Alexandra Bondarenko/Elena Abramova (Kharkov, Ukraine) from Kirov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Alexandra Bondarenko/Elena Abramova (Kharkov, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Alexandra Bondarenko/Elena Abramova (Kharkov, Ukraine)
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Alexandra Bondarenko/Elena Abramova (Kharkov, Ukraine)I just bought your "book" on scamming yesterday...I wished I had bought it a month ago.Below is the scoop on a scammer that got me. [By the way, I will be writing you with a couple of extra questions!] Boy this came out awful when I did the "paste" and it left out the photos. I will put them on as attachments.Name: Alexandra Bondarenko Aliases: Elena Abramova City(s): Kharkov Country: Ukraine Email(s): Address: str. Kandaurova 15, kv 7.61093 KharkovUkraine I am a 49 year old American, single father of one 17 year old son. The contact came from It started when I emailed her in early September and I had over 30 emails from her by early October. She wanted to come over to the states to meet me. The [$200] money was to pay for her visa and a little traveling money. I sent it by Western Union.Eurobrides informed me about a week after I had sent the money that she was a scammer as someone had just reported her to them. I told her to send the money back as good faith to show it wasnt true; that was the end of the correspondence.Eurobrides has removed her from their site. I, Lee Britton, certify these are the true events. [in the other scam on Eurobrides, she gave this info with another pix.Surname: Abramova Name: Elena Patronymic: Alekseevna City:Kirov ]E-MAILS [[[That is a sample of the 39 letters she sent.]]]

Hello!I am very glad that you have written to me! It is pleasant that you looked myquestionnaire.I earlier never was registered on such sites. Me has offered it to make mygirlfriend. She corresponded with the man from Canada and soon became his wife. To me 28 years. I live in Ukraine - city Kharkiv. Recently has finished economicuniversity. I have a degree of the bachelor of economic management. But I think to study further. I enjoy listening to music and watching movies.As far as music goes, Im an "all eater", and can listen to almost any kind of music.I enjoy travelling, sports, going to a nice restaurant and socializing.I love animals, especially dogs, I enjoy going to the cinema, I like nature, and Ialso computers. I play the keyboard, tennis, rollerblade, skiing, and other outdooractivities, movies, hanging out with friends, etc.I do not love treachery, deceit, contempt and discrimination.I was the wife of the good man. But 2 years back he was lost in auto accident.It is heavy to me to live by one. I already know pleasures of family life. How wellto be a line near the man which loves and cares of you. With which it is possible to passall difficulties and to decide all problems. To receive from favourite beautiful rosesand passionate kisses.I can not transfer in the letter as weighs me loneliness. I hope that you willunderstand me.I very much love children and I want in the future to have one more child.If after a perusal of the given message you ??? ?? are interested in me. I withpleasure shall continue to communicate with you.With impatience I wait your answer. Dear Lee!I was glad to receive your letter. Excuse that has not answered at once.When I was registered on this site that heard about the people much whichuse feelings others and take money. Yes, standard of living in our countries very low.But I count that it meanly to deceive the people which search for love and happiness.I understand your fear and I count that you are right. I can occupy a few money fromthe friends. But all the same them will suffice only for trip to you, on a return roadof money will not be. For now all remains as before.I with pleasure shall send you a copy of the visa. To confirm my truthfulness.It is very a pity that you have deceived earlier. Please do not apologize I all I understand.Excuse. It is time to me to work. Quiet to you of night. Excuse me, but I could not understand that you have written concerning the daughter.I can leave her with the mum of my former husband and on longer term. A problem not in it.For payment of cost of the visa I have taken the small credit in bank for the periodof 1,5 months. The manufacturing of the visa has appeared very expensive. I also did not thinkthat the visa in America will cost 125 $. It is more than my salary. The credit and percentsI should return to November 5. Differently additional percents will be charged to me.Therefore I have only 2 exits. Or to return the credit earlier. Or I should by all means bein bank of November 5.And so I can be free from October 28 till November 27. My dear Lee!I wanted to mail you this short note, and tell you that I got your email and I am make me really happy woman.You know when we will be together, I want to helpyou with your work if will be possible, I do not want you to work too hard. I will careabout you.A very strong connection to you has grown inside of me. I feel you in my heart But I cansee you, touch you, hear you, or taste you. I have fallen deeply in love with you, butI canfeel your arms, feel your laugh, or comfort you when you are sad. It feels like I finallyfound the missing part of me, which is you, but that missing part is just out of my reach.Like a higher power is teasing me or something. I will prove my love to you, and make sureyou are comfortable with me in person.Thank for the help in search of flight in America. I attentively have studied that thatyou have sent in the letter. Also I count that it is the best and cheap variant.Likely it is necessary to stop on it. Only he is more dear almost on 100 $. Than flight whichyou have sent earlier.Morally I am available to speed trip. I already prepare to our meeting and has preparedto you a small surprise.In the last letter you have asked how many to me it is necessary of means for a road.Please do not worry. I had half of necessary sum. Some part I have taken from the girlfriends.A little more I should be sent by the mum. Only on manufacturing of the visa I could not findmoney and it was necessary take in bank 125 $. If to return money till October 8. That percentwill be small and it is necessary to list 138 $. And I would like to take in a road 35 $.If suddenly there will be unforeseen expenses.As I already spoke to you I live in city Kharkov.I have an apartment on 61093., str. Kandaurova 15, kv 7.I long hoped that you will have an opportunity to me to arrive and even beginningsto prepare a room for you. But I think that after trip to you you can arrive and to my city.I unfortunately had no time to learn(find out) the address of bank near the house. ButI can write the address of bank which serves our management. There there is a departmentWestern Union. ??V??l 61001,Kharkov,str.Kirova, 6.Dear Lee, I will go home now to sleep and rest, I will write you soon. Kiss you tender!
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