I think that you should trust me. I hope that we can meet during my holiday. I hope to hear from you good news. With love, your Tatiana.

Hello my dear Christian! I have received your message. I very much regret that in your life such happened, but I want to tell you that not all girl identical and in the world there are very many honour and decent(considerable) girl to what I treat. I not against now that you made out my trip through a travel company. I agree with you. I hope that you will trust me same as I to you. I inform you telephones, the faxes and e-mails of the address of travel companies which are engaged in preparation of tourist trips in France. I have thought that will be much cheaper if I shall come to you by the bus. Contact to one of these agency and you can begin to prepare my travel on middle of June or later. You can communicate with the following agency in Moscow. 1. "Evroturtrans" E-mail ett@ett.ru Tel. (095)238-4639 TFax (095)238-7052 2."Roza-v E-mail roza_vetrov@smtp.ru , greenmar@unet.ru roza-v.ru tel. (095)202-2738 (095)291-9779 3. "Enklav" enclav.ru info@enclav.ru enclav@enclav.ru TelFax (095) 911-61-20 I regret that you can not phone to me, but mine phone not function as in my street is broucen a telephone cable. Therefore in our house all people can not use the telephone. I do not know when it will repare, at us have told that repair the very expensive and urban budget can not give out such money to repair cable. I very much hope that it will repare soon. I inform you my complete address. It is Koulikova Tatiana Prospekt Lenina 81 - 24, 183038, Murmansk, Russia. I have written to you my address at post office because in my entrance the letters boxes are broken and the letter can steal, therefore we receive our mail by post office. I have received your copy of the passport. A thank to you huge. But I and without it trusted you. I very much belived and sincere woman and I believe in human kindness, though in this world there is a lot of evil. You can communicate with the following agencys in Moscow and inform me so soon as possible! I very waiting for your news! And I hope for our meet!!! With love, your Tatiana.

Hello my love Chris!!! I have received your message and your photo. I am very happy!!! Me to like your body very much. You are very beautiful. I very much want to sleep with you at the night, I want to touch your body!!! I want as soon as possible to go to Moscow and to begin to prepare mine travel. I today went to buy the tickets up to Moscow on a train, but was very much surprised when me have told what there not tickets for 2 months forward. As in the summer all people want to leave for holiday from north on the south, and we have only 1 train up to Moscow, so the people stand in turn and can buy the tickets only for 2 months forward. I have gone to know about the ticket for the plane and me have told that is the tickets for any day. The ticket costs 100 $. I was very much afflicted. I have no such money. I can not itself pay my ticket. I do not know that to me to do. I am very much upset. I only can hope for you. I very much hope for your help. Whether write me, can you to send me money to the ticket up to Moscow. I have a few money to live in Moscow and to go on buses and metro and to have meal, but I have no money aboard the plane. I very much hope for you. I want to meet you faster. I wait for news from you. Love and kisses from your Tatiana.
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