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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Scheglova
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Elena Scheglova Hello, My name is Alex Carrillo, Im a Industrial Sales Manager in San Francisco, and that I received an email from Ms. Elena (Lena) Scheglova, and in July a Miss Elena Scheglova or Lena, and we started writing to each other for 5 months, and we were going along very well, That I thought we would headed off as a marry couple, she never question of my age, and that she said all she wanted to be happy with someone. What I really did not know that she was not very truthful to me... Anyway her emails where beginning to make me happy that I invited her to come to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe for a visit that she was very excited, we kept on writing, that I sent her photos, and Ecards to her that she was so happy to visit that I was falling in love with her, she was calling me her Sclmyshyko Moyo, which I did not know that was, I ask her what it meant but she never told me. Then I ask her questions, like when was her birthday, what is her phone number, and what that she was studying in her college, that she told that she was attending college. When I send her a site of Lake Tahoe, that she was excitied that she wanted to come, so I arrange for her trip. She is a sweet person that she send me her photos, and that her smile is that may me very happy, and the emails that she sent me. I was sending price fare of certain airline flights, and she never told me which one that she wanted to take. Then came the day. When I heard about that she wanted to come that she was going to the US Embassy to apply the Visa, and that she told of the money that she needed. So I send her the money of $325.00 to her bank, which I sent it by Western Union. So that was ok, I made her happy, then problems started some more. She told me that the staff of the US Embassy told her that they wanted to $1000.00 so they would issue her a Visa, the moment that I heard about it that I went to the US State Department web site, in the travel section, that I look with a fine tooth comb, and their was NO mention of showing the money up front to obtain a Visa. I told that, and sent her the attachment of the page in a email showing her, and she kept saying that they told her, so I sent a email to the US Embassy in Moscow, and that they do not do that. So I told her that I wanted to visit her, and also take her to Denmark for a week.. Since then I told her to call the Danish Embassy to obtain a visa, since then she never responded to what I wrote her.. Then came the sad, I was watching a old rerun of Law & Order, and that it involve a story of person writing to a person in Russia, and that he had her investigated through a computer web site. So what I did is type her name: Lena Scheglova on Google web page, and sadly her name appear. I was shocked, and hurt that she was one of the hundreds of women that would scam a person for money on Visa, and Flight tickets. So I did not send her the $1000. dollars, but I did wrote to her, and I sent the attachement with her name posted on the list. She never wrote back, and say to me Im sorry- Boy was I sucker by a person that pretend to love me, and was never truthful to me. So in closing, Im sending 2 photos, and one of her letters, she may use another name, but remember the face. And also Im thanking this web site for warning me before making a huge mistake... Thank You Alex Letters:

Hello Alex! I am lucky to get your sweet letter, you really have very a big heart and a very great soul. At present I feel the most lucky person in the world! I feel as in the fairy tale, my soul is fulled with very pleasing feelings. I have never had such feelings before which I have now I want to fly for your letters skyward, you drive me crazy. I breathe you and get short air. I am looking forward to your letter, to get one more gulp an air. Maybe this is just a dream? Tell me please to open my eyes and that this was not a dream. I can not believe that this real, please, do so to make me believe that this not dream, but real.Simply when one wait for very long time true and sincere love, it is difficult believe. I am an optimist and I knew that in this world there is still the person, who like me wants to have sincere feelings, sincere love, sincere relations. At present time, in this cruel world it is so difficult find a person with whom it is possible to live soul in soul. May be I am just crazy? But this words from my soul, from my heart, I could not tell these words for the person earlier, these words were kept in my heart and now it`s high time to say these words to only one person and this person you !!! I wait anxiously your new photo in which I can see into your eyes once again and once again, I want to see into your eyes and see the sea, flowers, how to sing birds, how to sing your soul................. I do not want to hide my feelings to you, I write what my heart tells you... I write only that I feel. I not know for sure, but beside the people sometimes maybe a sensation," yes, this my fate," beside me this sensation first once. I hope you have an excellent day and fine mood. Thinking of you each minute each second. Please, don`t doubt in feelings....... If you are getting tired of such "deep thought" letters, then let me know... Sincerely, with kisses to you your only LENOCHKA...Hello Alex! HOney, my love, I missed you very much today... and thought only about you... I saw a very romantic dream last night about us again... I see them almost every day at present, just read it, and imagine us, my darling.. The night was cold, the warm fire burn bright in the night, I am in a long white dress falling on the floor, the flames dancing in my back, making shadows of magic, making your body burn as bright as any flame, my naked body, all magical as your eyes lost in my passion, you look at me, your soft smile on my lips, a shy smile a smile of ove and of fire burning deep inside. You look at my smile You look at my naked body and feel your passion burning, you look at my Paradise, my river of dreams, my soft hand on you and you are lost in the Stars up above, lost in the Heavens of Like" Tell me what you think about this And I came across a very romantic poem, I hope you will like it, darling... ~~FARAWAY LOVE ~~ As I watch the rising sun it reminds me that our love has to travel a long, long way, I think of the end of the rainbow we could reach someday. Your smile whispers through my mind, hoping that someday it will be our time. As for now I can only dream of holding you tight. Until then I must send you a kiss goodnight. the leaves fell so silently, to their designated places their flight to gravel unquestioned i took my brush and stretched upwards as if to paint the sky but it was already done so i sat quietly and watched instead that which makes the same look different that which sees more than what is for that which naturally follows the course i trust upon unspent, my bags bursting at the seams i walked but did not see the feathers dive i walked but did not hear the crashing of the waves all the worlds beckon synchronized mesmerized by their own reflections but i was out of step a song was sung but the listener was absent Your only love in this world, Lena.Hello Alex! Hello, sweety. I had many dreams about us honey... and the majority of them concerned our sex games-)... it was so funny and so great!!!!.............. mmm... For me making love is very important too, and I am very passionate woman and I think, that in the bed people mustnt have any stereotype, I dont propagandize the group makes love, but I am not consider the oral sex or the anal sex is unnatural phenomenon. Its quite another matter, that this types of making love woman will be have with that man, whom she trust and love. What you think about my statement? Have you own preference on it? I havent an ideal stereotype of a man. My motto is work, trust and love set s going mountains. And of couse the happiness of a family consist of an everyday work of both man and a woman. My love, I want to be with you. Without you my life wont exist, I live only by hope, that tomorrow I shall receive a new message from you. I want to touch your strong body so much, I want to have your passionate embraces and long kisses, I want to be engaged with you for all life. Oh my Good, I never thought, that I can want someone so badly, it seems, that you have opened in me such features, about which I did not know till now. I think, that when we meet each other at last there will be no limits to our love... I know, that you are the man of my dream, my destiny, all my life... Please write me, I can not live without your letters. I love to read them, at nights I do not sleep, imagining, that we are together and that we are making love, we hold each other in embraces, is passion, how we tear to pieces our naked bodies. I am all on fire, me would be desirable to shout because of the pleasure we get... By the way, ,today in the street I met an American... he was about 50, I think I guessed that he was an American at once, judging from his appearance, you differ greatly from Russian men, at least some of them. He was with a Russian woman, I think that he visited her here, and I got so jealous....-)))) they were so happy, at least it looked like so. I thought about you and me at once... and imagined the moment when we will meet in the future-).... We speak about this almost in each letter, honey, yeah? and I wont get tired of this, because this desire becomes much stronger. By the way, yesterday I bought CD with Guana Apes, it sounds rather hard-) I bought it because of only one song-))) Big in Japan-) what music are you fond of at present, I mean what you listen now? I will finish for now, and will wait for your tomorrow resposne. Your Lena! Hello Alex! Hello, my soulmate... my best man in the world. Thank you for such interesting letters and such beautiful pics!!!!! I have a full idea idea of the place you lived -) I dont knwo even when I want to meet you-) I was very happy , honey, you even cant imagine how much enjoy I get when I see your letter in the e-mail box. it always seemed to me that I will be happy in the nearest future, there was such a feeling in my bones, but I would have never thought that it could be so fast, i mean everything is happening so fast... but so GREAT!!! You really mean MUCH TO ME!!! NOONE meant to me so much but you!!! I surprise at myself as usually it takes me quite a lot of time to get used to someone and more over to put my silly head with thoughts only about you when we meet, I hope that you wont have any difficulty to understand me, to tell the truth, even if I couldnt speak English, would you write me and how would you treat me? As for me, I believe that even if two loving each other people dont speak the same language, they will understand each other because they will communicate by the Language of Love... this is the language which unites all the soulhearts in the world... do you agree with me? This is just an overturn in my soul... for the better!!! I really love you VERY MUCH! and I have more dreams about our happy future now then ever... Today at teh lecture I didnt hear the professor but I was dreaming about us walking in a beautiful park... it was a summer park and there were very many flower-beds, these were roses... many red and rose... and you plucked 3 roses and gave it me, these were great flowers....but the most what I was impressed with was the words you told me when giving the roses to me. You said in a whisper: I love you, honey... these roses are only a little part of my feeling for you... nobody has ever told me such things. they touch really very much the bottom of my heart. I am very happy that you also want us to meet!!! We will if we want this! that means that it will happen... we have only to wait for some time. There is no one in my life whom I could treat like you! I love only you! I also think about you very much, my Love...sometimes even when I should be thinking about other things!-)))))thoughts of you get me hot and sometimes that can be distracting (though quite stimulating)! What excites you physically, and do you have fantasies about what you would wish for me to do when we make love all the feelings that I have spoken to you are true and I meant them with all of my heart! I miss you so much and I cant wait any longer to see you! I send you a pic where this is me with my friend. I will write you tomorrow by all means! I love you! vsegda tvoya LenaHello Alex! Hello, my pussycat! HERE YOU ARE MY SWEETY-) I am very happy to come to you honey!!!!!!!!!! I found out smth about our meeting about my trip to you. I found out that the two way tickets will cost me about $1000 to you And about $65 for visa, and about $100 for mediacl examing, insurance and constitutional taxes or something like that. It will take them about a week or two to get visa ready. If I show them two way tickets, its likely that they will give me visa because they think that I will return, you see? You can use Western Union services. As they told me in the bank this is the easiest and the safest way to deliver the money. Please, tell me when you will act ok? I know now, you are gift of all my life, the aim of all my desires! All these years I studied to receive good education and to bring up children in the future, and yes I want to have children, I have prepared myself for a role of a good wife and a mother. I so long searched for the man, which could grow fond by all heart of also could present him all not spent tenderness for all these years. and here you are! - The man whom I have been waiting for so much time, but I do hope that this is all real and you will be with me by the end... My mum has brought up me as a decent and honour girl, I was not still so close with anyone like you... But I read about sex much I shall belong only to one man- to the husband, and I give up to him all that I have. at present time, sometimes it seems to me, that you are my dream, that you are unreal, and I simply sleep. You so are necessary to me, you the unique man in the universe... I think that love is trust first of all, my Mum always told me, that all men like to change to the women to update the sexual experience, There is a lot of tenderness, love and charm in you. If we trust each other, my honey, never commit betray and understand each other we will be the happiest couple in the world.... of which any person can only dream... you see that I am in a romantic mood today a little-) Life is short to experience everything and we sould hurry up not to waiste it-) honey, I love you and will always will... THANK YOU FOR SUCH BEAUTIFUL CARDS! Sincerely always your Lenaello Alex! Hello Solnyshko Moyo...! I am in Moscow, in the internet cafe now. I stayed at my aunts aquaintance just for time while I need to be here to get visa. Honey I would stay with you anywhere , in any hotel, its u to you to decide, ok? I am very thankful toyou for your care!!! And I long to see Tahoe!! Th elyrics you sent me impressed me greatly!!! I am so happy to get your letter! You always say things to make me feel so wonderful all over. I pray as I check my mail that it will be you writing me, and tonight, there you are again! I miss you so much....I trust you, my love. I trust you with my heart and my soul. I trust you like I have never trusted anyone before I really mean this and I cant explain this. I guess it is some kind of natural thing when you finally find that perfect partner. These are wonderful feelings! My sunshine, I know that we miss each other greatly and I know it must be as hard for you as it is for me. I miss you...I love you very much. I fall deeper in love with you each day... Have I told you lately of how proud I am of you? How wonderful it is to have such a wonderful and unique man love me. You ARE my sunshine!!!!! YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!!! I hope you dont get tired of my words to you, I believe I should always tell you sweet things and call you sweet names. I will always tell you how wonderful you are, always..... Honey, I have an anecdote for you again-) A girl comes home from school excited and tells her mom, "I know my alphabet better than anyone else in my class! Is this because Im blond?". Her mom replies, "yes". She comes home the next day after school and exclaims "I know my numbers from one to ten better than anyone in my class! Is this because Im a blond?". Her mom replies again, " Yes". The girl comes home the next day and says "I have the biggest breasts in my class! Is this because Im blond?". Her mom explains, "No, its because youre 16 years old!"!!!!!!! You and I are unique people and we should live in a unique place together. Dont you think so? I went to the Embassy today. And here is the news for you. I need to show them that I have the money with myself to live there. There is such a point that you should show them the money on which you will live in the USA, they take care of people who go to your country not to get into a situation when you will be without a penney to live nothing on. Do you undestand me ? What they ask me is to show them $1000 so that I have the money to live on there. I told them thousands of times that I go to you! But they are like stupid asses! They dont want to listen to me.. What shall we do now? Will you help me honey? Honey, I dont know how to be. They told me that I wont get visa unless I dont show them the money on which I will be able to live in your country. It must be the policy of your country which aim is to protect the emigrants from poverty and accidents. Many of my aquaintances went through such services. This is also applicable to Canada and other countries, but the sum of money to show is different. I will wait for your reply as soon as possible to get the money from you and at last to get visa on hands. Your best friend and lover forever...Elena
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