Pola/Agency Aria(Ukraine) from a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Pola/Agency Aria(Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Pola/Agency Aria(Ukraine)
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pola@tdz.com.ua agency@tdz.com.ua agency@tdz.com.ua
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Pola/Agency Aria(Ukraine)Hello my name is Samy, and i met a new scammer a very active scammer or at least the agency is. Her name is Pola and i met her at lovechaser.com and she is still there and on other datingsites too. here is her e-mail address: pola@tdz.com.ua, And the agency "Aria" as the call themselves :agency@tdz.com.ua here is the letters from her and the agency i sent no money :Letters:

Dear Sir, We would like to inform you that Pola, the girl you are corresponding with, is a user of our translation and computer service. Agency "Aria"Hello, Samy! It gave me great pleasure to read your letter. Thank you for your attention. Perhaps, you know how pleasant it is to get some warm lines from a really good friend! So, I feel myself quite entusiastic and curious about you and I am ready to communicate with you. But before it, you, of course, want to get to know something about me. So, lets start. I am Pola. I am 23. Such facts, I hope, are not of great importance to you. But in such a way people usually start writing letters. I try to be original. I am not going to write you some facts concerning my biography. It isnt very interesting, is it? But, of course, if you have something to ask you may do it. (I promise that I will tell the truth and only the truth.) Now I say only that this year I graduated from the Institute and for today I dont work yet. But I am in the process of "searching" it. And now some words about my hobbies and life preferences. I hope, it much interesting for you. Am I right? I like music. I like to listen to different kinds of music, but it should be something very quick and lively, because I am such a personality that hates everytihg slow and to be slow. Sometimes I ask myself: why are you always in a hurry? I ask and cannot find the answer. Perhaps, simply I am such a person that cannot live in other way. I am very communicative and talkative. That is why many people always surround me and I have a lot of friends. Usually we spend our free time together: we go swimming, listen to music or just go walking together. All my friends are very good persons, I never become bored with them. But sometimes I get tired of them, because I want to have only one, true, loving, affectionate man, who would be a sense of my life. I will be very glad if this man were YOU. I really need such a "strong shoulder". It seems to be all. What about you? What kind of a person are you? What do you value in people and life? Write! I am very curious and want to know everything about you. I am already waiting for you quick answer. Bye-bye. Pola.Dear Sir, We would like to inform you that Pola, the girl you are corresponding with, is a user of our translation and computer service. Agency "Aria" Hello Samy! Thank you for your letter. Samy! Perhaps, you want to know what I expect from my future partner? I dont want to have anything special. I just want to be happy. I am sick and tired to be along. I want to meet a man who will fulfil all my desires. I, for my turn, will do the same. I want to make him happy. I would be desirable, affectionate, loving, tender. Ill try to be a good wife and mistress. But there are some things which I cant and wont stand. I am accustomed to be honest and sincere. I hate lies. And I dont want to live in a world of lies and pretence. At least, I should believe my partner. but how will I do this, if he is not honest with me?! You see, it is quite impossible. Besides, Id like to find such a person for whom mutual understanding between people wouldnt be the last thing. I think, that is one of the main things in family life. If you also have the same opinion, I would be very glad. Moreover, persons who decided to connect their lives should realise that it is for ever. I dont want to have short term marriage. Id like to find one partner and forever. What do you think abou all this? Firstly, Id like to see a caring, passionate, emotional and loving man before me. Everything other isnt of great importance to me. (I mean - age, religion, social position, country where he lives, appearance and so on). I think that real love breaks all the limits and obstacles. There are only two loving hearts which want and are ready to beat together. For my loving part Ill do everything. I am even ready to give up some of my habits if he wouldnt like them. Ill deny myself something to make him really feel happy near me. Id like to believe that one day all these dreams come true, because I dont want to dream any more. I want to live in full sense of this world. But to become real partners we need to know about each other everything. Answer, please, some of my questions - you see, in such a way we can know each other better. What do you want from life? Are you a happy person? What can make you happy? Do you like to travel? You can also ask me what do you want. As for the traslation service, you see I cant speak English, Ive only begun to do it. And this agency helps me to keep in touch with you. I hopr this fact wouldnt prevent you from speaking to me... Bye, yours Pola Dear Samy! Thank you for your message. Generally speaking, I dont understand you. Why do you think that I sound like a perfect girl? I have described you only my expectations from my partner. And that is all. I feel really sorry that I disappointed you, Maybe, youll change your opinion. Yours Pola Hello Samy! I am very glad that you have written me back. what is the weather in Ukraine? You see, it leaves much to be desired... It is also rainy and borring... I am bored also. I try to be in high spirits, but it is rather difficult. What about you? Id like to write you more about my expectations. But, please, dont be afraid! These are only my expectations and no more... I would be lying if I said the appearance and body shape were not important, they are, but it is not everything. It is what you are inside that makes us human, that shows us how to love and laugh, sometimes even to cry! The most important things that interest me in men (or any friend for that matter) would include, honesty, sincerity, gentleness, a good mind and an active / attractive personality. I believe good long-term relationships are built on good friendships in the first place. I have tried to be as honest as possible and to get nothing. I can e-mail you more photographs should you wish. If you think this may be of interest and an opportunity to at least have a dialogue via the net I would be happy to hear from you. Write me soon Pola Hello Samy! A lot of thanks for your answer. I was ready to get a new message from you. I was also glad that we at least have understood each other. I appreciate your expectations from life. I like also that you are romantic. It is good that you go in for sports. It always helps people to keep fit and healthy. You see, my English is not very good. I have learnt it in school, and I always dream to learn it, but I never had time. But three days ago I found an English course which helps me to fulfil my dream. How do I write to you? I went to the agency which gives me translation and computer service. Otherwise I wouldnt be able to communicate with you. Id like to hope that this fact wont frighten you and we shall write to each other as earlier. I want to hope that it wouldnt an obstacle to you... Write, please, I would like to know your opinion. As for the phone, Ill try to imrove my English as quick as possible and then we can speak to each other. O.K? Id like to get to know some more facts about you. I want to know everything! If you agree, then answer please some of my questions. -Have you ever made in your life something what you are ashamed of? -Have you ever felt yourself the happiest person in the world? -What must a woman do to make you happy? you can also ask me different questions. I eagerly answer them. Have a nice day Yours Pola Dear Samy! Thank you for your message and photo. I ve got accustomed to get some messages and photos from you every day. And I hope that Ill continue receiving them. Right? I think that I also have a sense of humour. I like a good joke. I like to laugh and to have fun. I dont like serious people as well. But I try to be serious, because at times we must be serious. For example when we should make some difficult decisions... Do you agree with me? You go in for sports. It is good. I envy you. I want also to do it, but now I have no possibility. Where do I live? I live in Ukraine in a small town Slavyansk. My town is not very large but very nice and comfortable. I like it. No. I dont live with my parents. I have found a small appartment and now I rent it. It is a bit difficult for me to do it but I think I can cope with it. Yes, of course, I have parents. They live not far from me. On weekends I visit them and we spent our time togother. You see, Iam a family person. I like family. And i got accustomed to have it. In the future Id like to build my own... Yes, I have a sister. She is five years younger than me. We are really good friends. I can tell her everything and I am not afraid that there could be some sequences. I like pets but I havent any because tne mistress of the appartment that I rent doesnt allow me to have any. i like cats. And one day I want to have a small pussy-cat. What about you? I am also very glad that the fact that I dont speak English wouldnt be an obstacle to you. Id like to go on our correspondence. Have a nice day. Yours Pola Hello, my dear Samy! Thank you for your letter. You can write me about everything you want - about your dreams, fantasies, expectations... Everything is interesting for me. I am ready to get to know every small hint, every detail about you. This will help me not only to understand you better but also to feel you... I really want it! Your thoughts and dreams make us nearer. They help us to reduce the distance between us. it is the only way to make us closer. So, if you want to write about something special. you are welcome!.It is not of great importance for me what about youll write, the main thing that we are communicating... that we have a possibility to experience each other deeply... I hope that you feel the same. I have some more questions to you. Wave you ever been disappointed by something? What it was? What can disappoint you? You see, my dear Samy, I have no phone number. But I think over to whom of my friends you can phone to speak to me. I promise to do it as quick as possible. Do you promise me to wait? Write me soon back. I long to get your answer. Yours Pola My dear Samy! Thank you for your message. I am very glad that you still want to keep in touch with me. I also want it.I dont only want it, I wish and desire it with all my heart!!! I hope that something very great and special will come out from our correspondence and our friendship. But we must do our best for that. Only if we both want it, then we can be a success... What do you think about it? You see, our life is made so that every day of it has nothing in common with the other... Every day of our life we are to make difficult decisions and to make different choices. Something bring us happiness, and something disappoints us. And we cant do any thing with it. This is a law of life... Dear Samy, I have thought a lot, why our life is so cruel with us. Why should we always prove something? Why should we always be tested? Why if there something good appeares in our life, then something very terrible should come? I ask myself and cant find the answer... Perhaps, these questions are rhetorical and there is no answer to them at all... After reading your letter I have understood that now I have a definite aim in my life. At least I have met a man who seems to be generous and honest with me, who fully undertsands me, my thoughts and dreams...And this man is you, my dear. You write me about your feelings. I realise that I feel the same towards you. I have never thought that it is possible to find a person through the Net, who will understand you as you yourself! My honey, it is really a miracle that we have met each other... Now I am thankful to my destiny that it presented me with you. I have never got such expensive presents! Thank you that you have paid your attention to me!!! Otherwise we couldnt get acquainted. I even cant think that such a thing could happen... It is so difficult for me to write about feelings. Id rather to express them. I hope that my letter will be able to reflect you everything that I feel... Thank you for your phone nunber. I think that in the nearest future we can talk to each other, we can hear each others voices. With all my heart and tender Yours Pola Dear Samy! Thank you for your letter. I was very glad to get a message from you. You see. dear Samy, I have read your last letter. And there is something I d like you to say. If you have some doubts as for my honesty and generosity, you can not write to me. I have very serious intentions and I dont want to play games. If you dont believe me, so it is your right. I dont want to have any money from you. But if youd like to send me some money to help me with the payment of the translation and computer service, I can accept it. If you was already in Ukraine you must know that our standard of life is quite low. I was a bit offended by your letter. But you are to decide what will be then.... With all my tender Yours Pola Hi, my dear Samy! At least i have got a letter from you. i thought that you dont want to keep in touch with me and that is why you didnt written me. I am very glad to hear from you again and hope that we wont ahve such long pauses! Right? Your letter made me really feel the happiest woman in the world, I was in the seventh heaven. Your letters make me feel happy and I wait for them with a great impatience. When I got to know you, I have understood that there is the sense in my life. And this sense is connected with you, my dear... I even dont understand how can I be without you... You have run through my life. You have changed it and I am thankful to my destiny that it presenred me with you... My dear, if only our life was full of love and affection! You see, there are some problems which prevent us from doing those things we want... I am longing to get your letter soon With all my heart and tender Yours Pola Dear Sir, Unfortunately Polas account is over and she can not reply to your letter. Id like to explain our work with our client Pola. * we get your letter * we translate it to her * she prepares here reply * we translate it * we send it to you * she pays for our service Polaa has written the letter to you but our agency can not send it to you. Because she can not pay for it now. Sincerely agency "Aria" mailto:agency@tdz.com.uaI asked her for phonenumber she did not give me it i asked for photos with her parents or friends she never answered and then today this letter from the ageny came! I hope you will post her as a scammer she is ! best wishes Samy.
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