Tanya from Kremenchug a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tanya the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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I am a single 49 y/o mail from upstate NY. I met this lady on MatchDoctor.com. who clamed her name was Tanya. She used the profile Fatewithyou67258. It only took two letters before she started asking for money. After the second letter, I told her that I was always cautious about sending any money and that I always check the scam list on the internet. Never heard from her again. Letters:

#1Hello my Dear Friend! Im very glad that among many ads you chose just mine! That you are interested in me Jim! Im 28 years . Im 170 cm in height. My weight is 53 kg. My small Angel is 2.5 years and his name is Nikita. Now I really live only by hope. Though many years I suffered from loneliness, I know that Ill find my wayout. Only Love can give peacefulness and joy. I do not look for pen- pal. I dream and family coziness. Honey, I want to share all kindness I have in my soul. I want to find my Only One and to be the only for him. In this uneasy and at once nice life we so much need the one who will believe in us and the main thing is to understand. To create own unique world without unsincere and empty - what can be more important? My family life unfortunately isnt happy, my Nice Jim. But I have nice child. Since I stayed lonely, much in life turned to me the other way. I learned to value simple human joys and stopped to take hurting trifles close to me. I look at future with hope for you, Nice. Surely its very hard to be lonely. But I cant feel despair for my childs sake. The most happy time for me is when I spend it with my child. On the whole I like children. And they love me too as I can see. So I value my work much. I work as a tutor of children in kindergarten. I like my job very much and each day come to work with pleasure. Ill tell of my work in details in my next letter Jim. I wait for your letters. Send me please you photos my Dear! I want to look at your eyes! I kiss you All the best. Tanya #2Hello my Dear Jim! Im so glad that you have received my letter. Thank you very much Darling for the chance you give to me, chance to love and be loved and for the hope you put into my heart. I read a little bit more about you, Jim, with a great interest. It seems for us both it wasnt always so as we wanted. But now we have each other and we both can value the most important things in life. Love and simple human happiness. Thanks for your picture. But, unfortunately I cant open it. So, it will be really pleasure for me, if you try to send it one more time. About your question about children. Now its very hard for me to grow up the child by myself. And I just dont think to have many of them. Of course I like children very much. But Im sure all decisions must be taken together in a really happy, friendly, and loving family. And no matter what the decision is, itll always be common, desired and thought out. I want to tell you of my job. Its my second family . As the Love of these small Angels is so real and doesnt demand anything .I like to walk and play different games with them. I seem to find myself in another dimension. They have their own world - bright, joy and kind. Its filled with loud childs laughter . Im grateful to them without limit that they took me to them and let to be the part of their world. Jim, Ill tell you a little bit about my city. Its called Kremenchug. The city is industrial. But not looking at this the city is beautiful. There are a lot of parks here. We with my angel especially like to go to the river. The Dnieper river flaws through our city. When its warm outside we can stay for a long time and admire how its waves clamor. There is a lake not far from our house. In winter when its frozen a lot of children go there to skate. In summer when the water in it is warm a lot of people come to swim and get brown or just have good rest. We with Nikita also like to go to the lake. But sometimes I feel very sad that during our walking with him alone I see a lot of parents play with their children. And I know that Nikita will lack mans fathers attention with time. And if honestly Im afraid very much of the time when hi would ask me why hi doesnt have father and I would have nothing to say. But now when you my Sweetheart appeared in my life I believe that everything will change and I will never hear the answer from my Angel and well be the happiest family in the world. Will we? Its very hard for me as I cant be always with my Child as I have to work much. Dear Jim! I value your letters very high. I want to continue our correspondence as I see much in common. Its very inconvenient to ask you of it but I do not have other choice. Ill be very grateful to you can help me with paying our correspondence. I didnt get my salary for 3 months and live only on my additional work. I cant pay for Internet-cafe services. I have to pay for translator, for number of incoming and coming letters and for hiring the box. All it is extremely expensive for me. If my letters are necessary for you as well as yours for me and if you value our association, I hope youll not deny me in help. In my next letters I want to send you more of my with Nikita photos, tell you of my life and to know of yours, Jim. I wait for your letters impatiently Say "Hello" from us to your children. You must be proud with them. I hope well become friends. With Love to you Tanya PS Nikita kisses you too.
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