Olga Viktorovna Vlasova / Ulan-Ude/ Russia from Ulan-Ude a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Viktorovna Vlasova / Ulan-Ude/ Russia the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Viktorovna Vlasova / Ulan-Ude/ Russia
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Olga Viktorovna Vlasova / Ulan-Ude/ RussiaI am a single father of 1, white Australian and 32 years old. This person first Contacted me from Soulmatesworld.com about 2 weeks ago. After the 2nd Email she started to talk about Love and relationships, I went along for the ride to see where it would lead. then she started saying how she would like to come to Australia to live with me as my Wife. She stated that she only had US$600 but needed $1950 to get here, the following day she mentioned how she has this Powerful Aunty that has lent her US900 to help her get here. she then requested that I try and find the remaining US$450 to pay for her ticket, and that her Aunty has arranged the Visa. Im not stupid I know how Visas work and to get an Australian Visa, no powerful Russian Aunt can influence the Australian Government into giving out Visas. anyway, I continued to play along with it while asking crucial questions about her, and her Family, her work, and about her internet access, she claimed she was in an Internet Cafe, but when tracing her connection back it came from a dial up account. over the period of time she became very pushy about getting the money, trying to hurry me up. I have not and will not send money to this scammer, she deserves to be put in Prison and I will do my best to help her get there. I will be contacting all the appropriate authorities and giving them all the Information I can. the address she was using is 413402 Russia, Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Komsomolskaya str. 23 apt. 12 Olga Viktorovna Vlasova. and you guessed it she wanted the money sent by Western Union, I mentioned other forms of payment, but she always came back to the Western Union. the following are emails sent to me from her. Attached is her PhotoLetters:

Hello my dear friend. My name is Olga. Im for the first time in this site and I like your profile very much. I would like to get acquainted closer to you. You could see my profile and if you like it Ill wait for your answer with great impatience. Always yours Olga Hi my new friend. Im so happy to get your letter! I like your profile very much and I like to get acquainted closer to you. So let me introduce myself. My name is Olga. I was born on the 12th of June and Im Gemini(astrological sign). I was born in the Ulan-Ude. It is a capital of Buryatiya republic in Russia. It is a very beautiful city and not far from Ulan-Ude there is a Baikal sea. I love nature very much and Im so lucky that I live here because we have rather good biological conditions. And nature is really beatiful. I have a very friendly family: my mother, father and little sister Tanya. I love them very much. My father is a lorry driver so drive his big car all over the huge country and he is at home very seldom. I miss him very much. My mom is a assistent in the hospital. As for me I work as a teacher in the school. I teach little children to different science such as math, russian language, russian literature, painting and many other. I love children and I love my work. Ive finished Pedagogical University. As for my hobbies I have a lot of them. I like nature first of all and I like to go to the different kind of picnics and trips. I enjoy going on kayaks down the mountain rivers. I like hiking and skiing. I like different kind of sports and I try to keep my fit. Do you like sport? I like to dance. When I was a teen I went in for classical dancing. It is really wonderful. I like different kind of music such as classical, jazz, blues and sometimes folk music. I would like to tell you a lot of things in one time but they are confused in my head. Please ask any questions you like to know. And please tell me about yourself, your hobbies, about your family. I would like to know everything about you. Ill bewaiting for your answer with great impatience! Your Olga P.S. Please excuse me for my english. I hope we wont have big problems in our dialogs. Ill try to improve my english in future and I work on it right now. My dear Jason. Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. You know Im very serious in my intension. I would like to create a strong and happy family with my loveling man. I couldnt write you a letter by myself, it is too difficult for me. I have a lot things to say you and I dont know what I could start with. Please ask me what do you want to know about me? Ill ask all your questions. The beginning is very important when we need to to understand if we are a good match, if we have common in interests and views on life and decide if we want to develop our relationship. I just want to continue our correspondents. I dont know why. I feel again the excitement in my blood that I thought I have forgotten already. I am afraid to lose my excitement, my admiration of you, I am glad with your sincerity, ingenuousness and honesty. I appreciate this features of character very much. Your admiration, compliments, your feelings warm me so much that I am ready to close my eyes on some misses and weaknesses. I like you very much. Ill be waiting for your answer soon! And I would like to get your pictures. I like it very much! Your OlgaHi my dear Jason! Im very glad to receive your letter! I appreciate your honesty very much. Of course youre right and I would like to have children. I love them very much. But first of all Im looking for my match. Im looking for my man. Intelligent, tender, kind-hearted and of course honest. That is why I like you and I see youre a very decent man and I could believe you and rely on your honesty. I would like to know you better, wouldnt you? I hope yes. So Ill be waiting for oyur answer. Please tell me more about yourself. And please ask me any questions you want to know. Ill answer all of them. I promise Ill be honest with you. Thank you. Your Olga from RussiaHi my dear Jason! I understand your question. Ill try to answer it with all my honesty. Id like to answer as we say here in Russia: if I find my man Ill go after them to the end of the world. Is it understandable? I hope yes. Another words you I find him in the Antarctic Continent Ill go there. And now Ill try to answer all of your questions. As for food I like national russian dishes such as "pelmeni" and "pirogi". Also I like to cook myself and I hope youll have a chance to test it sometime. I dont know how to answer your question about my favourite clolour. Actually I have three favourite colours: green, blue and yellow. It depends on my mood if I try to choose one of them. I think that my favourite flower is may be white roses. Also I like field flowers. It is very intresting and rather hard to answer your question about what makes me sad and happy. Im an optimistical and cheerful person and a lot of thing can make me happy. Such as sunrise, first snowfall, smiles of close people and really million and one reaon in this wonderful world! What about sadness I think that may be deceit, insincerity, death of the close people or something else unpleasant And you know I would like to know your opinion on the same question. What is your attitude to the life? I would like to know all about you my dear Jason! Please write me soon! Ill be waiting for your answer with great impatience! With love from Russia your OlgaHi my darling! Dear Jason! I miss you very much my love! Please excuse me for the silence! I was in the village visiting my grandparents. Ive told them about you my love and they are very happy for us and wishing us such happy life as they had. They are really happy now. They were together for 40 years and they really love each other now! What about the visa I think that Ill not have any problems with getting it because my aunt in Moscow have a great influence and powerful friends. Shell help me to come to Australia to you my love! As for the money I dont know what is the best way to wire the money: all money in one time or part by part. Anyway you could send it. Here is my full data: 413402 Russia, Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Komsomolskaya str. 23 apt. 12 Olga Viktorovna Vlasova. I dont know for sure if it is all the information youll be need in. If you need anything else please ask it. Ill answer you as soon as I could. My love! I miss you very much and if only I could be with you this moment! Kiss you! With love from Russia your OlgaJason, Im so sorry but I have no possibility to install any programs on the computer. Internet cafe had some troubles yesterday(all their systems have been crushed). So this time we could communicate only with e-mails. As for the visa i could get it in two days. I began to get it 2 weeks ago and now it is ready to receive. But I have to go to the Moscow to receive it and then to fly to you my love. I should be sure that Ill be able to buy ticket in Moscow to come to you because I couldnt stay in Moscow for long period of time. I hope you understand me my darling? So if youre ready to send me the rest of the money I need to buy the ticket Ill fly to Moscow tomorrow and in 2-3 days Ill be with you my loev! I couldnt believe that it is true! It is my greatest wish!My love! Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. Could you tell me the exact date youll send me the money? I think I could stay with my aunt for a week or so. Is it possible to wire money in a week? Everytday without you makes me very sad! And only one thing I wish best of all for now. I wish to be with you my darling! I could come to you as soon as youll help me. Love you! Kiss you! Your bride Olga
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